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Chapter 4

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Chapter 4
Chapter 4: Revenge of the Fallen
POV: Kato Rosa

Last day of school, I’m dragging myself on walking down this road going to school. Since Saturday, I cannot help myself but to think why Haru-kun did that. Did I do something that makes him mad, and the payment is to get embarrassed and making me feel like a ghost?


Yuki called that day and knew the whole story and couldn’t stop saying,

“what a jerk!” and “are you sure he did saw you?” alternately.

“Yes! I’m sure he saw me, Yuki. I’m sure he did.”

Haru-kun met my eye. We stare at each other for like 2 seconds? Then he looked and started to walk away. I was so embarrass that I want to hide inside Hiro’s clothes and drag him home. But I just stood there, watching his back like an idiot, with the back ground music of a bouncing ball.

Hiro rested his cheeks on my head, and I said, “There’s Haru-kun” and started walking away. I cancelled the latte date, Hiro just walked me home.

When I got home, I immediately went to my room and stared at the ceiling counting sheep’s. I don’t have much experience with guys. So this is like”unforgettable! He’s my leading man in the first scene, yet he already turned me down!

In the middle of sheep 112 and 113, I decided to take revenge. Since I was embarrassed big time, I want something that will make him plead endlessly as a return.

Hiro propose to kidnap him”As if I can do that! He’s way too tall for me!

* Sunday *

I ask Hiro to come over to my house and unveiled my evil plan 001. We called, Yuki (thought it was international call, I don’t mind. I’m so mad right now. We set it in loud speaker, so that we could talk”the three of us.)

He’s wearing a short polo sleeves, with black neck tie, with suspender across his shorts. He has a thick black eye liner on his eyes, and black nail polish. While me, I’m wearing plaid blouses and long bohemian skirt with thick, blue eye liner and green chipping off nail polish”I realized Haru-kun wasn’t like us. Err, maybe yes, or no. I don’t know, I haven’t met him personally we only just talk for about 30 minutes to one hour? That’s the reason why people are laughing at us, or the reason why they find us weird. We don’t mind, I mean come on, do you really have to go with the flow and follow everybody with the latest fashion trend? When you can make a fashion out of yourself and just being a plain YOU?

“The plan is, I’m going to spray paint his beloved scooter with pink..." I let out a wicked laugh. "well guys, what do you think?”

“Ro-chan, that is kind of extreme, don’t you think?” Said by Hiro.

“Extreme? Extreme!” I shrieked. “Do you think kidnapping isn’t extreme?”

“I was just kidding on that part.” Hiro answered softly.

“Yeah whatever.” I answered sarcastically.

“… He doesn’t have to know? Does he?” Asked by Yuki on the other line, I gave thousands of thought. Since, he humiliated me face to face, why not scare him face to face too?

“Look, I know I shouldn’t waste my time on thinking on this crap revenge thingy, I’m really sorry but deep inside of me, I know I should do this. And yeah, I want him to know.” I said with confidence.





“… Who wants to join Rosa??” I said happily as I raised my hands. Hiro just look at me, oddly. Then we didn’t hear anything from Yuki.

“Go girl… I know you can do it, ALONE” Said by Yuki with less energy.

“We’ll support you.”

“Wow. Guys, gee… thanks!”

“I don’t want to receive million karma points.” Said by Hiro in acerbic way.
I roll my eyes and say, “tomorrow is the big day, you’ll going to see a hottie crying.”

“Yey. Banzai.” Said by Hiro and Yuki in synchronize.


Later, his green scooter will be pink.


The class had just ended, students started to go home, too excited for spring break. Wonder what happened to Haru-kun’s first day? I didn’t saw him today. I’m happy we didn’t see each other. Or else my plan would be obliterated. I slowly creep in the parking lot and saw a green scooter. That must be Haru-kun’s. I laughed. I skip closer. I look on my left then to my right, nobody is here. PERFECT. I pull my bag from my back, and rummage around it. Aha! I finally found you! I lift the spray paint in front of my face. I remove the lid.

I breathe heavily. ‘Rosa, are you sure, you’ll do this?’ said by the good Ro-chan. ‘yeah. She’s VERY SURE. REVENGE! REVENGE! Do it! Before someone could see you!’ this time the bad Ro-chan says it.

I did, I move stealthily towards the green scooter and started to spray paint on its body, seat “EVERYWHERE! I heard the distinct sound of a motorcycle and saw Haru-kun riding his green scooter coming towards me. I wanted to hi”WHAT?! HARU-KUN IS RIDING HIS SCOOTER”THEN WHO’S SCOOTER IS THIS?!

“Oi! Rosa! Get out of the way!!!” He yelled. He turned sharply and missed me but wobbled on my arms and we both fell on the ground.

“WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO MY SCOOTER?!!!” We both looked on entrance of the building and saw Mr. Odagiri running as fast as he can coming closer to his scooter.

“I didn’t do anything!” Haru-chan exclaimed. “I just ran over her!”

I look at Haru-kun and back to Mr. O and say, “He did it! It was his idea!”

“Aren’t you the new student?!” Then Mr. O heaves Haru-kun by his uniform inside the building. “Follow me, young lady.” He commanded, and I followed them inside.

Inside his office, we’re waiting for his Haru-kun’s mom. Thank God, my parents aren’t here. After 1 hour of waiting, finally she came. Her mom was so attractive, it feels like I’ve seen Haru-kun as a girl. She immediately, scold his son in front of us. Me and Mr. O we’re both terrified on how scary she can be.

“You’re sooooo grounded, young man! How come youre cousin, Uchi never gets into this kind of trouble?”

What?! They’re cousin?! Tsk, tsk.

“But mom---“

“No, buts! No basketball this spring break!”

After minutes of strain”it was finally decided that we’re going to work at Mr. O’s so called mini art museum. Where, we’re going to clean, his collection and products”for the rest of spring break. Ugh.

Mr. O places his hands on his table. He breathes heavily first and say, “I think it’s time for you guys to home.”


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