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The girl lied on the hospital bed. She looked out of it and realized that it was a piece of pretty light blue sky printed on top. It was as if she's seeing a painting. That sight made her heart skipped slightly.

"Aiko-chan~" a voice was heard, and she turned. "Inna!" she returned the greeting. "How are you feeling today?" her friend asked, before placing the fruit basket down onto the drawer beside the bed.

"Much better. Sensei said that I can be discharged anytime," she smiled, before grabbing her cup of water and taking a sip.


"Jeez, I don't know where the hell is Takeru's brother hospital room. It's so troublesome," the boy said, before fondling his hair. "Hey Koji, isn't that the one? 1903?"

"You remembered, Hongo?"

The boy named Hongo just nodded his head, before they entered the room that was labelled 'Mizushima Hiro', and greeted the person inside. "Hiro-nii! Hope you're feeling better!" both of them said in unison.

"Ah... Seto Koji, and.... Kanata Hongo right?" Hiro asked. Koji and Hongo just nodded their head, before smiling.

"Thank you for always taking care of Takeru for me. My, that brother of mine can be troublesome at times,"

"It's okay! Sato-- I mean Takeru is fun and always the happy go lucky when he's with us. He's not troublesome at all!" Koji replied. Just then, Hiro and Hongo looked at each other before they started laughing.

Koji then joined in, after realizing he just said something stupid.

To Be Continued.
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