When it came to Victoria, Nichkhun always got jealous, or weary, very easily. This was a well-known fact by all of South Korea. But when his jealousy gets just a little too out of hand and he realizes he can't seem to control his actions (which never happened before because he was all round perfect...) things take a turn, and seemingly for the worse.

Some things just can't be said, done, or felt just once. How many times will it take for this "International Couple" to become aware that this marriage just isn't as "imaginary" as they thought it was?
Category: Korean Entertainment – Drama/Series: None – Challenges: None
Characters: 2PM: Chansung, 2PM: Junho, 2PM: Junsu, 2PM: Nichkhun, 2PM: Taecyeon, 2PM: Wooyoung, DBSK: Max Chang Min, f(x): Victoria, Super Junior: Kyuhyun
Story Type: One-Shot – Genres: Drama, Romance – Warnings: None
Published: Oct 31, 2010 – Updated: Oct 31, 2010 – Word Count: 4088 words – Read Count: 1871 – Completed: Yes

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I don't own any of the artists used in this fanfic, their names are merely borrowed. They belong to themselves, or their companies, whatever. I wish KhunToria owned each other, though.

Table of Contents

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1 Chapter 1 - Once and Again 1871 7