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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Otaku
POV: Kato Rosa

As I look through the clear glass window, I saw the sun setting. I immediately close the book that I am reading. I stood up, and pull my bag on the table. I didn’t bother to put it inside my bag. I put the strap on my shoulder. I went outside my favorite place, the library.

I went downstairs, going to the lockers. When I saw, Uchi and his minions-Noda and Shin on their way outside the locker room. I immediately skip on my locker, to change my shoes. Uchi, ever the asshole, yelled out. “Rosa! Wanna have some fun tonight?” They all laughed. I just ignored them like I always do. They all think their hot, but I think their just bunch of jerks.

Sometimes, I feel like, others think I am a freak. Err, was it really just a ‘feeling’ where I know to myself that they really think and tag me as a freak? Hmm. Is it because, I tend to act like an otaku at this age of mine? Not like the other girls, who wears short skirts and thick make up, which composes of them 99.9% of the girly population. Or is it because I never step a foot at beauty bar? I listen to foreign music (like Beatles, Guns and Roses, Metallica and etc.) Instead of J-music. What? Is it a crime, not to listen to your county’s music?

As you can see, the school’s population is divided into two. One is the popular cool people and the other half is unpopular nerd people. You don’t have to ask where I belong. Because you already got the answer.

Like I care-if they think me and my friends are weirdo. This is our life, and that’s their life.

As the wannabe hot stuff group walk away. I also started walking outside the building. I look up the color of the sky is pretty today. It falls in different layers of pink and orange. As dusk fell, I stepped off the middle of the way.

And that’s when it happened. One minute I was starring at the sky, another I was on my back. For a split second, I thought Uchi went too far. When I was ready to, kick his ass. I groaned, and felt my head for bumps, keeping my eyes closed.

“Are you okay?! I’m really sorry. I didn’t see you ‘cause it’s partly dark already. Are you okay? ” this panicky voice, kept on talking. It makes my head more spoil.

“My ipod,” I replied, my eyes still closed. I opened it slowly and then I saw him. He was wearing a Smashing Pumpkins t-shirt. He looks like a guy who would endorse CM’s. It feels like I was in the movie, I’m the princess. And he’s my prince charming. I never saw such beauty.

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