...Just Always Look After Me...


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Author's Chapter Notes

Hello! Hello!

This is just a sad, sad oneshot.... So be prepared!!!

English is not my first language, but I have a great beta-reader!!!! Love you!!!!

Hope you like it!!!

They were walking down the streets of Seoul. Together, as usual. Side by side, without touching, but feeling the presence of one another. The sun was shining and warm, they were looking at each other from time to time.


Chansung tried to extend his hand, to grab Kim's, but he froze. She turned her face toward him and smiled.

"Do you remember the first time we met? It was a day like this. Spring was ending and you were training along the river. I was taking pictures. I saw you and I took a picture of you while doing a double high kick. You know, from my point of view it seemed like an action movie scene, I was stunned!" She giggled, and looked at him, he was smiling...Ah! She wanted to take a picture right now!!! Every time she needed a camera she didn't have one! What a shame for a photographer!

"And the time you stopped me from taking a picture of you because you thought I was stalking you? Well, I was, but it was my job. I like to take pictures anywhere of everything and everyone... You were just one of the many!!!" She laughed hard, and Chansung couldn't hide his laugh too.

"That was when I realised that I was falling in love with you. My heart couldn't stop beating fast. My mind was full of only you... My camera too. It was full of pictures of you. You were everywhere in my life. And believe me I tried to ignore you, I really tried, but every time you popped out. I turn around a corner and you were where... I almost hated you!"

Kim and Chansung stopped at a traffic light. They stayed silent for a little while. Then they crossed the street together to find themselves in another part of the city. A long straight street, with trees on both sides... Kim was trying to catch his attention hopping beside him, she always was a happy young woman, nothing would have ever stopped her. She was strong, strong enough to make him fall for her, strong enough to endure his selfishness. Chansung always was a stubborn guy, always thinking about himself and no one else. But she changed him. She really did, she came into his life like a tsunami, and brought him the joy of living, the joy of sharing memories and things. She brought him LOVE.

She looked at him and once again she smiled. "The first time we kissed... Do you remember it? I do... Well I remember everything, it was on a rainy day. We fought because of some stupid thing. I left without a word, and I didn't have an umbrella... I was crying, but the rain helped me hide the tears which were falling down from my eyes. I closed them and suddenly I didn't feel the rain on my face anymore. You were there, in front of me, looking at me with your eyes full of tears too. You just left the umbrella fell down, and cupped my face in your hands... You kissed me like I've never been kissed before... It was like a movie... Ahhhh! I got shivers, thinking about it!"

He was shivering, but he smiled, and a little tear dropped down. Kim was trying to hug him, but she couldn't. He turned to her. And finally Chansung spoke.

"Kim, I love you, I really do. I will always love you. But I need you to go. I need you to be free, I need to be free. It's not our time anymore. Please don't make it harder than it already is. Please..." He was talking, his voice was broken by the pain, broken by the tears which were falling down from his eyes, like a river. He couldn't stop them anymore. She was looking at him, she was crying too. He cupped her face in his hands and for the first time today he touched her with gentleness, with love. He softly kissed her lips, while he was crying louder.

Her image was slowly fading. The strong Kim, the Happy Kim was fading away in front of him. She was smiling at him while waving goodbye. "Just always look after me!" he finally yelled to no one. She was gone, for good.

He just heard a voice from afar, maybe in his head..."I will always look after you...I promised you this a long time ago! Don't forget it! I will always be by your side... I love you..."

He cried out her name, and knelt in front of her grave...

She was a strong young woman, nothing would have ever stopped her... except death. She died 3 months before that day, but she couldn't leave him, not yet. He wasn't ready to let her go. But now, he did. Someday he will be fine, but she will always be by his side, walking silently beside him, helping him when he will fall, holding his hand when he will need it...

That's what eternal love would be like... Chansung and Kim... Forever... He left flowers on her grave, caressed it, and finally left, walking on the same streets...


Author's Chapter End Notes

Well! Told you soooo!!! Sad and short!

Please tell me what you think!!! Help me improving!


The End.
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