Chapter 1


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Yoseob sighed as he tossed his bag down on his bed and opened up the window, letting the fresh ocean breeze fill the room. He was glad to be on vacation; even if it were only for a week, the freedom was satisfying to say the least. For about three months straight, they had non-stop rehearsals, shows, interviews, and appearances that it was difficult for the whole group to be in the same place at once. But now that they were on vacation together, they were free to do whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted. The island was semi-private, as in; not a lot of fans would come and harass them on their vacation. Not to say that Yoseob didn’t love his fans “ he did, but sometimes it was good to get away from everything and have fun.

“Ya! Are you done unpacking?” a voice suddenly said, causing Yoseob to jump. He forgot that he was sharing a room with Hyunseung. “Don’t forget to hang up your clothes,” Hyunseung ordered, “I don’t want to have to wake up with your underwear in my face again.”

Hyunseung threw himself onto the bed and placed his hands over his eyes. It wasn’t that rooming with Yoseob was bad “ he did it all the time, it was just that Yoseob and he had a different way of organizing things, especially when they have to share the same bed. He uncovered his eyes when he felt a strange presence hovering over him. “Let’s go down to the beach!” Yoseob yelled, his puppy dog eyes looking back at Hyunseung excitedly.

“I’m tired,” Hyunseung sighed, rolling over on the bed, “Why don’t you go by yourself?”

“I’ll be lonely,” Yoseob replied, trying to make his voice sound as pitiful as possible. “Besides, if I go with anyone else, they’ll just pick on me and throw me into the water like they always do. Please, hyung? Please go with me?”

Hyunseung didn’t reply, the sound of his gentle snoring made Yoseob frown and sulk out of the bedroom. He began mumbling under his breath as he walked down the hallway and headed for the front door. He knew that if Hyunseung was sleeping now, everyone else was probably sleeping as well and that he shouldn’t disturb them so he quietly walked out of the house and onto the shore.

He didn’t know what time it was but he figured it was sometime in the late afternoon because the sun fried his skin with just the slightest exposure. He made his way down the shoreline, his feet splashing in the water that made its way onto the shore and relieved his feet from the burning sand. He hadn’t been walking long when we looked in the distance and saw something lying in the sand, just barely out of the reach of the water.

Unsure of what it was, he slowly made his way over to the thing and tried to get a good look at what it was. It wasn’t long until he realized that it wasn’t a thing at all: it was a person. A girl around his age was lying unconscious in the sand in a plain white dress with cuts and scrapes all over her face. Yoseob ran over to the girl and turned her onto her back. “Hey, wake up. Hey, are you okay?” he asked the girl, gently hitting her cheeks to try to wake her up. After a moment, she started to regain consciousness and the girl brought her hand up to shield her eyes from the sun. It was then that Yoseob noticed her eyes. He was sure that she was Asian. At least, 99% sure that she was. But never in his whole life had he seen an Asian girl with blue eyes as deep as this girl’s eyes were. It was as if the ocean had made a perfect pair of blue eyes especially for her. He was in awe.

“W-What happened? Where am I?” the girl asked groggily.

Yoseob smiled sweetly at the girl and helped her to sit up. “I’m Yoseob. I found you lying here and you were unconscious. Are you okay? What’s your name?”

The girl looked at him curiously and then began to think. “I don’t know,” she said after a while, placing a hand on her forehead, “I can’t remember anything.”

“You don’t remember what your name is?” Yoseob asked. The girl shook her head. Yoseob smiled, not wanted to scare or confuse her any more than she probably was. “How about if we call you Daeyang until you can remember your name? Is that okay?” he asked her, thinking of how blue her eyes are. She replied with an unsure nod and Yoseob smiled at her once again. She looked so pitiful to him. He wanted to help her out but he didn’t even know where to begin. What does one do when they find an unconscious girl lying on a private beach with amnesia? He looked once again at the cuts on her face. “Why don’t you come back to my place with me and I’ll help you clean your cuts off?”

Daeyang nodded again Yoseob helped her to stand up. They began to walk back to his place when one step later, Daeyang’s feet collapsed underneath her. “Sorry,” she said, gripping onto Yoseob’s arm for support and hoisting herself up. She tried taking another two steps with the same result.

Yoseob laughed silently. “Here,” he said grabbing her wrist, “Get on my back. I’ll carry you.” He guided Daeyang onto his back and gently lifted her up. They began walking back in silence. Daeyang was trying to remember everything that she had forgotten and Yoseob was thinking about how he could help her.

What would the other members say when they see him carrying a strange girl into their house? Would they be willing to help him find out who Daeyang really is? Would Daeyang even remember who she is? All of these questions made their way through his mind, but the one question that stuck to him the most was: could Yoseob himself even be able to help her?

Author's Chapter End Notes

Okay! This is my newest fic! Yay! Originally this was going to be a Kevin Woo story but I realized that I didn't know enough about him to write a fic quite yet but if you really want to, you can imagine that it's Kevin and not Yoseob. Anyway, I'm sorry that this chapter is so short. I kind of planned this story out without even thinking of everything. My bad. Anyway, I hope you like it so far!


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