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Chapter 9

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Chapter 9
Chapter 9: Secret Friends
POV: Miura Haruma

I know comparing is a bad habit, but I can’t help it. And I just realize that girls are different from each other. So I made a list:

Rosa Vs. Aya

Rosa: likes to buy in bargain. Cause she’s a practical type of person.
Aya: Almost all of her clothes were branded.


Rosa: Cross breed of an Italian and Japanese, very cute.
Aya: She’s like Aragaki Yui-san, not in ‘Koizora’ but in ‘Dragon Zakura’ (Isn’t the lead guy in Koizora, hot? Oh crap! Don’t tell me, I’m turning into a gay too?! Noooo!)


Rosa: She can sing and play violin too.
Aya: She’s creativity when it comes to cosmetic palettes.

How I wish I could tell someone about this. Cause I can’t stop thinking about Rosa. I have Aya, who is pretty and almost perfect. But I feel like there’s still a barrier between our worlds. Sometimes, I feel like we have no connection on our thoughts.

Rosa and I are really connected. We could tell stories almost anything. We could laugh at each others joke. I never felt embarrass to tell her anything. I kept on thinking the moment when I hurt her the most”I’d give anything just to undo it. Return our friendship”but she hates me now. Which drives me crazy. I need someone to talk to, so I ended up opening it with Uchi.

“Would you do something that will make you happy even though everyone would disapprove of it?”

“Of course! Life is a choice! I would do everything that would make me happy, because I might regret it someday, if I hadn’t done this or that”

“Even though you would look stupid?”

“Hai. Hai (Yes)”

So much for that. It’s not like I Ro-chan can be my secret girlfriend. Or… can she?


POV: Kato Rosa

Three days from now, it’s the much awaited school festival. I was busy with Photoshop, for the fact that I was assigned to make the flyers for our class. My phone suddenly beep, it was an email from Haru-kun, my eyes went wide and my heart starts to beat faster, when I saw him message.

“Let’s talk.”

My heart was pounding like a crazy. I don’t know what to do; I don’t know what to say. What does he want from me?

I immediately call Hiro, and told him about that.

“What the hell does he want from you now?”

“I don’t know, he only just said, ‘let’s talk’”


“I think I should go… just to say how much he hurt me.”

“Ro-chan, I think it’s not a good idea. What if you get hurt again?”

“I don’t know Hiro. But I’m sorry, I really have to go. Don’t worry; I wouldn’t let Haru-kun stepped on me again.”

Then I replied to his email and say, “Okay. See in an hour at the court.”


When I got there, I saw Haru-kun sitting on the bench.

“Hey.” I said, and then he looked up and stands. I saw his smile again, and it makes my heart start to beat faster again.

“Hey.” He said. “I’m sorry for---“

I cut his sentence before he could say anything. “I heard you already have a girlfriend. So what does she like?”

“Well my friends think, she’s hot and pretty. But she doesn’t know who GnR are.” We both laugh. Then he took my hand and held on his face and say, “I miss you.” He said sadly.

“I miss you too.” There, I finally said it.

“Do you think---“He pause. “Do you think, we could still see each other without anyone else ever knowing?”




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