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Chapter 10

Author's Chapter Notes

Chapter 10: I’ll be there for you
POV: Miura Haruma

I know, it was a pretty assholic thing to asked someone, to be your secret friend or girlfriend. I just wanted to get her back. But it turns out to be the worst, I hurt her again, it was a major foul this time. That night, all I did was to stare at her back walking away, with her hands swaying upwards like she’s wiping her tears.


Aya dragged me to the horror house which the other class prepared, Aya is screaming with all her might though nothing is scary. I suddenly thought about Ro-chan. If she’s the girl, I’m with, I know she would give sarcastic comments like, ‘OMG! That was pretty boring; I didn’t even feel any goosebumps.’

I smiled to myself. NOW, Aya was pulling to the other booth where they sell fancy things. She was amaze to see a plastic-made set of jewelry.

“Do you like stuffs like that?” I ask, as she was trying to fit some ring on her fingers.

“Of course! Aren’t they cute?”

“Yeah, they are cute. But I didn’t know, you were the type of girl who would wear those kinds.”

“you know what Haru-chan? I really find it strange about you.”


“You really care much about what others might think about your decision…… I mean, do you think it’s a sin to buy some cheap stuff instead of branded ones? Well for me, I don’t care how much it cost as long as I like it, as long as I’m happy with it. You on the other hand, I don’t know. It’s like you want everybody’s approval first before you’ll do this or that. You won’t be happy if you continue to act like this.”

I realize Aya’s words. She’s right. I need to be happy and be true to myself and to Rosa. I dashed outside the classroom, and went to search for her. But when I saw Ro-chan, I saw her with a guy and their laughing freely.

Was I too late?


Broken hearted, I went downstairs to our booth, in the school grounds. I was seating at the chair beside the stage when I saw a glimpse of Rosa. I know what to do. I stood up and get the electric guitar on its stand. And walk in middle of the stage.

“And the next student who will perform is---“I immediately cut my classmate who is the MC.

“Excuse me, everybody. Thank you. Thank you. I just want to sing this song for the girl I really love. And it’s titled; I’ll be there for you by Bon Jovi. I don’t know, if she would like this song, still I dedicate this song for you.”

‘I'll be there for you, these five words I swear to you
When you breathe I wanna be the air for you
I'll be there for you’

I hear the crowds cheering, I saw Aya’s friend pushing her in the middle”she was blushing. Then I shifted my stare back to Rosa, who was busy walking around with her friends and with a new stupid guy. She was smiling like she didn’t see and hear me.

“And that song is for…” I paused. “KATO ROSA, who was standing at the middle of this ground wearing a violet knitted cap.”

Everybody look at her, awed. She stopped smiling and looked at me oddly, as she heard her name from this loud microphone.

I jump out from the stage, the audience gave way. I was eager to hold her hands, so I was like walking real fast when someone take a grip on my arms”it was Aya.

“WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!” she screamed.

“I’m sorry but---“I said, then she lets go of my arms. I run to Ro-chan as fast as I can. She looked at me unearthly.

“Look, Rosa, I know I’m an asshole and I admit that. I know I have hurt you many times, that I can’t even count it on my own fingers. I’m really really sorry. And I’m sorry for not being brave enough to tell you how I feel so…”

I held the microphone near my lips and say,“…Kato Rosa, I love you. I really do. Would you be my girlfriend?”

Her eyes were sparkling again, almost teary eyed. “I’m sorry. I can’t.” Ouch, that hurts. I wanted to cry. “Your friends are here. You’re embarrassed to go out with me right? I can’t give my heart away for some stupid jock, who is embarrassed to be seen with me in public.”

“I don’t care what others might think of me.” I said bravely and held the microphone again. “Minna-san! (everybody) I love KATO ROSA of 3-B, and I want her to be my girlfriend.” I remove the microphone from my mouth and say, “Ro-chan, would you be my girlfriend?”

“Yes!!” She exclaimed and hugged me. I kissed her forehead and say, “I promise you, I won’t hurt you again.”

She sighed and says, “Or at the very least, you could just try.”

---THE END ---

Author's Chapter End Notes


The End.
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