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Chapter 5

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Chapter 5
Chapter 5: Spring break horror
POV: Miura Haruma

I can’t believe how crazy that girl is! Ugh! I’m going to spend my whole spring break in that old art stupid museum, just because she lied! Ugh! I hate it! I fucking don’t want to go, stay and most of it I don’t want to WORK THERE.

Yeah, I admit it. I feel guilty too, when I saw her and called my name, and then I didn’t give any response. But what the hell was that?! Is it a crime if you ditch someone you just met?! It’s just a bracelet! It’s not that were getting married! And lastly I don’t deserve this punishment!

It’s awful: I can’t play station 3, I have inadequate time to watch TV, I can only go out with my family, I can’t play basketball, lastly which pisses me off, I can’t drive the scooter! I beg them to reconsider playing basketball, and they kind of agree. Maybe they forgot, they’re son is a varsity here.

You know what’s twisted? Deep inside I feel like I deserve it. Because I cavern in, no one likes to admit this things but everybody knows this: there are different status between kids or teenager. (Cool, geeks, athletes, and the outcast.)

Cool kids are mixed of rich, good looking people. Geeks are that kind of people who wear thick glasses and book worms, athletes are popular across the school and most of all to the opposite sex. Outcasts”are those who are ugly, who dress differently and unpopular. It’s like oil and water, you can guess which is which. And if you’re going to stick around with Rosa and her friends, it’s like the suicide to your desire social life.

Which I think I kind of deserve this, really. The social status thing bothered me the most, especially the fact that I like Rosa at first before Uchi told me about her. Rosa should just understand, I don’t want Uchi and others to give me hard time, about my bad taste on girls or what so ever. I just moved here, I have a name to build. I didn’t mean to impair her feelings”I really don’t.


Next day, we went to Mr. O’s house. He led us to his house and into our working spot”which is their attic. When we got on the attic, Rosa kept on sneezing and sneezing, I glared at her.

“Sorry.” She sneezed.

“Yeah. Whatever” I muttered back.

“Here’s your working place.” It was a very large room actually, a dusty place, full of newspaper and lots small ceramics.

“I want you guys to start working here by tomorrow. You’ll be start working at exactly eight in the morning, by lunch time you can go home now…” He said strictly. “…and don’t you dare to do something fishy, here. Understood? I’ll be here to check you every hour.”

When he leaves, we started to seep off the dust and wipe the window. Of course, who would like to work in a place like this? VERY DIRTY.


The next two days, Rosa and I work in silence. Which I prefer, I could bring myself looking at her, because I’m still mad. Whenever she would asked something, I would give her a abrupt reply. And when I need something, I would just wait for Mr. O to come, instead of asking the liar girl.


Third day, Rosa got in the attic first. There was a sandwich and burn CD of Beatles.

“Peace?” She said timidly.

I took the sandwich and ate it, and kept the CD. I ignored her for the rest of the day. Does she think, bribing me with food and CD would make my heart softer?


By Friday, there was no food neither a gift, instead I saw a Rosa braiding her long hair and sitting on the table.

“Look, I know I may have got you into this---“She said, I got pissed off and blew up.

“MAY HAVE? MAY HAVE? You lied to my mom and Mr. O. You make my spring break miserable.” I shriek.

“Look. I’m really truly sorry…” She stretched her hand, and hand me the bracelet. “…Peace offering.” She explained like a 7 year old kid, cute.

“I’ll take it… in one condition.”


“You have to tell my mom and Mr. O that I didn’t do anything.”

“I can’t do that!”


“My mom would kill me! I’ll be a dead meat for the rest of my life! I can’t do things that I want to do! Oh please! I’ll do anything, except for that! Let’s just be friends please.”

I took the bracelet and say, “Let me think first.”


By week end, Uchi and his friends did that begging. Thank God my parents, agreed to. But I had a curfew; I must be back by 6pm.

When were on our way to the court, Uchi kept on teasing me and Rosa. Thought, I didn’t much focus on his blabbering. Then all of a sudden the entire talking stop when a pretty girl pass by, with a long strap connected to a Chihuahua, attached on her hands.

“Hey Uchi, Noda, Shin!” She yelled.

“Hey Aya!” Uchi answered. Then ‘Aya’ stop in front of us, and asked:

“Who’s your friend?” looking at me.

“Aya this is Miura Haruma or Haru-chan, my cousin. Haru-chan”Aya.” I offer my hand, and then she reaches and shook it.

“So---“Before I could say anything, her stupid dog starts to run away which drag her of the street again.

“Who was that?”

“Aoki Aya”the only hottest girl in the campus so do here, at our place.”

I just nod as we all look at her running away. Yeah, she’s hot.


Unfortunately, Monday strikes again. I’m going to that house again, I’m going to see her and count the ants passing by. By the time I opened the door in the attic, I saw Rosa sitting around the corner and shaking.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Then something small runs around the room.


“You’re such a girl!”

“I don’t care! Just kill it please!!”

“I don’t want to, besides bloods will scattered around.” I protested.

I look around and started to drive the rat outside. Since the room is lock, he cannot go outside, he kept on running and running around. And the worst is he kept on following Rosa wherever she goes.

“Can you just stay on my back and so that we can open the door??” Then she stayed behind me, tugging my clothes, like a kid. I reached the door, stamp on the floor. The mice went outside.

“Thank you. Thank you.” Rosa kept on saying as she hugs me. Our face is very close.

“WHAT IS THIS MESS?!” Mr. O suddenly pop outs of nowhere, we were both terrified as we heard his voice. We pulled apart and felt awkward.

“There’s w-was a rat. Haru-kun, sort of scare him.”

“Go and clean this! Faster!” As I gather the broom, I saw Mr. O hiding a smile.

After that Rat”Mice incident, I couldn’t give Rosa a cold shoulder anymore. I know she got me to this spring break horror, we’re both even. We cannot both hang out with our friends and do whatever we want to do. She even told me, that her parents are way stricter that mine.

“They may act nice in front of others but to me”they’re not.” Rosa sighed as she remember her parents.

“They want me to do, things like a normal girl would do. Like playing piano, squealing over a guy, having lots of cosmetic products on my bag. And blah blah” She explained.

By the middle of second week, we were able to get our work fast. We were already half of the hundred jars. I started to think, that Rosa wasn’t a freak like what Uchi have describe about her. In fact, even though we’re always here, cleaning those vases, ceramics, we still find means of entertainment.

Sometimes, we would play chess and would just lie around the dusty floor. Sometimes, I would bring my speakers and we would listen to Beach Boys, Beatles, and etc on her iPod.

I really find it strange, that I can’t believe that I could tell anything what’s inside my heart without being scared that she would laugh at me. I even share her, my poem which I doodle, at the back of my notes which I write at school. I even told her that I was scared of applying at college, because of my dad”he wants me to take law but I prefer literature.

Then I realized something “ I don’t mind staying here for the rest of my spring break with Rosa.



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