Chapter 2

“What did you say?” Bam came behind her and stared at me in disbelief. “You guys haven’t done it yet?”

Jessie was right behind her friends. “But they live together,” she squeaked, “and they have been together for a year.”

“And you’re always making out like crazy,” Ayu added. “I assumed you guys already did it the first day!”

The other two girls nodded furiously as they had thought the same thing. Their boyfriends had appeared as well, adding more embarrassment on me. They held a pitiful look that I really didn't want to see. I glanced at Ayu and glared at her. She let out a sheepish laugh and scratched the top of her head nervously.

“Sorry,” she apologised. Her expression suddenly turned serious. “So, is this the reason you two were fighting?”

I hesitated before I gave a short nod.

Bam narrowed her eyes suspiciously. “Are you trying to force our friend?”

I jerked my head back. “What do you mean force?” I gasped. “If I wanted to force her, I would have a year ago.”

“That’s true,” Jaejoong agreed.

“Shut up, darling,” his girlfriend sweetly told him over her shoulder and returned her attention back on me. “But now you’re trying to force her.”

“I’m going to check on Chri,” Ayu announced, saving me from receiving wrath from her friend. “She’s probably crying as we speak.”

I winced at the mention of Chri crying. I already knew she would be crying once I left the apartment. I just didn't want to think about it. I cast a small smile towards my self-claimed sister.

“Me too,” Jessie cried out as she also put on her jacket like Ayu.

“I’m coming too,” Bam rushed after them out the apartment, picking up her coat on her way out.

I watched as the door slammed behind them then finally tore my gaze to look at my friends. I then realised that Jaejoong and Hangeng were left behind. This time I sent them a pitiful look as they have just been forgotten by their girlfriends. Silence filled the air until Ryo gestured us to sit down. The four of us sat on the sofas and got comfortable.

Ryo let out an exasperating breath and leaned back, draping his arm on the back of the sofa. “Man, there goes our dinner.”

“Sorry,” I quickly apologised. I scooted forward on the sofa opposite him.

“Don't worry,” the Korean guy, who sat on one of the arm chairs, said with a grin. “It was getting boring.”

The Chinese guy agreed as he leaned against the back of the arm chair he sat on and crossed his legs over his knees. “The girls were starting to talk about shopping, the latest drama they watched and how hot the guy in it was. Which guy would want to hear their girl talk about how hot another guy is?”

“No guy,” my best friend replied. “Ayu was squealing so much that I nearly took her to the bedroom just to show how hot I can be.”

We chuckled at his response. I then suddenly recalled the argument I had with Chri. “Ryo, you bastard! Why did you tell Chri that I used to sleep around with girls and then dump them?” I shouted.

He looked at me in alarm. “I never told her that! Ayu asked me how you were before and I told her! Chri must have overheard since she was at our place at that time.”

“Why were you telling Ayu that?” I was getting hysterical now. “You know how I treat her like a sister. I don't want her thinking bad of me. And anyways, with Chri it’s different. I was never serious about a girl until I met her. Now she wants me to show her how committed I am.”

“Dude, didn't you move in with her?” Jaejoong exclaimed. “Isn't that committing enough?”

“To girls it’s not as big of a deal like us guys,” Ryo responded quietly. “Unless you meet the parents it’s not commitment enough.”

“Meet the parents?” me and the other two guys shrieked in unison. “Hell no!” I went on. “Plus her parents live all the way in Malta. It’s a nineteen freakin’ hour flight!”

Hangeng looked pale. “Shit, I was holding back from asking Jessie to move to China with me thinking that I’d lose all kind of freedom but shit... I rather ask her to move in with me rather than having to meet her parents so soon!”

“Me too,” Jaejoong concurred. “I was making sure Bam wouldn't follow me to Korea that I haven’t thought about meeting her parents. Its way too soon for that!”

I grumbled. Was I the only one in this sticky situation? Wait, Ryo should be in the same boat as me! “Ryo...”

“I already met them,” he cut in to say.

The three of us gasped then stared at him in awe. “I didn't think you were so brave,” my voice came out in a whisper.

“Ryo, man, I’m looking at you in a different light now,” the Korean guy said.

“How was it?” Hangeng asked the question that I knew was on all three of our head. “Was it scary?”

“I was shit scared,” my friend told us. “Her old man was one scary man. He cornered me when Ayu was in the kitchen with her mother and asked questions after another.” He paused and leaned forward to whisper, “It was worse than being caught with porn by your girl.”

“Holy crap!” the two foreign guys cried out in utter disbelief. “I’m going to ask Bam to move to Korea with me!” “I’m going to ask Jessie to come back home with me!”

I on the other hand paled at the thought of meeting Chri’s parents. “Shit, what should I do?” I let out a breath of air and looked at my friend for some help.

He shrugged his shoulder. “Unless you want to break up with her, I suggest you just meet her parents.”

“I’m not ready to die yet!” I knew I was exaggerating but I was shit-scared. “Unlike Ayu, Chri has two older brothers!” I was nearly in tears now at the thought of being grilled with questions. I jumped to my feet and then slumped down next to Ryo. “Help me. I don't want to break up with her.”

He shook his head. “Sorry, man, but you’re on your own with that. Every guy has to meet the parents at one point. Once you meet them, you’ll be one of the bravest guys who will be respected.”

I stopped short and pondered on the thought. It was appealing as I always wanted to be the manliest of manliest. I took a deep breath and released it haggardly. “Okay, I’ll meet them,” I gave in. “I don't want to lose her so I really have no choice but to step it up.”

The guys cheered for me. Hearing them cheer made me feel very proud of myself. Ryo got to his feet noisily.

“Okay, now that we concluded what you’re going to do, let’s go get our girls back,” he declared. “They’ve been gone for a while now.”

“Yeah,” the other two agreed.

“I guess, I have to go face my problem,” I mumbled.

They patted my back and Ryo pulled me out the apartment as I dragged my feet.


I unlocked the door to the apartment and opened it slowly. My friend and the two foreign guys were right behind me. I gulped audibly and heard the other three do the same as we heard total silence. We began anticipating a gloomy atmosphere but when we entered the apartment we nearly jumped out of our skin when laughter suddenly was heard.

The four of us glanced at each other in confusion. Some fear did leave me that second. Trust the girls to make Chri feel better. We tiptoed over to the bedroom where the laughter was coming from. The sound of the laughter increased as we neared.

The girls automatically stopped as soon as they spotted us entering the room, especially when they saw me. While Bam and Jessie glared at me and Chri refused to meet my eyes, I inwardly laughed at how Ayu tried to glare at me but it wasn't working. It wasn't in her nature to get angry easily. If I really hurt Chri real bad, then I knew I would see her anger for the first time.

“Yah, Bam!” Jaejoong yelled startling everyone around the room. He was meant to be the quietest like Hangeng but it seemed he had some spunk. “How could you forget your boyfriend like that?”

I was expecting Bam to also be shocked to hear him yelling but it looked like she was used to it. So, he does shout sometimes. I always thought Bam was the loudest and shouted for the both of them. Her face sank when it finally dawned to her that she had left him.

“Omo,” she cried out. “My poor Jaejoong,” she cooed as she got to him and caressed his face. “How could I forget you?”

“It’s getting late,” Hangeng stepped forward and gently grabbed Jessie’s hand and pulled her up from the bed. “We need to go home.”

“Ah, yes,” Jessie responded quickly. “I’m sorry I left you there. I just wanted...”

“I know,” he let go of her hand and wrapped an arm around her neck pulling her closer to him. “You were worried about your friend.”

The four thanked Ryo and Ayu for the meal they never got to finish and then left. Ryo and Ayu stood uncomfortably until Ryo stalked up to his girlfriend and pulled her up.

“We’ll be leaving too,” he announced. “Good night.”

“Good night,” Ayu rushed out before she was dragged out the bedroom.

I waited until I heard the front door close before I turned my attention fully to my girl. She had turned her back to me and was slumped down, twiddling with her fingers as if it was more interesting at the moment.

“Chri,” I began, walking up to the bed. “I...” I stopped and let out a frustrated breath. I couldn't apologise if she wasn't looking at me. “Chri, please look at me.”

“Hmph,” she haughtily made a noise.

I leaned my knees on the edge of the bed then climbed on it. I grabbed her by the shoulder and turned her around, causing her to fall back on the bed and I fell on top of her. My face was just inches away from hers. I had to keep my hands on each side of her side, putting my weight on them or I’d be crushing her. We stayed like that for several seconds, listening to each other’s breath and staring at each other.

“I’m sorry,” I blurted out, hoarsely. “I didn't mean those things I said. I love you and if I can wait a year I’m sure...” I paused. Was I about to say another year? Hell no! I swallowed hard before I went on. “What I mean is that if I really wanted to sleep with you then I would have forced it out of you the day we met. Chri, you have no idea what you mean to me. Unlike the girls from my past, you can’t compare to them. You’re too special for that.”

She blinked several times trying to force the tears back. “Pi-kun...”

“Let me finish,” I cut in. I didn't want her to interrupt what I really wanted to say or I may not be able to say it at all. “I love you so much that I’m afraid I’ll lose you and I can’t live with myself if that happened. I’ll do anything for you. I’m willing to do anything for you. So, Chri, just for you... I’ll meet the parents.”

I was met with silence. I could see her eyes widening as my words sunk in. I grinned.

“Y-y-you want to meet my parents?”


“Why?” she asked dubiously.

I frowned at her reaction and got up from her to sit down. It wasn't what I was expecting. In fact, I thought she’d be ecstatic. “Don't you want me to meet your family?”

“My family are crazy!” she exclaimed, also sitting up.

I was lost for words. Was I wrong to assume she would want me to meet her family? Didn't all girls want their guy to meet their family? Maybe Ryo was wrong. “So, you don't want me meeting your family?” I said looking dejected.

She let out an exasperating breath. “Didn't you hear me? My family are crazy! When I say crazy, I mean crazy ,” she exclaimed, emphasising the word ‘crazy’.

I pouted. “Ayu-chan let Ryo meet her parents,” I went on. I never had a family and only had Ryo and his family as my own so I didn't think it was that bad. Having a family was better than not having one. “Are you embarrassed to introduce me to your family?”

She let out another exasperating breath. “Fine,” she muttered. “Just let me tell you this,” she lowered her voice, “I already warned you so I won’t take any responsibility for what happens to you.”

“Great!” I beamed happily, not taking her warning seriously. “We’ll go for a week. I’ve got some leave from work that I need to take anyways. You should call your parents that you’re coming home and bringing me along.”


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