Reviews by Ahjumma410

Ahjumma410 Jul 14, 2012 - Christine's Angels - Teaser by Christine - Chapter 1: Cat and Mouse

This sounds interesting! PLease write more! :D
Author's Response: Woahhhh thanks a lot Ahjumma401!!!! I put up the first chapter already :) Thank you so much for your review <3333

Ahjumma410 Jul 12, 2012 - Why Are YOU My Teacher?! - Teaser by Prayerz4dabored - Chapter 1: Teaser/ Preview.

This sounds SOOOOO cool! PLEASE write more! can't waaaait! ^_^

Ahjumma410 May 27, 2012 - You're Mine by Animehugs247 - Chapter 1: I'm His?

I enjoyed this and this was really well written! please write more soon! ;D

Ahjumma410 May 27, 2012 - Who Would...? by JuaJua - Chapter 1: Milkshakes

This was really good! And i like the idea with you asking you friend about who it would be with! Would you mind if i borrowed the same concept about putting MY bestfriend in situations with a k-pop band? (: