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Lillith Evans loved Starbucks. She loved coffee and the fact that she could blend it with so many different flavours made her excited to try them all. Today she was feeling nostalgic so she got a cinnamon crème dolce frappucino and an almond cookie. She got on the bus and sipped her frappucino silently, afraid that the driver might catch her.

Everyone was holding a hot beverage…so she didn’t really think that the driver would mind. However being the paranoid Lillith she was she tried to hide it and nibbled on her cookie instead. She arrived at her college, rushing out of the bus her yellow scarf nearly got trapped in the automatic doors but she luckily managed to do a sudden ballet move and miss it by a few centimetres. She even managed to keep her coffee from spilling and it surely was a sign that it was going to be a good day.

She walked towards her class and smiled when she saw her friends waiting for her. “Lillith do you think my hair would look good jet black?” The gorgeous blue eyed girl said as soon as she arrived next to them.

“I think you would look gorgeous Tali.” Lillith replied, letting her other curly haired friend sip her frappucino.

“Oh my Gosh this is delicious…” Christine said, a little cream stuck to her upper lip as she handed Lillith back her coffee.

“I know…I chose it…” Lillith replied while sticking out her tongue playfully.

“Have you decided on what to wear for tonight’s ball?” Talia asked, as they waited for Lillith to pick her books out from her locker.

“I don’t know if I’m going guys…” Lillith replied with a small frown on her lips.

“Why not? I even managed to convince Christine to wear those glittery silver shoes she bought last sale!” Talia yelled, making Christine frown. “It’s the last school event before Christmas.”

Lillith turned to Christine and gasped, “Oh my God seriously?!” she asked, putting a hand on one of her best friends’ shoulder.

Christine nodded and said, “Only if you come Lilly pat!”

“Ok ok fine I will come…but I don’t have a date…” Lillith said while pouting as she touched the foam cup to her lips.

“It’s ok I don’t have one either…although Talia is going with Miura…” Christine said, giving Talia a look while leaning towards Lillith.

Lillith gasped and nearly choked on her hot drink. “Talia!” she reprimanded after regaining back her composure from the coughing fit she just had. “When did this happen?” she asked, wiping imaginary spit from her mouth.

“It just kinda did?” her beautiful friend replied while shrugging.

Lillith sighed and smiled. “Good for you, I guess me and Christine will be each other's dates.” She said, turning to look at Christine as both of them air kissed each other.

“You girls are weird…but keep going…” they suddenly heard someone say, making them turn around to look at a red haired boy who was smiling devilishly at them.

Christine and Lillith stopped, both of them pouting angrily at the boy just as Christine hit him squarely on the forehead. “Ouch! What was that for?” he yelled, covering his forehead just in case there was another sudden attack.

“For being a hentai!” Christine reprimanded, putting her hands on her hips. “Toma I swear you need a life.”

Toma frowned and shook his head. “I don’t agree…” he said, taking out a flyer from his pocket. “I think my life is pretty awesome right now.”

“What’s this?” Lillith asked, taking the flyer from his hand and looking at what was written on it.

“That, Lillith, is the most awesome party of the year.” Toma said, grinning toothily.

“It’s tonight! But there is the Snowflake ball” Lillith said, looking up from the flyer with a frown on her lips. She loved parties and it was a known fact that Toma and his best friend threw the best parties on campus. She wanted to go to the Snowflake ball though so she couldn’t attend this one.

“On the same day Toma? Really?” Talia uttered sadly. “You could have picked a better date.”

“Yeah I thought you and Yamashita combined would at least make a whole brain to think this through.” Christine reprimanded leaning her back against her locker.

“Girls girls girls…”Toma said, the smile never leaving his lips. “Read more carefully dear, it says AFTER PARTY…so yeah you can still go to that ball of yours and then come and have some real fun.” He gave them a wink and rummaged through his bag for his phone after he had thought he felt it vibrate.

“Should we go?” Talia whispered while looking at her two friends who were both reading the flyer.

“Of course you should come.” Another all too familiar voice said, making them look at the direction it came from.

“Pi I was just about to message you.” Toma said, turning to look at his best friend.

“We are going to go to the ball first then we will see.” Christine said angrily, crossing her hands across her chest.

“Whatever, you always come in the end so I’m not going to even argue with you.” Pi replied, putting his arm around Toma’s shoulders.

Christine stuck her tongue out and they both ended up laughing. “We will think about it. Does that mean you aren’t coming to the ball?” Talia asked as the thought suddenly hit her.

“We will be pretty busy setting up things…” Toma replied while shrugging.

“And getting drunk.” Pi added with a smirk.

“Well I guess we might see you around then.” Lillith suddenly said, just as the bell rang above them.

They all headed to their class and before they knew it, it was time to get ready for the ball. Talia and Lillith were all at Christine’s place to get ready together.

“Are you really going to wear those all night?” Lillith asked a bit incredulously while looking at Christine’s silver high heels.

“Of course I am!” she yelled and the moment Talia turned her back she whispered. “I’m bringing my silver ballerinas with me.” Both girls laughed and continued to get ready. Lillith chose a purple skater dress that accentuated her cleavage and white high heels in order to keep with the theme. She straightened her brown hair and decided to wear a cute hair band made of pearls. She kept her makeup simple but focused on her eyes by applying a dark shade of eyeliner and mascara.

Talia chose a gorgeous yellow bubble dress that showed off her legs. She pulled her hair in a messy bun and wore diamond ear rings to match her clutch bag and shoes. She wore a light pink gloss on her lips and highlighted her cheekbones.

Christine picked a forest green shift dress that hugged her every curve. She let her curly hair loose and pulled back a few strands by tying them with a silver hair clip. She wore a deep pink lipstick and looked stunning with her silver heels.

“You girls all look gorgeous!” Christine said, clapping her hands excitedly.

“Thanks you don’t look too shabby yourself Chri.” Talia teased while giving her friend a wink.

“Miura is going to be all over you tonight.” Lillith commented, knowing full well that, that comment was going to make Talia’s cheeks grow even redder.

Talia pouted as she tried to hide the blush from her cheeks. “When did that happen anyway?” Christine asked, still shocked that those two were going on a date together. Miura was quite the mysterious boy while Talia was the popular girl. She didn’t really picture them together but now thought that they might actually be a good match.

“Actually he was in my Biology class and I needed help with something so I asked him to tutor me and we kind of fell for each other?” The blushing girl replied, the smile never leaving her lips.

“Aww that’s so cute!” Christine said, clasping her fingers together. Where was her prince charming anyway?

“I’m so happy for you Tali, you deserve to be happy.” Lillith said, giving her friend a hug.

“Oh my god group hug” Christine cried, as she put her arms around Lillith and Talia and squeezed them together.

They laughed and after their little hugging ceremony they all headed out of the door and towards the dance. Talia immediately was swept away from the group by Miura who had his hands all over her on the dance floor. In the meantime Christine and Lillith were left by the main door. “This place looks really good.” Christine said, looking around the gym and noticing the way it had been decorated.

“Yes, Hime and Tegoshi have really outdone themselves this time.” Lillith said, grabbing a snowflake shaped napkin.

“Let’s get a drink and maybe we can dance a little.” Christine said, walking down the stairs towards the punch bowl.

Lillith looked around her and smiled when she saw all the familiar faces. She saw Emma and her boyfriend Chinen flirting by the punch bowl, Cherry standing by the DJ table as she stared lovingly at Shun who was playing music for everyone to dance along with. She smiled when she saw Talia giggling at something Miura had said, her cheeks inevitably blushing.

Lillith walked behind Christine when she suddenly stopped as she looked at the guy standing in her way. She narrowed her eyes and tried to step to the right but he stepped to his left, inevitably blocking her way. She looked up at him and smiled when she saw the goofy smile he had on his lips.

“Really Mukai if you wanted to dance all you had to do was ask…” she teased, giving him a grin just as she felt him taking her hand in his.

Mukai smiled, just as he pulled her towards him. She bumped gently against his chest, her free hand settling there, just above his heart. She looked at his handsome face and sighed a little as he pulled her onto the dance floor. He was perfect, he had looks, brains and was tall…but she knew they would never really work out. She had known Mukai for a little over two years now and both of them had realised that no matter how much they were attracted to each other physically…both of them wanted different things out of life and it wouldn’t work out. They had been on a couple of dates just for fun but when Lillith had wanted something more Mukai couldn’t handle the commitment so they stopped. Instead they went back to being friends…something that Lillith had found hard to accept at first but had now come to terms with it.

She laughed as soon as he started dancing in front of her, nearly hitting his head against one of the snowflakes hanging from the ceiling. “Are you having fun?” he asked her just as he slid his hand down her back, feeling the soft material of her dress and stopping just above her butt. She felt the soft pressure and tried to ignore it as she moved her hips, lightly brushing against his.

“I am, but to be honest I’m a little bored.” She said, her lips curving into a light smile as he turned her around and continued to move together with her.

“Do you want to go to another party?” Mukai asked, just as Lillith saw Christine over his shoulder.

Her friend was leaning against the wall while some guy was talking to her. She stifled a giggle when she saw who it was, it was Kamenashi Kazuya from Chemistry class. She suppressed a giggle when she saw Christine roll her eyes just as Mukai made her look back up at him.

“What party?” she asked, just as she remembered his question.

“Ikuta is throwing this awesome party, want to go?” he asked her, his fingertips lightly brushing against her thigh as he let her go and stopped dancing.

Lillith pouted as she thought for a few seconds. “Ok, let me get Christine and we could get going.” She replied before she walked past him and headed towards Christine.

“I really like your hair Christine,” he whispered, leaning against her while grabbing a lock of her hair.

Christine looked up at him and frowned. She tried to push him away but he still kept on insisting. “I think your hair would look great sprawled against my pillow and across my chest while you are giving me a blow job.” He continued to whisper, leaning close to her as one hand found its way on her waist.

“Cut it out Kame, I don’t like you like that.” She said, disgusted as she tried to slip away from him. He had her pinned against the wall and she really didn’t like him invading her private space.

“All I want for Christmas is you Christine…” He continued to say while he moved closer towards her.

She suddenly felt Kame lose his footing as someone bumped into him, making him step away from her, letting her breathe. “Oh dude sorry about that I’m like already so wasted!” the guy said, smiling goofily at him.

Christine widened her eyes at the newcomer and thanked him silently. “Christine!” he said suddenly grabbing her hand and pulling her away from the wall.

“Hey I am not done here.” Kame said, grabbing Christine’s other hand.

“Oh…sorry it didn’t look like she was interested in you mate…I think you would have better luck with the blonde over there…” he said, pointing to a random girl on the other side of the room.

Christine blinked and didn’t say a word until she was pulled away from Kame, towards the back door. She had found her words and pulled her hand out of his grasp before putting both on her hips. “What are you doing here Pi?” she asked, arching an eyebrow.

“You are welcome.” Pi replied with a grin on his lips.

Christine blushed and tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear. “Thanks…it was really awkward and I don’t know why he keeps doing it.”

“He’s a jerk.” He replied, fishing for his phone. “And believe it or not I haven’t come to be your prince charming tonight. I came to invite more people to our party.”

“Oh. How’s that going?” she asked, letting her hands fall to her side.

“It’s already off the hook, as expected.” Pi replied grinning toothily at her. “Why don’t you and Lillith go there?” he said, walking away from her.

She was left alone once again as she saw him walking through the crowd and talking with the people he knew.

“Christine!” she heard her name being yelled and turned to look at Lillith who walked towards her, followed by Mukai.

“Was Kame being a jerk again?” she asked, putting a hand on her shoulder.

“Yes…but Pi got me away from him.” Christine replied, looking back out at the crowd.

Lillith smiled and looked back at Mukai who hadn’t said a word. “Lets go to Toma’s party…” she said, making her look at her.

They headed towards Toma’s party and the moment they got there they were surprised at the amount of people there was. “This is what I’m talking about.” Mukai said as a guy walked past them after chugging down a whole beer keg.

“Let’s get something to drink and then we can dance” Christine said, pulling Lillith with her. They walked through the crowd of people in what they assumed was Toma and Pi’s dorm room. Lillith almost tripped on the rug while Christine continued to move forward.

She was looking around herself and immediately noticed that Mukai was dancing with a hot Asian girl. It didn’t really affect her. She was over him and the fact that seeing him with someone else wasn’t making her heart ache like it had before sent happiness through her veins.

Lillith took a drink from Christine’s hand and turned to look back at the people around her. She started to move her hips with the music when she noticed Toma standing near the door. Lillith downed her drink and walked towards him, leaving Christine behind her.

“You came.” Toma said the moment she stepped next to him.

“Of course. Christine always wants to come…” she replied, leaning her back against the wall next to him.

“And you?” he asked, turning to look at her.

She lifted her eyes to look up at him and noticed how his shoulder was lightly touching hers. She smiled and grabbed the drink from his hand, putting the plastic cup against her lips. “Free booze…” she said, grinning toothily.

He smiled back and took the cup, his fingers brushing against hers. “I was hoping you liked to come to see me.” He said, giving her his own version of a toothy grin.

Lillith didn’t really know what to say. She felt her heart flutter in her throat and looked at the gorgeous boy next to her. The girls had always thought that Toma was cute and they had insisted that he flirted with her.

“Do you want to dance?” she suddenly asked, stepping away from the wall.

“I thought you’d never ask.” He replied with a smirk after putting the empty cup to the side and grabbing her hand in his. They walked towards the music and started to move with the beat. She moved her hips and threw her hands over her head while touching her hair and keeping her eyes locked with his.

Toma danced with her, sometimes lightly touching her, almost as if he was testing his limits. She didn’t push him away and found herself stepping closer to him, wrapping her hands around his shoulders. He was surprised and yet intrigued so he moved closer to her, their bodies touching as the music continued playing around them.

His hands lowered, down her back stopping at her hips and grabbing her ass lightly. Lillith bit her lower lip and bumped her chest against his, making him stop dancing as he felt her whole body against his. He removed some stray hairs from her face and looked from her lips to her eyes before he closed the small gap between them.

She was surprised at his kiss but she had been expecting it as well. She closed her eyes and kissed him back, moving her lips against his while lightly brushing her heel against his leg. They stopped kissing after what felt like a few seconds. “Well that was unexpected.” He said, the blush not visible under the low lights.

She smiled and kissed him softly once more. “That was fun…” she said, giggling softly at his goofy smile.

“I’d like to do it again…” he confessed, lightly touching her bare arm, sending delicious goose bumps throughout her body.

“Well…” she said, resting her hands on his chest and playing with his collar. “The night is still young.”

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