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She was inside that damned closet again. For goodness sake, what could be so interesting that she had to spend every waking hour in that stupid closet? Not for the first time, Koyama Keiichiro seriously regretted giving her that walk in closet as an anniversary gift. Seriously, what possessed him to even do that? Oh right… Love. Now he understood why there was this saying that “Love makes people do stupid things”.

Sighing, he placed the bag of Chinese take-out on the kitchen table and knocked on the closet door. He knew better than to just barge in. The door would just be locked anyways. Every time he tried to peak inside, Talia would just cover his eyes and shove him out of the door, claiming that his Christmas present was inside and he was not allowed to look. She would then proceed to lecture him about the invasion of privacy. Hell, even what little closet space he used to have got confiscated. All his clothing were currently folded neatly and kept inside one of those cheap plastic drawers bought from IKEA. Seriously, what was the meaning of this?

She slipped out of the room and promptly locked the door, shoving the key into her pockets. Taking a peek at the food, she said squealed, “Yum! My favourite! Go set the table darling, I’ll join you after a shower.”

Keiichiro rolled his eyes. He can never understand her weird obsession over Chinese takeout. For goodness sake, Chinese food doesn’t even taste like that! As he was about to leave, he caught a glimpse of his wife dumping her clothes into the laundry hamper and shutting the door behind her. Now was his chance! As soon as he heard the familiar click of the lock, he grabbed her pants. Rummaging through the pockets, he found what he was looking for; the damned closet key. Glancing once more at the bathroom door, he pushed open the closet and stepped inside.

It looked it same. In fact, nothing seemed out of place. Keiichiro let out a sigh of disappointment. All that anticipation was for naught, there was nothing interesting here, only mountains of clothes, shoes and bags. As he twirled the keys around his fingers, a thought struck him. There were two keys. If one of them was for the closet door, what was the other one for? Come to think of it, the room seemed much smaller than when he had first given it to his wife. Eyes glinting in excitement, he started pacing around the room, scrutinizing every detail.

On his fifth lap around the room, he noticed that the full body mirror was slightly crooked. He pushed it aside, revealing a nondescript wooden door. With trembling hands, he unlocked the door.

It was devoid of any article of clothing. All the shelves had been cleared, and strange drywalls stood in its place. Thick carpets covered the wooden floorboards, giving the room a luxurious feel. A lone sofa bed stood in the middle of the room. How she had managed to sneak it in right under his nose was completely beyond him. Keiichiro edged closer to the bed and fingered the little scrap of red fabric. Holding it up, he realized that it was actually a costume. A rather revealing ‘Mrs Claus’ costume at that. However, it wasn’t the cause of that sudden wave of arousal that washed over him and settled at his loins. Oh no…

Underneath that dress had been a large plastic tray. A large plastic tray that held a leather whip, a long black scarf, a couple of handcuffs and a gag.

Already guessing what the ‘surprise’ was, he quickly tidied up the room and left, not wanting to spoil it any further. Locking both doors behind him, Keiichiro heaved a sigh of relief when he could still hear the sounds of his wife’s off-key singing in the shower. Shoving the key back into her pocket, he sneaked out of the room to prepare dinner. Thank goodness Christmas was only a few days away.

That night, Koyama Keiichiro dreamed of handcuffs and skimpy lingerie.

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Hope you enjoyed it! Merry christmas to you!

The End.
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