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Nothing I write is intended to offend anyone. All names are merely used for the purpose of this story. Everything written, personalities and all, are just a part of my imagination.

Author's Chapter Notes

Just a small prolouge :D

"Nicole, don't you ever love another women's man." she said. With that, her already cold hands fell out of Nicole's. Nicole's tears came rushing out. The words her mother said echoed through her brain. Nicole looked into her mother's eyes. She realized that her mother's eyes were wide open, as if waiting for something.

"Nicole!" she vaguely heard someone calling her in the background. "Nicole! How's mom? Nicole? How is," the voice asked, but cut off. Nicole turned away from her mother's big brown eyes to see her bigger brother, Hero, had entered the room. He was frozen at the doorway as if something stopped him from moving forward.

"Mom." he breathed. "I'm sorry." he hung his head low and Nicole could see tears falling to the ground. "I'm sorry mom. I should've been here. I'm sorry. I love you." Hero breathed. He walked towards the bed where their mom lay, limp and cold. "Nicole, her eyes are open." Hero said, looking into their mother's eyes.

"I know." Nicole said. Hero leaned forward and kissed their mom on the cheek. He reached out to her eyes with his hands. He lightly touched them and sweeped his hands gently down her face. When he brought his hands away, Nicole burried her face in Hero's shoulder.

"She's really gone." Hero said, his voice cracking. "Mom." Hero held onto Nicole, his head buried into her hair. Nicole could feel Hero's tears soaking her hair. She could feel him shaking.

"Nicole, don't ever love another women's man." The words echoed loudly through her head. The last words of the loving mother that had raised Nicole with all her heart. The last words of the loving mother who lived through so much pain. The last words of the loving mother who couldn't last long enough to see Nicole's graduation. Even to her last breath, this loving mother still gave Nicole advice. She still used up her last breath to tell Nicole a life lesson. The last seven words of her mother's life would forever be buried into Nicole's mind. Her heart. Her soul. Forever embedded into the world that Nicole knew. Nicole will forever remember her mother's last words. "Nicole, don't ever love another women's man." Those very words would forever be with Nicole. Forever.

"I won't mom. I'll never love another women's man." Nicole whispered. "Never."

Author's Chapter End Notes

Hope you like it!


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