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Winged Saviour
Jiro slowly opened his eyes and gasped in agony as he tried to move himself. He was unable to move his hands freely and looked down to see that they were tied in front of him with rope. It was so tight around his wrists that he thought his hands might fall off. Sitting himself up, he looked around him and noticed that he was in a cold room that was surprisingly well lit. "How the hell did I get here?" He asked to himself.

"The dark wizard."

Jiro suddenly turned to his side at the sound of a very soft female voice. He gasped as he saw a little girl sitting in corner with her knees up to her chest. Her long blond hair flowed down her legs and she looked terrified.

"Are you...the Christmas Spirit?" Jiro asked gently. The girl nodded her head and shed a tear from her intense blue eyes.

"The wizard took me from my home and locked me in here."

"He wants to destroy the world right?" Jiro asked.

"He wants the world to freeze for all eternity by taking away Christmas." The girl replied.

"You don't look very old..." Jiro stated, noticing that she couldn't have been more than five or six years old.

"I'm immortal."

"Wow. Ok. So, how did I get here? Do you know?"

"The wizard focused the snake on your friend and took you whilst he was busy." The child replied.

Jiro felt his heart go numb at the thought of his best friend still out there in the frozen wasteland trying to reach the wizard. He gulped hard and tried to repress his awkward emotions.

The child noticed and slowly stood up. She walked over to the stranger and sat beside him. Jiro looked down at her and felt so much warmth and joy come from her eyes. "Calvin killed the snake." She told him.

"How do you know?" Jiro asked, hoping it was true.

"I can see him, in my mind." She replied.

"Is he hurt?" Jiro asked quickly.

"He's a little wounded and desperately trying to find you." She told him honestly.

"My god, Calvin." Jiro started to shed a tear as he thought more. "The dark wizard could send more bad creatures to kill him. Is there anything we can do to protect him?" He asked the child, looking back down at her.

The girl smiled and took out a small object from her pocket. "Yes, we can send something to him." She replied.

Jiro smiled widely as he looked at the object and listened to the child say a magic spell.

Calvin fell to his knees as the wound in his leg started to bite him. The surrounding frozen wilderness started to spin around him and he fell onto his side. The sword fell beside him and he looked at it as he lay his warm cheek onto the snow. Breathing hard, he started to feel painful regret. He'd just lost his best friend and he had no idea what he was doing. He gasped in pain and slowly closed his eyes. The white world turned into black as he drifted unconscious.

The creature landed softly on the snow beside the fallen warrior. It lay beside him and covered him with its white feathery wing, shielding him from the cold wind. Calvin moved as he felt the warmth surround him and slept peacefully.

Hours later, the warrior slowly woke up. As he opened his eyes, he sat himself up and looked down at his leg. His wound had completely cleared up. There wasn't even a scar. "How...?" He whispered to himself, completely puzzled. A sudden soft noise similar to that of a horse invaded his ears. Slowly he turned his head and gasped at the creature lying on the snow not far from him. Slowly he stood up, realising that his leg was no longer in pain and walked slowly up to the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. Lying there before him was a white horse with elegant wings and a beautiful golden horn on its forehead.

"My gosh, a winged unicorn?" He whispered to himself. The Pegasus breathed slowly and watched the man approach carefully. When Calvin got close enough, he gently stroked its soft neck, and ran his fingers through its silky white mane. "You're so beautiful. Did you save me?" He asked him gently. The creature whinnied back at him and gently touched his leg with its horn. Calvin turned to look and watched in amazement as a flash of light came from the horn and touched his leg.

"I need to get to the dark tower in the far north. Can you take me there?" He asked gently. The Pegasus whinnied back at him and he took that as a yes. Carefully, he mounted the creature just above its wings and grasped tightly to its mane as he slowly stood up on all fours. He smiled to himself and secured the sword to his body as it gracefully reared up and took off into the fresh air. Calvin gasped as he looked down and saw the snow laden wasteland below him. The wind rushed through his hair as he started to think about Jiro. He wondered if he was still alive somewhere down there.

The dark wizard in his dark tower roared with anger as he witnessed the winged creature saving the warrior from certain death. He grabbed his magic spear and attacked the nearest minion to him. He screamed in agony and disappeared in a flash of light. The wizard tried to calm his breathing and turned back round to gaze at the glass globe. His black cape flowed with him. The creature was now flying with him across the wilderness.

"This warrior is a strong one indeed."

"He'll be coming to the tower, my Lord." His minion stated.

"Then we must greet him warmly with our hospitality." The wizard replied sarcastically. He then laughed loudly, cruelly as he thought up a terrifying plan in his head.


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