Chapter 3: I'm Sorry
Minam smiled when she woke up the next morning but not because she thought it was going to be a good day but simply because she woke up having lived through an entire day in South Korea without being set on fire by a passing giraffe. She called that a success. Rolling over on her bed she glanced at the clock on the nightstand. It was 10:30. She sat up and sighed, running a hand through her hair. She knew that today was going to be long considering that Jinyong wanted to leave for the show by 12:30 at the latest. Minam had no idea what the big deal was about getting there later. It wasn’t like anyone was going to steal their seats or anything.

On the way to the show, Jinyong played some B2ST CD’s to get into the mood. Minam had to admit, they weren’t bad at all. In fact, she found herself dancing along to a few of their songs. Her dad never let her listen to Kpop artists when she lived in America because he didn’t want her to get caught up in his work so listening to some songs with Jinyong was a real treat for her. She finally understood why her dad’s business always did so well “ the artists were very talented.

She was happy when she arrived at the venue later because it wasn’t a big crowd at all. She did, however, have to wait outside for hours before she could even enter the building. Minam made sure to pack snacks and water before they left so she and Jinyong sat down in the line and chatted about South Korea. When the time finally came for them to enter the arena, Minam’s heart began to beat faster than usual. Jinyong had purchased tickets as close to the stage as possible so that means that they were standing in the center of a large crowd of people and as the time for the show to begin drew nearer and nearer, the crowd became denser, the noise became louder, and Minam’s palms grew sweater.

The lights suddenly turned off and the crowd went wild. A video began playing on the stage and the fans pushed and shoved to get closer to the stage. Minam’s heart began to be fast and she started to feel dizzy. She searched around for Jinyong but when she looked around, she couldn’t tell which one was Jinyong. She reached her hand out in front of her and grabbed the shirt of the girl in front of her. “Jinyong!” Minam called out above the crowd, her breathing more intense. The girl turned around and looked at her and pushed Minam’s hand off of her.

Music started playing and Minam was trampled over by other B2ST fans. “Jinyong!” Minam hollered, unable to keep her mind focused on the concert. She wanted to escape. She felt trapped in an endless sea of people and couldn’t escape without Jinyong’s help. “Jinyong!” she cried again, “Help me!”

She felt a hand on her back and she looked up to see Jinyong looking at her with worry. “Minam, what’s wrong?” Jinyong asked, bending down to help up her shivering cousin.

“Please get me out of here,” Minam begged, looking around at the endless amounts of fans surrounding her. She tightly gripped onto Jinyong’s shoulders as Jinyong peered back at the stage where B2ST was performing.

Jinyong tried to hide the disdain for her cousin in a forged frown. “Okay,” she said, “let’s get you out of here.” She carefully led Minam out of the arena and back to the car. Jinyong sighed. “Man!” she said angrily, “I really wanted to go to this show! Gikwang was supposed to take his shirt off again!”

“I’m sorry,” Minam muttered, “I have claustrophobia. I should have told you before.” Jinyong scoffed and began driving. The ride home was silent. Jinyong was enraged about having to miss the concert. Minam on the other hand was glad to be out of that place. When they pulled up to the house Minam suddenly said, “I’ll pay you back for my ticket.”

Jinyong got out of the car and stormed into the house with Minam following close behind her. “Do you know how much money that cost me?” Jinyong fumed, “There’s no way you can pay be that much back! Besides, you can’t pay back an experience!”

Minam wondered why Jinyong was acting that way. Based on all the times they’d talked “ even before Minam went to South Korea “ she’d always seemed so nice, and now this. It was as if everything she’d known about her cousin had been a lie but Minam couldn’t leave. Jinyong was all she had. “I’m sorry,” she said again.

“It’s okay,” Jinyong responded, trying hard not to choke her cousin, “Just…go to bed. I guess I’ll see you in the morning.”

They both parted ways and Minam went back to her room and checked her phone messages. She had thirty missed calls from her parents. She sighed and threw her phone to the other side of the bed. She didn’t want to talk to her parents. That’s why she left America to begin with “ to get away from them. Eventually, Minam began to calm down and found a comfortable spot under her covers and soon drifted off to sleep.

She woke up that morning pretty early. It was hard for her to sleep that night with so much on her mind. Stretching, she yawned and got out of bed and headed for the kitchen where she saw Jinyong typing away on her laptop. “You’re lucky Gikwang didn’t take off his shirt during the concert last,” she said, not peering up from her computer, “he did however do thirty seven pelvic thrusts.”

Minam’s eyes widened. “You counted how many pelvic thrusts he did?” she asked, completely shocked at her obsessed cousin.

“Not me,” Jinyong replied, “I wasn’t there, remember? So I had my friend count for me.”

Minam walked over to the computer and looked over her cousin’s shoulder and glanced at the screen. They were looking at the pictures Jinyong’s friend took of the concert. Jinyong scrolled through the photos, only stopping occasionally when Minam noticed something. “Wait,” she said, “Go back please.” Jinyong went back a photo and stopped at the picture Minam requested. “I think I know him,” she admitted, studying the picture of the boy.

“How do you know Hyunseung?” Jinyong asked. She scrolled to a picture of the group and pointed to Hyunseung. “You were talking about him, right?”

Minam nodded then she noticed something else. “Who’s that?” she asked, pointing to the boy she recognized as the one she spilled orange juice on her first day in South Korea.

Jinyong smiled and sighed, “That’s Gikwang: my love. Why? Don’t tell me you know him too!”

“Yeah,” Minam said, “I accidentally spilled orange juice on him. Hyunseung and a boy named Dongwoon were with him.”

“You know Dongwoon too?” Jinyong yelled out, slamming her laptop shut and fiercely walking towards her cousin.

Minam backed up. She didn’t know her cousin would be this upset over her knowing B2ST. But in Minam’s defense, she didn’t know who they were when she met them. “I know you’re upset about me meeting your idols without telling you,” Minam guessed, “But how about if I make it up to you? How about if I make you dinner tonight?”

Jinyong stopped in her tracks. “Okay,” she said, “If you make me a good dinner tonight, I’ll forgive you. But if I don’t, then we’ll see what happens then. Okay?”

Nodding, Minam was sort of relieved to find out that her cousin would forgive her for something pointless like this by just making her a good meal. She was confident that her cousin would like her meal. After all, cooking was Minam’s specialty.

Author's Chapter End Notes

Okay, this chapter was a pain to write - mainly because I find it to be incredibly boring and also because I have never been to a concert before so I don't know what they're like. Also, I've never had a panic attack due to claustrophobia so that may not be accurate. Anyway, the next chapter is going to be where everything starts to get good. Trust me!


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