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Party for Two


I own the story. The characters are just borrowed. No profit was made for this story.
“Eun Hye, what are you doing here? The party is outside and you’re missing it.”

She placed her pen down and looked at her friend Siwon. “I’m just finishing something.”

Siwon invited himself in and walked towards the shelves. “You have a lot of Christmas cards. Don’t they know it’s all about e-cards now?”

She rolled her eyes. “Leave those alone. I like Christmas cards, they are more personal.”

“I see, so you’re a bit old-fashioned then?”

“What’s wrong with that?” She frowned.

“Nothing. Just good to know.” Siwon winked at her. “C’mon let's go. Before they eat everything,”

The End.
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This story is part of the drama/series AFF Advent Calendar 2015. Another story of this drama/series is Boredom and Ribbons. Another story of this drama/series is I Still Believe.


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