The Christmas Hero by englishrose85
Summary: Written for the AFF Advent Calendar 2013 - Day 2

Calvin Chen is not enjoying his Christmas vacation with Jiro in England. Soon his destiny is thrust upon him by a stranger and he must be the one to save Christmas from eternal darkness.
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1. Destiny Calls by englishrose85

2. Serpent by englishrose85

3. Winged Saviour by englishrose85

4. The Dark Tower by englishrose85

Destiny Calls by englishrose85
Calvin Chen coughed lightly and shivered in the freezing air as he walked through the snow-laden streets of London. He wore a long, thick black coat and a wooly red scarf. But these were still not enough to stop him feeling the icy chill of the winter breeze.

It was Calvin's first trip to England, and he thought Christmas in England would be amazing. Christmas was, after all, his favourite holiday. His idea of the perfect Christmas was of trees and building decorated with colourful lights and people in an excited frenzy as they did their Christmas shopping in the snow.

But what he imagined and what was were two very different things indeed. As he walked through the snow, he saw no lights. He saw nothing that would indicate Christmas was coming. As he looked at the people around him, all he saw were frowning faces.

"Strange." He whispered to himself. "Isn't it Christmas in just one week?" A sign attached clumsily to a lamppost suddenly caught his eye. He walked over to it and gasped. "Christmas cancelled?! Why?!" He said, a little louder. A small presence caught the corner of his eye. Turning to look, he saw two little children, a boy and a girl, looking up at him.

"We want Christmas back." The little boy stated tearfully.

Calvin slowly knelt down in front of them. "Why did they cancel it?" He asked them gently.

"We don't know. The grown ups are so sad." The little girl replied.

"Can you bring Christmas back?"

"Me?" Calvin asked, a little shocked by the question.

The children nodded to him before suddenly running off back down the street. Calvin stood up and coughed again. He was excited to see the snow, but this was getting too cold for him. He couldn't be sure, but he felt that the weather was a lot colder than it should have been, even for England. Sighing to himself at the disappointing trip, he quickly made his way back to the apartment he had rented out with his best friend, Jiro Wang.

As he opened the door, he peered inside. "Jiro?" He called. No response.

"Must have gone out." He thought to himself. Carefully he removed his shoes, coat and scarf and quickly turned on the fire in the main room of the apartment. He rubbed his hands together and smiled as the fire warmed up his numb hands and cheeks.

Turning to the side, he suddenly noticed something white sitting on the floor by the tall Christmas tree he had lovingly decorated only hours before. Standing up he slowly walked over to it and picked it up in his nice warm hands. It appeared to be an envelope with his full name written in both Chinese and English on the front. Puzzled, he quickly opened it and took out the letter that was carefully placed inside.

"Dear Calvin," He started to read out loud. "You must come to Hyde Park entrance immediately. It's urgent. Sincerely, a friend."

Calvin closed the letter and looked into thin air, completely puzzled. What the heck was this all about? A curiosity also set into his mind and without thinking too much, he grabbed his scarf, coat and gloves and raced out of his apartment.

The sun was already beginning to set as he approached the gates to Hyde Park. Shivering in the cold, he stood by the gates and looked around him. He wasn't sure what to expect and was starting to feel a little anxious. What if it was a murderer? Or a mugger? He was in London after all, not super safe Taipei. Starting to feel even more anxious he started to walk away.

"Calvin Chen?" A man's voice suddenly stopped him in his tracks. Slowly he turned around and saw an elderly gentleman wearing a suit standing in front of him.

"Yes..." Calvin replied gingerly. He glanced around him nervously.

The man noticed his nervousness and tried to reassure him. "You are perfectly safe."

"What is it you want?" Calvin asked.

"What do you see around you?" The man started.

Calvin looked back at him, puzzled, before replying. "I see a lot of unhappy people a week before Christmas."

"Do you know why?" The man asked.

"I have a feeling you do."

"You are very perceptive." The man told him, smiling. "The Spirit of Christmas has been kidnapped."

Calvin felt his brain melt on the spot. What on Earth was he on about? "Spirit of Christmas?"


"Forgive me, but how is it possible to kidnap the Spirit of Christmas? Doesn't kidnapping refer to real things like people?" Calvin stated, even more confused.

"You are right. However the Spirit of Christmas is a child."

"A child?" Calvin asked, still not getting it.

"Yes. Because she has been taken, Christmas has been stripped from this world along with the joy and happiness it brings."

"I'm not sure I believe everything you are saying." Calvin replied honestly.

"You are wise not to believe everything you hear. But this is the absolute truth. A dark wizard took the young girl and the longer he keeps her the more powerful he will become."

"A wizard?" Calvin closed his eyes as his brain started to hurt. "Ok, ok. Let's say I believe you. What does this have to do with me?" He asked.

"You are the one who can save the child."

Calvin didn't speak and just stared at the stranger. He was having a hard time believing any of this and watched as the man took out a beautiful looking sword.

"Take the sword and you will see."

Calvin gulped hard and carefully wrapped his cold fingers around the sword handle. It felt lighter than he imagined. Suddenly a bright yellow light moved from his fingers to the top and then faded. Calvin gasped in shock and looked at the man.

"What was that? What just happened?" He asked.

"The magic from within you passed through the sword. You are the one who can defeat the wizard."


"Look around you, Calvin. The whole world is starting to freeze and turn dark. Please."

Calvin gulped hard once more and looked at his reflection in the shiny sword. "Ok." He finally said.

The man smiled at him and handed him a piece of paper. "This is a map that will lead you to where the wizard resides. You must be aware that along the way there are many dangers. The wizard will also know that you are coming. Be vigilant. The child must be rescued before Christmas Day or the world will stay freezing and dark forever."

Calvin nodded to him, still trying to take it all in. "Great. No pressure then." He replied. The man smiled at him and started to walk away, happy that he had succeeded in his goal.

Sighing to himself, Calvin walked quickly back to his apartment. He had left the fire on whilst he was out and felt relieved by the warmth it brought. He looked at the sword in his hand then noticed another presence in the room with him. Looking up, he saw his best friend looking puzzled at him.

"Where did you get a sword?" Jiro asked.

"Something very strange just happened." Calvin replied. He quickly took his friend's arm and sat him at the table. He placed the sword onto it and laid out the map before his friend.

"Taking a trip?" Jiro asked, slightly worried.

"A man just told me that the world is being slowly frozen by a dark wizard. I have to stop him and save a child."

"Are you making this up?"

Calvin picked up the sword and held it in front of Jiro. "I wish I was. Watch." He said. He the. Slowly ran his finger up the sword, creating the same bright yellow light as before.

Jiro's eyes widened as he saw the impossible. "My that magic?"

"I'm not sure, but seems I just discovered my destiny."

"So, you need to go to this place in the far north of Finland, destroy a dark wizard, save a child and restore light and warmth to the world."

"Before Christmas Day." Calvin added.

"Right. Well, this is very strange, but nothing is impossible. I'll join you." Jiro stated. He quickly stood up and took his friend's hand in a brotherly handshake. Calvin smiled to himself and looked at the sword. He then looked at the map and felt a new sense of determination.

Time to be a hero.

Serpent by englishrose85
Calvin and Jiro both gasped as the cold weather bit at their exposed faces. Finally they had arrived in Finland and were now looking out across the frozen expanse before them. Calvin then took out his map and looked at his best friend.

"We need to go to the northern part. That's apparently where the wizard is." He told him.

Jiro's eyes widened in disbelief. "How are we going to get all the way up there?" He asked, wrapping his brown jacket tighter around his shivering body.

"I don't see any place to rent cars. We may have to just...walk."

"You're kidding right?" Jiro gasped in shock. "Calvin we'll freeze to death before we even get half way. It's already getting colder."

Calvin looked at his friend and felt heartbroken that he was shivering so much from the cold. He quickly took off his own white jacket and carefully wrapped it around him. "Here." He told him. Jiro looked back at him with shock on his face. He then watched silently as Calvin took off his sweater revealing only his vest top.

"Calvin, what the hell?"

"It's ok."

"How is that ok?!" Jiro scolded him. "Put the jacket and sweater back on right now!"

"Jiro." Calvin started calmly as his friend began to worry about him. "For some reason I feel very warm. I think it's the sword." He explained.

Jiro looked down at the sword in his hand and noticed that it was glowing yellow once more. He then gently touched Calvin's strong upper arm and felt his warm skin. "How is that possible?"

"I have no idea." Calvin replied honestly. "Come on, let's start walking." He continued, taking his friend's arm.

Miles away from them, in the frozen north of Finland, the dark wizard sat on his throne. In front of him was a glass globe. He sneered as he watched the images of the two stars making their way to his location.

"Finally the warrior to defeat me has been chosen huh?" He sniggered. "He won't make it through today. I'll make sure of that." He stated viciously. He then turned to his minion. "Send in the snake." He ordered. The man nodded obediently and went over to the wall not far from the throne. On the wall were three buttons, each with an animal on. He smirked to the wizard and looked at Calvin in the glass globe as he pressed the snake button.

The wind howled furiously around the two men as they tried to walk through the snow. Jiro was starting to feel very numb and suddenly fell to the ground. Calvin immediately tried to get him to stand up again, but his friend could not move. He shivered violently and looked up at him with regret in his eyes.

"Calvin, I can't. Leave me, please." Jiro told him.

"There's no way I'm leaving you here!" Calvin told him.

"You have to go on quickly and save the child and the world." Jiro replied, his voice trembling with agony.

Calvin felt his heart ache in his chest. "No, we do this together." He told him, feeling tears welling up in his eyes. "Touch the sword." He suddenly said.

Jiro looked at him then at the glowing sword and could feel the warmth coming from it even at a short distance. He slowly lifted his quivering hand and gently touched the blade. He gasped as he felt a rush of warmth spread through his fingers and throughout his body.

"Is that better?" Calvin asked him. Jiro smiled at his friend and nodded to him.

Something then caught his eye. Moving his eyes he gasped in terror as he saw the most horrendous thing right behind his friend. He couldn't speak and froze with fear as he continued to look at it.

"Jiro?" Calvin asked. "Jiro what is it?" He then noticed the fear in his eyes and slowly turned his head to look. As soon as he did, he wished he hadn't. Right there, in the snow, only metres from them was the largest, most fearsome snake he had ever seen in his life.

"What...the that?" Jiro whispered.

"I's called...a Basilisk." Calvin replied. The serpent-like creature hissed back at him as he continued to look at it. Very slowly, he stood up in front of his best friend and grasped tighter to the handle of his sword.

"A Basilisk? Like the one from Harry Potter?" Jiro gasped. He then suddenly realised what Calvin was planning to do. "Wait, Calvin you can't fight that thing!"

The mythical serpent suddenly opened its enormous mouth and bared its terrifying sharp fangs. It hissed loudly, sending a wave of terror through Calvin's mind. He suddenly grabbed his friend and dragged him to his feet. "Run!" He told him.

Jiro wasted no time and felt adrenaline surge within him as they both started to run. The enormous snake hissed at them and slithered after them. The snow made it so much easier to chase them. Calvin and Jiro didn't look behind them as they ran for their lives.

Calvin suddenly screamed loudly as the snake slashed its long leathery tail against his legs. He fell to the snow and closed his eyes as he felt air rush from his lungs. Jiro raced to him. "Calvin! Are you ok?" He asked.

Calvin winced in pain and felt the snake get closer and closer. They were not going to be able to out run it. Sighing in disbelief at his situation, he grasped the sword and suddenly slashed it across the snakes belly as it came within inches of him. The snake gave a loud, piercing cry and whipped its tail against Calvin's stomach, sending him flying back to the snow. He cried out in agony and breathed heavily. Something wet and sticky then dripped onto his arm and slid down to the snow. His breathing trembled as he realised where the creature was. Slowly, he turned his head and saw the snake only inches from him. The venom from his curved fangs was already dripping onto him. The snake didn't move, and neither did he. Calvin had only moments to think of a way out of this and quietly, sneakily moved his hand to the sword. Holding his breath, he suddenly pierced the weapon straight up through the snake's jaw. The creature cried a loud, piercing scream and fell to the snow. Calvin watched as it squirmed for several seconds before it lay frozen, and dead, before him.

Calvin breathed heavily and smiled to himself. It felt so good to have killed something at ten times his size. "Jiro, we did it!" He exclaimed, turning to where his friend had been.

The smile disappeared from his face as he realised his best friend was not there. "Jiro?" He called. Something glistened on the snow, suddenly catching his eye. He raced over to it and gasped as he saw Jiro's Union Jack ring. Looking around him, he tried desperately to see him. "Jiro!" He called, over and over again. A tear escaped from his eye and slid down his face as he realised that his best friend was missing.

Winged Saviour by englishrose85
Jiro slowly opened his eyes and gasped in agony as he tried to move himself. He was unable to move his hands freely and looked down to see that they were tied in front of him with rope. It was so tight around his wrists that he thought his hands might fall off. Sitting himself up, he looked around him and noticed that he was in a cold room that was surprisingly well lit. "How the hell did I get here?" He asked to himself.

"The dark wizard."

Jiro suddenly turned to his side at the sound of a very soft female voice. He gasped as he saw a little girl sitting in corner with her knees up to her chest. Her long blond hair flowed down her legs and she looked terrified.

"Are you...the Christmas Spirit?" Jiro asked gently. The girl nodded her head and shed a tear from her intense blue eyes.

"The wizard took me from my home and locked me in here."

"He wants to destroy the world right?" Jiro asked.

"He wants the world to freeze for all eternity by taking away Christmas." The girl replied.

"You don't look very old..." Jiro stated, noticing that she couldn't have been more than five or six years old.

"I'm immortal."

"Wow. Ok. So, how did I get here? Do you know?"

"The wizard focused the snake on your friend and took you whilst he was busy." The child replied.

Jiro felt his heart go numb at the thought of his best friend still out there in the frozen wasteland trying to reach the wizard. He gulped hard and tried to repress his awkward emotions.

The child noticed and slowly stood up. She walked over to the stranger and sat beside him. Jiro looked down at her and felt so much warmth and joy come from her eyes. "Calvin killed the snake." She told him.

"How do you know?" Jiro asked, hoping it was true.

"I can see him, in my mind." She replied.

"Is he hurt?" Jiro asked quickly.

"He's a little wounded and desperately trying to find you." She told him honestly.

"My god, Calvin." Jiro started to shed a tear as he thought more. "The dark wizard could send more bad creatures to kill him. Is there anything we can do to protect him?" He asked the child, looking back down at her.

The girl smiled and took out a small object from her pocket. "Yes, we can send something to him." She replied.

Jiro smiled widely as he looked at the object and listened to the child say a magic spell.

Calvin fell to his knees as the wound in his leg started to bite him. The surrounding frozen wilderness started to spin around him and he fell onto his side. The sword fell beside him and he looked at it as he lay his warm cheek onto the snow. Breathing hard, he started to feel painful regret. He'd just lost his best friend and he had no idea what he was doing. He gasped in pain and slowly closed his eyes. The white world turned into black as he drifted unconscious.

The creature landed softly on the snow beside the fallen warrior. It lay beside him and covered him with its white feathery wing, shielding him from the cold wind. Calvin moved as he felt the warmth surround him and slept peacefully.

Hours later, the warrior slowly woke up. As he opened his eyes, he sat himself up and looked down at his leg. His wound had completely cleared up. There wasn't even a scar. "How...?" He whispered to himself, completely puzzled. A sudden soft noise similar to that of a horse invaded his ears. Slowly he turned his head and gasped at the creature lying on the snow not far from him. Slowly he stood up, realising that his leg was no longer in pain and walked slowly up to the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. Lying there before him was a white horse with elegant wings and a beautiful golden horn on its forehead.

"My gosh, a winged unicorn?" He whispered to himself. The Pegasus breathed slowly and watched the man approach carefully. When Calvin got close enough, he gently stroked its soft neck, and ran his fingers through its silky white mane. "You're so beautiful. Did you save me?" He asked him gently. The creature whinnied back at him and gently touched his leg with its horn. Calvin turned to look and watched in amazement as a flash of light came from the horn and touched his leg.

"I need to get to the dark tower in the far north. Can you take me there?" He asked gently. The Pegasus whinnied back at him and he took that as a yes. Carefully, he mounted the creature just above its wings and grasped tightly to its mane as he slowly stood up on all fours. He smiled to himself and secured the sword to his body as it gracefully reared up and took off into the fresh air. Calvin gasped as he looked down and saw the snow laden wasteland below him. The wind rushed through his hair as he started to think about Jiro. He wondered if he was still alive somewhere down there.

The dark wizard in his dark tower roared with anger as he witnessed the winged creature saving the warrior from certain death. He grabbed his magic spear and attacked the nearest minion to him. He screamed in agony and disappeared in a flash of light. The wizard tried to calm his breathing and turned back round to gaze at the glass globe. His black cape flowed with him. The creature was now flying with him across the wilderness.

"This warrior is a strong one indeed."

"He'll be coming to the tower, my Lord." His minion stated.

"Then we must greet him warmly with our hospitality." The wizard replied sarcastically. He then laughed loudly, cruelly as he thought up a terrifying plan in his head.

The Dark Tower by englishrose85
The beautiful Pegasus landed softly on the snow not far from the dark tower. Calvin sat on its back and looked at the place he had been sent to find by a complete stranger. The tower was tall and menacing, sending a shiver of fear through his mind. Sighing to himself, he gently encouraged his saviour to walk slowly towards the tower. The closer he got, the more his sword started to glow. He could feel it begin to vibrate and realised that the magic here was possible more powerful than what he had acquired. He grasped the sword handle and pulled it free from his belt. He held it in his hand and looked around him, ready to fight whatever came at him.

The creature started to prance and panic as it came to the entrance to the looming dark tower. Calvin tried to calm it down and dismounted from its back. "Hey, it's ok. Wait out here, I have to go inside and kill the wizard." He reassured it. The creature calmed down at his gentle words and gentle touch and brushed its elegant head against his leg. Calvin smiled to himself, stroked the Pegasus and held his breath as he slipped quietly through the gap in the door.

The dark wizard smirked to himself as he watched his victim get nearer to his location in the glass globe. The door to his throne room slowly creaked open to reveal Calvin, making him feel very satisfied.

Calvin gasped in shock as he opened the door. In front of him was the dark wizard he had been sent to destroy along with two other men dressed in black. But what was on either side of the throne shocked him the most. On the left side was his best friend, Jiro, tied up, gagged and looking terrified. On the right side was a child, looking equally frightened.

"Welcome!" The wizard teased him. Calvin suddenly focused his attention on the dark man and lifted his sword, threatening him. The wizard just laughed and stroked the child's pale cheek. "If you do anything, warrior, I will instantly destroy your friend and this child."

"Why are you doing this?" Calvin asked him.

The wizard laughed at him and stood up. Calvin stepped back a few paces as he walked closer to him. "A frozen world full of suffering and pain. Isn't that beautiful?"

"Of course it isn't!" Calvin forced himself to shout. "Release my friend and the girl."

"So you are the one they sent to me huh? A Taiwanese popstar."

"How do you know that?" Calvin asked, feeling sweat on his brow.

"I know everything about you. I also know that you cannot hope to defeat me!" The wizard suddenly roared. He smacked the spear against his face, sending him crying in pain to the floor.

"Calvin!" Jiro called. Calvin touched the blood on his mouth and gasped in agony as he looked up at the evil man. He kept a firm grip on the sword and felt determination in his heart.

The dark wizard started to circle him and stroked his weapon against his bruised cheek. "So pathetic and weak. Is that the best you've got?" He teased him.

Calvin breathed heavily and suddenly lept to his feet. He quickly slashed the sword across the man's arm, creating a long bloody line. The wizard cried out in pain and retaliated by smacking him back to the floor. Calvin felt the air rush from his lungs as the hard ground hit him. Closing his eyes, his tried to control the agony.

"I was wrong, you have a lot of spirit within you. No wonder you were chosen." The wizard teased him again.

"You have a choice." Calvin stated, his voice trembling. "Stop doing this or..."

"Or what?!" The wizard shouted.

"...or I'll destroy you." Calvin finished.

The wizard roared with anger once more and raced towards him. Calvin anticipated his move and quickly rolled away from the danger. He then stood up quickly and ran behind the evil man. Without a second thought, he forced the sword straight through his back.

The dark wizard cried out angrily and started to shake as the magic from the sword took over his body. Calvin let go of his weapon and raced over to his best friend. Just before he could untie him, the wizard screamed loudly, angrily as the magic caused him to explode into a flash of pure white light. Calvin, Jiro and the child closed their eyes as the light blinded them. As it turned to normal, the sword clanged to the ground.

Calvin breathed a sigh of relief as the events slowly returned to normal. He quickly helped his friend and untied the little girl. "Hello." He told her, smiling.

"Thank you!" She said, smiling back at him and hugging him tightly as he picked her up in his strong arms. The two friends escorted her out of the tower and carefully mounted the beautiful Pegasus.

Night fell quickly on this eventful Christmas Eve. Calvin and Jiro smiled as they walked down the London streets. The people around them were laughing and smiling. Children rushed passed them carrying tinsel and laughing playfully as they did.

"Congratulations." The stranger from many days before suddenly appeared in front of the two friends. Calvin took the magic sword and the map and handed them to him. "Oh, no. Those belong to you. Consider it a thank you gift for saving Christmas." The man stated. He then smiled at them and walked away as fast as he had appeared.

"Well, this has been a most eventful Christmas." Jiro stated as they approached their apartment.

"Eventful is an understatement. But I'm glad we made it." Calvin's voice trailed off as he noticed the little girl he had rescued standing by the door to the building. Her hair glistened in the moonlight.

The child rushed up to him as he knelt down in front of her. "I want you to have this." She told him, handing him the model of the winged unicorn. Calvin gently took it and looked at it in amazement.

"Was it you who sent it to save me?" Calvin asked her.

"Yes." The girl replied.

"Thank you." Calvin told her. He took her in his arms and hugged her tightly.

"Merry Christmas, Calvin." She told him. Suddenly, she vanished into the night air. Calvin wasn't surprised and smiled to himself. Jiro stood beside him and patted him on the shoulder. It started to snow around them and Calvin looked up into the sky and whispered:

"Merry Christmas."


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