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MERRY CHRISTMAS BLOSSY!! I hope you like this one-shot!! ^3^
It was night before he knew it and Ryo still couldn’t find her. Was she avoiding him? She had no reason to….

Actually… she did.

Ryo had popped by her workplace a few times to try and meet her, he had waited in front of her house a few days ago, he had tried to ask her friends if they could give her his number. Each attempt ending in utter failure regardless of his clear desperation and determination.

He didn't have a choice but to keep trying. It was Christmas Eve, he just wanted to talk so he went to find her at her workplace, only to find that she had already left and now he was aimlessly wandering around the streets of Shibuya hoping to run into her.

“Aghh, damn it,” Ryo swore, running his hand through his hair frustrated. He didn’t like what he was doing one bit and he hated what he was doing it for. Why did he have to be thrust into this pre-made decision? A decision that should’ve been his and only his to make.

“ITTE!! Watch where you’re go-“ Without warning, he had literally run into her as he headed towards her usual bus stop. Before Ryo could finish his sentence he realized who he had crashed into only to find her staring back at him incredulously.

“Sally, just le-“

She pointed an accusing finger at him, “STALKER!! GET AWAY FROM ME” she yelled for all to hear. Ryo broke out in cold sweat as everyone was staring at them. He grabbed her arm and tried to pull her into a place with less people.

But Sally would have none of it. She rammed her foot down onto his, loosening his grip on her arm and ran for her life. Even though she had tried her best avoiding him, how had he found her?! She had seen him outside her house, outside her workplace, her friends had told her about his attempts to get in contact with her.

How did he know her address, workplace or friends?! He was a rotten stalker. She knew she should’ve called the police about this sooner. What if he caught up to her?!

Sally kept running and glanced back to see him pursuing him with all his might. What did he want with her?! Was he going to kidnap her?! Rape her?! Hold her for ransom?! Did he somehow find out that her parents were rich?!

She spotted a car parked on the side of the empty road with it’s headlights on and ran towards it. Sally banged on the glass window and pulled open the door, shocked at finding it unlocked and a confused man sitting inside. Without a second thought she pulled him out of the car and got into it, turned the engine on and sped off.
She felt herself hyperventilating as she gripped the steering wheel tightly. What had she just done… At least she’d gotten away from him.

Checking her rear mirror and almost screamed when she saw someone following her on a motorbike. To her horror, it was Ryo. She slammed down on the accelerator and sped ahead increasing the large distance between them only to find him nearing closer and closer to her.

Sally panicked, she had kept glancing at her rear mirror, she had forgotten to look straight. She slammed her foot down onto the brake pedal and took a sharp turn to avoid slamming into the brick wall she was heading towards. The tires screeched as she swerved narrowly avoiding the collision. Glancing at her rear mirror again she saw him still on her trail.

Suddenly, she heard police sirens and she let out a huge sigh of relief. Both her and Ryo behind her were pulled over to the side and she quickly got out of the car before running towards one of the police cars.

A policeman stepped out of the car and glanced at the girl running towards him with a stern expression across his face. He saw a man step off the motorbike and bow. Another policeman pulled up and got out of the car taking Ryo’s arm and quickly handcuffing him.

Sally pointed at Ryo, “He’s a stalker!! He’s been following me for days, outside my home, outside my workplace!!”

The policeman looked down at her, “Ma’am, we’re going to have to take you into custody too,” he gestured at her to get into the police car.

She looked at him incredulously, “What for?! He’s the stalker!!”

“For stealing a car and going at speeds over twice the speed limit!” the man opened the car door for her. Sally’s eyes widened in realization. In all her adrenaline and her rush to get away from Ryo, she didn’t even realize the seriousness of what she had done.

“But… it was self-defense!! He was chasing me!! I don’t even know him.”

The police eyed Ryo suspiciously as he was pushed into the police car and driven off, “You’ve still broken the law Miss, we have to take you in.”

Sally sighed helplessly and followed the policeman into the car, “I’m sorry, I panicked too much and I didn’t realize,”

The policeman nodded, “Unfortunately, it’s too late for excuses. We’ll hear what you have to say at the station.”


“This is ridiculous!!!” Sally exclaimed as she sat opposite the policeman. “If I hadn’t taken… no… borrowed the car then that stalker guy could’ve kidnapped me! Or worse! He’s been following me everywhere!!”

The man watched her and nodded, “I understand Miss, but that doesn’t excuse you from the crimes you committed, not only did you cause psychological and emotional trauma to the man you stole the car from but you also put the lives of all the other people you drove near in danger.”


“What is your relationship to Ms Canon?” the policeman asked. Ryo sat on the opposite side of the table watching the policeman walk in circles around him, like an interrogation scene from a detective drama.

Ryo struggled to find the right words, “She…. Err…” he looked up to see the policeman looking back down at him expectantly. “She’s my fiancée! She doesn’t know though… that’s why I needed to get a chance to talk to her.”

The policeman looked at him in disbelief, “You’re telling me your supposed fiancée was frantically running away from you? She was so desperate, she stole a car?”

Ryo nodded in confirmation. The man shook his head, “I’m sorry mate, but tonight we need to keep you in custody. You’ll be kept in one of the cells overnight because we can’t let you out till we figure out what to do with you.”


“You’re keeping me here overnight?!” Sally exclaimed.

The man in charge of her nodded, “Sorry miss, but those are the rules, since it’s already night, there isn’t any higher official to sort it out yet. We’re not permitted to let you out of our custody.”

Sally groaned. “What Christmas Eve was this turning into…” she thought to herself as she was let out of the room and towards the cells.


She lay on the dirty bed staring up into the darkness that shrouded the ceiling.

“THIS ISN’T EVEN MY FAULT!!” she shouted loudly, knowing no one could hear her. It was Christmas Eve and she was stuck in a JAIL cell even though she broke the law for self-defense. Wasn’t it the same as stabbing someone who attacks you? Except she didn’t nearly murder him, she ran away from him.

“… Sorry Sally…” said a small voice from the other side of the cell.

Sally shot up and slowly turned her head to see a dark outline of someone else in the cell.

“It’s me. Nishikido Ryo.”

“STALKER!!! IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT!!” she got up and furiously rattled the door of the cell, “Someone?! This man will kill me!!! You can’t put me in the same cell as him!!!”

Suddenly, she felt his hands clamp her arms to her sides and he forced her to sit down while she struggled against him.
“Let go of me you creep!!!” She hit Ryo against the chest and pushed him away. “Stay away from me.”

Ryo sighed, “Let me explain please…. It’s “ “

“You have nothing to explain!! You’re just a stalker!! You have no other reason to follow me around like that! Don’t you have anything else to do with your life?!” she interrupted him again.

“Let me explain!!!” he said raising his voice slightly.

Sally quickly stopped talking and stared at the man in front of her. For the first time, she looked at him properly and realized he was one of the best looking guys she had ever seen. Immediately, she stopped struggling and sat still looking up at him.

Ryo relaxed when she felt her stop struggling and sat down next to her. He faced her properly and took a deep breath.

“Nishikido Ryo desu.” He held out his hand for her to shake it as if presenting himself formally for the first time. Sally eyed him suspiciously at first but shook his hand accepting his gesture.

“Please forget everything that’s happened up to now… I didn’t mean to make such a… strong first impression,” Ryo chuckled sheepishly but he still didn’t escape Sally’s suspicious gaze.

Sally looked down, “Idiot. If you wanted to talk, you could’ve just asked….”

It was Ryo’s turn to look at the girl incredulously, “You didn’t even give me a chance,” he said looking deflated. They both had dragged it out up to the point where he was chasing her down the highway on a motorbike and they had both gotten arrested.

“What a great Christmas Eve,” Sally frowned and fidgeted. She should’ve gone to a party with her friends to meet up with some guys for Christmas but instead she was stuck here in a dirty cell with…. An extremely good-looking guy…

Ryo looked at Sally again, “So… can I explain now?”


“I’m…. your fiancée….” Ryo said hesitantly.

“Huh?! YOU’RE my fiancée?!?!” Sally yelled.

Ryo nodded. Sally covered her face with her hand confused. Her parents had told her once that they had arranged a marriage for her but they never told her to who, or when, or any other important detail that would’ve helped define her partner from the tens of millions of people living in Japan. How was she to know that the man who’d been following her for weeks was her fiancée?

“Oh…” she was speechless, “Right….”

“I wasn’t for the arranged marriage either Sally… that’s why I wanted to meet you, to discuss with you your thoughts and what we could do but I guess… I came on too strong?” he ruffled his hair awkwardly. “Sorry about that.”

Sally shook her head, “No… It’s okay I guess…. If people ask what I did on Christmas Eve, I could just say I spent it with my fiancée! Right?” she laughed.

“Y-Yeah… Yeah, I could too,” Ryo grinned nervously.

“I’m sorry too… accusing you of that… I’ll explain to the police about you tomorrow… I’ll probably need to pay a fine… and compensate that guy I stole the car from…. Apparently he’s traumatised…”

Ryo’s grin widened, “You don’t need to worry about that,” he winked, “It’s all been taken care of,”

Sally tilted her head confused, “You mean you….”

“I paid the fine and the fees for the man for you, after all, you’re my fiancée right?”

“I didn’t say I’d marry you yet…” Sally replied bluntly.

Ryo laughed, “That’s up to you, but I’m sure you will,”

Sally hit his arm lightly, “You’re getting cocky aren’t you? But thanks… I guess your family is…”

“Rich? Yeah… why else would our families want us to marry?”

“Well I guess tonight we’re just going to have to stay here anyway….” Sally looked out of the cell and saw no guards or policeman.

Ryo nodded again, “I guess we have to… but it won’t be that bad… I’ll make sure it’s not the worst Christmas Eve ever.” He winked.

Sally rolled her eyes, “Seriously. You.”

“Come on, the bed’s big enough for two. And it’s cold.” Ryo gestured at the bed.

“We’re just sleeping.” Sally said firmly.

“Yeah, yeah…” Ryo replied feigning disappointment.

Sally chuckled, “Merry Christmas!”

“Cell-ebrating together.” Ryo laughed at his own joke, earning him a small smile from Sally. “Merry Christmas Sally! Let’s go get some cake tomorrow! And visit the big tree, and have a date!!”

But before Sally could reply, he had already fallen asleep…

Author's Chapter End Notes

Hehehe~ special credits to dat pun XD 'Cell-ebrations' to my bby Erin.

I hope you enjoyed it!

The End.
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