Butterflies In Spring by aloakley
Summary: Jiyong has waited for so long to marry the girl of his dreams and he's decided. He can't wait anymore.
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1. Chapter 1 by aloakley

2. Chapter 2 by aloakley

Chapter 1 by aloakley

Minami Aoyama,

Tokyo, Japan.

The young couple were in disguise, their hair tucked into matching red hats, faces covered by large sunglasses as they wandered about the prestigious establishment.

The young woman stood in front of the lighted glass cases staring longingly at the rows of diamond rings as they sparkled, beckoning her with their beauty.

“So beautiful.” She whispered.

“You think?” A playful voice asked over her shoulder and she turned around and smiled

“Mmm.” She nodded.

“Do you want to try them on?” Jiyong asked.

Dara’s eyes widened as she stared at her boyfriend. Was he serious?

“That one.” Jiyong said in his limited Japanese to the assistant, pointing to a particular ring in the case. The woman smiled and nodded, retrieving the black velvet case and placing it on the glass countertop.

It was a delicate, intricately wrought silver fairy band with a perfectly placed ice blue diamond, encased in a bed of tiny white diamonds.

“No, no.” Dara countered backing away.

“We’re just looking, right Jiyongie? Stop teasing the poor woman and tell her to put it back. We have to go anyway; we haven’t seen the other shops yet.” She babbled. Her heart was suddenly pounding so hard.

Jiyong rolled his eyes and grabbed her, pulling her to the counter. Taking her slender hand in his, he caressed the smooth skin.

“We’re just looking right? I want to see the ring on you then.”

He picked up the ring and slid it onto her finger. A perfect fit.

Dara stared at the jewel incredulously. She was trembling and she lifted up her right hand to cover her mouth, trying to control the overwhelming feeling coming over her.

“It’s beautiful isn’t it?” Jiyong whispered.

Dara looked up at him and nodded, mute, her eyes shimmering with the suddenly welled up tears that were threatening to fall. Thank God for the sunglasses so no one could see just how affected she was.

“But you’re much more beautiful.” He grinned.

She gave him a wobbly smile and carefully took off the ring, placing it back in its velvet box.

Turning to the assistant she smiled.

“Arigatou gozaimasu.” She bowed respectfully and grabbed her boyfriend’s hand, pulling him out of the shop and into the sunlit street.

No matter how much she wanted it, she did not feel like playing that game. She didn’t want to set her hopes impossibly high. Lost in her thoughts, she didn’t see the little conspiratorial exchange of nods between her boyfriend and the assistant.

“Take me shopping Jiyongie.” She smiled cutely and he happily obliged. Their alone time together in Tokyo was short and he was damned if he wasn’t going to spoil her rotten.


[…We will send it over by special delivery as requested by Kwon-san

Okay thank you. The charges are being taken care of as we speak

Thank you and goodbye


The manager turned around and looked at his young charge who was sitting cross-legged on the plush carpeted floor of the hotel bedroom, engrossed with something on his mobile phone.

“Are you sure about this Jiyong-goon?” He asked worriedly. “The president won’t like it one bit.”

“Yes I’m sure.” Jiyong replied distractedly, not taking his eyes of the phone.

“Surely you can wait a bit? You’re so young and the scandal…At least ask someone’s advice first. You need a lawyer before you’re ready to make such a massive commitment. And what about your parents? This is not child’s play you know.”

The manager did not think it was a good idea at all. But he adored Jiyong and only had his best interests at heart.

Jiyong looked up his manager frowning.

“I can’t wait anymore. She’s not getting any younger and I’ll admit I’m an insecure brat. Maybe I couldn’t get my way two years ago but no one’s going to stop me now. I’ll take care of everyone afterwards. And I don’t care about the lawyer, that’s your job. Anyway, when’s the package coming?”

“At two o’clock.”

Jiyong beamed in happiness and the manager mentally shuddered at how much like a twelve year he looked. The boy was certainly too young. Or maybe not, he blushed, thinking about the many times he’d caught him and Dara in compromising positions.

“Is everything else ready?”

*Respectful nod*

“Good.” He grinned and turned his mobile phone towards the manager. “Cute isn’t she?”

On the screen was a photo manipulation of Sandara complete with animated pink bunny ears and a curled moustache.

Manager chuckled, ruffling the boy’s shiny black hair.

“Yes, very cute. Now get changed. Press conference is in an hour.” He said, walking off.

Now it was time to wake up Seungri. Urghh, not a job he relished. At all.
Chapter 2 by aloakley
Sandara watched from backstage as the Big Bang boys jumped about the vast stage, drawing energy from the thousands of screaming Japanese fans in the arena. 2ne1 would be getting on stage soon and her stomach was filled with butterflies. She hoped they’d be as well received as the boys were. Jiyong in particular was really enjoying himself, jumping about madly and Dara couldn’t help but worry that the slightest misstep might turn into him hurting himself.

“They’re wonderful aren’t they, Unnie?” Minji said, resting her head on Dara’s shoulder.

She nodded and caught the eye of Jiyong’s manager who was beckoning for her from the corner. Carefully removing the maknae’s head, she patted her back and walked over to the manager.

“Is something wrong?” She asked nervously.

“Err, no. Jiyong wants to see you tonight. It’s important.” He was mumbling and looked uncomfortable, hands fidgeting madly and Dara wondered what he was hiding.

“I do not understand. I’ll see him backstage right?”

“No. He, um, wants to see you in his hotel room.” He clarified. God, this was embarrassing.

“Oh, okay.” She replied innocently.

“Oh, and Dara? Seungri-ah will not be there. So maybe it will be a good idea to um, pack an overnight bag or something...” He trailed off quietly, face red.

Dara blushed furiously, hands coming up to cover her cheeks. Wahhh!!!! This was so embarrassing! She still wasn’t used to manager barging in when she was alone with Jiyong; and now talking about it…! She shook her head wildly.

“Yah!!” Seungho came over, lightly smacking her forehead. “Stop that!! You’ll ruin your hairstyle!!”



Eleven thirty pm

Taeyang and Daesung’s hotel room

Seungri fumed silently as he tried to punch the hotel pillow into submission, stretching out uncomfortably on the black leather sofa. After all he’d done to help Jiyong hyung score with Dara noona so many times; he’d been kicked out cruelly tonight and now had to spend the night on a sofa! His hyungs hadn’t even wanted to share their beds with him!

Needless to say maknae was very hurt. He had half a mind to make a well placed call to President YG but in the end decided against it. He wondered what the two lovebirds were doing at that moment, and then smirked.

Hah! Of course, I know what they doing!

In TOP and Bom’s respective hotel rooms, one was wondering why manager was randomly muttering and acting like the world was about to end and the other was praying that no one would decide to visit them and discover that Dara was missing. Our two adorable teenage maknaes of course slept peacefully in their beds in their room, blissfully ignorant.

And in Jiyong’s room…

Yes, yes, yes!!!

A thousand times yes!

Even if I die, yes! Oh my God, I love you so much!!

Jiyong laughed as he hugged petite girl tightly.

I love you too. He whispered in her hair. So much.

Dara stared in amazement at the jewel that sparkled in the dim lamplight on her finger. After shocked and trembling multiple ‘yeses’, she’d been lost for words and her mind was reeling in a confusion of fear and delight. The champagne that’d she’d had wasn’t helping very much either.

The remains of their late night picnic in bed had been shafted to the top of dresser, quickly forgotten. Dara wondered if she was doing the right thing accepting this surprise proposal. She hadn’t expected it to come this early and the joy was quickly evolving into nervousness.

All worrying thoughts flew out of her head however when the bathroom door opened and Jiyong walked out, a towel wrapped around his hips.

“Hey.” He came over to the bed and gave her kiss, rubbing their noses together lovingly.

“What are you thinking?” He asked, discarding the towel and climbing into bed.

“Hmm? Nothing.” She replied, getting up and beginning to remove her clothes in preparation for her bath.

Jiyong propped his elbows on a pillow, chin in hands as he grinned appreciatively. If there was one thing he liked, it was watching Dara getting naked.

“Pervert!” She took off her thong, threw it in his face and walked off into the bathroom, the sound of his laughter echoing in her ears.

Coming out of the bathroom room twenty minutes later, drying her damp hair with a fluffy towel, she was disappointed to see him fast asleep among the plush cushions on the bed.

So much for engagement night sex. Sigh.

She climbed into the bed and burrowed into his arms. Grunting, he tightened his arms around her and threw his leg over hers, the cool skin sliding over her warm body. He was snoring lightly, mouth slightly open and Dara giggled softly as his breath tickled her face. She gave him a soft open-mouthed kiss and giggled some more as he breathed into her mouth. She poked his nose lightly, no response. She poked at his cheek, still no response. She frowned. She brushed his dark hair out his face and her eyes fell on the ring.

My ring. She thought. Oh my God, I’m getting married! What the hell?! No, don’t, don’t panic Sandara Park, don’t panic and everything will be fine. This is what you’ve wanted for two years. It’s your time now. Take a deep breath. Relax. Everything’s fine.

Yes, it was just engagement jitters. Everyone got them. Right?

She took a deep breath and snuggled into his hold, closing her eyes as she willed sleep to overcome her.

In his sleep, Kwon Jiyong smiled.
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