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Yamaki Story!!!
Because I love Kurosagi too much

[Yamashita Tomohisa Version]

He walked inside the dressing room in order to get his makeup done.

Today was the first day of filming the Kurosagi drama. Yamashita Tomohisa was very excited, yet nervous at the same time. He was going to have his first role as the lead of a drama so he had a lot of pressure.

After drinking a large cup of coffee in order for him to wake up, since the night before he hadn’t slept a wink, he sat down on a chair and was looking in the mirror in front of him.

“Ohayou…(Good morning…)” A cheery voice called to his left.

He turned to look and smiled at his young co-star. Horikita Maki smiled at him as he nodded and repeated the greeting.

She had changed so much…Yamashita noted while sneaking glances at the young female who was chatting happily with the makeup artist. Since the Nobuta days she has really grown…

He tilted his head slightly as he thought back to how different Horikita looked back when he was playing Akira and she Nobuko.

Ahh the laughs they had shared backstage and the antics they pulled on Kamenashi…A slight grin appeared on his lips as he thought back to the little sushi surprise they had set for him.

He turned his head and said, “Horik-huh? Where did she go?” He asked the makeup artist when the seat next to him was empty.

The makeup artist chuckled and said, “Looks like she escaped…”

Yamashita tilted his head not quite understanding what the queer man said as he sat patiently in his seat while he was being applied makeup. He hated the stuff…if it wasn’t for the fact that he would look like a seasick ghost on screen he would not wear it…He also detested the hairstyle he had on today…Gosh he hated having his hair pulled back…it made him feel exposed.

Not to mention the tacky white suit he was wearing…Thank God Kurosaki had many looks to play with.

When he walked outside to the filming set he sat down on a chair and looked at the scene which was playing in front of him. Maki aka Tsurara was searching frantically for her uncle in the busy train station. She was pulling a small boy behind her…She sure looks cute…immediately he shook his head and blinked a few times trying to get his focus back. He couldn’t think about Horikita like that…young…sweet…innocent…Horikita…The Horikita who made him feel so nervous and self conscious around her.

He had been staring into space for too long that he didn’t notice the fact that they were preparing for his scene.

Horikita finished filming her scene and was given a cup of water as she was waiting for her co-star to film his scene so that they could do the scene they had together.

He immediately broke from his thoughts when he felt her sitting next to him. He turned to her and upon seeing her smile his lips automatically flicked upwards.

“Good job…” he said then he immediately looked away while widening his eyes at what he just said.

Horikita chuckled and said, “Thank you Yamashita-kun, I hope all the scenes will turn out like this.”

Yamashita nodded and got up when the director called him to start shooting his next scene.

“Well I’m off.” He said while waving at Horikita, his lips curved into an awkward smile.

“Good luck…oh and you look good in that suit…” she said with a smile.

Yamashita almost tripped on some loose wires as he bowed slightly at her compliment.

Why am I blushing? He thought as he made his way towards the set.

When the director yelled action he forgot himself and started to portray the role of Kurosaki, the swindler of swindlers.

When he went over to the shop to buy something he caught a glimpse of Horikita looking at him acting. He incidentally bit his own tongue instead of the gum and smacked his hand on his mouth, causing the director to yell cut.

Yamashita apologized and scolded himself for his stupid behavior.

The scene went on smoothly and now it was time for Tsurara’s fall on the rails and Kurosaki to save her.

He and Horikita bowed at the same time as they got ready to shoot the scene.

When Tsurara fell onto the tracks the camera zoomed on her as she lowered her scared face towards the ground afraid of being hit by the oncoming train.

Kurosaki jumped in front of her as the two looked each other in the eyes.

It felt as though time had stopped. Why was it that he couldn’t take his eyes away from hers? Why did he feel like his whole body couldn’t move? Everything and everyone around him were as though they had disappeared and the only thing he saw was her face. How come his heart was beating so fast…

“Cut!” the director’s voice suddenly shouted, breaking the whole trance he was in.

Yamashita looked up at the director, reluctantly breaking the gaze he held on Horikita as he slowly let go of her body and straightened his.

“You are taking too long! You only need to gaze into each other’s eyes long enough to give the feeling off that Kurosaki and Tsurara are going to develop feelings for each other…nothing more…nothing less…come on Yamashita this is the last scene for today then you can eat…” the director said with a smirk.

Yamashita bowed his head slightly to avoid his blush being seen by his co-workers as he heard them all chuckle.

Everyone knew of his love for food…he was surprised when he heard soft giggles erupting to his side and turned his head towards his co-worker as he felt his face grow redder.

Horikita was covering her mouth as she laughed at what the director said…

Yamashita gulped and got up from the floor. He turned towards the director and bowed slightly. “I’m sorry I promise to be more focused…” he said in a serious voice.

He got back up in place and as they shot the scene again he felt the same emotions but this time he didn’t let them over come him as Kurosaki took over and they completed the scene perfectly.

As he was walking back to the dressing room he turned to look back at her and was disappointed when he didn’t see her there.

He entered the dressing room and began to take off his makeup and mess up his bangs back over his eyes, just like he liked them.

Then he was startled by a noise behind him. He quickly turned to look back and couldn’t help but smile at Horikita standing in front of him.

“Good work…” Horikita said as she approached the mirror in order to get her purse which was sitting in front of it.

“Yeah…you too…” he said while avoiding her gaze.

“I am really excited to work with you again Yamashita-kun.” She said while grabbing her purse and smiling at his profile.

He turned to look at her and smiled as well. Then suddenly something fell out of her bag and they bent over to pick it up at the same time.

However he managed to grab it first and widened his eyes as he saw the pig shaped homemade keychain. He looked back up at the now blushing Horikita and said, “Do you still have this?”

She nodded as she grabbed it from his hand and tucked it back in her purse. “I have always carried it with me after you gave it to me back in the Nobuta Wo Produce days Yamashita-kun…I guess it reminds me of the times we spent together filming the drama…”

He couldn’t help but smile as something warm welled up in his chest. She had kept it…the keychain shaped like a pig that he had given her…

Horikita looked up at him and blushed as she touched her forehead and smiled awkwardly. “I guess you didn’t expect me to have such a thing after all this time…I bet you haven’t kept yours…” she said and then stopped in mid sentence as she saw him getting out his wallet and the same keychain dangling from it.

He smiled and said, “I always carry it around with me too…”

She smiled as well and they both avoided each other’s gazes. “Ne remember when Kame-kun kept pestering us to tell him what we were doing behind the tree?” Horikita suddenly said making him look up at her and smile.

“Yeah…we couldn’t tell him that we gave each other key chains so we told him we were rehearsing our lines…” he said with a smile.

“I wonder why we didn’t give him one as well?” she asked while looking at him and slightly blushing.

“I didn’t want him to have it…that’s why I gave mine to you…” he suddenly said while taking a step towards her.

Horikita looked up at him and in a low voice said, “I didn’t want him to have mine either…”

He couldn’t explain the immense feeling that welled up in his heart…why was it beating so fast? Could it be…that he liked her? For so long now he had thought of her…whenever he looked at his wallet he always thought of her… then when he found out that she was going to star with him in Kurosagi he was overjoyed. He found himself blushing when he thought that he was going to play her love interest…It took him too long to realize that he liked her…he liked her…He liked Horikita Maki…

He looked intently into her eyes and gulped.

“Horikita-san…I…li-” he was about to say it…he was about to finally confess his feelings for her when suddenly the door burst open and a female co-star skipped inside.

He immediately stepped back from her and groaned silently as the girl skipped towards Horikita and said, “Ne guys you are taking too long the barbeque is about to start and you, Yamashita-kun promised to cook for us! Everyone is hungry!”

“Hai…(yes) Ichikawa-san I am coming right out…” he said in a tired voice as he took one last glance at her and walked out.

Damn…why did it feel like they were alone for only a second? To him it didn’t feel like they were taking too long he thought as he made his way over to the barbeque and took out the tongs to turn the meat with. Too long yet too little…

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