Chapter 1


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Author's Chapter Notes

Title: Anti-Corruption Day
Type: Oneshot
Characters: 2PM, SHINee, Changmin [DBSK], Donghae [Super Junior]
Pairing: Nichkhun/Minho
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: none
Length: ~3,400
A/N: I feel like I'm even busier than I was when I was studying for exams even though I'm technically on holidays. ==" what is this!? Birthday gift to Minho~
“Hey! Khun-hyung!” Junho called, catching the other’s attention

“What is it?” Nichkhun replied with a raised eyebrow.

“Here, take this”, Junho handed the other an envelope.

“Huh?” Nichkhun took the envelope with suspicion, and a mixture of confusion was displayed on his face when he realised it was Minho’s name written on the envelope, “Junho, what is this?”

“It’s for Minho”, Junho looked up blankly at Nichkhun, “hyung, you’re going to go see him right? It’s his coming of age birthday today”

“Yeah”, Nichkhun nodded slowly, “you know, funny thing is, my sisters told me to give him something similar too”

“What!?” Junsu suddenly interrupted their conversation with excitement as he took a seat next to an alarmed Junho.

“Your sisters really told you to give you something similar to Minho?” Junsu asked, prompting Nichkhun for an answer.


“And you let them?” Junsu asked

“Of course, I’m letting Junho as well” Nichkhun replied nonchalantly.

Junsu turned to face Junho and asked, “Junho-ah, he doesn’t know what else is inside right?”

“Eh…”, Junho looked from Junsu to Nichkhun, “I had assumed he would, you know…”

“Me too”, Junsu nodded.

“Hm?” Confused, Nichkhun decided it was best to open the envelope Junho had handed him. Carefully, he opened the envelope. And what he found inside almost bought him a heart attack.

“YAH!” Nichkhun screamed as he looked towards Junho, “why are you giving Minho this!?”, he held up the condom and lube he had found inside the envelope Junho handed to him before.

Junho stared at Nichkhun’s enraged expression and decided that hiding behind Junsu was the best course of action.

“We decided that in case our Khun had forgotten to bring our Minho condom and lube so we decided it was best we equipped him just so you won’t hurt him”, Junsu explained, patting Junho’s head and ignoring the fuming expression Nichkhun was sending him.

At the words, ‘Minho’, ‘lube’ and ‘condom’, the other 2PM members immediately tuned in onto the conversation.

“You…you’ve waited for this day for a long time haven’t you?” Taecyeon asks Nichkhun cheekily.

Glaring at the other, Nichkhun throws the condom and lube down on the floor before accusing all his members, “you guys were all in this weren’t you?”

Wooyoung and Chansung could only nod mutely at the unexpected response.

“Argh!” Nichkhun screamed in frustration, “I, today is December 9th, there is no way I can do that with Minho”

“Hyung, what do you mean?” Wooyoung asks quietly. The members of 2PM stared at Nichkhun, waiting for a proper explanation.

“Today is Anti-Corruption Day”, Nichkhun stated, “technically, it doesn’t mean that kind of corruption, but there’s still no way I could corrupt Minho as soon as he turns of age.” He sighs and crosses his arms, “if I did, it’s just too cruel.”

“Hyung, you’re crazy”, Chansung states dumbly.

Ignoring the maknae, Nichkhun takes a deep breath before he held up Junho’s envelope and faced the other, “Junho, you didn’t write anything that could corrupt him in here did you?”

“N-no”, Junho stammered, wondering if he should tell Nichkhun that the other members could’ve written something that might corrupt his precious Minho.

“But the other members might’ve written something corruptive right?” Nichkhun guessed from just looking at Junho’s expression, “I’ll let you rewrite the card”, Nichkhun handed the card back to Junho. “And as for the others”, Nichkhun took a glare at the other members, “please write politely and keep your crude junk to yourself.”

“So, um, did your sisters really want to give Minho…you know, that?” Junho asks in a small voice.

“No!” Nichkhun looked shockingly at the other, “I meant as in they also wanted to give him a card”

“Okay”, Junho smiled uncertainly at his hyung.




Hearing the doorbell ring, Onew’s ears perked as he headed straight towards the door, already knowing it must be one of Minho’s friends, here to congratulate the pretty boy for finally coming of age.

However, it was Taemin who got to the door before he did. With excitement, Taemin opened the door brightly, “Hello!”

“Let me guess, our Minho is still sleeping?” Changmin greeted with a smile.

Nodding, Taemin confirmed Changmin’s suspicions.

“Is Yunho-hyung here too?” Jonghyun stuck his head out from around the corner, asking with an excited voice.

Closing the door behind him, Changmin stepped into the familiar SHINee dorm, “sorry Jonghyun, Yunho-hyung is too busy today, I have to leave soon too.”

“Stay for breakfast!?” Key’s voice rang out from the kitchen

“Eh…” Changmin scratched his head, “I don’t think I can, I’m just going to go wake Minho up and then leave, maybe another time”, with that, Changmin briskly strolled into Minho’s bedroom and proceeded to cruelly rip open the other’s blankets, “Minho-ah, your hyung is here and you’re still sleeping?”

Turning around to lie on his back, Minho slowly rubbed his eyes before opening them, softly he opened his mouth, “Changminnie-hyung…good morning” after blinking a couple of times, Minho rolled around again and pulled up his blankets, intending to go back to sleep.

“You…”, Changmin twitched as he pinched the other’s not so chubby cheeks, “birthday boy, I have to leave soon.”

“Oh…”, Minho sat up from the bed and encircled his arms around his hyung, “hyung, thank-you for coming.”

“Our Minho looks so tired”, Changmin lightly ruffled the other’s short hair before he joked, “you’re only of age from today, did Nichkhun tire you out last night or something?”

Looking at Changmin with curious eyes, Minho poked the other’s shoulder, “what do you mean? Khun is still overseas right now…”

“Oh, is he?” Changmin nodded before taking use of Minho’s encircled hands to lift the other from the bed, “well if that isn’t the case, our birthday boy should get out of bed now right?”

“I’m still sleepy”, Minho whined before crawling back into his bed like a little kid.

“Nichkhun is still going to be overseas no matter how much you sleep”, Changmin stood up and pet the other’s head gently, “hyung is going to go now, see you later birthday boy”

“Hyung, I’m sorry I couldn’t have been better company”, Minho apologised

“It’s alright, I need to go now anyway, I’ll treat you to dinner next time.”

“Okay~ You promised me.” Minho gave his hyung another hug before he dropped back into his bed, really wanting to go to sleep.

Though not long after Changmin had left, Minho heard his phone ring. Pouting, Minho picked up his phone and answered lazily.

“Minho-ah~” a chuckle came from the other end of the phone.

“Ah…”, Minho recognised the familiar voice, “Donghae-hyung, good morning.”

“Did our baby Minho just wake up?” Donghae’s voice held a tinge of humour

Whining, Minho knew he was being teased, “Changmin-hyung just dropped by”

“Hmm~ So, our Minho is finally a big boy now” Donghae spoke slowly, “and now that you’re a big boy, it’s about time you treated me to dinner right?”

“Eh?~ Hyuuuuung~” Minho quickly sat up from his bed, “Donghae-hyung should treat both Changmin-hyung and I to dinner”

“But I always do…”

“Is hyung busy today?”

“Yeah, what about Minho?”

“Not really, just for today”, Minho combed through his hair with his fingers.

“I don’t think I can come see you today…” Donghae sounded apologetic, “Minho-ah, forgive me?”

“What are you saying hyung, it’s okay, I understand.” Minho smiled, there was no choice, he couldn’t get angry over something so simple. It was already a way of life for him. It was something he understood.

“Well then Minho, hyung can’t talk any longer, enjoy your birthday okay? I’ll talk to you later~”

“Bye hyung~”

As soon as he had hung up, Minho realised that his phone had been flooded with birthday messages from friends, where most of them were from the other DBSK and Super Junior members. Reading and replying to the texts one by one, Minho slowly made his way out of the bed and headed towards the bathroom. But before he could even make it into the bathroom, his own members had bombarded him, latching off him and sending him congratulations.

Peeling his members off with equally bright smiles, Minho was finally able to clean himself in the bathroom. Taking a few bites, Minho basked himself in his friends’ smiles before he took off, telling his members that he was going to go have lunch with his family.

Arriving at his parent’s house. Minho smiled albeit shyly when his mother warmly embraced him.

“Oh! Even my youngest son is now a man!” Minho’s mother chuckled warmly, taking a good look at her son who stood so tall and proud.

“Muuuum~” Minho pouted before asking, “what’s for lunch today?”

Pushing her son towards the dining table, she answered simply before dashing off into the kitchen, “definitely none of those frozen packs of food or your beloved ramen.”

“Stop teasing the poor kid”, Minho’s father smiled softly, “Minho, come here.”

Walking towards his father, Minho felt a little nervous but proceeded gave his father a smile that wasn’t any less than the one he’d been wearing for his mother.

“You’re a grown man now”, Minho’s father placed a hand on his son’s shoulder, “don’t go out drinking too much.”

Minho stared at his father with wide eyes, “I don’t plan to…” he responded quietly.

Nodding, the father continued, “good boy.”

Minho did not say anything to still being treated like a small child.


Turning around in response to his name, Minho found himself being bundled into his brother’s arms.

“Hyung, I missed you”, Minho laughed, clutching tightly onto his older brother.

“Did you?” Minho’s brother asked in a teasing tone, “from what I know, you were busy with Nichkhun doting on you to even remember me.”

Shifting his eyes away, Minho looked away feeling embarrassed. Luckily, he was saved as his mother called them to come eat lunch.

It was a quiet lunch where the family luxuriously pampered the youngest child. A small but beautiful birthday cake was also shared.

After lunch, Minho washed the dishes with his brother as they watched an old movie his parents enjoyed back in the days.

“If it weren’t so cold outside, you’d ask us to come play soccer with you, wouldn’t you?” Minho’s brother asked his younger brother.

Sticking his tongue out childishly, Minho dried the last dish before he stretched himself out in front of the television, fiddling with his brother’s hair.

“Do you fiddle with Nichkhun’s hair like that as well?” Minho’s brother asked

Blinking innocently, Minho shook his head, “we don’t really have the time”

“I wouldn’t have been able to guess”, the brother spoke with sarcasm, “you would put me before him right?”

“Hyung~ Stop teasing me” Minho whined, tugging his brother’s hair a little harder than intended, not understanding why his brother even bothers comparing himself to Nichkhun, as they took different positions in his life.

“Kids”, the father clicked his tongue, “stop chattering, if you’re not watching the movie, move aside so I can peacefully watch with your mother”

Both sons turned around to stick their tongue out at their father before they scooted away from the television.

After lazing around for a while, Minho decided it was time he headed back towards the SHINee dorms.

“Just because you’re no longer underage, don’t be reckless”, Minho’s father told his youngest son warningly.

“When you do have time, bring Nichkhun over for dinner” the mother of the house smiled brightly, patting her son’s head with fondness, knowing that she probably won’t be seeing him in another long while.

As soon as Minho arrived back to his dorm, Onew opened the door before he could even take his keys out.

“Oh, hyung, what a coincidence, are you going out?” Minho asked with a smile.

Shaking his head, Onew returned the smile, “I just came to open the door for our birthday boy, our dorm has been bombarded with birthday presents for you, we’ve separated them into a pile from your friends and a pile from our fans”

Smiling a little, Minho wonders if he should wait for Nichkhun to call him or if he should take the initiative to call the man himself. Shaking his head, Minho steps into the house and is immediately hustled by the rest of the members to the dinner table.

It was after the dinner and another birthday cake when the SHINee doorbell rang again.

This time, Onew made sure he was the first one to the door, eyes narrowing, he opened the door slightly and took a peek at who the guest was. As soon as he registered who the guest was, the leader of SHINee quickly slammed the door and locked it. He pressed his back against the door before calmly walking back towards the living room where all the other members were.

“Who was it?” Key asked naturally

“No one” Onew answered, but as soon as he answered, the doorbell rang again.

The other SHINee members blinked blankly at Onew. The leader blinked blankly back at the other before he turned around and headed towards the door again. He didn’t even have to open the door to know who it was.

There was a polite knock at the door, “hello?” a voice came muffled from the other side.

“I’m not letting you in”, Onew told the person on the other side of the door in a voice not loud enough for the other members to hear.

“Please, I really need to see him and I don’t have much time…”

“I’m not letting you defile our Minho. From now on, you are only allowed to stare at him from afar” Onew spoke in a hushed whisper.

“What!?” the other voice was low and shocked, “you’re being unfair! And I’m not here to defile Minho!”

Onew crossed his arms stubbornly even though he knew the person on the other side could not see him.

“Hyung?” Minho suddenly popped up beside Onew, “did you call me?”

Staring wide eyed at the birthday boy, Onew was about to push Minho back into the living room when the uninvited guest suddenly started knocking harder on the front door, calling out desperately, “Minho! Minho are you there!? Open up! It’s me!”

“Khun!?” Minho half laughed half choked out in surprise before he heartily opened the front door for the other much to Onew’s dissatisfaction.

At the word ‘Khun’, the three other members of SHINee; Jonghyun, Key and Taemin had instantaneously got up and rushed towards the front door as well.

Before Minho could even wrap his arms around Nichkhun, he had found himself being pulled back by none other than Key and Jonghyun.

“What are you guys doing?” Minho asked his friends as he looked at them with raised eyebrows.

“We’re protecting you.” Jonghyun answered, making sure Minho was out of Nichkhun’s reach.

“What?” Minho asked again, not understanding.

“Take our Minho to somewhere safe”, Onew gestured for Key and Jonghyun to take this chance whilst Minho is still confused and not nonreactive to take the boy away, “Taemin and I will deal with him”, he gestured towards 2PM’s Nichkhun.

Nodding, Key and Jonghyun pulled Minho away.

“Okay, now tell us truthfully, what is your purpose for coming here today?” Onew bravely started interrogating Nichkhun.

Nichkhun looked strangely at the eldest and the youngest of SHINee before replying honestly “to wish Minho a happy birthday…”, he held up the two envelopes that Junho and his sisters had handed to him before, “and to hand theses to him”

“Aha!” Onew pointed a finger at Nichkhun before quickly grabbing the envelopes, “so the necessary tools are in here”

“Tools? For what?” Nichkhun asked

“You’re actually here to defile our pure and gentle Minho aren’t you? Well, we’re not going to let you do that, even if he is now officially of age”

“What!? No!” Nichkhun looked outraged at Onew’s accusing words.

“Strange”, Onew ignored Nichkhun as he looked at the contents of the envelopes but found nothing but innocent cards, “there isn’t any in here.”

“Because I’m not here to corrupt Minho!” Nichkhun tried explaining but was given no chance.

“Taemin!” Onew called, “search him to see if he has any in his pockets.”

“Yes sir!” Taemin smiled before starting a body check under Onew’s hawk eyes.

“Seriously!” Nichkhun told the others, “I’m only here to wish Minho a happy birthday, I’ll have to leave soon! And I’ve even told my own members this, but I don’t want to corrupt Minho! It’s Anti-Corruption Day today anyway!”

“Hyung”, Taemin looked at Onew, “I can’t find anything…maybe he isn’t here to defile Minho-hyung”

Narrowing his eyes at Nichkhun, Onew finally smiled again, “okay! We’ll let you see our Minho”

Nichkhun could only smile wryly. He found it ironic how his members were trying so hard to have him corrupt Minho whilst Minho’s members were on the opposite side, refusing to even let him hold the other’s hand.

Sighing, Nichkhun walked into the living room and instantly he sat next to Minho on the couch and wrapped his arms around Minho, pulling the smaller framed artist into his lap.

“Did they say weird things to you?” Minho asked Nichkhun, pretending that the other members weren’t discreetly staring at them, just waiting for Nichkhun to do something wrong and then kicking him out of the dorm.

“Nothing I can’t understand after a bit of thinking.” Nichkhun smiled reassuringly at Minho before planting a soft, soft kiss on the other’s forehead, “Happy birthday”

“Thank-you~” Minho smiled widely, “I thought you’d still be overseas, so I was waiting for you to call or text me”

“Japan isn’t that far, I’d have to catch a plane soon, so I can’t stay long”

“Oh”, Minho nodded with understanding, Casually, he started playing with Nichkhun’s fingers, they were so long and so slender, yet he could see the amount of work the fingers had gone through. They felt strong and sturdy.

“Ah, before I forget”, Nichkhun takes his hands away to undo the necklace he was wearing and loops it around Minho’s neck instead, “your birthday present”

“It’s a ring”, Minho held the silver coloured ring dangling from the necklace between two fingers, smiling softly, “thank-you”

“Your name and my name, they’re both engraved on the inside of the ring in Thai.

“Khun, you’re so sappy”, Minho chuckled, leaning to kiss the older man on the cheek. He wondered if he could treat the ring like a wedding ring, the white gold ring they won on Idol Army being their engagement rings.

Taking a look at the time, Nichkhun pursed his lips, “I’m glad you like it, but I have to go catch my plane now, I shall see you soon”, he poked the younger on the nose, “ah, and your leader has your birthday cards.”

Nodding, Minho did not want the other to miss his flight, and saw the other out, “hyung, have a good night” Minho whispered before hugging the other again, “thank-you for specifically coming over to see me”

"Happy birthday"




The next morning, Nichkhun couldn’t believe what he was reading on his phone.

From Minho~

Khun! Good morning~ kekekeke, your sisters are really cute! They referred to me as ‘sister-in-law’, ah, I don’t know why, but I feel a little proud. Last night, I hopped onto the link your sisters gave me in my birthday card. Have you heard of fanfiction before? I truly found out what fanfiction really was last night. To say I was surprised is an understatement. I didn’t know there were so many people out there writing about all sorts of things, and to actually see fanfiction on us was truly enlightening. I felt so shy just reading it. Well then, Khun, remember to eat breakfast, when you come back here, maybe we could go out for a light drink. ^o^ For now, I’ll go back to practice! Oh, and you owe me a birthday cake!

Nichkhun could feel dry tears pouring down his face as he reread Minho’s message again and again. He should’ve realised his own sisters would be up to something like that…and to think he didn’t even think of placing fanfiction on the list of things that could corrupt Minho. Just thinking about what things Minho could’ve read to make him feel embarrassed and shy, Nichkhun wished he could turn back time.

The End.
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