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The Dark Tower
The beautiful Pegasus landed softly on the snow not far from the dark tower. Calvin sat on its back and looked at the place he had been sent to find by a complete stranger. The tower was tall and menacing, sending a shiver of fear through his mind. Sighing to himself, he gently encouraged his saviour to walk slowly towards the tower. The closer he got, the more his sword started to glow. He could feel it begin to vibrate and realised that the magic here was possible more powerful than what he had acquired. He grasped the sword handle and pulled it free from his belt. He held it in his hand and looked around him, ready to fight whatever came at him.

The creature started to prance and panic as it came to the entrance to the looming dark tower. Calvin tried to calm it down and dismounted from its back. "Hey, it's ok. Wait out here, I have to go inside and kill the wizard." He reassured it. The creature calmed down at his gentle words and gentle touch and brushed its elegant head against his leg. Calvin smiled to himself, stroked the Pegasus and held his breath as he slipped quietly through the gap in the door.

The dark wizard smirked to himself as he watched his victim get nearer to his location in the glass globe. The door to his throne room slowly creaked open to reveal Calvin, making him feel very satisfied.

Calvin gasped in shock as he opened the door. In front of him was the dark wizard he had been sent to destroy along with two other men dressed in black. But what was on either side of the throne shocked him the most. On the left side was his best friend, Jiro, tied up, gagged and looking terrified. On the right side was a child, looking equally frightened.

"Welcome!" The wizard teased him. Calvin suddenly focused his attention on the dark man and lifted his sword, threatening him. The wizard just laughed and stroked the child's pale cheek. "If you do anything, warrior, I will instantly destroy your friend and this child."

"Why are you doing this?" Calvin asked him.

The wizard laughed at him and stood up. Calvin stepped back a few paces as he walked closer to him. "A frozen world full of suffering and pain. Isn't that beautiful?"

"Of course it isn't!" Calvin forced himself to shout. "Release my friend and the girl."

"So you are the one they sent to me huh? A Taiwanese popstar."

"How do you know that?" Calvin asked, feeling sweat on his brow.

"I know everything about you. I also know that you cannot hope to defeat me!" The wizard suddenly roared. He smacked the spear against his face, sending him crying in pain to the floor.

"Calvin!" Jiro called. Calvin touched the blood on his mouth and gasped in agony as he looked up at the evil man. He kept a firm grip on the sword and felt determination in his heart.

The dark wizard started to circle him and stroked his weapon against his bruised cheek. "So pathetic and weak. Is that the best you've got?" He teased him.

Calvin breathed heavily and suddenly lept to his feet. He quickly slashed the sword across the man's arm, creating a long bloody line. The wizard cried out in pain and retaliated by smacking him back to the floor. Calvin felt the air rush from his lungs as the hard ground hit him. Closing his eyes, his tried to control the agony.

"I was wrong, you have a lot of spirit within you. No wonder you were chosen." The wizard teased him again.

"You have a choice." Calvin stated, his voice trembling. "Stop doing this or..."

"Or what?!" The wizard shouted.

"...or I'll destroy you." Calvin finished.

The wizard roared with anger once more and raced towards him. Calvin anticipated his move and quickly rolled away from the danger. He then stood up quickly and ran behind the evil man. Without a second thought, he forced the sword straight through his back.

The dark wizard cried out angrily and started to shake as the magic from the sword took over his body. Calvin let go of his weapon and raced over to his best friend. Just before he could untie him, the wizard screamed loudly, angrily as the magic caused him to explode into a flash of pure white light. Calvin, Jiro and the child closed their eyes as the light blinded them. As it turned to normal, the sword clanged to the ground.

Calvin breathed a sigh of relief as the events slowly returned to normal. He quickly helped his friend and untied the little girl. "Hello." He told her, smiling.

"Thank you!" She said, smiling back at him and hugging him tightly as he picked her up in his strong arms. The two friends escorted her out of the tower and carefully mounted the beautiful Pegasus.

Night fell quickly on this eventful Christmas Eve. Calvin and Jiro smiled as they walked down the London streets. The people around them were laughing and smiling. Children rushed passed them carrying tinsel and laughing playfully as they did.

"Congratulations." The stranger from many days before suddenly appeared in front of the two friends. Calvin took the magic sword and the map and handed them to him. "Oh, no. Those belong to you. Consider it a thank you gift for saving Christmas." The man stated. He then smiled at them and walked away as fast as he had appeared.

"Well, this has been a most eventful Christmas." Jiro stated as they approached their apartment.

"Eventful is an understatement. But I'm glad we made it." Calvin's voice trailed off as he noticed the little girl he had rescued standing by the door to the building. Her hair glistened in the moonlight.

The child rushed up to him as he knelt down in front of her. "I want you to have this." She told him, handing him the model of the winged unicorn. Calvin gently took it and looked at it in amazement.

"Was it you who sent it to save me?" Calvin asked her.

"Yes." The girl replied.

"Thank you." Calvin told her. He took her in his arms and hugged her tightly.

"Merry Christmas, Calvin." She told him. Suddenly, she vanished into the night air. Calvin wasn't surprised and smiled to himself. Jiro stood beside him and patted him on the shoulder. It started to snow around them and Calvin looked up into the sky and whispered:

"Merry Christmas."


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