Just For You... I'll Meet The Parents by Blossy

***You read Ryo Nishikido and Ayu Hamano's "A Thousand Questions to My Regret"? Well, now it's my turn. This is the first installment in the spin off from AQTMR***

***A Collection of Crazy Love Stories - 2. Christine & Tomohisa Yamashita Version**

Commitment was not my forte until I met her.
I moved in with her but what else does she expect from me?
Now I had to meet her parents just to step it up to the next level.
What I would do just for the girl I like...
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1. Chapter 1 by Blossy

2. Chapter 2 by Blossy

3. Chapter 3 by Blossy

4. Chapter 4 by Blossy

5. Chapter 5 by Blossy

Chapter 1 by Blossy
Author's Notes:
Credits: Thanking Christine for her AWESOME Poster and Banner! Thank you sooooo much and I HEART YOU!!!! XD

Christine Porter is a fictional character, in the poster she is represented by Nina Dobrev.

I was annoyed. My best friend Ryo Nishikido never had time for me. I hardly saw him since he’s always working so many jobs at once. For someone to drag me all the way to the big city of Tokyo and then refuse to hang out with me, I was definitely annoyed when he had told me that he was going to meet a girl he met.

I knew Ryo and his family since birth. My parents and his parents were best friends from high school. We instantly became friends since toddlers. But at the age of seven we became more than friends when my parents passed away. Since I had no relatives his parents took me in as they wouldn't allow me to be taken into the orphanage. If Ryo wasn't there for me, I would have locked away inside my own world refusing to talk to anyone.

Ryo took care of me. He was like my blood brother always protecting me, always taking care of me although he was just few months older than me. At eighteen I was in an accident that was life-threatening. Ryo’s parents couldn't afford the high medical fee and Ryo nearly went berserk, I later found out, and even had a panic attack because he thought I would die. But somehow miraculously someone had paid for it anonymously.

Since then, Ryo had always stuck to me more than ever whenever he didn't have work. In fact, it was at eighteen he started to work a lot, giving up his studies and whenever I asked him why he worked so much, he would always say that he hated studying and preferred working so he could buy whatever he wants.

It was the first time he willingly didn't want to hang out with me which shocked me. It must be the reason I was against the idea.

“I can’t allow you to go with a girl you just met!” I protested.

Ryo had just returned home that morning after working the night at the club. He kicked off his shoes while I followed him to his bedroom. Soon as he saw his bed, he fell on it and nearly fell into the dream world if it wasn't for me. I was not done.

“Are you listening?” I also jumped on his bed making a creaking sound. I cowered over his sleeping form, refusing to give up no matter how tired he was. “Ryo, you hardly have time to meet girls, it’ll be trouble if you meet the wrong girl and fall for her.”

“Mmm,” Ryo groaned. “She’s different,” his voice came out as a muffle as he was already half asleep.

“How is she different from the other girls?”

“She just is. I’ve made a fool out of myself every time I met her, so you think a girl would stick around after seeing all my bad points?”

I stopped short to ponder on the question. “Hmmm... for a girl to stick with you after all that then... maybe I should meet her.”

Ryo’s eyes flew open and he sat up. “What?” he exclaimed. “You can’t have her!”

“I never asked to have her,” I merely said as innocently as possible. “I just said I want to meet her.”

My friend gave me a cynical look. “I know you, Yamashita Tomohisa, and I know you’re the type to go with any pretty girl.”

I couldn't help but grin widely. “So, she’s pretty?”

Ryo clamped his mouth shut. Then opened it when he thought he calmed down. “I’ll call her to cancel our date,” he concluded at the end.


I was happy. Although Ryo had said that he would cancel the date, the girl managed to convince him into brining me along while she would bring her friends. We met up at the dark and loud club that Ryo worked at.

He introduced me to the girl who had made a fool out of him, who was pretty as he had said but lucky for Ryo, she wasn't my type. I never went for the sweet girls. I did meet my type straight after the introduction with Ayumu Hamano, the daring type.

Then Ayumu, who preferred to be called Ayu, introduced us to her friends, starting with Bam who was sulking that Jaejoong had not turned up yet and to Jessie who was looking lovey-dovey with her boyfriend, Hangeng. She finally introduced me to Christine Porter who took my breath away at first glance.

I have never felt like that with any other girl. In fact, I had come on a mission to seduce Ryo’s girl who turned out not to be my type. But Christine was different. She was the type who wouldn't take anything lying down, exactly the girls I liked.

“Hi,” I breathed heavily as my brown orbs bore on her with lust.

“Hi,” she huskily greeted back.

I was taken aback. I wasn't the only one lusting. Things went like a blur after that because we were both chatting animatedly about everything and anything, ignoring everyone else around. It was weird how I could talk to a girl more than five minutes rather than bedding her like I usually did. But soon I had taken her to a side, away from the group to make out with her.

It was funny that she was easy to kiss but I could never go any further than that. She would never allow it and it has been a year since we started dating. And my frustration had been building up over this time.


One day I came back home from work, unlike Ryo, I only had one job, working in an office. I found my girlfriend sitting on our bed painting her toe nails and humming along to the song that was blasting on the CD player. I gulped as I stared at her white smooth legs. She wore one of my white shirts that were way too big for her. She had on a pair of very short black shorts.

It had been six months since I had moved out of Ryo’s place. Ryo’s sister who had forced us both to come to Tokyo with her had already moved out earlier to move in with her boyfriend. While I moved in with Chri, Ayu moved in with Ryo.

This girl, I thought in frustration as I watched her smiling at her artwork on her toe nails. What is she trying to do to me?

“Chri!” I exclaimed.

“What?” she snapped as my sudden yelling had caused her to smear her flowery artwork. She grabbed a couple of tissues from the box next to her and dabbed it on the red smear. She stopped midway when I did not reply. “What do you want, Pi-kun?”


“Me?” she jerked her head back in confusion. “You already have me.”

“Already have you?” I let out a dry laugh. “You have got to be kidding me! We have been dating for a year now, we’ve moved in but we still haven’t done it yet.”

At the last few words, a blush rose on both our cheeks. Although I wanted it, I was still shy whenever it came to her. Chri was a little different to the other girls I have been with previously. She was innocent.

“I’m not ready,” she mumbled, averting her eyes back on her toe nails. She began wiping off the smear again.

“You say that all the time,” I retorted. “You’re such a tease!”

She stopped once again, her grip tightened on the tissues and I knew she was angry. Her eyes shot back up to meet mine, her eyes full of anger. “So, is that all you want from me then?” she retorted back. “You just want sex? Is that why you’re sticking to me?”

I gasped. “How could you say that?”

“Ryo-kun told me,” she went on, “that you only go out with a girl to sleep with them and as soon as she gives it, you leave. I’m sorry but I’m not like that. If you want me you’ll have to step it up to the next level.”

Sweat formed at the back of my neck as her words slowly sunk in. “W-what do you mean?” I asked although I knew where she was getting at.

“If you want this,” she pointed her finger at her body, “then you’ll have to show me some commitment.”

“Are you kidding me?” I yelled. “I moved in with you, didn't I? Isn't that a commitment? And I’ve been with you for a whole year now. You think that isn't saying something?”

I knew I was acting like a jerk but I was angry. I heard her breathing increasing heavily and I knew I hurt her. Letting out an exasperating breath, I glanced at her one more time before I walked out the bedroom then out the apartment. Tugging my tie loose, I headed for Ryo’s place.


Upon my arrival I realised that Ryo and Ayu had invited Bam, Jaejoong, Jessie and Hangeng over for dinner. Chri and I were invited but because of my work I had to decline the invitation to dinner. It was too late to turn around and leave because the door opened to reveal Ayu, laughing.

“Oh, hi, Pi-kun,” she said as her laughter died down but her smile was still on her face. She tiptoed to look over my shoulder. “Hmm... where’s Chri?”

I scratched the side of my neck uncomfortably. “She didn't come.”

Ayu frowned. She grabbed my hand and pulled me inside. “Well, come inside and tell us what you did now.”

I forgot how she notices little things. Over the year, I have gotten closer to her as she was always hanging around Chri whenever she had the time. I soon adopted her like a little sister.

She dragged me over to the dining room where everyone was. Ryo frowned when he saw me, another person who knew me well enough to know I had a fight with Chri. They all greeted me while I mumbled a small ‘hi’.

“Where’s Chri?” Bam and Jess asked looking over at the door as if waiting for her to come in.

“She didn't come,” Ayu answered for me.

The two girls groaned in disappointment. Ryo got to his feet and walked up to me. He placed his hand on my shoulder and steered me to the lounge area.

“What’s up, man?” he asked in concern.

I fidgeted with my fingers as it was hard to tell them the reason we had a fight. I have never told them that the two of us have never done it. It was embarrassing and it would make me sound less of a man. But if I wanted his help, I had to start telling him the cause.

“The truth is,” I paused to take few deep breaths before continuing. “The thing is...”

“Why are you being nervous for?” Ryo laughed. “Just say whatever it is.”

“Chri and I... we’re not... you know...”

My friend looked at me with a raised brow and holding out his hands, motioning me to carry on. “No, I don't know.”

“We’re not... shit... how the fuck am I meant to say this?” I let out a frustrated breath of air. Dragging in one deep breath and then releasing it slowly, I blurted it out, “Chri and I haven’t had sex yet.”

There was silence. Ryo’s jaws dropped. Several minutes went by until he opened his mouth again.

“You and Chri haven’t had sex yet?!”

I whipped around to face Ayu who had screamed that out and not Ryo. I flushed with embarrassment, seeing Ayu with her eyes wide open and her jaws hanging.
Chapter 2 by Blossy

“What did you say?” Bam came behind her and stared at me in disbelief. “You guys haven’t done it yet?”

Jessie was right behind her friends. “But they live together,” she squeaked, “and they have been together for a year.”

“And you’re always making out like crazy,” Ayu added. “I assumed you guys already did it the first day!”

The other two girls nodded furiously as they had thought the same thing. Their boyfriends had appeared as well, adding more embarrassment on me. They held a pitiful look that I really didn't want to see. I glanced at Ayu and glared at her. She let out a sheepish laugh and scratched the top of her head nervously.

“Sorry,” she apologised. Her expression suddenly turned serious. “So, is this the reason you two were fighting?”

I hesitated before I gave a short nod.

Bam narrowed her eyes suspiciously. “Are you trying to force our friend?”

I jerked my head back. “What do you mean force?” I gasped. “If I wanted to force her, I would have a year ago.”

“That’s true,” Jaejoong agreed.

“Shut up, darling,” his girlfriend sweetly told him over her shoulder and returned her attention back on me. “But now you’re trying to force her.”

“I’m going to check on Chri,” Ayu announced, saving me from receiving wrath from her friend. “She’s probably crying as we speak.”

I winced at the mention of Chri crying. I already knew she would be crying once I left the apartment. I just didn't want to think about it. I cast a small smile towards my self-claimed sister.

“Me too,” Jessie cried out as she also put on her jacket like Ayu.

“I’m coming too,” Bam rushed after them out the apartment, picking up her coat on her way out.

I watched as the door slammed behind them then finally tore my gaze to look at my friends. I then realised that Jaejoong and Hangeng were left behind. This time I sent them a pitiful look as they have just been forgotten by their girlfriends. Silence filled the air until Ryo gestured us to sit down. The four of us sat on the sofas and got comfortable.

Ryo let out an exasperating breath and leaned back, draping his arm on the back of the sofa. “Man, there goes our dinner.”

“Sorry,” I quickly apologised. I scooted forward on the sofa opposite him.

“Don't worry,” the Korean guy, who sat on one of the arm chairs, said with a grin. “It was getting boring.”

The Chinese guy agreed as he leaned against the back of the arm chair he sat on and crossed his legs over his knees. “The girls were starting to talk about shopping, the latest drama they watched and how hot the guy in it was. Which guy would want to hear their girl talk about how hot another guy is?”

“No guy,” my best friend replied. “Ayu was squealing so much that I nearly took her to the bedroom just to show how hot I can be.”

We chuckled at his response. I then suddenly recalled the argument I had with Chri. “Ryo, you bastard! Why did you tell Chri that I used to sleep around with girls and then dump them?” I shouted.

He looked at me in alarm. “I never told her that! Ayu asked me how you were before and I told her! Chri must have overheard since she was at our place at that time.”

“Why were you telling Ayu that?” I was getting hysterical now. “You know how I treat her like a sister. I don't want her thinking bad of me. And anyways, with Chri it’s different. I was never serious about a girl until I met her. Now she wants me to show her how committed I am.”

“Dude, didn't you move in with her?” Jaejoong exclaimed. “Isn't that committing enough?”

“To girls it’s not as big of a deal like us guys,” Ryo responded quietly. “Unless you meet the parents it’s not commitment enough.”

“Meet the parents?” me and the other two guys shrieked in unison. “Hell no!” I went on. “Plus her parents live all the way in Malta. It’s a nineteen freakin’ hour flight!”

Hangeng looked pale. “Shit, I was holding back from asking Jessie to move to China with me thinking that I’d lose all kind of freedom but shit... I rather ask her to move in with me rather than having to meet her parents so soon!”

“Me too,” Jaejoong concurred. “I was making sure Bam wouldn't follow me to Korea that I haven’t thought about meeting her parents. Its way too soon for that!”

I grumbled. Was I the only one in this sticky situation? Wait, Ryo should be in the same boat as me! “Ryo...”

“I already met them,” he cut in to say.

The three of us gasped then stared at him in awe. “I didn't think you were so brave,” my voice came out in a whisper.

“Ryo, man, I’m looking at you in a different light now,” the Korean guy said.

“How was it?” Hangeng asked the question that I knew was on all three of our head. “Was it scary?”

“I was shit scared,” my friend told us. “Her old man was one scary man. He cornered me when Ayu was in the kitchen with her mother and asked questions after another.” He paused and leaned forward to whisper, “It was worse than being caught with porn by your girl.”

“Holy crap!” the two foreign guys cried out in utter disbelief. “I’m going to ask Bam to move to Korea with me!” “I’m going to ask Jessie to come back home with me!”

I on the other hand paled at the thought of meeting Chri’s parents. “Shit, what should I do?” I let out a breath of air and looked at my friend for some help.

He shrugged his shoulder. “Unless you want to break up with her, I suggest you just meet her parents.”

“I’m not ready to die yet!” I knew I was exaggerating but I was shit-scared. “Unlike Ayu, Chri has two older brothers!” I was nearly in tears now at the thought of being grilled with questions. I jumped to my feet and then slumped down next to Ryo. “Help me. I don't want to break up with her.”

He shook his head. “Sorry, man, but you’re on your own with that. Every guy has to meet the parents at one point. Once you meet them, you’ll be one of the bravest guys who will be respected.”

I stopped short and pondered on the thought. It was appealing as I always wanted to be the manliest of manliest. I took a deep breath and released it haggardly. “Okay, I’ll meet them,” I gave in. “I don't want to lose her so I really have no choice but to step it up.”

The guys cheered for me. Hearing them cheer made me feel very proud of myself. Ryo got to his feet noisily.

“Okay, now that we concluded what you’re going to do, let’s go get our girls back,” he declared. “They’ve been gone for a while now.”

“Yeah,” the other two agreed.

“I guess, I have to go face my problem,” I mumbled.

They patted my back and Ryo pulled me out the apartment as I dragged my feet.


I unlocked the door to the apartment and opened it slowly. My friend and the two foreign guys were right behind me. I gulped audibly and heard the other three do the same as we heard total silence. We began anticipating a gloomy atmosphere but when we entered the apartment we nearly jumped out of our skin when laughter suddenly was heard.

The four of us glanced at each other in confusion. Some fear did leave me that second. Trust the girls to make Chri feel better. We tiptoed over to the bedroom where the laughter was coming from. The sound of the laughter increased as we neared.

The girls automatically stopped as soon as they spotted us entering the room, especially when they saw me. While Bam and Jessie glared at me and Chri refused to meet my eyes, I inwardly laughed at how Ayu tried to glare at me but it wasn't working. It wasn't in her nature to get angry easily. If I really hurt Chri real bad, then I knew I would see her anger for the first time.

“Yah, Bam!” Jaejoong yelled startling everyone around the room. He was meant to be the quietest like Hangeng but it seemed he had some spunk. “How could you forget your boyfriend like that?”

I was expecting Bam to also be shocked to hear him yelling but it looked like she was used to it. So, he does shout sometimes. I always thought Bam was the loudest and shouted for the both of them. Her face sank when it finally dawned to her that she had left him.

“Omo,” she cried out. “My poor Jaejoong,” she cooed as she got to him and caressed his face. “How could I forget you?”

“It’s getting late,” Hangeng stepped forward and gently grabbed Jessie’s hand and pulled her up from the bed. “We need to go home.”

“Ah, yes,” Jessie responded quickly. “I’m sorry I left you there. I just wanted...”

“I know,” he let go of her hand and wrapped an arm around her neck pulling her closer to him. “You were worried about your friend.”

The four thanked Ryo and Ayu for the meal they never got to finish and then left. Ryo and Ayu stood uncomfortably until Ryo stalked up to his girlfriend and pulled her up.

“We’ll be leaving too,” he announced. “Good night.”

“Good night,” Ayu rushed out before she was dragged out the bedroom.

I waited until I heard the front door close before I turned my attention fully to my girl. She had turned her back to me and was slumped down, twiddling with her fingers as if it was more interesting at the moment.

“Chri,” I began, walking up to the bed. “I...” I stopped and let out a frustrated breath. I couldn't apologise if she wasn't looking at me. “Chri, please look at me.”

“Hmph,” she haughtily made a noise.

I leaned my knees on the edge of the bed then climbed on it. I grabbed her by the shoulder and turned her around, causing her to fall back on the bed and I fell on top of her. My face was just inches away from hers. I had to keep my hands on each side of her side, putting my weight on them or I’d be crushing her. We stayed like that for several seconds, listening to each other’s breath and staring at each other.

“I’m sorry,” I blurted out, hoarsely. “I didn't mean those things I said. I love you and if I can wait a year I’m sure...” I paused. Was I about to say another year? Hell no! I swallowed hard before I went on. “What I mean is that if I really wanted to sleep with you then I would have forced it out of you the day we met. Chri, you have no idea what you mean to me. Unlike the girls from my past, you can’t compare to them. You’re too special for that.”

She blinked several times trying to force the tears back. “Pi-kun...”

“Let me finish,” I cut in. I didn't want her to interrupt what I really wanted to say or I may not be able to say it at all. “I love you so much that I’m afraid I’ll lose you and I can’t live with myself if that happened. I’ll do anything for you. I’m willing to do anything for you. So, Chri, just for you... I’ll meet the parents.”

I was met with silence. I could see her eyes widening as my words sunk in. I grinned.

“Y-y-you want to meet my parents?”


“Why?” she asked dubiously.

I frowned at her reaction and got up from her to sit down. It wasn't what I was expecting. In fact, I thought she’d be ecstatic. “Don't you want me to meet your family?”

“My family are crazy!” she exclaimed, also sitting up.

I was lost for words. Was I wrong to assume she would want me to meet her family? Didn't all girls want their guy to meet their family? Maybe Ryo was wrong. “So, you don't want me meeting your family?” I said looking dejected.

She let out an exasperating breath. “Didn't you hear me? My family are crazy! When I say crazy, I mean crazy ,” she exclaimed, emphasising the word ‘crazy’.

I pouted. “Ayu-chan let Ryo meet her parents,” I went on. I never had a family and only had Ryo and his family as my own so I didn't think it was that bad. Having a family was better than not having one. “Are you embarrassed to introduce me to your family?”

She let out another exasperating breath. “Fine,” she muttered. “Just let me tell you this,” she lowered her voice, “I already warned you so I won’t take any responsibility for what happens to you.”

“Great!” I beamed happily, not taking her warning seriously. “We’ll go for a week. I’ve got some leave from work that I need to take anyways. You should call your parents that you’re coming home and bringing me along.”
Chapter 3 by Blossy

As soon as the plane landed on the soils of Malta, I jumped to my feet and nearly keeled over. My legs were wobbling after sitting down for nineteen hours! Nineteen freakin’ hours! Although we had to change planes at least once, it only made the journey longer as we had to wait in a different country’s airport. I had been too nervous to care which country we had landed on.

The long journey had made me think a lot and it was making me recall Ryo’s story over and over again scaring the shit out of me. Chri, who at first had been dreading to take me to Malta, was now ecstatic to be back to her homeland.

We stepped out of the plane and were hit with the blazing sun. Unlike my girlfriend who wore a baby pink summer dress and a straw hat, I was clad in jeans, a black jumper and a black coat. I knew then she had been prepared for the summer in Malta without giving me any warning as their summer was different to summer in Japan.

The air was different from Japan. It was refreshing. The sky was the best of blue with no sign of any clouds. The soil was dry.

I was sweating uncontrollably in the crowded airport where people where talking, or more like yelling at each other. I tried to dodge the people who were waving their hands as they spoke but I couldn't avoid all of them and got smacked by several people.

“Shit,” I cursed under my breath as I followed Chri out the airport after we retrieved our luggage. “Maybe it was a mistake to come all the way to a foreign country.”

Chri ignored my regrets and hailed for a cab. We managed to get one without having to fight for it.

“God, take off your coat, Pi-kun!” she told me off. “I’m getting hot just looking at you.”

My mood lifted and I looked at her perversely. “Oh, just looking at me is making you hot? Should we stop at a hotel before we go to your parents?”

She laughed then smacked me as she climbed into the cab first.

I stood there frowning. “Does that mean yes or a no?”

“Just get in,” she ordered from inside.

I grinned and jumped in. It was quite a journey to the ferry that would take us to Gozo where Chri’s family lived. Chri had told me on the plane that there were three Islands. Malta was the biggest Island, and then Gozo was the second biggest while Comino was the smallest with only a hotel was present on it. When we got to the port a large white ferry was waiting for us. I was a little excited to see how clear the blue water was and how I wanted to swim in it. I made a mental note to have fun while I was here.

It took us twenty minutes to dock on the Gozo port where her father waited for us. When he saw his daughter, his face lit up slightly on his impassive expression and he quickly rushed to her for a hug.

“Christine!” he breathed out heavily. “I missed you so much, pumpkin!”

“Me too,” she said breathlessly as he was hugging her tightly. “Aww, I missed you too, papa.”

He pulled back and gave her a sceptical look. “If you missed me too, then why didn't you come back home once your education ended?”

They had been talking in Maltese but since I lived with Chri for six months, she had taught me her language although I wasn't so good at it and I refused to speak in Maltese as I couldn't use the pronunciation right. Plus every time I did speak in her language she would end up laughing and calling me cute. I didn't want to be called cute but I didn't mind being called hot.

“I fell in love with Japan,” she responded with a laugh.

“And with a boy as well,” her father mumbled incoherently but I managed to hear him.

“Papa!” she shrieked. “I thought you promised over the phone you won’t whine or I wouldn't come.”

“I lied so I can see my daughter,” he retorted. “Is that wrong?”

She sighed. She then let her father go and came back to me to hook her arm around mine. “Papa, meet Yamashita Tomohisa. Pi-kun, meet my papa.”

Because Chri was holding onto my arm tightly I wasn't able to bow down so I just bowed my head. “Nice to meet you, sir,” I spoke in English as Chri had instructed me to do.

I heard him grunt and quickly raised my head to find him picking up some of the luggage, turning on his heel and walking away. I glanced at Chri in alarm wondering if I had said or done something wrong. My English couldn't be that bad could it? I had a strong accent but I’m sure it was understandable.

“Don't worry,” she assured me with a bright smile. “My papa’s always like that.”

She let go of my arm and jogged up to him leaving me to follow slowly after them. Because Chri had wanted to get a lot of souvenirs for her family, our luggage had doubled to four. As I followed behind, I barely heard them talking as they were whispering in their language.

“Christine,” I heard her father sigh. “Were there no Maltese guys for you that you had to go and pick a Chinese guy?”

“He’s Japanese,” she quickly cut in to correct just before I could.

“It’s the same!” her father exclaimed. “Anyways, I’m sure there are plenty of guys here. Take Joseph for example,” Chri grunted at the mention of the name, “he’s still single and waiting for you.”

“Papa, don't talk about Joseph,” she hissed. “How many times shall I tell you? Joseph is a weird guy that I will never like.”

I wanted to know who this Joseph character was. Chri had never mentioned him to me before. They had stopped talking once we got to the car. I put the two suitcases at the back while her father put the other two. The journey to the house was silent and awkward. I sat on edge and whenever her father would say one or two words I would jump.

My girlfriend, who sat beside me, squeezed my hand every time and whispered ‘it’s okay’ but it wasn't okay. I came to a foreign country, I didn't know what their tradition was and I was frightened as I had nowhere to go if they decide to hate me or kick me out.

To distract myself I looked out the window. I finally took in the scenery and let out a small gasp. The scenery was absolutely beautiful. Through the drive I could see the sea everywhere. And there were a lot of beaches. The houses we drove by were all made of stone and they were beautiful.

I glanced at my girlfriend recalling her earlier statement that she had fallen in love with Japan. I think I have fallen in love with her country. The sea, the beach and the beautiful weather was what I loved the most and I couldn't wait to make her take me to the beach so I could swim.

The car came to a stop in front of a yellow stoned house that was similar to the ones I have seen on our journey. As I stepped out of the vehicle I glance behind and took notice of the scenery. Because the house was at the top of a hill, I was almost able to see the whole Island and it took my breath away.

I heard the door to the house open noisily and then footsteps. I turned around to find an elderly woman stepping out with two well built guys next to her. As soon as Chri stepped out of the car, the elderly woman and the two guys rushed to her and sandwiched her into a hug. I stared as they began talking at once in their native language while I stood back feeling left out.

“Christine, I’m so happy you came back,” the elderly woman, I distinguished as the mother as she had the same features as Chri, cried out. “How could you leave it so long to return?”

“Mama,” my girlfriend grunted. “I talk to you everyday over the phone.”

“That’s not the same,” one of the guys pointed out. He had a dishevelled brunette hair like Chri and their mother and the same eye colour, brown.

“Yeah, silly sister,” the other guy agreed. He was a raven head unlike the other guy, taking the hair colour of their father and the green coloured eyes as well. “Ever since you begged mama and papa to go study abroad, you didn't come back. Is that why they sent you? To forget us?”

Chri pouted. “I didn't forget. The first year I was there I was homesick. If I didn't make friends with Ayu, I would have probably gave up and returned and then Bam and Jessie joined a year later.”

I remember her saying that she moved to Tokyo five years ago to study in a University in Tokyo. Of course her study had ended two years ago with Ayu but she stayed behind since she loved Japan too much to leave. Bam and Jessie’s studies had finished a year ago yet they were in no hurry to leave as well. In a way I was happy that she didn't leave or I would have missed the chance to meet her.

“Ah,” Chri suddenly turned to me. “Come here,” she sweetly coaxed me to her side. I managed to smile when she wrapped an arm around my waist. “Mama, Jake, Joshua, meet my boyfriend, Yamashita Tomohisa. Pi-kun, meet my mama,” she held out her hand to point at the elderly woman. She then waved her hand to the raven haired guy. “That’s Jake and,” she pointed to the brunette, “that’s Joshua.”

Since Chri wasn't holding unto me this time, I bend down on my waist and bowed in respect. “Nice to meet you all finally.”

“Oh, God!” Joshua cried out in Maltese. “Why do Chinese guys always bow?”

“He’s not Chinese!” she sent a glare towards them. “He’s Japanese! I came from Japan. Don't you think I’d get a Japanese guy home?”

I stood up straight abruptly. Was bowing not liked in this country? I glanced at Chri who was glaring at me as well. It then dawned to me that she had held my hand before to stop me from bowing in front of her father. I made a mental note to have a word with her about actually telling me rather than expecting me to know something that I have done in my country for all my life. And why do they keep referring me as a Chinese guy? Did I look Chinese to them?

“They all look the same,” Jake muttered under his breath, also speaking in his own language.

“Let’s go in,” her father suggested as he had finished unloading the luggage. “Jake, Joshua, help me with those.”

“I’ll help too,” I offered and quickly advanced forward to grab one of the suit cases.

“No,” Chri’s father swatted my hand away. “You must be tired after the long journey. Why don't you go in with Christine and rest?”

He finally spoke in English as I had doubted if any of the family members actually spoke English when Chri had told me they do. It was the only way to talk to them since I wouldn't be talking in their language.

“Oh, okay,” I responded hesitantly. I was exhausted and resting sounded appealing at the moment as I was feeling the jetlag catching up to me.

“Come,” Chri’s glares had changed to smiles and she was pulling me inside.

Instead of taking me to a room where there was a bed and I could jump on it and fall asleep, she took me on a mini tour to my dissatisfaction. Yet I complied with her selfishness as I couldn't help but be mesmerised by her smiles like I usually do. I was addicted to her smiles and I got the feeling she knew it because most the time she got away with a lot of things just by showing her sweetest smile.

I was shown the long and huge lounge, the living room, the dining room, the kitchen was big as well, and there was a swimming pool in the back next to the game room. She then took me up the stairs that had six bedrooms but she only took me to her bedroom where she had stayed for most of her 18 years of life until she moved to Japan for the next five years.

The room was cute, filled with pink frills that she blushed as she hadn't expected to still stay there. The posters she had on one side of the walls were full of Japanese pop groups making me believe that she was into Japan before she moved there. She had a small desk on a side with her computer where she had post-its all around with little notes written on them. She even had some flyers of pizza places and other food joints at the side. Her room was like typical teenagers would live in.

“I can’t believe they left it the way I left it,” she said in disbelief as I traced my hands on her desk reading her notes on the post-its.

“Man, I bet you were really cute when you were a teenager,” I said out loud.

She beamed at me. “Wanna see my photo album?”

I matched her smile. “Hell yeah.”

“Actually, I don't want to show it to you anymore. I get the feeling you’ll only tease me.”

My face fell. “Don't be like that,” I protested. “After telling me you’ll show it, you dare say you won’t?”

She giggled. “Fine,” she gave into my whining. She went over to her walk-in wardrobe and pulled it open. She rummaged through it until she found three photo albums. Holding it out in arm-length as if it was contagious while it was just dusty, she brought it over to the bed and tapped the space next to her motioning me to come over.

If only she motioned me over for another reason, I couldn't help but think. For a girl to invite you over to the bed and it’s not for sex, she definitely was a dangerous woman for all men.

I dragged my feet to the edge of the bed slowly while I tried to calm my nerves down. I sat down next to her as she dusted off the layer of dust and then opened it up to the first page. The two of us sat there for maybe more than an hour going through one picture at a time. She explained each picture since most of them were hilarious as she made funny faces or she was caught on the camera unexpectedly.

By the time she finished, we were both so tired that we fell asleep instantly in each other’s arms.
Chapter 4 by Blossy

We didn't wake up until the next day. Her family had allowed the two of us to sleep without interrupting. I was expecting either the father or the two brothers to be against the idea of me sleeping next to Chri the whole night.

“Good morning,” I greeted as I walked into the kitchen with my girlfriend. I was careful with what I wore today. I had on three-quarter gray slacks, a white sleeveless T-shirt and pumps. Chri wore another summer dress with blue flowery prints on it.

The whole family were up and around the table in the kitchen eating breakfast while her mother was behind the stove still cooking more. I looked down on the table and a small gasp escaped from my mouth. On the table lay a stack of toasted bread with margarine beside it and other spreads, croissants, macaroni and cheese omelette and lastly pancakes that her mother was still making more with the syrup next to it.

Where is the miso soup? The rice? Where is the traditional Japanese food I normally eat?

But who was I kidding? This was Gozo, Malta. They ate different food.

“Wow, mama, it’s like you made a feast,” Chri exclaimed giddily, sitting herself down on the chair opposite Jake and next to her father while I sat opposite Joshua and next to her. “Mama, you shouldn’t have!”

Feast? I glanced at the food. Was this meant to be a feast? I suddenly felt homesick; my appetite left me abruptly leaving me with a sickly feeling.

While she dug into the food, I was nibbling on a piece of pancake. Joshua saw me nibbling and gasped.

“Dude, you should eat more!” he half shouted and half cried out. “Like, you haven’t eaten from yesterday!”

He shoved some omelette on my plate. Jake also was concerned with my lack of appetite and placed slices of toast on my plate. I looked down on my plate that was filled with food and then up at the grinning faces of the two brothers.

“Eat,” they ordered.

I covered my mouth and made gagging noises alarming everyone in the kitchen. Chri quickly placed a hand on my back and caressed it. “Are you okay, honey?”

“Too much food,” I managed to say through the gagging.

“Man, the dude’s like a girl!” Jake laughed. He held out his hand and high-fived his younger brother who was only younger by a year.

I got the feeling that her family had no idea that I could understand them because they kept going back to speaking in their own language whenever they wanted to say something without me knowing. I grunted as I felt the little breakfast I ate was coming back up.

“Dude really must be a girl,” the younger brother responded also laughing. “Oh, maybe Christine got her pregnant.”

I nearly fell off the chair at his last comment while Chri, who was fuming now, threw her fork towards her brother missing his cheek by an inch.

“Stupid brother!” she shrieked. “Are you saying I’m a guy?”

Sweat dropped at the back of both brothers’ heads. Her father told her off for how dangerous it was while her mother told the guys off for picking on both me and their sister. The nausea began to disappear slowly as the thought of food was no longer in my head.

“Anyways,” the older brother changed the subject after being reprimand by his mother the most as he was the oldest. “What kind of sports are you into?”

“I like to play basketball and I love swimming,” I replied without realising how sports fanatic the guys were or how competitive they were. It was too late to regret.

“Swimming?” Joshua’s excitement was growing and I could see it. “We have a swimming pool at the back! How about it bro?” he turned to his brother with a knowing look which only made me jeer in panic.

“We should do that , shouldn’t we?” Jake said, emphasising ‘that’.

That? I wondered. Whatever that was, it wasn't good. I yelped when the two brothers were by my side within seconds and anchoring their arm under my armpit. They hoisted me up from my chair causing the chair to fall down with a thud.

“Hey!” Chri shouted disapprovingly stopping them from taking me away.

Oh, my girlfriend! I have forgotten she was with me and on my side. I grinned at her wanting to kiss her but thought it would be inappropriate in front of her family.

“You can’t make him do that...” she told them off. “At least make him change into his trunks.”

My jaws dropped six feet under. I just stared at her while the brothers agreed and dragged me away.

I was betrayed by my own girlfriend.


That, I found out later was climbing onto the roof of the game room and then jumping into the pool. It wouldn't have been scary if not for the fact that I would have to do make sure I jump over the four metres concrete below to land in the pool. I was only clad with my black trunks. The brothers were also wearing trunks.

I peered down and saw that Chri had come out to watch. She sat on the bench next to the patio door that led to the dining room. I could see a shadow inside and guessed it was their father also wanting to watch but was too stubborn to come out. I smirked but soon dropped it when the brothers got my attention again.

“Okay, now dude,” the younger brother said. “I’ll demonstrate that it’s not that hard.”

Using the wide space, he backed away far. Then he started off jogging, it turned to sprints and once he got to the edge of the roof he jumped. In mid air he balled up his body and spun until he was two meters away and then landed on the water with a huge splash of water spraying everywhere.

I gulped when Jake motioned me to go next as he didn't trust me to do it after him. I glanced at my girlfriend who had betrayed me earlier and saw the worry in her eyes. I understood that although it was dangerous, she believed I could do it which may have been the reason she had not stopped her brother.

If she had confidence in me, I thought with a grin appearing in the corner of my mouth and startling the brother, maybe I should show her what I was capable of.

I went to the other side of the roof and took a deep breath before releasing it slowly. I raised my hands above my head and then started off doing acrobatic flips shocking the older brother. By the time I got to the edge of the other side I turned and then finished off with a back flip. I safely fell in the pool just as Joshua was getting out.

“That was awesome!” he screamed.

“My turn!” the older brother yelled from above. I moved away to give him enough space.

We spent the morning outside. I was forced to do more jumping and then have a race with them swimming. I managed to have gotten the brothers’ favour. Chri had joined us at the pool after watching and tried to get me away from her brothers who only wanted to compete with me with other things.


After showering, we all went back to the kitchen for lunch. Once again the food was different than my usual. Pasta was not my favourite food but at the moment I didn't care as yesterday’s lack of food as well as this morning got me starving, I could eat anything.

I noticed an extra person with us today, an older woman who looked similar to Chri’s father though she was much younger than him. She caught me staring at her as I sat down around the table. I gasped when she winked.

“Dude, that’s our uuu...” Jake paused as he received a glare from the woman. “Aunt,” he finished off grimly.

I frowned at his behaviour but when Chri’s father motioned them all to sit down to eat, I let the thought slide. Throughout lunch, I ate uncomfortably as I felt the woman’s eyes on me. I was glad when lunch was over because the brothers took me to play some games in the game room. But I wasn't happy long because the woman followed Chri here.

“Wah, Christine, I can’t believe you landed such a handsome guy,” the woman spoke in Maltese. Her voice was a little too high-pitched to my liking.

“What you on about?” Jake asked, speaking in his native language. “How are girly-guys handsome?”

“Yeah,” the other brother agreed. “Guys, who have muscles like us, are called handsome.”

Chri and their aunt snorted. The aunt then looked at me, seizing me up like I was a meat on display. “He’s so my type.”

“Aunt Laura!” she cried out. “Don't look at my boyfriend like that!”

I was beginning to find it annoying that they all thought I didn't understand. Just when I was about to confess that I understood their language, I was alarmed when the aunt stalked up to me. I nearly screamed when she placed her hands on my chest letting it slide down to my stomach.

“I love Asian men,” she purred.

Jake and Joshua quickly came in between us, pushing me behind them and protecting me with their body. I was a little taken aback by their actions. Chri was also beside them and they were glaring at their aunt.

“Un-aunt Laura,” Jake spoke, still not speaking English. “We wouldn't have cared if you flirted with some next guy but we like him. He’s got some spunk for an Asian, girly-dude,” I rolled my eyes at his description of me, “and he took us on our challenge when other guys would never try to compete with us.”

Wait I never knew that! I could have refused any time! I grumbled at the thought.

“It’s not like I’m going to eat him alive,” the aunt said, laughing.

Joshua shook his head. “We can’t let him fall victim to your flirting.”

I wanted to say that I would never fall for her in the first place but I liked the fact they were trying to protect me. I was glad that I was on their good side. But I was starting to wonder just what they were protecting me from. Was their aunt really scary?

“Christine is our sister,” the younger brother went on stopping my thoughts. “Although we tease her, fight with her and make her angry, she’s still our baby sister at the end of the day that we want her to always be happy. If she’s going to be happy with Tomohisa, then we will protect him from you.”

“Wow,” Aunt Laura let out a slow breath of air. “Well, since you say it like that I really can’t pick on him.”

Chri looked at her brothers, tears pricking at the corner of her eyes. “You guys are the best!” she cried out and jumped on them for a hug.

Later I found out why they were protecting me. Aunt Laura was actually Uncle Laurence. I think I was starting to love the brothers who protected me from the cross-dresser. But I was a little surprised by knowing that Laurence was their father’s little brother. The grumpy father who has yet to smile or say good things about anything, had a brother who crossed-dresses.


At dinner time we ate at the dining room. There were meat, fish and other seafood with a lot of pasta but still no rice. As I ate gloomily, I felt a pair of eyes. At first I was alarmed thinking it was “Aunt Laura” who I thought didn't give up on me, but I was surprised to meet Chri’s father’s eyes. He quickly looked away after being caught and he never glanced at me ever since.

Her mother was trying to overfill my plate with food, fussing over that I should eat as I was too “skinny” as she pointed out.

When dessert time came, her father finally spoke startling everyone around the table as he had not spoken until now.

“Christine, are you not going to go over and see Joseph?” he asked.

Joseph! I have forgotten to demand who he was the times I was alone with her. I listened on as once again they weren't talking in English.

“Why should I see that weirdo for?” she said with a frown.

“You’ve known him ever since you were toddlers and he’s been over many times asking if you called or when you’re coming back. You know, he has been waiting for you to return.”

“Why would he wait for me?” she questioned in confusion. “And just because we knew each other from childhood doesn't mean I was close to him.”

The older brother chuckled. “I remember he always followed you around. He treated you like a princess.”

“I remember that too,” the younger brother laughed. “He did whatever she asked him to do. One time, she told him to wait for her at the beach and he was waiting there while she had forgotten all about him.”

“Everyone was panicking when they found him missing and began searching for him,” Jake followed after. “Christine got in a lot of trouble when we found him.”

“Well, he was stupid to wait like that,” she defended herself haughtily.

“He’s a perfect gentleman,” her father spoke again. “And he’s Maltese as well.”

I knew where he was going with his conversation. He had a problem with me being Japanese. He wanted his daughter to date a Maltese guy.

Chri let out a snort. “Perfect gentleman! Yeah right! He forced a kiss on me before I left for Japan.”

I also knew what everyone was thinking when the room had fallen silence. This Joseph character had forced a kiss on her hoping for her to remember him. He had no idea that he only had made her dislike him more. I wondered if she was dense. Joseph liked her while she found his behaviour weird. I was actually glad she had no interest in him as I did not want competition with a Maltese guy who her father will approve of.

From the family the mother approved of me from the beginning, the brothers accepted me into the family when I was able to compete with them, the “aunt”... well, she didn't exactly count. It only left the father who still did not approve me dating his daughter.
Chapter 5 by Blossy
Author's Notes:
This chapter coincides with "A Thousand Questions to My Regret" but this is what happened at Pi and Chri's end. Writing this chapter actually made me cry. Hope you enjoy this XD

It was until the fourth day that I was finally alone with her father. Chri, the two brothers and I have been sightseeing the last few days. We mostly visited the beach. I’d manage to get away from the brothers who only thought of competing and would stroll hand in hand with Chri on the sandy beach.

I didn't know if I should be scared or not as I sat on the sofa in the living room opposite him.

“You managed to stay in this family without getting frightened,” he spoke in English. “Even Maltese guys can’t handle my sons and my daughter as they are always doing whatever they want. You, as a Japanese guy, are able to handle my family, which is why I can’t stay against you dating my daughter.” He paused and I refused to say a word.

“Since you can’t understand our language,” he switched to speaking back to his own language. I gulped as I understood. “I heard that you don't have a family. Your parents died when you were just seven and you were taken in by your late parents’ friends who treat you as their own family. Christine told me how you have started to treat us like a family as well even though I have been against you going out with her. Once someone loses their loved ones, its then they value their important person and I know how important my daughter is to you that you travelled so far just to meet us. Even if you’re not a Maltese guy, I know you’re a good guy and I know you’ll make her happy so I can leave her with you.”

A warm smile formed on the corner of my mouth.

“You’re smiling as if you understand,” he said. “But there is no way you will understand.”

My smile nearly faltered but I forced it still. Shit, I cursed inwardly. He can never find out that I understand Maltese! He was a proud man so if he found out I would be a dead man and he’d probably make my life with her a misery.

“What did you say, sir?” I said through my forced smile pretending to not understand.

I was given a surprise the night before our flight. Chri’s mother had cooked traditional Japanese food just for me. There was even rice that I missed so much. I was really glad that I have come all the way to meet them. Although I had been scared and nervous, they have taken me as a member of the family. I felt blissful as it has been ages I felt a family’s warmth.


It has been a year since I visited Chri’s family. We were happy than ever although we tend to fight occasionally which I’d end up at Ryo and Ayu’s place. But happy nevertheless after all there were no more issues regarding sex unless she was upset with me and I would have to sleep in the spare room. In fact, I was making her compensate for the year I missed out.

Lately as we were happy my friends weren't. I noticed how my friend and my self-claimed sister have been distant. I also noticed how Ayu only forced smiles whenever I was there. Even Chri took notice and was getting worried.

“What’s up?” I asked my best friend one day unable to take Ayu’s forced smiles any longer. We were sitting in a small bar near my apartment.

He shrugged. “Nothing,” he replied. “Why do you think something’s wrong?”

“Because I’m worried about Ayu-chan,” I told him. “She’s not been herself lately. Are you guys having a bad time?”

He frowned. “No. I don't think so...”

“Come on you can tell me anything,” I stated desperately wishing to help my friends as they have helped me many times. “I’ll try and help you guys however much I can.”

He laughed. “There’s nothing wrong with us.”

He wouldn't say anything after that even when I tried to pester him so much. And every day after that, I would always ask the same question and every day I would get the same nonchalant reply. It was breaking my heart to see my friends in agony as well as my girlfriend, who would come home every time she visited Ayu, crying.

So, the two of us took Ayu out so we could finally get to the bottom of it since Ryo wouldn't budge. We weren't prepared to hear that Ryo might be cheating on her. I know my friend. He wouldn't cheat on Ayu, not when he loved her so much. Yet I couldn't help but doubt him. We planned to follow him on the Wednesday’s he always disappeared for few hours.


“Damn!” I cursed under my breath. It was a Wednesday and there was a lot of traffic due to an accident ahead of us. I hit the steering wheel hard. I turned on my CD player because listening to a song always calms me down. Today of all days it wasn't working. “Damn!” I decided to switch on the radio instead.

“Ryo-kun will be leaving soon,” Chri said from the passenger seat. “What should we do?”

I stared ahead at the long queue of cars in front of me. We wouldn't make it. Just then Chri’s phone vibrated.

“It’s Ayu,” she whispered as she answered it. She quickly put her call on loud speaker for me to hear.

“Where are you?” I heard her shouting.

“Sorry, we’re stuck in traffic!” Chri shouted back over the music.

“He’s already left,” she informed us.

I grumbled. “Should we leave it until next week then?”

“But I don't want to wait that long,” Chri blurted out.

“I’ll follow him. I’ll keep my phone with me. Use GPS to track me.”

I hesitated. I didn't want her going alone just in case she wouldn't be able to handle whatever Ryo was keeping from us. Before I could utter a word my girlfriend agreed and then the line went dead.

“Dammit, Chri, why did you agree?”

“Because I don't want to see her upset any longer,” she replied, tears forming on her eyes.

I sighed. I took out my satellite navigator that could be used as GPS. Turning it on, it beeped as soon as it found Ayu’s location. The traffic wasn't going any faster. After thirty minutes of waiting in frustration I asked Chri to call her to see if she was okay. It rang for a while until it went to voicemail.

Another five minutes went by. I was getting anxious although we were nearing the location that she had stopped at. I told her to call Ayu again which once again went to voicemail.

Shit what happened, I panicked inside. I didn't want to worry Chri although she was visibly worrying already.


We got to the location and jumped out of my car. We came to the rough part of the city and I got a bad feeling forming in the pit of my stomach as I searched around looking for them. When we found them in the alley my heart sank. My steps slowed down. I could hear my own breathing and the sound of my heart beating fast against my ribcage.

The sight was heartbreaking. There was a large pool of blood beside them. Ryo was on the ground leaning his back against the damp wall, unmoving. His eyes were closed, his head bowed and resting on Ayu’s shoulder. Ayu was on the ground as well in front of him. She had her arms wrapped around Ryo’s neck, unmoving.

No, it can’t be... It can’t...

“Oh my God!” I heard Chri gasp beside me. “Ayu!” she screamed. “Ayu! What have you done...?” Her voice trailed off as she sank down on the ground staring at them in utter shock.

I snapped out of my own shock. “I’m calling an ambulance,” I announced as I fished out my cell phone from my pocket. I refuse to believe it no matter what it looked like...


“How are they?” I quickly asked breathlessly as soon as a doctor exited the emergency room where Ryo and Ayu were.

Chri, who had been crying nonstop since we came to the hospital, stopped immediately as she spotted the nurse. She got to her feet and was beside me within seconds also waiting for the response.

The doctor sighed. He pulled off his mask, leaving his apron and hat. “Nishikido-san is now in a stable condition after the blood transfusion,” he informed.

“What about Ayu-chan?” Chri cried out as the doctor was refusing to say anything else.

He hesitated. “Hamano-san needs blood type O. Our blood bank for O blood type has run out regrettably just an hour ago and it wouldn't take until another few hours before more comes in. We need to do the blood transfusion now or it will be too late. Do any of you carry the same blood type?”

I paled as well as Chri. “My blood type is A,” I whispered feeling gutted as I couldn't be any help while Ayu was fighting for her life in the other room.

“Mine too,” my girlfriend’s voice came out hoarsely.

I ran my fingers through my hair in frustration Shit, shit, shit.

“Where is she?” Bam’s loud voice brought me out of my reverie.

I turned to her and saw Jaejoong right behind her. They were at the receptionist desk. Bam was scaring the receptionist with her loud voice and glares.

“I said where is she?” she screamed.

“Bam!” I yelled over catching her attention.

She turned to me and then stalked over to us. “Why the hell couldn't you prevent this from happening?” she was yelling at me now.

I averted my eyes away for a few seconds in shame but then I had a bigger problem at the moment. “What blood type are you?”

“AB,” she replied with a frown, her anger subsided momentarily.

I glanced at the Korean guy who quickly caught on to my question. “I’m B.”

“Damn, we need a O,” I let out a breath of air haggardly.

“I’m a O.”

We all looked up to find that Jessie and Hangeng had come behind Bam. They were breathing heavily as if they had been running which they probably had. But I didn't care at the moment.

“Your blood type is O?” I asked out loud for confirmation, to the Chinese guy.

“Yes,” he nodded. “Who needs blood?”

“Are you happy to donate your blood to Hamano-san?” the doctor cut in to ask.

The four newcomers’ eyes widened. Hangeng nodded. “If it will help, then yes!”

The doctor guided Hangeng to check his blood and Jessie followed him for support. I watched as the guy who could save Ayu’s life walk away with the doctor. I relaxed just a little but just a little. I still had to wait and waiting wasn't my forte.


All six of us slept in the hospital that night. We all refused to leave just in case there was some news regarding the two or either of them woke up. The blood transfusion to Ayu had been successful but she was in ICU for the night.

I was starting to worry the next day when there were no results with the two, until after sunset. Ryo woke up. At first we never noticed although we were in his private room trying to figure out what we would do about work as none of us wanted to go. He was calling for Ayu. When he saw all of us but not Ayu, he began panicking. And when we refused to tell him where she was, he went into hysteria. The doctor and nurses had to come in to sedate him.

The next morning, we all had concluded that we won’t go to work until we were sure Ryo and Ayu were okay, all taking emergency leave. We all visited Ayu at the ICU but none of us were allowed to stay with her which is why we slept in Ryo’s private room. There was a spare bed that the girls managed to share while we boys were sleeping on the chairs and we forced Hangeng to sleep on the foldable bed for guests as we were all grateful for him saving Ayu.

Ryo woke up again that afternoon and once again was asking for Ayu. I understood him then because if I was in his shoes and I was looking for Chri, I would want them to tell me. He nearly went into another hysteric fit when he heard how we had found them dying. I forced him to listen that Ayu was okay. She was alive.

“W-what happened?” his voice was shaking and he was on the verge of breaking down to cry. “He only stabbed me and then ran away. How did she get stabbed as well?”

I opened my mouth to speak then closed it. I have already concluded what had happened. “She must have felt guilty and stabbed herself.”

Ryo gasped.

“It’s my entire fault,” Chri wailed from the spare bed she sat on with the other two girls who wrapped a comforting arm around her. “If only I didn't agree.”

“It’s not your fault,” Jessie assured her gently. “You couldn't have known that this would happen.”

“I want to see her,” Ryo suddenly said making all of us gasp.

“You should rest,” Jaejoong told him in concern. “As soon as she’s out of ICU, you’ll be able to see her.”

“No!” he protested. “I want to see her now!”

He began to pull off the needles that were stuck on him. I, as well as the other foreign guys, tried to stop him. But he pushed us away.

“Get away from me,” he roared angrily.

We immediately stopped. He got off the bed and nearly fell. I stepped forward and caught him before he could fall to the floor. I told him to lean on me and I’d take him to her. My heart went out to the guy who I treated as my best friend and brother when he gave an appreciated smile even when he was in agony both emotionally and physically.

Ryo finally broke down and began crying when he saw Ayu plugged into so many machines. The six of us could do nothing but watch in despair. He had to be sedated once again as he had started to have a panic attack after crying so much.

For the next two days we all took care of him. His family who had turned up for the first day couldn't stay but they were relieved to know they could leave him to us had visited again for a day. Ryo would ignore everyone and would always go to the ICU. He’d stay there for hours until the doctors and nurses would pry him away because he needed to rest. As soon as she was out of the ICU they placed Ayu in the same room as the doctor didn't have the heart to separate them and it would also keep Ryo in bed where he should be.

Everyone was overjoyed when she had woken up after a week of sleeping. We were all finally able to relax, especially me, both my friends were alive and awake. The fear, I did not want to go through again, especially if it was Chri in the hospital.

I have already decided what I must do. Life was short. I could die any time and so could Chri which is why I wouldn't wait any longer. I’m going to ask her to marry me as soon as I was alone with her. I wasn't scared of commitment anymore as it was next to nothing against death.

I loved her and that’s all that mattered.
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