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Where Was The Fourth?

Author's Chapter Notes

It's been a while...hehe :D

Class was not bad. Nicole had managed to get the principle to let her go to class early and talk the teacher into not bringing any specific attention to her. Though she sensed there were people looking at her throughout class, the teacher never onced announced her as a new student. Nicole managed to ignore the staring class-mates and focus on class.

Nicole was sitting on the bench that Hero told her to wait at now. She scanned the road, looking for Hero's car.

"Did your brother ever show you around?" said a male voice behind her. Nicole whipped her head around. It was the cute guy from the park the other day.

"Hey!" Nicole smiled.

"Did think you'd go to my school, but you know what? This is cool." the guy sat down next to her.

"Yeah." Nicole nodded. She had no idea how to respond to that.

"So, your brother ever take you around?"

"Yeah. We went to eat out almost every night." Nicole said.

"That's awesome! Where have you been?"

Nicole was about to answer when another male voice came from behind her. "Nervous day?"

Nicole turned around yet again to look up at the boy who had caught the ball before it hit her the other day.

"Um, yeah, nervous day" Nicole nodded.

"You know him?" the boy from the parkasked.

"We met the other day. Why? Jealous?" the other boy shot back.

"Like I would ever be jealous of you." Park Boy snorted.

"Good, I'd hate to be the reason for drama." the other guy said. Then he turned his attention back to Nicole. "Your head still hurt?"

"Me? Nah, it stopped hurting after I left." Nicole assured him.

"You hurt her?" Park Boy looked up at the other guy.

"No, but I don't have to explain anything to you."

"I just hit my head and he saw me." Nicole explained instead. She hated drama and wasn't gonna put up with the boys.

"Oh," Park Boy nodded. There was an awkward silince as the two boys were lost in thought. Nicole sat there, wishing she could read minds. What were the boys thinking? Was there something between them? They seemed like they didn't like each other. But why? Nicole mentally shook herself. She was being too nosy for her own good.

"I was wondering when I would see you again." said yet another male voice. Nicole turned around to see the boy from the restruant she planned on working at.

"Oh, hey!" Nicole waved at him.

"I see you've made friends." Restruant Boy gestured to the other two. There was something hidden in his tone of voice, a grudge of some sort. But Nicole shook herself mentally again. She was paranoid. The first day of school in the big city must have messed with her mind, why else would she bejugdingrelationships at first sight?

"Yeah, I guess I have." Nicole nodded, saying every word carefully.

"I'm considered your friend?" Park Boy smiled wide, his eyes big with excitment.

Sports Boy, as Nicole decided to call the guy, seeing as how he was most likely good at sports, made a rude noise towards Park Boy. If Park Boy heard it, he didn't show hecared.

"I see you made friends." said just another guy voice. Only this time, Nicole knew this voice. She turned around with a big smile directed towards her brother.

"Hey Hero." Nicole said. She could hear the three boys behind her mumbling "Hi's".

Nicole turned around. "This is my bigger brother, the one I'm moving in with." Nicole intorduced Hero to the boys.

"Hey! I'm Hongki." said Park Boy, cheerful.

"Hi. Wooyoung." said Sports Boy.

"Hello. I'm Jonghoon." said Restruant Boy.

Something about the names triggered at Nicole's memory, but Nicole couldn't quite put her finger on it. She shrugged it off, thinking she was just being paranoid, again.

"Nice to meet you guys." Hero smiled at the boys. Then turned back to Nicole. "Ready to go?"

"Yeah." Nicole smiled. "Oh, yeah! Hero!" Nicole called after her brother. "About the job, you need to sign that sheet, seeing as how you're considerd my guardian." She turned to look at Restruant Boy, or as he had said his name was, Jonghoon. He smiled at her and she returned the smile.

"Oh. I forgot 'bout that. Yeah, I'll sign it when we get home." Hero nodded.

"Ok." Nicole said.

Before getting in the car, Nicole caught a glimpse of the boy from the swimming pool. He was surrounded by a girls who were flirting with him. Seeinghim again triggered yet another feeling. She shrugged yet again.

Nicole got in the car and Hero drove off. Then she realized, if Swim Boy was surrounded by girls, he was popular. She knew she was being stereotypical, but popular people usually don't have problems. So what did he mean when he told her the pool was magical? What did he mean when he said he swam when he was having troubles?

"I thought you had four of those friends." Hero's voice cut off Nicole's mind-babble.

"Huh?" Nicole looked at Hero, whose eyes were focused on the road.

"You're friends. There were four. At least, you told me aout four of them on the phone back then." When Hero didn't get a response, he continued. "When you were 7 years old, I think. You had those four guy friends you always hung out with."

Nicole thought back to her childhood, thinking hard. Then Nicole got it. Those boys, Hongki, Wooyoung, and Jonghoon. The names triggered a memory. It all made sense. She hadn't thought about her childhood ever since she left it. Then, just a short encounter with the boys would cause her to re-visit the past in a dream. Of course. The four boys in her dream were Hongki, Wooyoung, and Jonghoon.

"Wait," she thought to herself. There were four in the dream. There were four in her flashbacks. But she met only three. How could it be? That was what Hero meant. There was only three today. There were four in the past. Where, or who, was the other one?

Key. That was his name. But who was Key? And where was Key?

Author's Chapter End Notes

Hope you like it!!


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