Second Visit


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Author's Chapter Notes

Make sure you have read: Yamapi's Fist Visit on AFF!!!

Yamapi bit his bottom lip anxiously. He didn’t know why but he was anxious upon going back to that site. To him it felt forbidden and sent a delicious chill down his spine. He looked at Shige, who was busy typing and clicking to even notice him staring.

“Are you on yet?” he asked him, making Shige turn his head to look at his leader with a frown on his face.

“Pi…you have asked me five times in the last 60 seconds…and my answer is no, not yet!” Shige replied, his voice slightly loud.

Yamapi frowned and pouted his lips slightly. “Why are you yelling at me?! And besides why are you on that stupid game site of yours! Let’s go on AFF!” He whined, grabbing Shige’s arm and pulling on it.

Shige turned to look at Yamapi with a shocked expression. “What the hell is wrong with you man?” he couldn’t help but ask him. Seriously, he was supposed to be calm, cool and composed, what the hell was he doing freaking out on him over a stupid website?

Yamapi let go of Shige’s hand and leaned back against his chair. “I’m cool I’m cool…” he mumbled, putting up his hands in defense and looking away from the younger idol.

“Sure…” Shige mumbled completely unconvinced. He turned to look back at the computer screen and after checking his emails he decided to go on AFF and see who was on.

The moment Yamapi heard the familiar popping sound he snapped his head towards the monitor and slid next to Shige, trying to get a closer look.

“Who is on?” he asked him, wanting him to quickly scroll down on the page so he could check out chatango.

“Hold on Pi, I wanna know if that Samurai girl updated her fic.” Shige replied, frowning deeply at the fact that his leader was so close.

“What Samurai? What fic? Summer in Tokyo?” Yamapi asked, looking at Shige while arching his eyebrows.

“Summer what? No…FianceOfASamurai, she wrote a fic about us Pi, didn’t you read it?” Shige asked him while frowning slightly.

“Ugh…no not yet…” Yamapi replied looking at Shige with a totally unimpressed expression on his handsome face.

“Dude! You HAVE to read it! It’s like the most awesome thing ever! Even though I am a pedophile in there I am so cool! Have you read any of Ooper’s stories?” Shige asked again, looking at Yamapi who looked completely lost and uninterested.

“Ooper? OoperTali-san!?” Yamapi yelled, remembering that he had talked to a girl named OoperTali on the chat.

“Huh? Yeah her pen name is Ooper. She seems to like Koyama though…” Shige mumbled, frowning slightly.

“Yeah whatever, who is on chatango?” Yamapi asked, nudging Shige to check chatango.

“Hold on let me see…” Shige mumbled, looking back at the monitor and checking who was online. There were 3 people online.

“Three people are online…” Shige mumbled looking at the screen.

“Who who?” Yamapi asked, leaning closer towards the monitor so he too could see who was on.

Yamapine: I would so do him like that
BambiJiBin: LOL unni I would so do Jae like that too
Blossy123: Hey hey, what about if they want to do it on the beach or something?
Yamapine: I love beach sex! But sand gets in the most uncomfortable places
BambiJiBin: LOL!! UNNI!
Blossy123: lmao!
Blossy123: true
Yamapine: ;)

“Oh my God!” Shige squealed looking at the conversation.

“What in the world…who are these girls?” Yamapi asked.

“I told you! They pretend they are our girlfriends and talk about how they do it with us all day.” Shige explained. He conveniently forgot to mention that no one had claimed him on chatango just yet. But he was working on it.

“Oh…wait…is Yamapine the girl who pretends she is my girlfriend?” Yamapi asked, looking at Shige then back at the screen.

“Yup that’s her.” Shige confirmed looking back at the screen and grinning at the stupid conversation the girls were having.

Yamapine: ok ok let’s talk about something else…an anon is here and he could be trouble…
Blossy123: lol hey anon!!
BambiJiBin: Omo do you think anon is a star?
Yamapine: haahah imagine if it was Pi! And he’d be like wtf is going on?

“What the fuck is going on?” Yamapi asked, looking at Shige.

Shige chuckled and said, “They are just talking silly like they always do, it’s so much fun.”

“Aren’t you logged on with a temporary name?” Yamapi asked, tilting his head slightly.

“How do you know you can sign in with a temporary name? Have you been on here before?” Shige asked him while arching an eye brow. He was starting to wonder whether his leader was hiding something from him.

“Ugh…I’m smart?” Yamapi suggested, looking at the monitor and then back at Shige.

Shige narrowed his eyes and his comeback was interrupted by simultaneous beeps coming from the chatango.

“What’s going on?” Yamapi asked, looking back at the monitor.

Blossy123: yeah I know it’s disgusting how you two are always at it
Yamapine: lool
BambiJiBin: OMO Chri unni is always at it with nipple boy!
Yamapine: mooooh!
Blossy123: lmao!

“Nipple boy?” Shige uttered, tilting his head to the side slightly.

“Chri? Wait a minute…is…is…” Yamapi began to utter, unable to control himself from stammering. Could this crazy Yamapine chick be the one he was looking for?

“Lets ask,” Shige said nonchalantly, typing up a quick name.

“W-wait!” Yamapi yelled suddenly, putting his hands out in shock.

Shige pressed enter and looked at his leader with a confused expression. He arched a corner of his lips upwards and furrowed his eyebrows. “What is it?” he asked him, leaning back against his chair.

Yamapi looked at the screen and widened his eyes in shock.

Yamapine: could you please stop calling him nipple boy?
BambiJiBin: ummm no 8D
Blossy123: lmao!
SexiAsian: are you Christine?

“You just asked her like that?!” Yamapi yelled, looking away from the monitor at Shige, smacking him swiftly behind his head.

“What tha…how come you are being so serious about this man?! It’s just a chat room with a bunch of unknown girls!” Shige yelled, his pride hurt but the slap he received. He pouted angrily and his breathing was slightly off.

However Yamapi wasn’t paying attention to what his friend was grumbling about. His eyes were fixed on the screen unable to look away.

Blossy123: woah Chri you got a stalker…
Yamapine: ughh…how do you know my name?
BambiJiBin: Are you asian?!
Blossy123: omg! Male or female?
Yamapine: how do you know my name?! :O
BambiJiBin: XD
Blossy123: it is ASIANfanfiction after all ;)
Yamapine: dude…the ip address says this person is from japan
Blossy123: JAPAN?
BambiJiBin: OMG!
Yamapine: omfg omfg omfg! Please talk again Sexiasian!
Blossy123: omg!!!!!!!!
Blossy123: could they know NEWS?
Yamapine: I don’t know! Maybe they know them!
SexiAsian: yes I am from japan

“Shige!” Yamapi yelled, looking at Shige in utter shock. “Why did you tell them we were from Japan?!” he asked him, feeling his cheeks blush. What the hell was happening to him? This was so unprofessional.

“So what? Are they going to guess who we are just by telling them we are from Japan?” Shige said, shrugging his shoulders.

“That’s true…” Yamapi mumbled, looking back at the screen, only to gasp in shock at the mass of messages which suddenly popped up on chatango.

Blossy123: OMG! DO YOU KNOW RYO?!
BambiJiBin: OMO! This is awesome!
BambiJiBin: Chri unni calm down! LOL
Yamapine: OMG
Blossy123: this is amazing! Please talk to us sexiasian!
Yamapine: I AM CALM!
Blossy123: lmao you are!
Blossy123: Sexiasian? Are you still there?
Yamapine: I DON’T CARE!
Blossy123: you are going to scare him CHRI! CALM DOWN!
SexiAsian: yes
Yamapine: did you just say yes to me being your friend?
Blossy123: Lol Chri I think he meant if he was still there…are you a he?
BambiJiBin: Omo
Yamapine: Oh right…my bad XD

Yamapi couldn’t help but crack a small smile at the banters between the girls. He stood there looking at the conversation going when suddenly he received a smack on the back of his head.

“What?!” he barked, he really hated when people did that to him, it felt demeaning in some way.

“Write something! Don’t just stand there and stare at them talking about you all night.” Shige reprimanded with a stern look on his face.

“What am I supposed to say?” Yamapi asked, feeling slightly nervous.

Shige huffed and pushed Yamapi away, making room for him to type. This was getting boring for him and he wanted to spice things up. He cracked his fingers just like Haruma Miura did on his drama Bloody Monday right before he started hacking. Shige was fascinated with that drama and often wondered why he hadn’t gotten the job, he loved computers and would have played an awesome nerd.

“What are you-DUDE! WHY DID YOU JUST WRITE THAT?!” Yamapi yelled, feeling his insides squirm.

“What? Pi, live a little we are so boring man…” Shige mumbled.

“Boring? Shige, you just asked them if they thought I was hot! You don’t ask total strangers if you are hot Shige!” Yamapi yelled, unable to keep his cheeks from turning red.

Shige shrugged and looked at the screen behind his leader. Truth be told he had asked the girls if he was hot before and he didn’t see the embarrassment in that. They were public figures after all.

SexiAsian: do you think Yamapi is hot?
Blossy123: yeah, but ryo is hotter :P
BambiJiBin: I don’t like his small nipples!
Blossy123: lmao small nipples! That’s a good one!

Yamapi frowned, trying to keep his cheeks from blushing while Shige started laughing at what the two girls were writing. “Shut up idiot,” he mumbled, his hand itching to smack Shige behind his head. Even though Yamapi told him to shut up, Shige still kept laughing his head off.

“Ahahaha Small nipples!”Shige continued to laugh, holding his stomach and crouching over the chair.

Yamapi pouted angrily and smacked Shige behind his head. “Shut up! At least I’m not obsessed with my belly button! That’s just nasty!” he yelled, balling up his fists.

Shige stopped laughing immediately and gasped. “Oh no you didn’t,” he muttered, feeling that his bellybutton was being made fun of.

“Oh yeah I did,” Yamapi grumbled, narrowing his eyes. The excessive popping sound made them stop glaring at each other and turn to look back at the screen.

They turned to look at the screen to see what the girls were up to.

Blossy123: I can’t believe Chri got restricted, she is going insane on msn.
BambiJiBin: yeah she is going insane on ym too
SexiAsian: what does restricted mean?
Yukino78: bbbbbbbbbb
BambiJiBin: Yuki unni!
Blossy123: yukizillaaaaaa!
Yukino78: Bam wam wam!
Yukino78: how y’all doing? And who is Sexyasian?
SexiAsian: hello
BambiJiBin: he is from Japan!
Yukino78: wooo that’s great
Yukino78: does he know Kame?

“Where is Chri?” Yamapi asked, looking at Shige for an explanation. Somehow all the members regarded Shige as being the most computer competent out of the group so they always asked him for advice on gadgets.

“I don’t know, they said she was restricted. Dude shut up there are new girls coming on. I’m going to try and talk to them.” Shige said, swatting his hand in front of Yamapi’s face, making him lean backwards.

“You did not just swat me away like a fly,” Yamapi said, looking at Shige with a gaping expression.

“Shut up,” Shige mumbled, getting annoyed at the way his leader was behaving. Seriously he was a 25 year old man, he should be more mature.

Yamapi let his jaw open in shock but his comment was ignored because his attention was once again on the chatango box.

Yukino78: Shan is on too!
Blossy123: hey Shan!
BambiJiBin: Shan! I gtg now though ttyl girls *huggles*
Blossy123: aww ok Bammy
Yukino78: bye Bam!
biniBningPunkista : hi girls!
SexiAsian: hi
biniBningPunkista: Hi sexiasian! Welcome to AFF
Yukino78: I think SexiAsian is scared of us!
Blossy123: yeah he isn’t talking much
biniBningPunkista: it’s a he?!
Yukino78: yeah
biniBningPunkista: are you a reader or a writer SexiAsian?

Shige looked up at Yamapi and said, “What are we? Readers or writers?”

“Readers you idiot, I don’t see you writing fanfictions about yourself,” Yamapi said, rolling his eyes. He failed to notice the twinkle that formed in Shige’s eyes at the prospect of writing his own fanfictions.

SexiAsian: Reader
Yukino78: Kpop or Jpop?
Blossy123: lmao Chri is still restricted
biniBningPunkista : Chri got restricted? I was wondering why she wasn’t talking ^^
SexiAsian: I am Japanese
Blossy123: hahahahaha
Yukino78: wahaha no I meant which entertainment do you like?
SexiAsian: oh
biniBningPunkista : he is Japanese? DO YOU KNOW TOMA?!
SexiAsian: I am at his house at the moment

Yamapi looked at Shige and refrained himself from yelling. They wouldn’t believe him anyways, but he had to admit Shige seemed to have a kind of tactic that he still hadn’t figured out.

Yukino78: wahahaha that’s funny
Blossy123: lmao
Yamapine: and Yamapi is sitting next to me
biniBningPunkista : Chri!
Blossy123: wb Chri
Yamapine: YUKI, SHAN! B~!!!
Yamapine: IM BACK! XD
biniBningPunkista : wb
Yamapine: how are you Shan?
biniBningPunkista : I’m good Chri, how about you?
Yamapine: I’m good too :)
Yukino78: SexiAsian, do you read any stories here on AFF?
Yamapine: oh btw sorry for disappearing for a few minutes but I got restricted and couldn’t talk XD

Suddenly the door opened and Toma appeared breathing heavily.

“What happened?” Shige asked, looking at the older idol in surprise.

“It’s Jin! He is dead drunk and lost his pants.” Toma breathed, trying to hold his laughter. Then he realized that there were actually on his new desktop. “Oj! Don’t you be watching porn on that! I got a virus last time and I had to buy a new one!” he yelled angrily while balling up his fists and walking towards them.

“No it’s not what you think!” Yamapi squealed while covering the monitor with his hands.

“Dude you sounded like a girl,” Shige said, looking at his leader.

“Yeah or you have been hit in the balls or something,” Toma added, a smirk on his lips. “What are you guys REALLY doing then?” he asked, inching forwards.

“We are on this site, have you heard about it?” Shige said, prying Pi’s hands off of the screen.

Yamapi sat back and pouted slightly. He didn’t want EVERYONE to know about his little secret. It was so unprofessional.

“Asian FanFiction?” Toma read out loud the title of the website. He looked at Shige and at Yamapi and sighed. “You guys are reading some boring fanfics instead of being at my party? Did you know Jun and Mao totally started getting it on a few minutes ago in a drunken frenzy?” Toma said, his lips twitching at the memory.

“What?! But Mao hates Jun’s guts!” Shige yelled, turning to look at Toma.

“I don’t know man, unless she was planning to choke him with her tongue I don’t think she hates him that much...” Toma commented while shrugging his shoulders.

“Oh my God I have to see this!” Shige said, getting up from his chair.

“I think they are still at it!” Toma yelled back, excited to have finally gotten at least one person to hang out with that night. It seemed as though everyone was busy doing something even if it was his own party.

Shige grabbed Toma’s arm and pulled him out towards the door, having completely forgotten about Yamapi.

The moment the door closed Yamapi whipped his head back around and looked at the computer screen.
He pressed the refresh button hoping to see whether Christine updated or not. However to his dismay there was nothing and when he went back on chatango he found himself logged out. He couldn’t log back on as SexiAsian -not that he was going to, he seriously didn’t understand the level of Shige’s perverted-ness- so he decided to go on as RamenBoy.

Yamapine: SexiAsian left D:
Blossy123: yup he did and I gotta go too girls, going to go at my sista’s place ttyl!!
Yukino78: awww ok bye b!!!
Yamapine: bye!! Xxxxxx
Blossy123: bye bye xxxxxx
LillithEvans: bye B *hearts*
LillithEvans: who is sexiasian? O.O
Yamapine: there was a guy from Japan! JAPAN LILLITH!
LillithEvans: OMO OMO NO WAY!
Yamapine: yes way ;(
LillithEvans: I missed a guy from Japan? ;(
Yamapine: yup :(
LillithEvans: omo! Btw!! Did RamenBoy come on?
Yamapine: Ramenboy?
LillithEvans: yeah! *hearts*
Yamapine: no….why? IS HE ANOTHER GUY FROM JAPAN?
LillithEvans: well he said he was a guy and was looking for you! He said he read SiT
Yamapine:omg seriously? SERIOUSLY?
LillithEvans: legit
LillithEvans: wait you mean he didn’t come back on? T.T
Yamapine: no :(
Yamapine: omg that’s so embarrassing!!! D:
LillithEvans: What?
Yukino78: What’s so embarrassing Chri?
Yamapine: A guy having read my dream…its so lame! D:
LillithEvans: it’s not lame!!
Ramenboy: don’t be embarrassed
Yamapine: O.O
LillithEvans: RamenBoy! You finally came back :D
RamenBoy: :)

Yamapi couldn’t help but feel slightly excited to be finally talking to her alone, without Shige. Now what to say…?!

LillithEvans: RamenBoy this is Christine! The one you were asking for last time *hearts*
Yamapine: hi!
Ramenboy: hi
Ramenboy: I love your fic
Yamapine: omg thank you so much!
Ramenboy: you are welcome, so when are you updating?
Yamapine: soon :D did you review?
Ramenboy: I can’t make an account here…
Yamapine: aww why not? D:
Ramenboy: it’s complicated
LillithEvans: for some reason I feel so bad interrupting but, OMO CHRICHRI DID YOU SEE THIS PIC?!
Yamapine: WHA?!
Yamapine: btw Ramenboy are you really a boy?
Ramenboy: what is that?
Yamapine: AHAHAHA OMG!!!
LillithEvans: he looks like a girl doesn’t he?
Ramenboy: O.O

Yamapi almost choked when he saw the image this LillithEvans posted. He couldn’t believe someone made that picture of him and it seriously creeped the hell out of him.

Yamapine: he is so cute but that pic gives me the creeps
LillithEvans: lol it does look crazily REAL doesn’t it? T.T
Yamapine: it does
Ramenboy: it’s not real!
Yamapine: I hope not! Btw do you know Yamapi?
Ramenboy: I do…
Yamapine: omg he is amazing isn’t he?

Yamapi couldn’t help but grin. He always loved talking to his fans and it seemed as though Christine was a big fan of his.

Yukino78: Kame is much better than that saggy butt
Yamapine: stop calling him that!
Yukino78: saggy butt saggy butt!
Yamapine: Kame has NO ASS
Yukino78: oh yes he does, better than saggy butt’s
Yamapine: I told you to stop calling him that~
Ramenboy: who has a saggy butt?
Yukino78: Yamapi
Yamapine: not true!
Ramenboy: MAJI DE?!

Yamapi widened his eyes and couldn’t help but look down, trying to see his ass. Did he really have a saggy ass?

LillithEvans: yuki stop saying that pi doesn’t have a saggy butt
Yamapine: yes lillith stick up for him!
Yukino78: ok fine I’m sorry Chripi
Yamapine: ^^ good now I won’t cut your man’s Richard off
Yukino78: OMG NO!
Ramenboy: who is Richard?
Yamapine: I would so have done that Yuki!
Yukino78: noooooooooooo
Yukino78: that would decrease the fun for me!
Yamapine: yeah less fun for you girl
Yukino78: what would I do?!
Yamapine: LOL watch tv?
Yukino78: noooooooooooo
Yamapine: but I won’t cut him off now because you apologized
Yukino78: if you cut Kame’s Richard off I will cut Pi’s
Ramenboy: who is Richard? Does he come on here?

Yamapi really couldn’t understand what these two were talking about. Richard? Was he a regular member on AFF? Was he a real guy in one of these girls’ lives?

Yamapine: uh no Ramenboy…not exactly
Yukino78: we are talking about *
Yamapine: yeah…
Ramenboy: *? What’s that?
Yamapine: *
Yamapine: that word is banned too?! D:
Yukino78: we are talking about male parts
Yamapine: yeah…shit Yuki Ramenboy is a boy this is kind of embarrassing
Yukino78: oops! We always get carried away chrissy
Ramenboy: you are talking about ….O.O

Penises? They were seriously talking about penises?! Yamapi thought, letting his mouth open in shock as suddenly the conversation started making sense.

Ramenboy: so you were threatening to cut kame and pi’s * off? O.O
Yamapine: something like that, but we are joking of course
Yukino78: Chrissy started it!
Yamapine: only because you said Pi had a saggy butt!
Yukino78: you know I love picking on Pi
Yamapine: so does Jessi!
Yamapine: ><
Ramenboy: you girls are weird
Yukino78: we so are
Yamapine: and proud XD
Ramenboy: what if Yamapi was on here or Kame and he read this convo?
Yukino78: I would freak out!
Yamapine: me too!!!
LillithEvans: What about Toma? *hearts*
Yukino78: Lillith!!! Where are you? How come you are so quiet?
Yamapine: yeah lililth how come you so quiet girl?
Yamapine: I wouldn’t believe it was him! Yamapi would never come on here ;(
LililthEvans: I’m sorry but I was looking through pictures and they inspired me to write *hearts* T.T
Yukino78: you are writing?!
LillithEvans: yup :D
Ramenboy: I think Yamapi would come on here
Yamapine: I wish *sniffles*
Yamapine: I will never see him
Yukino78: aww Chrissy don’t be sad
LillithEvans: aww Chrichri *hugs* if it makes you feel better I won’t get to see Toma either.
Ramenboy: why not?
Yamapine: I live too far away :( he will never come here
Ramenboy: where do you live then?
LillithEvans: :(
Yamapine: Malta - Europe
Yukino78: It’s a beautiful island!!
Yamapine: lol Yuki you have never been here
Yukino78: but I wanna come!
LillithEvans: ME TOO!
Ramenboy: I see

Yamapi couldn’t help but google Malta to see where Christine lived. He was surprised to see that it was a small island in the Mediterranean. From the pictures he saw there were many beautiful beaches which made him immediately want to go there. He loved the beach and it had been a while since he had been surfing.

Yukino78: where are you from Ramenboy?
LillithEvans: Chrichri we are going to Japan one day and that’s an order!
Yamapine: we so are!
Ramenboy: Japan
biniBningPunkista : JAPAN? *lurking*
LillithEvans: Shan!
Yamapine: SHAAAAN! Finally you talk!
Yukino78: yo Shan!
Yamapine: omg Ramenboy you are from Japan?!
biniBningPunkista : ^^ sorry girls I was writing
Yamapine: it’s ok Shan :) I should be writing too…siigh
Ramenboy: yes
Yamapine: I hope you aren’t playing around with us…-_-
LillithEvans: no no Chri, he is from Japan check his ip!
Yukino78: dang I can’t check ip addy’s like y’all can
Yukino78: Shannnnnnnn nanananana are you writing IHBA???
biniBningPunkista: lolz yes Yuki
Yukino78: WAAAAAAA!

Yamapi was getting confused. These girls were talking too fast! He could barely keep up but was happy he had made Jin teach him English. At least he could understand more or less what they were saying.

Yamapine: OMG you are from Japan!
Ramenboy: hai :)
Yamapine: I’m so happy! You can call me Chri
Yamapine: of course you already know that’s my name XD
Ramenboy: :)
Yamapine: so I’m guessing you like J-ent right?
Ramenboy: Japanese Entertainment?
Yamapine: yeah!
Ramenboy: yes you could say that ^0^
Yukino78: nooooooooooooooooo :(
Yamapine: WOOOOO J-ENT FTW!!!
Yukino78: oh why oh why!? D:
Yamapine: wahahaha I’m so happy
biniBningPunkista: Wooo J-ent FTW!
biniBningPunkista: who is your fave artist Ramenboy?
Yamapine: you do know NEWS right? You read my fic! So you must know them! :D
Ramenboy: I like NEWS they are pretty good...
Yamapine: squeeeeee ^^
biniBningPunkista: how come no one likes Toma? :’(
LillithEvans: I DO!!! *hearts*
Ramenboy: you like Toma too Chri?
Yamapine: mhmm he is like so adorable! *hearts*
Ramenboy: I see
Yamapine: but Pi is like my number 1!!!

Yamapi couldn’t help but smile when she wrote that. God this was pathetic, he had to go soon or else people were going to start wondering where he had disappeared off to.

Yukino78: I have never understood your tastes Chri
Yamapine: whaaat? Yamapi is awesome! He is like perfection!
Yukino: *pukes*
Yamapine: *gasps*
LillithEvans: Yuki! Yamapi is hot even though Toma will forever be in my heart. *hearts*
biniBningPunkista: me too! TOMA NUMBER 1!! *disappears again*
biniBningPunkista: Btw if you like Yamapi, Ramenboy, you could check out my fic In his Bed and After, it’s YaMaoPi ;)
biniBningPunkista: *disappears*
Ramenboy: YaMaoPi?
Yamapine: Yamapi and Mao
Yukino78: Yamapi and Mao
Ramenboy: INOUE?!

He honestly had never thought about Mao that way. Sometimes that girl scared the living shit out of him. He remembered when Jun had introduced him to her back when they were filming Hana Yori Dango. She had seemed so innocent and delicate. That is until she began insulting Jun and they started fighting over nothing really important. He had noticed the deep attraction they both had towards each other so it wasn’t a surprise to him when Toma said they were making out. Their personalities didn’t really click but it might be interesting to check it out and see how Shan wrote him.

Yukino78: yes
Yamapine: do you like her Ramenboy? ;)
Ramenboy: ok I will.
Ramenboy: NO!
Yamapine: aww
LillithEvans: guys im so sorry I’m not talking but I’m writing too XD
Yamapine: GO WRITE WOMAN!! SHOO SHOO *hearts*
Yukino78: YEAH GO AWAY!
LillithEvans: lol ok ok *disappears*
Yukino78: so Ramenboy what can we call you?
Yamapine: yeah what can we call you?
Ramenboy: Akira, you can call me Akira
Yamapine: OMG just like Pi’s character! *hearts*
Yukino78: Akira, is that your real name?
Yamapine: Aki-chan XD I loved Akira, he was adorable
Yukino78: Akira gave me the creeps, I found him annoying
Yamapine: nooo he was adorable!
Ramenboy: I think Akira was misunderstood
Yamapine: aww why do you say that Aki-chan?
Ramenboy: maybe Akira acted the way he did because he wanted to hide what he truly felt inside. Maybe he wanted to hide his true feelings.
Yukino78: woah…that was deep
Yamapine: *cries*
Ramenboy: wha?
Yukino78: k k I gotta go…boss is here and he looks like he wants to say something…
Yamapine: ok bye Yuki!!! Ttyl! *heartssss*
Ramenboy: bye Yukino
Yukino78: byeeeeee
Yamapine: looks like it’s just you and me Aki…
Yamapine: wahahahaha
Ramenboy: yup

We finally are, Yamapi thought, feeling his heart beat increase slightly.

Author's Chapter End Notes

Haha comments are welcomed and I'm sorry I cut it here but I had to, it was too long! O.o

The End.
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