Ladies Night


I own nothing but the plot :)

“Say what?” Toma exclaimed while looking at Yamapi and Ryo with wide eyes.

“You heard me right…tonight ladies get in free at the hottest, might I add, most expensive club in Tokyo!” Yamapi said while hitting the table with his fist in anger.

“That’s not fair! What about us guys?” Toma said, pouting and sitting back on the couch they had in their apartment.

“I know!” Yamapi yelled, sighing and leaning back against the couch as well.

Ryo seemed awfully quiet and the two looked at him with a confused expression in their eyes. “Guys…” he suddenly said while turning to look at them…an evil smirk on his lips.

“What is it?” Yamapi asked, straightening himself and leaning on his knees, looking directly at Ryo.

Ryo looked at Yamapi and then at Toma. He smiled again and said, “Tonight it’s going to be jam packed full of girls…”

“Yeah…too bad we can’t get in for free…” Toma whined while sighing. He had spent his measly salary on manga again and it would be another two weeks before his next pay check came in. So he couldn’t afford to go to this lavish club.

“Oh…yes we can…” Ryo said, grinning wider, flashing his pearly white teeth.

Yamapi’s eyes widened when he realized what Ryo was implying. “Oh hell no! Hell no!” he shouted, crossing his hands in front of his face.

“Oh come on Pi! You are aspiring to be an actor ne? Just act like a girl to get in!” Ryo said, throwing his hands in the air dramatically.

“I will not dress up like a girl to get into some club! I have pride you know!” Yamapi shouted, getting up from the sofa and looking down at Ryo.

“Dress up like a girl?” Toma asked, looking at Ryo with wide eyes, full of surprise.

Ryo stood up and looked down at Toma with a smile, hoping he could convince Toma at least. “Yeah…” he said giving him a reassuring pat on the back.

“COOL! Where do we get the clothes?” Toma asked while grinning and hitting his palm.

“What?!” Yamapi shouted, looking from a grinning Ryo to a questioning Toma. “I AM NOT DRESSING UP AS A GIRL!” He shouted, balling up his fists.

“Oh forget about your damn pride, just do it until we get in, then we can sneak into the bathroom and change…” Ryo said, crossing his hands and shrugging.

“I won’t dress up as a girl!” Yamapi shouted, crossing his hands and pouting angrily.

“Well I guess we will say hi to Chri-chan for you then…” Toma teased while looking at Ryo, who gave him the thumbs up.

“W-wha? Chri is going to be there?” he asked while looking at his two best friends.

“Of course…E-V-E-R-Y girl is going to be there…” Ryo said, putting a hand on his shoulder, grinning widely.

“Let’s go.” Yamapi said in a determined tone while pulling up his sleeves.

“Yosha!!!” Ryo cheered while hi-fiving Toma.

“So…where are we going to get the clothes?” Toma asked while looking at Ryo.

“Leave it to me…” Ryo said, smirk forming on his lips.


“What do you want?” she asked while narrowing her eyes and leaning against the door frame.

“Well I’m fine too Coco, how are you?” Ryo said sarcastically, looking at the girl in front of him with a sly smile.

“Cut the crap Nishikido…what do you want?” she asked, feeling pissed off at his sudden appearance.

“Ok fine. I need some…clothes…” he said, grinning widely and putting out his hands as if clothes were going to fall onto them.

“Huh? What the fuck?” she uttered while arching an eyebrow in shock.

“Yeah you heard me…now come on help your beloved childhood friend and lend me and my friends some dresses.” He said, taking the chance to slip inside her apartment.

Coco closed the door slowly and turned around, looking at him with a serious expression. “Um…yeah…and did you actually think I was going to lend you some of my dresses without asking…WHAT THE FUCK?!” she yelled, throwing her hands dramatically in the air.

“Ok ok…calm down…” Ryo said while putting up his hands in a defensive way. “I can explain.”

“Yeah explain why you are asking to wear a dress! And your friends too? WHAT THE FUCK? Are you all sleeping together in that apartment of yours?!” She yelled while walking up to him, making him step back.

“Calm down! I’m not gay! The others…well I don’t know sometimes Toma makes me wonder but I’m definitely not gay!” he shouted, grinning at her.

“Are you sure?” she asked with a surprisingly calm voice. “I would still accept you, you know…even if you were gay…” she said while stepping forwards and hugging him, catching him off guard.

“Woah…Coco…” he uttered, feeling his heart beat faster beneath his chest.

Coco pulled back and suddenly smacked him behind his head. “OW! What the hell?!” he shouted, rubbing the back of his head.

“Why do you need dresses then?!” she asked while narrowing her eyes and looking at Ryo with an interrogative look.

“Oh man just give me time to explain myself geeze! Me and the others are going to sneak into a club…” he said, still rubbing the back of his head and pouting angrily.

“Eh? So what? Do you need to wear dresses to sneak into a club?” she asked, still not believing his story.

“That because it’s ladies night at Club Cocktail. Ladies get in free and me and the guys have always wanted to go there but it’s too expensive to get in, besides tonight is the best night to meet girls since its going to be full of them!” he said, ending his talk with a toothy grin while making an hour glass figure representing a woman with his hands.

Coco hit him on his shoulders and rolled her eyes, “Pervert.” She said, sighing loudly. Sometimes she even wondered what the hell she was doing still being his friend.

“So…are you going to lend me the dresses?” he asked, looking at her, giving her his puppy eyed look.


“I can’t believe you managed to get the dresses.” Yamapi said while looking at the three dresses which were on Ryo’s bed back in their apartment.

“Yeah of course, did you manage to get the shoes?” Ryo asked, looking at Yamapi.

“Yeah! Although I hope my drama teacher won’t notice them missing…” he said, getting out three pairs of shoes.

Toma picked up a dress from the bed and grinned eagerly, “I’m so taking this one!” he said putting the blue dress on his chest. “I think it brings out my eyes…” he added, blinking his eyes, fluttering his long eyelashes.

“Oh it so does love!” Ryo said while flipping his hand in a girly way and jumping slightly on his feet.

“What tha? Oh Lord what have I gotten myself into?” Yamapi asked, looking at his two best friends who were acting in a way he had prayed and wished he would never see them acting.

“Oh come on Pi! Lighten up! Here you get the pink one…” Ryo said while throwing him the pink dress.

“EH?! Why the pink one?!” Yamapi shouted, removing the dress from his face.

“You are YamaPI ne?” Toma said, giggling softly.

“Yeah…YamaPINK!” Ryo said, laughing as well, grabbing the last remaining black dress.

“You guys all have masculine colors! I want the black dress! It’s slimming!” Yamapi whined, attempting to grab the black dress from Ryo’s hands.

“Hands off bitch, the dress is mine.” Ryo threatened while hugging the black dress closer to him, narrowing his eyes at Yamapi.

“Woah…calm down…” Yamapi uttered, putting up his hands in defeat. “Fine…I will wear the pink one…besides it’s just until we get in right?”

“Yeah…we will take a bag of clothes with us and then change in the bathroom.” Ryo said, removing the creases from the dress, and laying it on the bed once again.

“Ok…cool…” Yamapi said, looking at the pink dress he had in his hand.

“Toma…did you get the wigs?” Ryo asked while looking at Toma, who was busy trying to see where his head was supposed to go amongst all of the dress’s layers.

Toma turned around and looked up at the boys with a smile on his face. “Yeah…I got two blondes and a brunette.” He said, giving up on the attempt to wearing the dress at the moment.

“I take the brunette!” Yamapi shouted while putting up his hand.

“Ok fine…Blondes have more fun anyways.” Ryo said, shrugging.

“I need a drink…” Yamapi said, looking around for some beer.

“Of course…I need a couple of drinks to pull this off…” Ryo said, catching a beer which Yamapi threw.

“Kanpai!” Toma shouted, putting up his beer can a huge smirk already on his lips.

“I can’t believe I’m actually doing this…” Yamapi mumbled, pulling down the skirt over his ass, afraid he might be flashing to the world.

“Oh shut up you are such a girl…” Ryo said, then he looked at Toma and they both started snickering.

“Guys!” Yamapi whined, frowning, his eyes covered with brown curls.

“You know you look really good as a girl Toma…” Ryo said, looking at Toma who looked back at Ryo with a huge grin on his face.

“Don’t you think so? I think so too… you on the other hand look horrible…” he said, flipping his hand and frowning disapprovingly.

“Yeah I know, my manliness just oozes out…” Ryo said, walking faster towards the front. Luckily he had kitten heels on so he could walk fast, if he were wearing high heels he wouldn’t have been able to get out of the door.

“Wait up!” Yamapi yelled, putting the bag he was holding on his shoulder and trying desperately hard not to fall flat on his face. Unfortunately he was wearing high heels and he was finding it extremely hard to walk in those ‘devil’s’-as he put it- shoes.

Ryo walked right up towards the queue, which consisted mainly of girls and waited behind them. He smiled widely and was about to talk to one of the girls in front of him. She was slightly short but was really pretty. She had straight brown hair, slightly tanned skin and gorgeous brown eyes. She turned to look at him with a suspicious look and he smiled widely at her. “Hi” he said, resting his weight on one of his legs.

“Uhh…hi…” she said back, stepping slightly away.

“What’s your name?” he asked, completely forgetting to speak in a higher, more feminine, tone, flashing his grin once again.

She had to admit this girl was weird but she had the most amazing grin she had ever seen. She didn’t think it was wise to talk to her but what the heck… “My name is Rui…” she said, smiling slightly, still freaked out by this girl…

“Hi Rui, pleased to meet you, my name is R- Rhianna…” Ryo said, almost choking on his own spit. He was a girl! Fuck…he had already forgotten he was a girl and they hadn’t even entered the club yet. He had to be careful or else he was going to get caught. Yamapi and Toma arrived behind him, each panting heavily. Toma had accidentally twisted his ankle and pulled Yamapi down with him, both ending up splattered on the concrete pavement, Yamapi’s butt in the air, earning himself a couple of wolf whistles. Toma was lying star shaped on the pavement, with Yamapi on top of him, they looked like they were about to make out…earning even more whistles from a group of guys that were around them. Yamapi had quickly gotten up and flipped them off, which resulted in both of them running for their lives when the guys ran towards them.

“Fuck!” Toma yelled, looking back at the guys who were running towards them.

“What happened?” Ryo asked, looking back at his best friends.

“Yamapi made a bunch of guys angry…”Toma said, panting heavily.

“Shit they are coming closer! Besides…they were disrespecting us…I got pissed off…” Yamapi said, pouting angrily, the lip gloss on his lips shining underneath the street lamp. They had gone as far as applying makeup…of course Ryo wasn’t the best person who could apply makeup and so they had resorted to applying lip gloss only…it wouldn’t be hard to remove once inside.

“Ok…oh look we are next!” he said, turning around and pulling the others behind him.

The bouncer looked at them with a questioning look. They all smiled at him and pushed Yamapi forward, having anonymously decided he was the hottest looking girl. He smiled, twirling his finger in his hair, dying just a little bit more inside.

The bouncer looked him up and down and smiled. He winked at him and made way for them to pass through. The moment they entered the club Ryo patted both of his friends on the back and grinned hugely. He was trying to see if he could spot Rui anywhere. Toma was smiling widely as well and looking around to see where he could spot the men’s room in order to change. Yamapi was still trying to get over the fact that he had just unintentionally non-verbally flirted with a guy. He was starting to feel slightly sick. “Ok guys lets go change immediately so we can start mingling” Ryo said, jumping slightly when he finally spotted her by the bar.

“Ok “ wait Ryo! Where are you going?” Toma asked, looking at Ryo’s back as he waltzed up towards the bar. He was still wearing his black dress and it was swirling with his hips. Both boys looked at Ryo then at each other, with wide eyes and open mouths. “Isn’t he taking this girl thing too seriously?” Toma asked, gulping loudly.

“I think so too…” Yamapi said, turning his gaze back at Ryo.


Ryo walked up to bar and tapped Rui’s shoulder. She turned around abruptly and widened her eyes once again when she saw the creepy girl from earlier. “Hi…” he said, grinning again.

“Hi…” she mumbled, slipping off of the stool she was sitting on. Seriously this girl was freaking weird…her nose was too big and her blond hair didn’t look so good on her. She looked around her, hoping that she would see a familiar face somewhere soon.

“So are you having fun here?” he asked casually sitting down on the stool next to her, making her cringe.

“Yeah…” until you got here…she added in her mind sighing loudly. Suddenly she felt a hand wrap around her shoulder. She looked up and then looked immediately back down her cheeks burning brightly.

“Hey Rui, what are you up to?” he asked her, his dark voice penetrating her ears clearly even though it was so noisy in the club.

Ryo arched an eyebrow in surprise when he saw that there was actually another guy inside this place.
“Nothing much Shige… just chatting” Rui said frowning slightly, mad at herself for feeling the way she was feeling.

“Oh who is the ugly chick?” Shige whispered, looking at Ryo and smiling innocently.

“I don’t know but she is freaking me out!” Rui whispered, looking at Shige with fear in her eyes.

“Oh…” he said, looking back at Ryo and noticing his biceps. “I think this girl isn’t normal…” he whispered back into Rui’s ears.

“How am I going to get rid of her?” she whispered back, looking back at Ryo, who smiled at her thinking she was giving him compliments.

“Leave it to me…” Shige said, looking at Rui and winking, making her heart stop for a second. Then he turned to look at Ryo and said, “Hey you, do you mind if I take Rui to dance? I wanted to ask her something important…” he winked at Ryo, making him stop grinning immediately.

“Oh…ok…nice meeting you Rui...” he said, looking back at Rui, who smiled in return as she was dragged towards the dance floor.

Shige continued to pull Rui behind him and finally the two of them were dancing on the dance floor. She put her hands around his neck and he put his on her hips and both of them were dancing to the beat of the song which was playing. “Thanks a lot Shige, she was really freaking me out…” Rui said, in Shige’s ear, hoping he would be able to hear her over the music.

Shige smiled and nodded, telling her that it was ok. Then after a few seconds his face turned serious and he leaned forwards, his hot breath landing on her ear as he spoke, making her shiver. “Listen Rui…I didn’t lie when I said I had something important to tell you…” he said, making her heart beat faster as she turned to look at him with a questioning look on her face.

“What is it?” she asked, her voice barely audible over the music.

“I like you and I want you to be my girlfriend.” He said, looking directly into her eyes, making her cheeks warm up and an inner glow burst inside her.

He didn’t give her time to answer and instead leaned forwards and lightly kissed her lips, making her automatically lean forwards and pull him closer towards her, kissing him harder. After they stopped kissing they leaned their foreheads against each other, both of them smiling.

“I guess you like me too…” Shige said, trying not to smile too brightly…and failing miserably.

“Of course I do…” Rui said, giving him another peck. “I always have.”

Yamapi and Toma walked further inside and tried to find where the bathrooms were. This place was huge and there were loads of people. Toma looked around trying to see if he could spot the bathroom when suddenly he turned around and Yamapi wasn’t there with him.

“Fuck!” he yelled, looking frantically around him, trying to see his friend anywhere. He was the one who was holding their clothes so without him he had to stay in that dress and heels. He scratched his blonde wig and squinted his eyes, trying to spot him anywhere. He was about to walk further when he suddenly bumped into someone. “Ah sorry about that!” he said, immediately lowering his head and shock when he recognized whom he had bumped into.

“It’s ok…” he said, smiling, his smile not quite reaching his eyes.

Go away Massu…go away Toma begged in his heart, desperately trying to hide his face in between his golden locks. Instead Massu sighed and stayed right where he was. “I can’t believe nothing is going right nowadays…” he mumbled, catching Toma’s attention.

Toma slipped next to him, his head still downwards, using his hair as a curtain. He turned his face in the opposite direction and mumbled, “What’s wrong sir?” his girly voice seriously needed some practice. He sounded like a guy with no balls…wait…that’s good then right? WAIT! HE SOUNDED LIKE A GUY WITH NO BALLS! THIS CAN’T BE GOOD! He thought, widening his eyes and lowering his jaw in pure shock.

“Well you see…I am having trouble with my girlfriend right now…I love her so much but I ended up forgetting her birthday so now she is mad at me. I can’t help it I was really busy and I thought it was the day after…I automatically assumed it was the day after because that’s my mum’s birthday and she is the most important thing to me. So I associated Tsuki with the most important thing to me…Oh God I’m so lame…” he confessed, hitting his forehead and sighing loudly. Toma couldn’t believe that over the music he could still hear that sigh…he must have sighed really loudly. Wait back on track what was his problem again? Something about girlfriend right?

“Uh well…” he began, quickly clearing his throat and cringing every time he heard his girly voice. “I think you should just tell her the truth…honesty is the best policy. That is what us girls believe…because I’m a girl…yeah?” he said, clutching his waist with one of his hands and with the other twirling his hair.

Massu looked at Toma and then sighed, looking back down at the floor. “I called her to come meet me here today…I hope she comes I really do…I miss her so much.” He said, pouting his lips and looking at his phone for the tenth time.

“I hope she comes too…” Toma said, looking around him, hoping that he would be able to slip away silently without being noticed.

“Thanks…hey what’s your name?” Massu suddenly asked, making Toma freeze dead on the spot.

“T-Trish…” he mumbled, feeling numb all over.

“Oh a foreigner huh…” Massu said, nodding his head then he spoke again. “Your Japanese is really good…”

“Thank you.” He said, bowing his head slightly, his back still towards Massu.

“Oh- Tsuki…” Massu said, looking behind Toma, Toma raised his eyes and looked at the girl who was looking at both of them with a pissed off look in her eyes.

“So this is what you wanted me to come here for huh? You are showing me you can hook up with some bimbo from America? Huh Massu is that right?” Tsuki said, feeling her blood boil in her veins. Seriously she had been hoping that he was going to apologize for what he did- or didn’t do…but no, instead he brings her to a club and he is flirting his ass off with some blond bitch.

“No Tsuki you have it all wrong please listen to me!” Massu yelled, immediately running after Tsuki, who had started already walking towards the exit. He caught up with her right outside the club and finally managed to make her stop running. “Please listen to me Tsuki…” he said, breathing heavily, hoping she would listen to him.

“Just stop this Massu…if you don’t want to be with me just tell me and stop playing around.” She said, feeling her heart ache beneath her chest.

“What are you saying Tsuki?” Massu said, grabbing her shoulders and making her turn around to face him. “I will never leave you…just listen to me ok?” he said, in a gentle voice which unconsciously made Tsuki’s tears drop down her cheeks.

She sniffed and nodded, a signal for him to continue. Massu smiled slightly and said, “I’m sorry for forgetting your birthday…you know how much I love my mum right?” he said, surprising her with the change of topic. She nodded, waiting for him to continue and hoping she would understand his point. “She is the most important person in the world to me…well was…until you came into my life. Her birthday is on the 12th and yours is on the 11th…I messed the dates up because I unconsciously thought of you as my most important person.” He said, smiling slightly at her and wiping away her tears.

“Massu…that’s…” Tsuki began, feeling an overwhelming sense of happiness flow through her.

“I love you Tsuki and I want to be with you…please forgive me I promise I won’t forget your birthday ever again.” He said, his eyes pleading, making her melt inside.

“I love you too Massu…” she said, smiling at how adorable he looked and kissing him sweetly on the lips. After they had stopped kissing she looked at him and said, “You better not forget it next year…”

Massu grinned and nodded as they headed back inside the club hand in hand both feeling happier than they had entered.

Yamapi was walking behind Toma when he suddenly noticed one of Christine’s friends. His heart immediately started beating faster beneath his chest and he was looking around him, trying to see if he could spot her. He frowned when he couldn’t spot her anywhere and was about to turn to talk to Toma when he noticed that Toma had continued walking without him. “Toma?! Toma!” Yamapi yelled, looking around him, trying to see if he could spot him anywhere.

“I can be this Toma you are looking for pretty lady…” a deep voice said from behind him, making the hairs on Yamapi’s neck stand up.

Yamapi turned around slowly, his heart pumping wildly underneath his chest, fear evident in his brown eyes. Oh Shit…it’s the bouncer from before…he had to keep up his disguise for now or else he knew he was going to get thrown out…and he wasn’t going to go home after doing all this.

“Um its ok mister…I think he is over there…” Yamapi said, in his best female like voice. He was a man yeah but this guy was three times bigger than him and he wasn’t going to be stupid enough to fight him. Hopefully he would let him sneak off unharmed…

Not a chance…this guy was horny and he wanted some…

The bouncer grabbed Yamapi’s arm and pulled him towards him. “You have very thick arms for a girl…” he said, looking straight into Yamapi’s eyes, the fear in them going unnoticed. “I like that.” He added, smiling, showing off his yellow teeth.

“Please let me go~” Yamapi whined, trying to pull his arm away from him.

“You are strong too…better! You can handle me better than I thought…” he said yanking him closer and puckering his lips ready to plant one on the terrified young man.

“OH SWEET MOTHER OF JESUS HELP ME!” he screamed at the top of his lungs.

Before the bouncer could move any closer Yamapi suddenly saw a hand slip in between his lips and the bouncer’s. The bouncer stopped and stepped back, Yamapi trailed his eyes up the hand and saw who the person who had saved him was.

“Bruce leave this poor girl alone, you know you need to control yourself…” the guy said, flashing Yamapi a smile and Bruce a glare.

Yamapi blinked rapidly trying to keep his mouth closed. His eyes were shining and it was as if there was a halo behind this guy’s head, soft music was playing and-WHAT THE FUCK! Was he crushing over a GUY?! He couldn’t be crushing over a guy for God’s sakes because he WAS a guy! Get a hold of yourself Pi, you need to seriously wear some pants or this is going to go too far.

“Oh come on Junno let me have some fun…” Bruce said, looking at Yamapi and winking at him, causing Yamapi to nearly vomit.

“That’s enough Bruce…go back to your station or else I’m going to have to tell your boss…” Junno said, narrowing his eyes and pulling Yamapi away from Bruce grip.

Bruce let go of Yamapi’s arm and trudged back to his station, he had a frown on his face and walked with his shoulders hung down. Apparently he wasn’t going to get any tonight…don’t fret Bruce you weren’t going to like what you would have found had you gotten the brunette out of her pink dress.

Yamapi looked at Junno and grinned toothily. “Thanks a lot.” He said, rubbing the spot where Bruce had gripped his hand.

Junno narrowed his eyes, looking directly into Yamapi’s. He lowered his face closer to his, making Yamapi gulp loudly and lean back. “Your face seems familiar…” he said, still looking directly into Yamapi’s shocked eyes.

“Uhh umm well I…” he muttered, unable to speak properly.

“Junno!” a female voice was heard barely over the music. Junno stood back up and looked behind him, a smile automatically on his lips.

“Tye.” He said grinning toothily.

Tye smiled at him. She was wearing a gorgeous red dress with sparkles at the end. She was practically glowing, her wavy hair falling on her shoulders and her brown eyes sparkling. Junno continued to smile goofily and completely ignored Yamapi’s presence “to his relief.

“I’m sorry I kept you waiting…” she said, slipping right next to him, her heart beating fast beneath her chest.

“It’s ok…I’m glad you are here Tye…” Junno said smiling, covering his teeth with his lips in order to avoid looking like a permanently stoned idiot. She always had that effect on him and he couldn’t believe she had agreed to go out with him after he had confessed four years ago. They had been best of friends and he couldn’t hold it in any longer. Who knew she had fancied him back?

Tye smiled and kissed him on the lips. She couldn’t believe she had been with Junno as his girlfriend for four years. They had been friends forever and when he had confessed that he liked her four years ago she hadn’t hesitated but had confessed right back to him. She had to admit they have had their troubles over the years but she couldn’t pick any other man she would rather spend her time with.

Junno suddenly looked around and looked as if he were searching for someone. “What’s wrong?” she asked, putting her hand on his arm.

“There was a strange girl here just a second ago…” he said, looking back at her.

“Oh…well do you know her?” she asked, tilting her head slightly.

“Hmm the thing is…she reminds me of this guy I knew a couple of years ago…” he said, furrowing his eyebrows.

“Oh Junno! Don’t you insult the girl like that” she scolded, hitting him softly on the arm.

“What?” he said, laughing softly. She laughed as well and after a while he interrupted their silence and said. “Ne Tye I need to ask you something. Come out with me for a sec…” he said, intertwining his fingers with hers and walking out towards the exit of the club.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, as soon as the blaring music wasn’t so loud anymore.

“Tye…I want to know if…you wanted to move in with me?” he asked, feeling his cheeks blushing bright red.

“Oh…” she uttered, her heart pounding loudly in her chest.

“I mean you know I love you so much and I was thinking that we should take the next step in our relationship. I really want us to be together always and I thought this could be a step closer to what I ultimately want for us-that is if you want to as well of course.” Junno said, talking very fast.

“W-wha? Junno…what are you saying?” she asked, looking at him wide eyed.

“Well umm…what I’m trying to say is…will you move in with me…and then maybe in the future consider being my wife?” he asked, looking at his 24 year old girlfriend with hope in his eyes.

Tye broke out into a huge grin and immediately wrapped her arms around him, trying to hide the tears of joy in her eyes. “So is this a yes?” he asked, smiling as well, hugging her tighter.

“Of course…” she said, burying her face in his shoulder.

“Wait…for both questions?” he asked, earning a soft giggle from his girlfriend-now fiancé- who kissed him passionately to shut him up in case he ruined the moment.


Ryo tilted his head slightly and frowned, looking at Rui being led onto the dance floor by that strange guy. He knew he was better looking…what he hadn’t realized was that he was still dressed up as a girl. He sighed and rested his hands on the bar. What the heck he might as well get himself a drink now. He ordered a Jack on the rocks and just as he was about to gulp it down he heard a scream behind him. He turned around, the glass still touching his lips and nearly crapped in his pants.

“What the fuck Ryo?!” she yelled, stepping closer towards him, grabbing his face in her hands and looking him up and down.

“Let go Coco!” he yelled, pushing her hands away. He frowned deeply, feeling his heart beating faster and his cheeks burn out of sheer embarrassment- WAIT! OH SHIT! HE WAS STILL WEARING A DRESS! He widened his eyes even more when he realized that he was still dressed up as a girl.

“What the heck happened to you Ryo?” Coco asked, in a worried tone, looking at him with a surprised look.

“Nothing happened to me…I need to find the others…I need my clothes…” Ryo said, getting up from the stool. It had been a bad idea to put all their clothes into one bag and have Yamapi carry it…a very very bad idea. Especially when the said Yamapi was nowhere to be found!

“Ok Ryo calm down, so you weren’t kidding about the sneaking into a club huh?” she said, looking Ryo up and down, slightly jealous of his slim legs.

“Of course I wasn’t kidding…fuck I need my clothes…help me find my clothes Coco…” Ryo mumbled, reaching for his drink and downing it in one go.

“Ok wait a second where are your clothes? You aren’t making any sense dude…” Coco said, frowning and crossing her hands over her chest. She hoped to God the others were taking good care of her dresses.

“Pi has them…we were going to change in the bathroom but now I lost them!” Ryo whined, feeling sweat pour down his forehead.

“Ok just relax I’m sure we will find him easily.” Coco said, patting Ryo on his stiff shoulders.

“Relax? RELAX? Do you need prescription glasses? I am wearing a fucking dress in a fucking club! I have to wear some pants soon or else I’m going to freak out.” Ryo hissed, pulling Coco closer, almost bumping his nose against hers.

“Woah relax Nishikido! We will find him” she said, trying to look around.

“I need to find him…” Ryo mumbled, feeling himself getting slightly nauseous. There were too many people in there and he couldn’t spot him anywhere…seriously how hard could it be to spot a man wearing a dress? Apparently it was very hard if said man was Yamapi, who looked pretty damn good even in a dress.

“Ok fine lets go search for them.” Coco said, taking Ryo’s hand in hers and pulling him behind her.

“Hey Coco! Where are you going?” a girl with bright blue eyes asked while looking at Coco holding a girl’s hand in hers. Wait a girl? The girl looked awfully strange…

“I need to take a friend of mine to the bathroom…I’ll be back later ok Talia?” Coco said, looking at Talia and smiling widely, hoping that her friend wouldn’t notice that the girl she was holding hands with was actually her very stupid MALE best friend.

“Ok…” Talia said, turning to look at the direction of the bar. She automatically smiled when she saw the bartender she liked serving drinks. She adjusted her black and white dress and walked up towards the bar. “The usual…” she said, before plopping on one of the stools.

“Oh…hi Talia…” the guy uttered, stopping to look at the girl in front of him and grinning widely.

“Hey Keii, how’s work tonight?” she asked, smiling back and noticing how hot he looked in his black uniform.

“As usual but tonight we have more ladies than normal…” he said, wiping the counter after putting the martini in front of Talia.

Talia smiled, taking a small sip from her favorite drink. “Of course…it being Ladies Night here…” she said, licking her lips, tasting the alcohol. “You must have had some interesting ladies here tonight haven’t you?” she asked, putting her hands on the counter.

“I…haha no no I have seen interesting ladies but none of them have really interested me…” Koyama said, smiling and wiping the same spot repeatedly. His heart was beating faster and he could feel his tongue getting heavier. He liked this girl too much, ever since she had started coming to this place and talking to him he couldn’t get her out of his head. He knew she was rich, and he also knew that he wasn’t, thus making the odds against him in so many ways. He considered himself lucky that she was even talking to him so to Koyama that was enough.

Talia continued to look at Koyama, a small smile on her lips, circling the glass with her finger. She was really intrigued with this guy. He seemed something different, a fresh breeze she needed in her life and she was going to find out more about him. “So tell me, Keii-chan, what do you like in a woman?” she asked the question she had been so curious about.

“Well…” he began, leaning forwards and looking into her deep blue eyes, making her lean slightly back out of the shock. “I like them with dark eyes, the darker the better, long long black hair, dark skin and small eyes…” he began to say and with every description he said Talia frowned deeper. Her eyes were light blue, her hair was short and brown and her skin was fair. Basically he liked the opposite of what she was.

She pouted angrily and said, “Fine…I think I better go now…” she was about to get up when Koyama suddenly grabbed her hand and pulled her back in her seat.

He was so close to her that their noses almost touched; she could feel his breath landing on her face and her heart beating fast beneath her chest. He was looking directly into her eyes, his intense stare sending shivers of pleasure down her spine. “What are looks anyways?” he said, before pulling her further towards him and kissing her hotly on her lips, enjoying the moment he had been fantasizing about for so long. After they stopped kissing, they still stood there close a smile on each other’s faces. “Go out with me…” Talia blurted out, unable to stop herself.

“Of course I will…” Koyama said, grinning boyishly…the same boyish grin which made her lose her mind, kissing her again.

Toma was walking aimlessly throughout the club, cursing the fact that dresses hadn’t any pockets for him to hold his cell phone. He managed to walk out of the club and into an area which was part of it but was quieter. It was some kind of garden attached to the club where, as Toma sadly noted, couples went out to make out. After walking a bit through the bushes he figured it would be better if he headed inside and tried to find the others, preferably Yamapi who had all their clothes. It was getting kind of chilly and the dress he was wearing wasn’t exactly warming him up.

He walked back towards the club when something or rather someone caught his eye. There was a girl sitting alone on a bench. Toma could have sworn she was crying and “ being the sensitive guy he was- decided to go over and talk to her.

“Hey there…” he said, remembering to talk in a softer, higher pitched tone of voice.

The girl looked up at Toma and wiped away her tears with the back of her hand. Her black hair shone in the moonlight and the navy blue dress she was wearing made her skin look silky white. “Are you ok?” Toma asked again, when the girl didn’t say anything.

“I…I’m not ok honestly…” the girl muttered, making room for Toma to sit next to her.

“Oh…what happened then?” Toma asked, putting his hands on his knees, turning to look at her.

“I was supposed to meet this guy…Hiro, but he stood me up for this other girl…” she said, sniffing slightly and rubbing her nose with a tissue.

“Oh…I’m sorry about that” Toma said, completely forgetting to speak like a girl.

The girl looked at him with a questionable look and said, “What’s your name anyways?”

“Ah! Umm Trish…My name is Trish…” Toma said, grinning toothily.

“Hi Trish, my name is Lillith, you can call me Lillith though.” Lillith said, smiling and looking at Toma.

“You know what I think Lillith?” Toma said, suddenly feeling his heart pump faster beneath his chest. He knew this girl. She took algebra with him and he was always fascinated with her and yes he had to admit he did kind of have a crush on her. She looked so different dressed up like that.

“Hmm?” She said, tilting her head slightly.

“I think Hiro is an idiot for standing you up.” He said with a serious expression on his face, nodding at the very end as if to make his point clearer.

“Oh…why is that? The girl he is with is ten times prettier than me, smarter and she is way more popular.” Lillith said, smiling sadly.

“Do you think that matters? To me it doesn’t matter, being popular or excessively beautiful or super smart. It has nothing to do with love. If you love someone you won’t take notice of those things because…because they will be automatically there for you.” He said, feeling his cheeks turning redder.

Lillith stared at him with wide eyes. She couldn’t believe the words which came out of this person’s mouth. She uncontrollably felt her heart beating faster and she immediately turned her face away. She smiled while still looking at the floor beneath her feet. “Oh Trish that is the most beautiful thing anyone has ever said to me…” she said, looking back up at him and suddenly taking his hands in hers.

Toma blinked, his eyes as round as marbles. Since when had he fallen so hard for Lillith Oh?! He thought to himself when he stared into her dark eyes, which thankfully weren’t glistening with tears anymore. He was about to say something when she suddenly let go of his hand and turned to look the opposite. “Oh Trish…if only you weren’t a girl…” Lillith said, biting her lower lip and closing her eyes.

“B-b-but!” Toma began to say, suddenly feeling his tongue getting heavier. How the hell was he supposed to tell her he was a guy? A guy who was in her class? A GUY who was wearing a dress! Dammit, why the hell had he agreed to do this again?

“Is there something you want to say to me Trish?” Lillith asked, turning to look at him once more. She knew it was Toma, she could tell from the moment he had spoken to her. She hadn’t been entirely sure it was him until he had spoken to her in his normal voice. She didn’t understand why he was wearing a dress, but she hoped that it was just a onetime thing.

“I…um…no…nothing at all…” Toma muttered, feeling suddenly discouraged at having to confess that he was indeed a guy and not a girl. Why was fate so cruel?

“I guess we better get inside, let me buy you a drink…” Lillith said, getting up from the bench and looking down at him.

“Ok. Thanks.” Toma replied getting up as well, cursing the heels he was wearing. How in the world did girls manage to walk in those things? He wobbled behind her and they managed to get inside.

Lillith was walking in front when she suddenly stopped, causing Toma to bump softly behind her. “What’s wrong?” he asked, looking at Lillith, then at the thing she was staring at.

He immediately narrowed his eyes when he saw her staring at Hiro, who was dancing with another girl. Toma narrowed his eyes and suddenly grabbed Lillith’s hand in his. He didn’t give her time to react, but instead started pulling her back towards the exit of the club. “Trish! Wait! Where are you taking me?” Lillith shouted, Toma could pick up the hurt she had in her voice.

“Somewhere where there aren’t any jerks around.” He said, not looking back at her. He was suddenly filled with anger upon seeing Hiro grinding like that with some other chick. He was glad that chick wasn’t Lillith but he was angry at the fact that he had hurt her again.

“Stop Toma.” Lillith said, making Toma stop in his tracks.

How in the world had she known it was him? He thought as he turned around slowly and looked at her. His cheeks were bright red and he felt humiliated to be seen like this. “H-how did you know it was me?” he asked, feeling like shit really, partly because she had found him out and partly because he had found out she liked some other guy.

“I kind of guessed the moment you talked to me.” She said, smiling slightly at how cute he looked under the blonde curls.

“Oh…sorry about lying to you…” he said, looking down at the ground.

“It’s ok…” she said, smiling and looking at him. “So…when are you going to ask me out?” she said, her smile growing wider when he looked up at her with a shocked expression on his face.

“I…uh…I…” he began, then he lifted his eyes and met her and his stammering stopped. He smiled and stepped forwards, wrapping his arms around her and kissing her on her lips.

Lillith snaked her arms around his neck and tilted her head kissing him more passionately. After a few more heated kisses Lillith looked at Toma and said, “We should get you out of that dress….”

“You too…” he said, a cheeky grin on his lips.


Jessica frowned and circled the top of her glass. What was taking Nagase so long? She looked around her and sighed again.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” her friend asked, twirling on her stool, looking around her with a bored expression on her face.

“Of course I wanna do this Chri. It’s supposed to lighten a relationship.” Jessica muttered, drinking the remaining liquid and ordering another one.

Christine frowned and was looking at the people around her. She finally spotted him and grinned. Without telling Jessica she slipped off her stool and walked away, leaving room for Nagase to sit.

Jessica smiled when she noticed that he had sat down beside her. She turned to look the other way, pretending that she hadn’t noticed him. “Hi there sexy lady, mind if we dance?” she heard him say. What? He was using that line to pick her up?

“Oh very original Ka- who are you?” Jessica asked, widening her grey eyes when she saw that it wasn’t Nagase next to her but some other strange man.

“Feisty one I see…my name is Misha…” Nagase said, flashing her a grin, holding his hand out for her to shake.

“Umm…yeah sure…nice to meet you…” Jessica muttered, shaking his hand tentatively. Sure he was hot but she was with Nagase…speaking of Nagase why wasn’t he here yet?

“So…let’s dance…” Misha said, leaning forwards and whispering in her ear.

Jessica could smell the strong smell of whiskey coming from his breath and she crinkled her nose. “No thanks…my boyfriend should be here soon…” she said, nudging her hand away from his grip.

“Oh come on, you haven’t even told me your name yet…” Misha insisted, pulling her hand closer to him.

“I don’t want to tell you my name you fucking jerk!” Jessica shouted, yanking her hand out from Misha’s strong grip and getting up from her stool.

“Hey!” Nagase yelled, getting up from his stool as well.

“She said she doesn’t want to talk to you.” Someone said, getting in between Jessica and Misha.

Jessica looked behind her and sighed in relief when she saw Nagase standing in front of her. Nagase narrowed his eyes at Misha and continued. “I would prefer it if you left my girlfriend alone…” he added, his eyes never leaving MIsha’s and his fists balled up.

“Girlfriend?” Misha slurred, looking at Jessica with disappointment in his blue eyes.

“Yes, so I would prefer it if you left her alone.” Nagase said, his voice low, making Jessica’s heart beat faster.

“Fine…she wasn’t all that pretty anyways…” Misha mumbled, waving his hand and turning around to leave.

Jessica gasped when she saw Nagase punching Misha in the face. “What did you do that for?” she yelled in surprise, pulling him back from a swearing Misha.

Nagase didn’t say anything but instead turned around and pulled Jessica after him. When they went outside Jessica looked at him and said, “Why did you punch him? He could have punched you back, he was drunk you know!”

“He said you weren’t pretty, what was I supposed to do?” Nagase said, frowning and crossing his hands across his chest.

Jessica looked at her boyfriend with a surprised look on her face. She couldn’t believe he had punched a guy just because he said she wasn’t pretty. She couldn’t believe how hot he looked right about now, his dark hair slightly falling on his forehead and the pissed off look on his face. She smiled unconsciously at how happy she felt at that moment. He had done something so romantic for her that she really couldn’t believe it had come from her boyfriend. She instinctively stepped forwards and wrapped her arms around his neck, giving him a heated kiss.

“Woah…” Nagase uttered, looking down at Jessica, who was smiling back up at him, a cheeky glint in her eyes. “So I passed the test?” he asked. After all it was her idea. They had been together for two years now and according to Jessica they needed something to spice up their relationship, so she had told him to try and pick her up again at the bar.

“Not yet…the real test starts now…” she said, licking her lips and kissing her once again.

They called a cab and didn’t stop kissing until the early hours of the morning.


After Yamapi had walked away from Junno and his girlfriend he tried once again to find the ladies room. Wait…was he actually going into the ladies room? He was a guy for Pete’s sake! What if they found out about him? He managed to find the restroom. There were two doors in front of him. One was the Ladies room and the other was the Men’s room.

He looked back and forth between them, biting his bottom lip trying to decide which one to take. He suddenly got shoved by a girl who yelled, “Move over bitch.”

He turned to look at the girl who had just shoved him with a shocked expression on his face. He suddenly felt violated and alone. It sucked being a girl. The high heels he was wearing were killing him, his boxers were riding up his ass and he was constantly afraid that he was flashing the whole world. His butt was grabbed over ten times in the span of one hour, so much so that his butt cheeks were stinging him. He wanted to get out of that damn dress as soon as possible. So he walked up to one of the doors and pushed it open, putting the bag on his shoulders. He didn’t know how they had managed to stuff their clothes inside the ordinary looking handbag.

When he got inside the bathroom he gasped, holding the purse next to his chest. There…right in front of him was his crush. He had spent the entire night looking for her and now he finds her…in the ladies bathroom!

She looked stunning in a white dress with a black sash around her waist. She was putting on lip gloss while looking at the mirror. To his disappointment she had a sad look on her face. He wondered what had happened to make her look so sad.

He inched closer, unable to keep himself from at least standing next to her.

Christine was looking into the mirror with a slight frown on her face. She intended to have a good time tonight but she just wasn’t feeling in the mood. She smeared the strawberry tasting lip gloss on her lips and smacked them, trying to even it out.

Yamapi couldn’t help but stare at her through the mirror. He had never actually been this close to her before. Damnit why was he such a dork? They were kind of friends but whenever he wanted to talk to her about something serious, concerning his feelings he always said something totally off.

Christine noticed the tall brunette looking at her rather strangely through the mirror. She turned to look at her and smiled. “Do you want some?” she asked, holding the tube of lip gloss in her hand.

Yamapi looked at the red tube and then back up at her. He gulped the only words in his mind were: INDIRECT KISSU!!!!!

“Well?” Christine asked, looking at the girl standing next to her. She couldn’t ignore the sense of déjà vu she was feeling upon seeing this girl. She felt as though she knew her somewhere but she couldn’t figure out where. “Do I know you?” she suddenly asked, unable to keep her thoughts to herself.

“Eh?!” Yamapi blurted out, widening his eyes and taking a step back.

“Oh…haha…sorry about that…” Christine said, covering her mouth with her hand and giggling softly. “It’s just you reminded me of this guy I know…” she mumbled, her smile turning into a sad frown.

“W-why are you looking so sad? And who is this guy I remind you of?” Yamapi asked, feeling his heart hurt a little. He tried to speak in a soft voice, remembering that he was still a girl, trying his best to cover his face with his fake brown hair.

“I…” suddenly a girl walked out of one of the stalls and washed her hands. Both Yamapi and Christine were looking at her, making her feel extremely uncomfortable and so she hurried up and washed her hands, walking briskly out of the door. Christine turned her head back towards Yamapi and said, “His name is Tomohisa…I don’t know if you know him, I’ve never seen you around here.”

“Yamapi?” he said, trying really hard not to expose himself.

“Yeah! That’s him!” she said, grinning now, her cheeks turning slightly red.

“Why were you sad before? Do you hate him?” he asked, trying to keep his voice from shaking. Yeah so he had indirectly asked her if she liked him. It was too good of an opportunity and he couldn’t resist. Oh god but what if she didn’t like him? What was he supposed to do? Oh come on Tomohisa it wouldn’t be the end of the world! Mom always said I was a hopeless romantic…I guess she was right “ WAIT who the hell thinks about their mother when their crush is in front of them?!

“No…of course I don’t hate him.” Christine replied, turning back to look at the mirror, grabbing one of her long curls in her hand and playing with it.

“So…you like him?” he asked tentatively, hoping she would answer him clearly.

“Yes. I was sad and still am because I didn’t see him tonight and I was hoping I would.” She said, a sad smile on her lips.

Yamapi froze, he couldn’t move. Instead he kept looking at her with a HUGE idiotic grin on his face. His heart was pumping so loudly that it felt as though it was louder than the music from the club.

Christine suddenly put her hand over her mouth and giggled softly. “I’m sorry…I can’t believe I just told a perfect stranger that I like a boy…” she said, still smiling.

“Wait for me.” Was all Yamapi could say before he went into one of the stalls.

Christine looked at the stall the strange girl had entered and waited. She wondered what she wanted to say to her after she came out. She didn’t know why she had just told her about her feelings. But whatever, it wasn’t as though she would ever see that girl again…but she could have sworn that she looked familiar. Especially those lips…

Her thoughts were broken when she heard the sound of the stall open. She lifted her eyes, only to widen them again when she saw Yamapi panting, leaning against the door frame. “What…” she managed to utter, noting how incredibly sexy he looked with his hair messy and his shirt half way up. Wait…wasn’t there a girl in there before? “Oh my God…” she exclaimed, covering her mouth with her hand in shock.

“I can explain!” he said, stepping towards her, only to trip on the handbag, which he had thrown carelessly on the floor.

“Careful!” Christine shouted, putting out her hands and managing to catch him right before he hit the ground.

He looked up at her, feeling his cheeks burn bright red and after he straightened himself he still kept holding her hands in his. “Did you really mean what you said earlier?” he asked, hoping she would still answer him like before.

“Uh…yeah…I…I…” she mumbled, feeling herself getting hotter. She couldn’t believe she had just confessed to the boy she liked. Why had he dressed up as a girl anyways? Was he…oh my god…no…no way…

He didn’t let her finish, instead he said, “I like you too…and the reason I was dressed as a girl was to get into this club for free not because I have some sort of strange sexual tendencies.”

She covered her mouth and giggled softly, looking at him, loving the way he smiled back. “Good to know…” she uttered, biting her lower lip slightly, looking at his lips.

Obviously Yamapi didn’t get the very subtle (OBVIOUS) hint that Christine wanted him to kiss her. “Wait…for which answer is it good to know? That I like you or that I don’t wear dresses?” he asked instead, pointing at himself with a confused expression on his face.

Christine sighed and pulled him in for a much awaited kiss. He was taken completely by surprise and widened his eyes for a few seconds before he lifted his hands and grabbed her head, kissing her harder.

He couldn’t believe he was actually kissing the girl of his dreams!! He smiled while kissing her, loving her lips over his. They stopped kissing when suddenly the bathroom door was opened.

“Ewe…get a room…” a girl said, making a face and closing the door once again.

Both Christine and Yamapi burst out laughing. Yamapi grabbed his bag and took Christine’s hand in his, walking out of the bathroom hand in hand, both of them having a huge smile on their strawberry tasting lips.

Ryo frowned, he still couldn’t find Yamapi or Toma anywhere. Coco looked at him, trying to hold back her giggles. The boy looked too funny in that dress. “Ryo-chan….” He said, nudging him with her elbow.

“What?!” he asked, feeling irritated. She had been laughing at him for the past fifteen minutes and honestly it was getting annoying.

“Your boobs…are crooked…” she said, bursting into another fit of laugher.

“Shit! No wonder those guys were pointing and laughing at me!” Ryo said, putting both his hands on his fake boobs, trying to make them symmetrical. Ryo looked up and saw a guy standing in front of him looking at him with a quizzical expression on his face.

“What the hell are you looking at?” he asked, his hands still grabbing his fake boobs. He should have worn a bra…the socks were not very stable.

“So now you are checking out girls right in front of me huh? Do you think it will make me jealous?” a girl wearing a nice orange strapless dress said. Her black hair was in a stylish pony tail and she had on matching earrings.

“I wasn’t checking her out Daisy! I was just looking at her while she was groping herself! Didn’t you see?” the guy said, turning to look at Daisy with a frown on his full lips.

“No I’m not interested in girls groping themselves Sho.’s not fair for you to make me jealous just because of your misunderstandings.” Daisy said while pouting.

“Can’t you understand…I’m not mad at you I’m mad at Nino. The guy is seriously in love with you and you can’ even see it…” Sho said, feeling himself getting angry, blowing some of his fringe away from his eyes.

“Can’t you understand that I don’t see any other man but you?” Daisy whispered in Sho’s ear, kissing him on the cheek.

Sho looked down at his girlfriend and smiled goofily. He seriously had no clue when it came to girl’s feelings. It was in fact Daisy who had asked him out the first time they met. They had actually been working together in the restaurant he had been working part time at. Then one day they had both missed the last train and ended up spending the night together, talking about everything they could think of. Then it was Daisy who asked him for coffee the next day. He couldn’t imagine how she had stayed with him for these past months.

“Baka…” Daisy said, giggling softly and hitting him on the forehead.

“Wanna dance?” he asked, taking her hand in his and looking at her with a cheeky grin. She knew he was thinking of doing dirty things but hey she was too! So what the hell. She nodded and they slid off towards the dance floor and started dancing to the song the DJ was playing.

She threw her hands around his neck and he rested his on her waist. They swung their hips along with the music, their eyes never leaving each other. Daisy smiled, feeling her cheeks burning slightly. She suddenly felt Sho leaning forwards and his lips grazed her ear when he spoke. “I love you.”

She looked back at him with a surprised look on her face. Really…he says he loves her for the first time since they had been together in a club? Talk about romantic. But then again she knew Sho wasn’t one of the most romantic people so she couldn’t really have expected anything more really. Apart from the totally unromantic setting she still felt her heart beating fast beneath her chest. Sho had still said the most romantic thing and it was to her. She couldn’t be happier really. She smiled at him and kissed him on his lips.

“I love you too.” She said, grinning happily.

Sho scrunched his face in confusion and said, “huh? I didn’t hear you.”

Daisy leaned her head back while laughing and continued dancing, not bothering to repeat herself. She will have plenty of chances to tell him how she felt.

“Phew…that was a close one!” Ryo said, pulling Coco behind him.

“Look I’m really tired Ryo why don’t we go home now and forget about the guys.” Coco said, frowning slightly at the pain she was feeling in her feet.

“I can’t go home…I don’t have the keys!!! These bloody dresses don’t have any pockets. Why do girls even wear them?” he asked, feeling irritated, looking at Coco.

“Because it makes boys go gaga over how hot our legs are.” She replied in a flat tone, barely audible over the loud music.

“Ah…true…” Ryo said, lowering his head in dismay.

“Let’s go Ryo…I’m tired, come on…” Coco whined, pulling on his hand.

“Can I crash at your place then?” he asked, grinning widely.

“No.” She said dryly.

“Why not?!” he asked, following her out of the club.

“Because you are a guy and I’m a girl…” Coco said, her cheeks flashing bright red.

“Why are you blushing?” Ryo asked, smirking, leaning towards her.

“I’m not blushing you short dress-wearing fool.” Coco said, pouting angrily.

“S-s-short?!” Ryo croaked. He absolutely hated it when she called him short. True he had been shorter then her when they were growing up but now he was slightly taller than her.

“Yeah…” she said, looking away hiding her blushing cheeks.

“Hey…are you mad at me or something?” he asked, stepping in front of her.

Yes she was mad. She was mad at the fact that he went through all this trouble just to hook up with girls. It made her feel mad that he hadn’t even looked at her twice that night. Sure she was mad at him but she was also hurt at the fact that apparently he didn’t feel the same way she did.

“No I’m not mad.” She muttered, crossing her hands over her chest and frowning deeply.

“You don’t look like you aren’t mad…ne if I did something I’m sorry…I don’t like it when you are mad at me.” He said, pouting and trying to cheer her up.

“OK fine I’m mad ok? I’m mad at the fact that you keep chasing after girls all the time!” she blurted out, balling up her fists and looking at him in anger.

“You are mad just because I chase after girls? Geeze what am I supposed to do if the only girl I like doesn’t even take notice when I try to be nice to her?” he shouted, looking at her with his eyes flashing angrily.

“Huh?” she muttered, looking at him with a quizzical look on her face. The girl he liked? Ahh so there really was someone he liked.

“Man you are really thick headed aren’t you…the girl I like is you baka! Why do you think I have stayed with you for these past years? I like you…but I guess you don’t like me back.” He said, putting his hands on his hip and frowning. “Let’s just forget this ok? Let’s go home my feet are killing me.”

“No.” she said, looking at him, unable to hold back her grin. He had actually said he liked her! Like hell was she going to forget about this.

“What? I wanna go home I’m tired ok…” Ryo whined feeling sad at the fact that he had confessed his feelings to her and hadn’t gotten anything in return. He should have kept his mouth shut.

“No…” she repeated, taking his hands in hers and making him look at her in the eyes. “I won’t forget about this because…I like you too.” She said, smiling at him, her cheeks red, but not as red as his.

“Say what?” Ryo uttered widening his eyes. Widening them further when she covered his lips with hers.

“I like you bakaaa~” Coco said, giggling softly and looking at him.

“You like me? YOSHA!” he yelled, pumping his hand in the air. “Hey now can I crash at your place?” he asked, giving her a perverted look.

“Yeah of course…but you sleep on the floor.” She said, walking in front of him calling for a cab.

“Oh come on!!!” Ryo whined, the smile still etched on his lips.


The next day Toma, Ryo and Yamapi were sitting around in their apartment, each one of them sporting a huge grin on his face.

“So what happened to you guys after we went in?” Ryo asked, looking at Toma and Yamapi.

“Well I kind of…hooked up with a girl from school I’ve been eyeing for a while.” Toma said, his cheeks blushing, a goofy grin on his face.

“Oh! Nice!” Ryo cheered, patting him on the back.

“Yeah…Oh shit…this reminds me I gotta go! I promised Lillith I was going to take her out to lunch today!” Toma shouted, scrambling off of the floor. He quickly put on a jacket and rushed out of the apartment.

“Looks like he really likes the girl.” Ryo said, looking at Yamapi who, put his phone in his pocket after sending the third text message in the past hour.

“Yeah…” Yamapi said, grinning goofily at something he had just read.

“So I’m guessing you hooked up with Chri?” he asked, lying back against the sofa.

“Yeah…I still can’t believe it…” he said, sighing happily. “Although I’m NEVER going to dress up as a girl again…EVER.” He declared looking at Ryo.

“Oh no sweat me neither.” He said, waving his hand in front of his face.

“So what happened to you?” he asked, looking at Ryo, who seemed pleased with something.

He didn’t have enough time to answer since the door burst open and in came a very angry Coco. “What the hell have you done to my dress?!” she yelled, running in the apartment intent on killing her new boyfriend.

“Gotta go.” Ryo said to Yamapi before he sprinted out from the apartment as fast as lightening.

“WAIT!! I CAN’T BELIEVE I AGREED TO GO OUT WITH YOU!” Coco yelled, running after him down the corridor.

“You can’t take it back!” Ryo yelled, running even faster, the grin on his face never disappearing.

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