Written for AFF Christmas Fic Exchange 2013: story requested by Blossy

After Sally notices herself being constantly followed by a mysterious guy, she becomes increasingly suspicious of this stalker. How did this lead to a car chase that landed them both in jail?! This year, Sally Canon finds herself in the last place she imagined, spending her Christmas with her stalker...
Category: Japanese Entertainment – Drama/Series: AFF Christmas Fic Exchange 2013 – Challenges: None
Characters: Kanjani8: Nishikido Ryo
Story Type: One-Shot – Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Humor – Warnings: Fictional Character(s)
Published: Dec 24, 2013 – Updated: Dec 25, 2013 – Word Count: 2193 words – Read Count: 322 – Completed: Yes

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I don't own anything!!! Not Ryo-chan, not Sally, not even the plotline bahahaha~

Table of Contents

# Chapter Title Read Count Reviews
1 For Blossy~ 322 2