Happy Tears, Lonely Smiles by vietgurl412

"Nicole, don't ever love another women's man." The words echoed loudly through her head. The last seven words of her mother's life would forever be buried into Nicole's mind. Her heart. Her soul. Forever embedded into the world that Nicole knew. Nicole will forever remember her mother's last words. Or so she thought...
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Nothing I write is intended to offend anyone. All names are merely used for the purpose of this story. Everything written, personalities and all, are just a part of my imagination.

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Prolouge by vietgurl412
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"Nicole, don't you ever love another women's man." she said. With that, her already cold hands fell out of Nicole's. Nicole's tears came rushing out. The words her mother said echoed through her brain. Nicole looked into her mother's eyes. She realized that her mother's eyes were wide open, as if waiting for something.

"Nicole!" she vaguely heard someone calling her in the background. "Nicole! How's mom? Nicole? How is," the voice asked, but cut off. Nicole turned away from her mother's big brown eyes to see her bigger brother, Hero, had entered the room. He was frozen at the doorway as if something stopped him from moving forward.

"Mom." he breathed. "I'm sorry." he hung his head low and Nicole could see tears falling to the ground. "I'm sorry mom. I should've been here. I'm sorry. I love you." Hero breathed. He walked towards the bed where their mom lay, limp and cold. "Nicole, her eyes are open." Hero said, looking into their mother's eyes.

"I know." Nicole said. Hero leaned forward and kissed their mom on the cheek. He reached out to her eyes with his hands. He lightly touched them and sweeped his hands gently down her face. When he brought his hands away, Nicole burried her face in Hero's shoulder.

"She's really gone." Hero said, his voice cracking. "Mom." Hero held onto Nicole, his head buried into her hair. Nicole could feel Hero's tears soaking her hair. She could feel him shaking.

"Nicole, don't ever love another women's man." The words echoed loudly through her head. The last words of the loving mother that had raised Nicole with all her heart. The last words of the loving mother who lived through so much pain. The last words of the loving mother who couldn't last long enough to see Nicole's graduation. Even to her last breath, this loving mother still gave Nicole advice. She still used up her last breath to tell Nicole a life lesson. The last seven words of her mother's life would forever be buried into Nicole's mind. Her heart. Her soul. Forever embedded into the world that Nicole knew. Nicole will forever remember her mother's last words. "Nicole, don't ever love another women's man." Those very words would forever be with Nicole. Forever.

"I won't mom. I'll never love another women's man." Nicole whispered. "Never."
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A Promise To Oneself by vietgurl412

Thump, thump. Thump, thump. Surrounded by nothing, Nicole could only hear her heartbeat. The sound was peaceful, but Nicole couldn't hold it in anymore. She began flailing her arms and legs. When she surfaced, she gasped for air. She had stayed underwater for far too long. The pool was empty, which she liked. No one to disturb her thoughts as they wandered off into nothingness. She swam to the edge of the pool and pulled herself up so that only her legs were dangling in the water.

She liked the peace and quiet. The only thing she could hear was the slight buzz of the fans and lights above her head. She wished there was another place on earth where she could be surrounded by nothing but the sound of her heartbeat. Only a pool could let her do that. There was most likely not another place on earth other than a pool that would allow her to peacefully listen to her heartbeat. The sound of her life. The life her mother had given her.

Her mother. She had managed to not think too much painful memories about her mother for one day, yesterday. She was hoping she could do that again today. Avoid the tears. Avoid the pain. But that was all gone now. Her thoughts had somehow wandered to her mother. Her loving mother. It had been a week since the death of her mother and Nicole and Hero finally packed the last box and brought it successfully to Hero's house. As Nicole's wish for a welcome to town celebration from hero, Nicole wanted some peace and quiet at the local pool. Peace and quiet so she could think about nothing. But that nothing turned into the face of her mother. The face of her mother turned into the smile of her mother. The smile of her mother turned into the happy memories of her mother. The happy memories of her mother turned into the sad memories of her mother. The sad memories began to flow towards her father. The man she had never talked to since the age of 7. The man who she had never seen since the age of 7. The man who caused her mother so much pain. Pain. Pain was something she was feeling right now. The tears began to flow down Nicole's cheeks again. No. She didn't want to cry. She refused to cry. As the tears continued to flow, Nicole dived down back into the water, hoping the chlorine would disintegrate the tears.

Thump, thump. Thump, thump. The sound of her heartbeat. Surrounded by nothing. Nicole loved the peace, the sense of nothing. She wished she could stay underwater forever. She wished she could become a fish, swimming under water forever. No worries. No pain. No feelings. Just doing nothing but surviving by instincts and swimming along the coral reef. Not a care in the world.

Thump, thump. Thump, thump. Splash! Splash? That wasn't right. Why was there a splash? Nicole surfaced smoothly and almost instinctively to see what the splash was. As she surfaced, she saw a boy swimming gracefully underwater. As he surfaced, Nicole couldn't take her eyes off of the boy. He turned to see Nicole staring at him. Nicole quickly composed her expression and nodded slightly at the boy. She swam to the edge and stood there, fixing her stare at the ceiling. The boy shrugged and dived back underwater. He swam a few laps, then surfaced at the edge opposite where Nicole was.

"Sorry if I disturbed anything." the boy said.

"Why should you be sorry?" Nicole asked, still looking at the ceiling. "It's a public pool."

"I come here to get my mind off of things. I hate when people come splashing into the pool and disturb my thoughts." the boy answered. Nicole tore her eyes from the ceiling and looked at the boy, who seemed to be somewhere else. His eyes looked as if they were looking into a distant place. Somewhere very, very far away. Could it be possible? Could there be another person in this world who knew how Nicole felt? Another person who understood her pain?

"So, I'm sorry if I disturbed you." the boy said again.

"It's all good." Nicole shrugged off the thought of another person in the world like her. It was impossible. No one could ever feel the way she did. It was just impossible.

"So, there is something on your mind." the boy looked at Nicole, studying her. When Nicole didn't respond, he smiled. "This pool is magical. It really gets a person's thoughts straight." the boy continued to study Nicole as he spoke. After a moment of silence, the boy finally spoke up again. "Are you new here?" he asked.

"Yeah." Nicole answered. "I'm moving in with my brother."

"That's cool." he nodded.

"Hey, you done swimming yet?" Nicole and the boy turned to see Nicole's brother, Hero.

"Yeah." Nicole smiled at her big brother. She lifted herself out of the pool and grabbed a towel. She wrapped the towel around her body and headed towards the girls' locker room. Hero sat patiently at one of the poolside chairs.

Nicole walked into the shower and let the steamy hot water fall onto her. After a swim in the cool pool, all Nicole wanted to do was stand in the shower for a long time and rinse away all the thoughts that came into her head. It usually didn't work very well. Nicole's thoughts usually wandered back to what she was thinking about after 5 seconds in the shower. That didn't happen this time. This time, Nicole's thoughts wandered to the boy. Something about him made Nicole wonder. Was this boy really experiencing the pain she was? It didn't seem possible. The pain she was feeling still seemed unrealistic to even her. It all felt like a dream. It was all a world she didn't know existed.

Nicole figured she could stay in the shower and try to figure everything out, but it would be unfair to Hero. Her bigger brother was patient and a great person, but Nicole didn't know his limits. She felt it wasn't fair to make him wait too long. She quickly washed her hair and dried herself up. Nicole slipped into a pair of jeans and threw on a tank top and a hoodie. She grabbed her bag and walked out to meet with her brother. Nicole stole a quick glance towards the pool as she walked out. The boy was still there, sitting in the exact same position as he was when she left to take a shower.

"Ready to unpack?" Hero threw his arm around Nicole's shoulder and lead her out to his car.

"Yup." Nicole nodded. She gave Hero a big smile. If anything, Nicole knew her mother wanted her to be happy. Nicole also knew Hero felt bad for leaving Nicole and their mother alone. If Nicole cared, which she did very much, Nicole was gonna be happy. She was gonna smile and laugh and live on. Nicole was gonna be the girl she had always been. Nicole made a promise to herself as they walked to Hero's car. Nicole promised she wouldn't let anyone see her tears. No one.
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Four Times by vietgurl412
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Hehe! I'm proud! It's a decently long chapter :D

After unpacking, Nicole wanted to explore. She only had one box left, the box that she took from her mother's room. She had found it sitting in the closet and decided to take it along without looking at what was inside. She knew her mother packed it before-hand for her. Nicole just didn't have the courage to open it. Not yet. So, Nicole told Hero she wanted to explore the new world she was going to live in. She got out of the house and managed to find her way to the park. She had already walked three rounds around the path overlooking a beautiful pond. It was an interesting place.

After her fourth round, Nicole's legs were tired. She found a white bench in the lawn. The bench sat underneath a big oak tree, which shaded her from the burning sun. The bench was positioned under the tree perfectly so that Nicole could see the pond without leaves in her way. It also provided a clear view of the sky.

"It's a good place to see the stars at night." Nicole heard a male voice say from her right. She turned to realize that a handsome young man was sitting next to her. He was looking at the sky, as Nicole was. He turned towards Nicole and smiled. "Hey!"

"Hi." Nicole greeted the kind young man with a cheerful smile.

"You new around here?" the boy asked. Though she was asked the question earlier, Nicole was still struck with surprise. The city was big, how was it possible that people would know whether she was new or not?

"I'm only asking because you seem astonished by everything you see. If you weren't new here, everything would have seemed old and boring." the boy explained himself, as if he could read Nicole's mind.

"Oh." Nicole nodded, thinking about it. Did she really seem astonished? Did she make it obvious she was new?

"So, you are new here?" the boy continued.

Nicole smiled and nodded. "I'm moving in with my brother."

"That's cool." the boy nodded. 'That's cool'. That was exactly what the other boy at the pool said. Nicole sat there, finding her thoughts wander back to the boy at the pool. There was something about him. He seemed to be alot like her. He went to the pool when something troubled him. Just like her. He seemed to enjoy swimming. Just like her. He seemed to be experincing a sort of pain. Just like her. Though by now, Nicole was sure it wasn't the same kind of pain.

"Hey, you know your way around here yet?" the boy's questioned pulled Nicole out of her thoughts.

Nicole shook her head.

The boy jumped up and grabbed Nicole's wrist. "Come on!" the boy urged. "I'll show you my favorite places."

As much as Nicole was curious, she knew better than to follow a stranger around. As the boy pulled her towards the street, Nicole rushed through her head for an excuse.

"I'm sorry. I should get going." Nicole said. "I'm sure my brother has something planned and I don't want to spoil his surprise by knowing about the stuff around here beforehand."

"Oh, you got a point don't you." the boy nodded. He let go of Nicole's wrist. "I should let you go then." the boy said. He smiled. "See you around new girl!" he said, waved, then skipped off in the direction he was pulling Nicole.

"See you around." Nicole said a moment to late. She smiled to herself. The guy was pretty cute. He had something about him that made Nicole smile. He reminded Nicole of one of her childhood friends.

Back then, when she was 6, when her parents were still around, Nicole lived in a small town near Seoul together with her grandmother. There were four boys her age. Nicole remembered each one perfectly. One always had his hair pulled up into a ponytail and always made her laugh. Another one loved ddeokbokki to the point he would beg strangers for it. The other one loved to cook, even if it was just mud pies at the point. The last one loved music and was easily scared. All four boys, one day, came up to Nicole while she was reading and presented her with yellow daisies. They were best friends from that day on. Then, her life fell down in spirals the day of her 7th birthday. Since that day, Nicole had dreaded her birthday, hoping that the day would pass by quickly, or better yet, never come. That day, as things went down hill in her life, she moved away from the small town with her mother and never met the four boys again.

Just the thought of the past almost brought tears to Nicole's eyes. She composed herself fast enough to blink back the tears. No way was she going to break her own promise to herself. Nicole had to stay strong.

Oh, but how much she longed to go back to the days when there was nothing in life but running around in the field with her four friends, picking daisies and catching dragonflies and watching butterflies and laughing. How much she longed to go back to the days when her mother would sit on the chair on their porch, watching her play while knitting a scarf for the up-coming winter. How much she longed to go back to the days when her father pushed her on the swing that he made and tied to the big oak tree in their yard. How much she longed for the love of her parents. The smiles, the care. The joy that they gave her.

"Hey! Watch out!" a voice shouted. Instinctively, Nicole looked up. The sun was blocked by something black. Wierd, it was only 2PM when she left the house, why was it dark? Then, the sun's ray formed a halo around the black thing. A thought struck her. The thing was moving. Towards her.

Nicole let out a short scream as she threw her hands up to shield her head. After a while, Nicole peeked out from under her arms. The black thing should've hit her by now. But instead, in front of her was a tall black sillouette. She could see the sillouette throw something. He turned back around to Nicole, who quickly stood up. Too quickly, in fact, because she hit her head against a pole that she didn't even know was there.

"Ow," she excalimed. She had crouched back down and was rubbing her head.

The tall sillouette was also crouched down beside her. "You ok?" the sillouette asked. Male. "You hit your head hard there. I heard it." the voice said again.

Still rubbing her head, Nicole stood up slowly, making sure nothing else was in her way. Once she managed to stand up straight, she looked back at the sillouette. She was up to his upper chest. "I'm ok." she said. She really was. She stopped rubbing her head and used her hand to shield her eyes from the sun. Now she could actually see the boy's face clearly. He was handsome too, like the other two she met today.

The boy smiled, and Nicole smile back.

"You new?" he asked after a few seconds of silience.

Oh great. Again. Was it really that obvious? "Yea, moving in with my brother." Nicole said.

"That's cool." he nodded. Again. The same response as the other two. There was something about the boys in Seoul. Or maybe Nicole was just imagining things. She must've hit her head too hard.

"I'm gonna go." Nicole said.

"Weren't you headed that way?" the boy said, seeming a little worried. Nicole looked in the direction the boy was pointing and realized that that was the direction she was heading to.

"Yeah, right. That way." Nicole nodded and began to walk the direction the boy had pointed.

"You sure you ok?" the boy asked from behind her.

Nicole turned around and gave the boy a thumbs up. "I'm great!" she smiled. She turned around and hurried away.

That was embarrasing. Nicole thought to herself. She looked up, watching where she was going this time.

As she walked, she saw a now hiring sign on the window of a restraunt close by her house. Nicole figured it would be smart to get a job so she could help Hero out. Nicole walked into the restruant, planning to ask questions about the job. A young man was standing at the cash register. He spotted Nicole and smiled. Nicole approached the stand and smiled as well.

"Can I help you?" the boy said.

"I want to ask about getting a job here." Nicole said.

"Oh, you want to get a job here? Oh that's great! I could use some help." the boy smiled. "Hold on." he ran to the back and grabbed some papers. He brought them up to the cashier stand and handed them to Nicole. "There's information on here. You just have to fill out the questions on the last page." he showed Nicole where to sign and what questions to answer. Nicole listened carefully.

"Ok, I got it." Nicole said after he finished.

"Alright. You don't have to fill it all out here. Bring it back whenever you're done." he boy smiled.

"Ok, thanks!" Nicole smiled. She grabbed the papers and made her way out.

"Oh, wait." the boy caled after her.

Nicole turned around. "Yeah?" she said.

"Are you new around here?" the boy asked.

Oh wow. It must have been really obvious. "Yeah, I'm moving in with my brother." Nicole answered for the fourth time today.

"That's cool." was his response. Nicole smiled. That was also the fourth time today Nicole heard that. City boys weren't very creative.

Nicole walked out the door. Tonight, she was going to talk to Hero about getting a job. She also figured she should talk about school too. She had one year left before she could head off to college. With that plan set in mind, Nicole headed home.
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The Beginning by vietgurl412
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Nicole had no idea what to expect as Hero brought her into the school's main office the next day. The meeting with the principle went by smooth. Nicole found out that the school year in the city is divided into two semesters. The first begins in the beginning of March and ends in mid-July; the second begins in late August and ends in mid-February. Students have summer vacation from mid-July to late August, and winter vacation from late-December to early February, and also take a short vacation from mid-February to March 1.

The school was currently in winter vacation, which would be over in 4 days. She would attend school from December 22 to February 9, then she would graduate and head into the new world. Nicole knew that was her plan, but she had no idea what to do with herself after that. She pushed the thought away. She would focus on the here and now and worry about the then and later, well, later.

For the next 3 days, Hero brought Nicole out around town and showed her every place he enjoyed going to. They ate at restaurants Hero said held many memories of his life since he moved out to the city. They went to museums and shopping centers. Nicole had thought Hero didn't like shopping, but quickly realized that living by himself changed him. She especially saw that Hero was just as intelligible about buying clothing as her friend Tiffany back home.

No, not back home. Here was home now. Nicole had to remember that. Her home is with Hero now. Nicole had to adjust to that, which she figured, wouldn't be automatic. But she had to, for Hero.

Hero bought Nicole the materials for school. He bought her a notebook, pencils, pens, just the basics. She had insisted on buying them herself, but Hero was persistent and declared that caring about school was apart of his Big Brother rule book.

"I wanna see this book of yours." Nicole had said.

"As soon as we get home." Hero had grinned.

She never saw the book, but didn't quite care. After years of being separated, Nicole knew Hero just wanted to resume his big brother position. Actually, as Nicole thought about it, Hero never had experience as a big brother. He had moved in with their grandparents after kindergarten so that he could attend a proper school, something the small town they lived in didn't have. So she realized Hero was just trying to fill in the empty space in Nicole's heart. The empty space that was screaming for a big brother. And, Nicole came to realize, Hero figured that buying her things was apart of it. She figured that was also why he had pushed the job talk aside. She planned on bringing it up again soon. Maybe after school tomorrow.


"Get to sleep early" Hero said later that night after dinner. Hero had brought Nicole to his favorite Kimchi restaurant and the two ate away on Spicy Red Kimchi.

"Yup. School! Exciting!" Nicole said enthusiastically as she headed towards the bathroom. "School. Oh joy." she mumbled as she closed the door. "Oh Nicole, what are you gonna do. You're gonna be the new kid that has no friends." Nicole said to her reflection is the mirror.

That night, Nicole dreamed peacefully. For once, it wasn't memories of her mother. No. This dream, was a memory of her friends. Her four friends from 11 years back.


She was sitting on her favorite bench out by the playground near the kindergarten, waiting for her parents to come pick her up. She was peacefully reading her favorite book, one her father had given to her. Her hair was flowing gently with the breeze. She was just about to get to the good part, the climax as her father had taught her, when she heard the whispers.

At first, she ignored them, thinking it was just some classmates walking by. But the whispers began to get closer. Curious, Nicole put down her book and looked to see four yellow daisies held out in front of her. Her eyes traveled up to see that four boys her age were holding them out to her with big smiles on their small, round faces. Faces that still had baby fat on the cheeks and chin.

"Will you be our friend?" said a boy who had his hair gathered up in a ponytail on top of his head. The other three nodded furiously, as if they wanted to ask the same question.

Nicole knew better then to talk to strangers, but also knew that making friends was essential. She grinned wide when she remembered what her father taught her the first day of kindergarten. She nodded her head at the four boys and they handed their flowers to her.

Nicole's parents arrived to pick her up then. The four boys greeted my parents, then ran off, saying they'd see her in class the next day.

The five of them, Nicole and the four boys, played with each other all the time from that day on. They ran around pointlessly in her yard, laughing and having fun. Her father built a tree house that the five declared as theirs. They played make-believe where Nicole was always the princess and the four boys were always the nights in shining armor, fighting the bushes, which were dragons, with tree branches and rescuing the princess. If they did well, Nicole's mother, the queen, would reward all five with cookies.

Then, Nicole's birthday began to near. A party was being planned, but something was amiss at her house. Nicole could sense something wrong. But, the child she was, she put it aside and ran outside to play, anticipating the day her big brother would come home with her grandparents and celebrate her birthday with Nicole and her four best friends. She would never tell the boys what she had planned, of course. Nicole kept the boys guessing. She never told them of her brother, or the cake, or the party decorations, nothing. They just had to come if they wanted to know.

But, the day of her birthday, she woke up to find her mother crying and her father gone.


Beep! Beep! Beep! The sound of the alarm pulled Nicole out of her dreamland, which was becoming a nightmare, and into the real world.

Beep! Beep! Beep! The alarm continued to sound. "I'm up!" Nicole told the clock. She turned off the clock and went to her closet. "Talking to inanimate objects, never a good sign." she talked to herself as she got dressed.

"Hey! Ready for school?" Hero greeted Nicole cheerfully in the kitchen as Nicole sat down at the table.

"Oh yeah. I'm feeling lucky today!" Nicole said, and she meant it. For some reason, even though her dream had ended on a bad note, remembering her four friends had Nicole up and happy-go-lucky. The dream gave Nicole strength, it allowed Nicole to believe she would make new friends and be able to move on from her mother's death. The dream assured Nicole that she could go on with a happy life. She smiled at the thought. She turned around in her chair to watch Hero work on breakfast, which, within the past week, she found out he was excellent at.

"What's for breakfast?" Nicole asked.

"I figured, for your first day of school in the big city, we should give you something to enjoy." Hero said.

"Oh, stop stalling and tell the hungry girl what's for breakfast." Nicole said. Stern, but in a joking manner.

Hero obviously heard the joking in Nicole's voice, because he began to babble about how important breakfast was for a growing girl.

"Hero, I will find something to smack you with if you don't clue me in on what I have to eat." Nicole said.

"Well, maybe if you just look at it yourself," Hero trailed off as he put the plate in front of Nicole. Nicole inhaled the scent of her favorite.

"Figured you'd be tired of traditional food, so I cooked up some western style breakfast for ya." Hero said as he sat down across from Nicole, with a plate of his own. "Pancakes, bacon, and scrambled eggs." he said, more to himself than to Nicole. The two siblings digged in and ate. The two silently enjoyed the meal, the only sound being the scrapping of the forks against the plates.


After breakfast, Hero drove Nicole to school. The campus was packed with students who were catching up with each other.

"Good luck." Hero said as he dropped Nicole off at the front door. "Go to the main office to let them know you're here." Hero instructed before letting Nicole get out of the car. "I'll pick you up," Hero paused to scan the campus for a good place to pick Nicole up. "There. Over at that bench." Hero pointed to a white bench off to the side of the school, near the garden. Nicole nodded and got off the car. She stood there like a dork, watching Hero's car drive off and away to work.

Suddenly, Nicole's excitement from during breakfast wore off and Nicole found herself walking towards the main office with a stomach filled with fluttering butterflies. This was now the beginning of moving on.
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Where Was The Fourth? by vietgurl412
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Class was not bad. Nicole had managed to get the principle to let her go to class early and talk the teacher into not bringing any specific attention to her. Though she sensed there were people looking at her throughout class, the teacher never onced announced her as a new student. Nicole managed to ignore the staring class-mates and focus on class.

Nicole was sitting on the bench that Hero told her to wait at now. She scanned the road, looking for Hero's car.

"Did your brother ever show you around?" said a male voice behind her. Nicole whipped her head around. It was the cute guy from the park the other day.

"Hey!" Nicole smiled.

"Did think you'd go to my school, but you know what? This is cool." the guy sat down next to her.

"Yeah." Nicole nodded. She had no idea how to respond to that.

"So, your brother ever take you around?"

"Yeah. We went to eat out almost every night." Nicole said.

"That's awesome! Where have you been?"

Nicole was about to answer when another male voice came from behind her. "Nervous day?"

Nicole turned around yet again to look up at the boy who had caught the ball before it hit her the other day.

"Um, yeah, nervous day" Nicole nodded.

"You know him?" the boy from the parkasked.

"We met the other day. Why? Jealous?" the other boy shot back.

"Like I would ever be jealous of you." Park Boy snorted.

"Good, I'd hate to be the reason for drama." the other guy said. Then he turned his attention back to Nicole. "Your head still hurt?"

"Me? Nah, it stopped hurting after I left." Nicole assured him.

"You hurt her?" Park Boy looked up at the other guy.

"No, but I don't have to explain anything to you."

"I just hit my head and he saw me." Nicole explained instead. She hated drama and wasn't gonna put up with the boys.

"Oh," Park Boy nodded. There was an awkward silince as the two boys were lost in thought. Nicole sat there, wishing she could read minds. What were the boys thinking? Was there something between them? They seemed like they didn't like each other. But why? Nicole mentally shook herself. She was being too nosy for her own good.

"I was wondering when I would see you again." said yet another male voice. Nicole turned around to see the boy from the restruant she planned on working at.

"Oh, hey!" Nicole waved at him.

"I see you've made friends." Restruant Boy gestured to the other two. There was something hidden in his tone of voice, a grudge of some sort. But Nicole shook herself mentally again. She was paranoid. The first day of school in the big city must have messed with her mind, why else would she bejugdingrelationships at first sight?

"Yeah, I guess I have." Nicole nodded, saying every word carefully.

"I'm considered your friend?" Park Boy smiled wide, his eyes big with excitment.

Sports Boy, as Nicole decided to call the guy, seeing as how he was most likely good at sports, made a rude noise towards Park Boy. If Park Boy heard it, he didn't show hecared.

"I see you made friends." said just another guy voice. Only this time, Nicole knew this voice. She turned around with a big smile directed towards her brother.

"Hey Hero." Nicole said. She could hear the three boys behind her mumbling "Hi's".

Nicole turned around. "This is my bigger brother, the one I'm moving in with." Nicole intorduced Hero to the boys.

"Hey! I'm Hongki." said Park Boy, cheerful.

"Hi. Wooyoung." said Sports Boy.

"Hello. I'm Jonghoon." said Restruant Boy.

Something about the names triggered at Nicole's memory, but Nicole couldn't quite put her finger on it. She shrugged it off, thinking she was just being paranoid, again.

"Nice to meet you guys." Hero smiled at the boys. Then turned back to Nicole. "Ready to go?"

"Yeah." Nicole smiled. "Oh, yeah! Hero!" Nicole called after her brother. "About the job, you need to sign that sheet, seeing as how you're considerd my guardian." She turned to look at Restruant Boy, or as he had said his name was, Jonghoon. He smiled at her and she returned the smile.

"Oh. I forgot 'bout that. Yeah, I'll sign it when we get home." Hero nodded.

"Ok." Nicole said.

Before getting in the car, Nicole caught a glimpse of the boy from the swimming pool. He was surrounded by a girls who were flirting with him. Seeinghim again triggered yet another feeling. She shrugged yet again.

Nicole got in the car and Hero drove off. Then she realized, if Swim Boy was surrounded by girls, he was popular. She knew she was being stereotypical, but popular people usually don't have problems. So what did he mean when he told her the pool was magical? What did he mean when he said he swam when he was having troubles?

"I thought you had four of those friends." Hero's voice cut off Nicole's mind-babble.

"Huh?" Nicole looked at Hero, whose eyes were focused on the road.

"You're friends. There were four. At least, you told me aout four of them on the phone back then." When Hero didn't get a response, he continued. "When you were 7 years old, I think. You had those four guy friends you always hung out with."

Nicole thought back to her childhood, thinking hard. Then Nicole got it. Those boys, Hongki, Wooyoung, and Jonghoon. The names triggered a memory. It all made sense. She hadn't thought about her childhood ever since she left it. Then, just a short encounter with the boys would cause her to re-visit the past in a dream. Of course. The four boys in her dream were Hongki, Wooyoung, and Jonghoon.

"Wait," she thought to herself. There were four in the dream. There were four in her flashbacks. But she met only three. How could it be? That was what Hero meant. There was only three today. There were four in the past. Where, or who, was the other one?

Key. That was his name. But who was Key? And where was Key?
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Peace and Violence by vietgurl412
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"Oh great. As if being the new girl in town wasn't enough. Now I'm late too." Nicole said to herself as she ran through the school doors.
Hero had left early for work today. He left her a note on the kitchen counter saying breakfast was in the fridge and that she should leave early for school. He drew a map on the back so Nicole would know which way to go. She left at the perfect time, but on her way, took the wrong turn and got lost. She had just arrived at the school when the bells rang for class.

"Oh crap oh crap oh crap." Nicole said as she shut her locker and ran down the hall. Her class was on the second floor. As she approached the stairs, a sign saying the stairs were closed for cleaning purposes was being put up.

"What?" Nicole whimpered. Then someone grabbed her arm and dragged her down the hall.

"Stand there whimpering why don't you." said a male voice.

Nicole finally caught in step with the guy long enough to take a look at who it was. She stopped short at the sight of the boy at the pool.

Sensing she had stopped, he turned to look at Nicole. He raised his eyebrow and stood there. Nicole stared. Something about him triggered memories of yesterday's encounter with the others; Hongki, Wooyoung and Jonghoon.

"You can stand there and be really late, but I'm going to class." the boy said, turning.

Nicole shook her head. She would have time later to think about why he triggeredmemories of the others. For now, he seemed to know his way around the school and Nicole needed to get to class. "Is there another staircase?" Nicole asked as she followed behind the boy's heels.

"No. The janitors clean all the staircases during first period. Only way to get upstairs is the elevator." the boy said overhis shoulder.

"Elevator." Nicole mumbled as she nodded.

The two arrived at the elevator as the doors began to close. The boy launched himself towards the elevator, holding the doors open, and stepped inside. Nicole followed suit. Before even looking around, Nicole could sense that the atmosphere was tense. There were others for sure. Most likely people who didn't like each other. Curious, Nicole glanced around to see Hongki, Wooyoung and Jonghoon in the elevator as well. Nicole smiled at them. She wondered why the atmosphere was so tense.

Then the elevator made a screeching noise as it came to a stop. Everyone readied themselves to run for their classes, but the elevator doors didn't open. Instead, the elevator dropped down a bit, causing Nicole to lose balance and fall backwards, landing on her butt. Jonghoon helped her up with Hongki looking on while Wooyoung began punching the doors.

"It's stuck. The elevator's stuck." Wooyoung said, to no one in particular.

The five of them, the four boys and Nicole, sat on the floor as they were trapped in their own thoughts. Nicole could still feel the tense atmosphere, which continued to bug her.

"This is so stupid! Of all the people in the world, it had to be you in the elevator with me!" Wooyoung suddenly burst out saying.

"Like I had a choice!" Hongki said, glaring at Wooyoung. Nicole, bewildered, looked at Jonghoon questioningly. Jonghoon had his head down, a small sigh coming out of his lips, as if this had happened mulitple times before.

"Like I had a choice? Is that all you got to say?"

"Why? What else do you want me to say?" Hongki stood up. Wooyoung followed suite. The tense atmosphere Nicole felt earlier seemed to grow as the two boys stared each other down with murdering expressions.

"Maybe you should just except your stupid mistakes and disappear. Then you wouldn't be such a freaking bother to the world." Wooyoung spat in Hongki's face.

Furious now, Hongki pushed Wooyoung against the wall of the elevator. "You shut up. I made no mistakes that day! If anything, it was you!"

Wooyoung recovered from the attack and charged at Hongki, grabbing him by the collar of his shirt, "I usually hope you die a painful death, but today, I'm not gonna hope. I'm gonna make sure it happens. Now!" With that declaration, Wooyoung punched Hongki in the jaw. Hard.

Hongki fell on the floor from the impact. He turned to stand up and met Nicole's eyes. Nicole's shocked eyes. Nicole saw Hongki's face of fury soften, but before he could do anything, Wooyoung was ontop of him, punching and and swearing.

"STOP!" Nicole screamed. She was standing up now. "What the heck are you guys doing?!" Wooyoung, covered in sweat, looked up at Nicole confused. Hongki, bruises decorating his face, took the distraction to push Wooyoung off and stand up, wiping the side of his mouth.

Wooyoung's anger returned first as he stood up. "That thing has issues to resolve with me." Wooyoung said, pointing a shaking finger at Hongki.

"What kind of issues have to be resolved in fighting?" Nicole said. Wooyoung glared at her. Nicole felt a tugging on her sleeve. She looked down to see Jonghoon urging her to sit down. Nicole looked over and saw the boy that had brought her into the elevator sitting quietly in the corner.

"Sit down." Jonghoon whispered. "Just ignore them. What guys don't get into fights." Again, like the day before, Nicole heard a hint of metal in his voice, as if he wished he were fighting too.

"I'm not going to ignore them!" Nicole said, anger rising up in her. To calm herself, Nicole recited her mother's favorite saying. A saying that her mother had always used for the four boys back in her distant childhood. A phrase her mother would say over and over, so that neither Nicole nor Hero would ever fight. Nicole took a deep breath and closed her eyes, the though of using her mother's memories burned her eyes and threatened to rain tears down her cheeks. "Peace cannot be achieved through violence, it can only be attained through understanding." Nicole whispered. Silience filled the elevator. Nicole openned her eyes to see all four boys looking at her with wide eyes.

Then it hit her. Four boys. Fights. Her childhood. Her mother's quote calming everything. She already knew Wooyoung, Hongki and Jonghoon were the three boys. But the atmosphere felt so right. She turned to look at the boy who had brought her here. He was looking towards her, but his mind far away in outer space. Key. It could only be him. No one else would be able to complete the circle of five. No one but the fourth boy. No one but Key.

"Key." Nicole whispered. He semed to have mentally shook himself and looked up at Nicole. The reaction was enough to confirm it. Nicole had found all of her childhood friends. All four of the boys she spent everyday with. Wooyoung, Hongki, Jonghoon, and Key. But why? Why did they not like each other? Before Nicole could ask, the elevator started up again and went to the main floor. The door openned at kids were spilling out of class and into the hallways. Was the day over already? Students were shutting lockers and leaving the school with their backpacks.

"Half-day." Jonghoon said.

"Great." Wooyoung commented. He walked out of the elevator, pulling Nicole's elbow on the way. "We need to talk."
Jerk Alert by vietgurl412
Author's Notes:
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Nicole followed Wooyoung. What else could she do? Wooyoung led her into a junkyard, theother 3 were right behind her. They reached a clearing where Wooyoung let go of Nicole's elbow and turned to look at her. Nicole looked around the junkyard, someting about the place brought a rush of deja vu to her.

"Who are you? Really?" Wooyoung began to interrogate her.

"And this is important why?" Nicole put her hands on her hips. "You two," she gestered to Wooyoung, then Hongki, "were just fighting in an elevator on school grounds. First of all, violence solves nothing. Second, you could easily get suspended. And third..."

"Would you just shut up and answer my question?" Wooyoung cut Nicole off.

Nicole snorted. It wasn't something she liked to do, but her temper was boiling now. She took a breath to calm herself before looking Wooyoung in the eye. Then she slowly but confidentally looked the other 3 boys in the eye before speaking. "I didn't think that leaving for 11 years was going to turn each of you guys into complete jerks. Fighters? Acting tough? Wooyoung, you used to be a little boy begging the neighborhood ajummas to make you ddeokbokki. Hongki, you were the jumpy boy that pretty much strived at making even the mute laugh. Jonghoon, you were our neighborhood musician. A child prodigy. But you were easily scared. A fly made you yelp. And Key, you were the goody goody. Mister Always Right. You 3 were amazing friends. Ones I would never forget. But now, I'm starting to wonder. This junkyard, you think I don't remember? It's our old playground. We lived a field away from here. I figured if I ever came here again, it would be a wonderful reunion. Too bad those so-called friends of mine are now major jerks. If that's the kind of person you want to be, then so be it, but I'm done." Nicole truned on her heels and walked out of the junkyard. Over her shoulder, Nicole yelled, "And if that didn't help you, the name's Nicole." Then she departed with tears tugging at the corner of her eyes.


The next few days saw Nicole avoiding crossing paths with the boys. After a week, it became a natural thing. They would see each other in the halls and never acknowledge the other's existance. It was to the point where Nicole was practically invisible.

After school one day, Hero brought up the topic of jobs. "So I noticed you being all distant for the past week. I figured it was because I wouldn't let you get a job. So I dropped by the restraunt and confirmed your job. You start tomorrow."

"What?!" Nicole jumped out of her seat.

"Not the response I was expecting, but glad you're excited." Hero blinked. "That job must be important." He added on a side-note.

Nicole gave out a big sigh and retreated to her room. "Serves me right for making such a big deal about this." Nicole knew her brother was trying to do the right thing, so decided she would endure the suffering of having to work with a member of the Jerk Cult, or so she decided to call them.

"Don't forget! Tomorrow right away after school." Hero called before turning off the lights and retreating to his own room.

"How could I forget." Nicole exclaimed, hoping Hero wouldn't pick up on the heavy sarcasm. "After all, it is my torture."


School could not have been faster. The entire day, Nicole dreaded that last bell. To think not wanting to leave school would make it longer, but no, the day went by even faster.

Nicole walked to the restruant and checked in with the manager, her new boss. She slipped into the bathroom to change and then droppe off her clothes and bag in her cubby.

"Nicole, come here." said her boss, Mr. Kim. Nicole made her way to the kitchen where Mr. Kim stood with the one and only Jonghoon. "This is Jonghoon, he will be your coach for the first week. He will show you how everything works here." Nicole could feel Jonghoon staring at her, but she kept her gaze on Mr. Kim.

"Sure thing sir." Nicole replied.

"Jonghoon," Mr. Kim turned to Jonghoon, "start with the cashier." And with that Mr. Kim retreated to his office. Jonghoon rolled his eyes at Nicole and headed to the counter. He demonstrated how to use the cashier 3 times before handing it over to Nicole as he hovered.

"Break." Jonghoon said after an hour. He made his way back to the kitchen, with Nicole following behind, as another guy took over. "So, finally decided to stop hiding?" Jonghoon said as he passed Nicole a glass of milk.

"Hiding from who? The bogeyman? Excuse me but that was you." Nicole said as she rejected the glass and filled up a glass of juice instead.

"Not funny." Jonghoon mummbled. "I meant us. Finally done with avoiding the major jerks?" he emphasized the phrase 'major jerks' with an eye-roll and a high pitched voice.

"My turn to say not funny. First, I sound nothing like that and second, " but Jonghoon cut her off.

"You know, you used to answer a question very simply."

"And you nevused to be kind and polite."

"I still am."

"Sure doesn't look like it."

"Maybe it's because I'm mad."

"Over something that happened a few days ago?"

"No, I'm mad at myself for letting you go." That shut Nicole up. She was caught off guard by the response.

After what seemed like an hour of staring at each other, Nicole recovered and said, "You make it sound like we broke up or something."

"Maybe not like that, but our friendship sure did."

"All it takes is an apology."

"Well then I'm sorry. Really."

"And maybe a cake." Nicole teased.

"How about ice cream." Jonghoon chuckled.

"Sounds like a deal, friend."

"It feel good to hear you say that, friend." Jonghoon smiled genuinly. "But before all that sweets, we got 2 more hours of work. Come on."

"Right behind you!"
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