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Chapter 1
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Masami worked long and hard, trying to find the 'right' candidates for Mark Knight. Perhaps it wasn't her business. But why did the Previous Mr. Knight think he needed to punish his grandson? Why force marriage? It didn't seem logical.

Masami was grateful that Mark's grandfather respected and admired her as a grand-daughter. Masami smiled as she remembered how he wished his granddaughter would have the same kind of sense and logic that Masami possessed.

Masami was brought out of her deep thoughts when there was a knock on the door that led to her office in the Cravenlocke Castle. Mark smiled and stepped into her office. "Good Morning, Ms. Hazumihoshi."

Masami starred at him, she thought she felt a hot flash on her face. She put her hand down and began writing. She willed herself to stop blushing. "Mark," She said, her voice a bit off do to the changing season. "I am trying to finish searching for the right candidates for you. It's what your grandfather asked me to do and it's what you’re paying me to do, might I add."

Mark grinned as he took his seat. His new butler by the name of Adam strode in, handing Mark and Masami their tea. "Well, in that case, have you found ladies that have what I asked for? The woman who I choose needs to have devotion, honor, integrity, loyalty, respect, strength, and virtue. In this regard, I will not settle."

Masami nodded. "I am well aware of that, Sir." Mark couldn't help but smile. "It seems something is on your mind, Ms. Hazumihoshi. May I ask what it is?" Mark asked, watching Masami with great care.

Masami lifted her head, her eyes meeting his. "For starters, why must your grandfather persuade you into a forced marriage?"

Masami took a gulp of his tea, his eyes were closed. "I'm sure my grandfather simply doesn't want to 'repeat' the same mistake as what he thought my father did by marrying my mother. It was a union strictly of love."

Mark continued watching Masami. "What is your other issue, Ms. Hazumihoshi?"

Masami shook her head. "In today's society, a woman has to be raised by the old standards like I was for her to have, "Devotion, honor, integrity, loyalty, respect, strength and virtue." Masami finished breathlessly. She grew uncomfortable comparing herself to the woman he chooses as his bride.

Mark sighed. "Ms. Hazumihoshi, the type of woman I want as my wife is very hard to find; if not impossible."

Masami stood up from her desk and pulled out her laptop, logging on and printing out the three most suitable candidates. Masami was exhausted. She had been working since 9 pm the following night.

When the three woman's photos were printed, Masami handed them to Mark. Mark pulled out his spectacles and looked them over. Mark grinned. All three of the ladies had different color hair. There was Lady Victoria of Cresthart and then Lady Nora of Ashenwood and finally there was Elizabeth of Lillywinter.

Masami sat back down by her desk. "Which lady would you like to speak to first?"

Mark kept looking at the photo of Lady Elizabeth of Belleley. She was a beautiful woman with with natural long blond hair and blue eyes. "I will start by asking Ms. Elizabeth of Belleley out to dine with me this evening." Mark starred at Masami once more. "Ms. Hazumihoshi, have you been up all night looking for my sake?" He asked, shocked and perturbed that she would do such a thing.

Masami nodded her head slightly, bringing her head up: their eyes meeting instantly, it appeared that Masami was challenging him. "I have." Was all Masami replied.

Masami felt like she was going to pass out soon. How could she make it back to her apartment?

Mark saw Masami was having a hard time staying awake even with the tea still within her body. "Ms. Hazumihoshi, I suggest you stay the night and call your family and if need be, your best friends to let them know where you are tonight so they will not worry."

That was when Mark saw the engagement ring on Masami's ring finger. Masami could feel the heat of Mark's gaze on her. "Or perhaps your fiancé." Masami, as tired as she was looked down at her engagement ring as if she saw it for the first time.

Mark took a slight breath. "What is the lucky fellow's name?"

End of Chapter 1

To Be Continued.
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