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Chapter 3

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Chapter 3
Chapter 3: Promises are REALLY meant to be broken
POV: Miura Haruma

The reason why I have to change school and to move here is because: my mom is so eager to live near her sister. We ended up living one block away from them. They’re really close. They even had the same age for their kids”like me and Uchi, were both 18. (We’re more of like a brother than cousins actually.) Followed by his sister, Riiko 10 years old, as for me, I’m an only child.

When I got home, my mom immediately told me that Uchi was looking for me. So I immediately changed my clothes and ran to the mini basket ball court.

Uchi, was like the star player of their school. He’s both popular at school and even here, at our place. (Perhaps, almost half of the population of the students who studied there are living here.) When I got there, they were in the middle of playing. Shin, spotted me and they stop playing, they walked towards me with the ball bouncing on the ground and back to Noda’s hand, back and forth.

“What took you so long, Haru-chan?” Asked by Uchi as he placed his arms around my shoulders.

“I went to your”our school and I ran over someone with the scooter.” I said calmly. And steal the ball in his hands; I threw the ball in the air and it went in smoothly.

“Is he dead?” Asked by Noda.

“It’s a ‘she’ and she’s still alive. I walked her home and she’s kind of cute.” I replied.

“Dang! Haru-chan got a girl already!” Shin exclaimed, we all laugh.

“So what’s her name?” Uchi asked. It was very conspicuous that he’s eager to know her name. He grabbed the ball in my hand and head towards the middle of the court.

“Rosa. Kato Rosa.”

I was looking forward to hear them talking about her ex-boyfriends, instead I heard them laughing their heads off.

“Haru-chan, you think Kato Rosa is cute?” Said by Uchi, rolling on the ground holding his stomach.

“She’s a freak! You wouldn’t want to be with her Haru-chan.” Shin snort. “It’s like a social suicide to been together with Rosa.”

“Miki, her seatmate says Rosa has her own world. Cause she heard her, talking to herself once.”

“And! And!” Noda hooted. “Her friends! One is gay and other one is inexplicable! No one talks to them.”

“Their group is a bunch of weirdoes…” said by Uchi consciously. “Don’t worry, Haru-chan I can solve your eye sight. I’m going to introduce to cute girls in school. Right, guys?”

“Yeah.” Said by Shin and Noda in unison.

“Since, on Monday it’s going to be our last day of class, and your first day. Tuesday, spring break will come, I’m sure you’re going to have fun with your new girls.”

I pounce for the ball and dribble it slowly. My face was burning, and I’m really embarrassed. I ran across the court and make a three point shoot”I missed.

POV: Kato Rosa

Friday, 9 pm.
God! I can’t stop thinking about Haru-kun since he walked”biked me home. I know I’m way over-reacting, but he’s so good to be true. He seems kind, down to earth not like Uchi and the jerks and he even smell good, he’s tall and cute”uh, how many times did I say that he’s cute?

I just end our call”me and my best friend Hiro. He’s a gay actually, but I don’t mind. I love Hiro”as a friend okay. I told him everything. He’s a very kind person, yet he always gives a sarcastic comment every time there’s new news. I know, I should have told Yuki, my girl best friend first, but she’s not here. She’s at Seoul for her early spring break, lucky her.

Saturday 12 am.
He said he’s call me. Yet, I answer “or email me” what the fuck was that Rosa?! I mean, a hot guy going to call you, yet you reject him? Arg! I totally mess everything!

2 am
Maybe he’s not the type of guy who wouldn’t call a girl after 9pm. Well-behaved guy”good parents raised him with good manners”love it!

Forget it Rosa! You’ll have dark circles under your eyes. Maybe he just got busy with something. Perhaps tomorrow, he would call”maybe.


Saturday 9am
I woke up extra early, just to check on my phone”still no sign of Haru-kun.

My heart jumped when I heard my phone beep. But it was just Hiro, asking me what time I would go to the bazaar. I told him, Haru-kun hasn’t replied yet, so I’m not sure on the time.

Instead of wasting my time in waiting, I finally gathered my courage and emailed him.

“Hey, are we going to the bazaar today?”

And didn’t receive any reply. I guess, he forgot or we just misunderstood each other that were going to meet at the bazaar, instead. I decided to hang out with Hiro and accompany him at his booth. I hope, Haru-kun would go there, by his self.

Five hours of waiting in vain. No Miura Haruma had shown in front of my face, neither to Hiro’s. All this hours of waiting, every time I would see a floppy haired guy, my heart would beat so fast. Yearning for Haru-kun to come”but we didn’t see him. Hiro stood up, and fix the boxes in front of us”packing time. He held one, and passed it to me as I stood up. We stood up and started to walk.

“I feel stupid, I kept on wishing and waiting that he would come. But he didn’t even show.” I blurted out.

“Aww...” Hiro leaned closer to me, like he was giving me a hug. “…Maybe something urgent came, like he died in an accident…” Then I glared at him and we’re both laughed.

“…I hope not.’ He continues. We reach their house and dump his things. We’re heading towards the small café, for which he’s going to buy me a latte.

“It’s a thank you gift for accompanying and helping me…” Hiro explained, though I protested he didn’t have to. “…Even if you’re motives is, wasn’t really helping.” He said. I suddenly felt embarrass. His house was parallel across the basketball court, quite far away from ours.

And then I saw him. Haru-kun was walking across the street towards my direction. “That’s him!” I hissed at Hiro. Hiro look at me, back to Haru-kun and to me. He chuckles lightly”what? Don’t I deserve him? He was dress in plain white shirt and gym shorts dribbling the ball on the ground and back to his hands.

“Hey! It’s the geek troop---“Said by Uchi, then the rest I didn’t heard what the hell he is saying. It feels like the world suddenly stopped when I saw Haru-kun. I wanted to say hi, get his attention”anything! As long as he would notice me. Wait”how come he’s with the hottie wannabes’?

Anyway, I don’t care.

I took a deep breath, and then called his name.

“Haru-kun.” It was soft at first. “Haru-kun!” I yelled this time. But he kept on walking like he didn’t saw me.


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