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Aragaki Yui as Hazumihoshi Masami
Tom Pelphrey as Mark Knight
Keiko Kitagawa as Hazumihoshi Ayako
Shirota Yu as Kumori Takeshi*
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It had been ten years since he was in London. The 27-year old Mark Knight arrived at his family's home and looked around. Even after his Grandfather's death, the place still looked amazing.

He got out of the limousine and walked around a bit. He was interrupted when he heard high heels on the pavement. He turned around and he saw a beautiful oriental girl coming towards him. He straightened his tie.

The woman smiled and handed him her business card. In English, with a slight accent, Mark bowed slightly as the beautiful woman began to speak.

"My name is Hazumihoshi Masami. I am the Historian and fact finder."

Mark turned around to look at the beautiful scenery before him. "What can I do for you, Ms. Hazumihoshi?"

Masami shook her head and approached him, standing right before him. "Mr. Knight, are you aware your grandfather assigned me as the Historian? He wanted to know all that he could about the home so many of his ancestors grow up in just as you all did." She asked in a soft voice.

Mark turned to her. "No, I wasn't informed. But my Grandfather always had a way of doing things."

Masami took a slight breath. "You Grandfather gave me access to your family history dating back to far."

Mark stood there speechless. "And you’re here because?"

Masami bit her lip nervously. "In your Grandfather's will, he stated you need to find a suitable wife or lose what is most important to you."

Mark sighed. How could his Grandfather do this to him? He went to school all over and hardly spent any time here in his teen years. But while he was here, it was so serene and beautiful, he didn't want to leave. But soon College called.

"Ms. Hazumihoshi, I'm sure you’re aware that my parents, Lady Jasmine and Lord Dylan were killed in a car accident when I was only 8 years old. My Grandfather, being as strict as he was forbade my father from marrying my mother because she lacked the 'right' status and she came from a broken home."

Masami Hazumihoshi crossed her arms and looked at Mark Knight. "I knew they died in a car accident." She replied. "Your Grandfather insisted that you marry before you reach 30."

Mark turned to her. "And if I don't marry, I will risk losing the Castle, my home, forever. Is that correct?" He demanded. He wasn't mad at her. He could tell, already, Masami was a sweet girl.

Masami nodded her head. "That's correct, Mr. Knight."

Mark made a jester that they walk around the Castle grounds. She was before him.

Mark gave a small smile. "My Lady, by all accounts that would mean I am the new Lord then."

Masami turned her head and nodded slightly. "If you can propose marriage and have a wife by the end of 2014; Yes, it does. I left a copy of your Grandfather's will in the study."

Mark watched her. "Ms. Hazumihoshi, I appreciate it. I do know how my Grandfather saw things through. I am much abolished to you."

Masami shook her head. "It's all comes with the job."

Now all Mark had to figure was-who could he marry? The girls he went to school were less than pure. Most of them already encountered a man, he hated to say. They lacked devotion, honor, integrity, loyalty, respect, strength, and virtue. Those were the things he held the most highly in life. Most of those girls didn't even care about their reputation or their integrity in this day and age.

So who could he possibly marry? Why did his Grandfather do this to him?

Mark strode into the Castle, his head held high, Masami was right beside him. "Ms. Hazumihoshi, may I ask why you are helping me? I can understand why you stayed with my grandfather. You are a historian, as you pointed out but what is the point of staying after he left this world?" Mark remarked, offering his jacket to the friendly house keeper who was in her mid sixties, she had deep ocean blue eyes and platinum blonde hair.

Ms. Hazumihoshi smiled at the older woman. "Since you have your grandfather's blood, I am very certain you will continue looking after your Castle especially since your loved it here as a child."

Mark watched as she took a seat. She knew he was questioning her because he didn't trust her. Not by a long shot. Not yet anyway. Mark moved by the fireplace, his arm lend up against it and turned to look at her as she spoke.

"Mr. Knight, I am convinced you will not let your home turn to shambles. As for why I stayed...your grandfather asked me to instruct you on finding a suitable wife. A partner who can help you in business matters and matters of the Castle. In his later years, he came to see me as a grand-daughter of sorts."

Mark narrowed his eyes. "Yes because he turned my sister and I against one another and he pushed her away every single time he could."

Mark took a seat on the royal blue Castle Chair, next to Masami. "It's unbelievable...the type of person he was. However Ms. Hazumihoshi, if you are confident you can help me, I accept your help. While you are here, please finish the history of the Castle."

Masami stared at him, her hands folded in front of her. She smiled. "I will do what is asked of me...for my duty, Mr. Knight."

End of Prologue


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