She's All That by cutterpillow
Summary: Two opposites attract, but everyone's trying to keep them apart.
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I own the story. However, I do not own any artist whom I used on this story. This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to people living or dead is purely accidental. Personalities are completely made up.

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Forewords by cutterpillow
Author's Notes:

Title: She’s All That
Characters: Haruma Miura and Kato Rosa
Genre: Romance, drama, comedy
Author: cutterpillow
I don't own any artist whom I used on my stories. These are works of fiction. Any resemblance to people living or dead is purely accidental. Personalities are completely made up.
Warning: English isn't my first language, so bear with me. ;)


Haruma Miura and Kato Rosa are total opposite. He’s the school heartthrob, part of the good looking “in” crowd while Ro-chan is popular for the wrong reasons. She wears a thick-braided tribal-looking bracelet and has a gay best friend “ not at all the type of girl Haru-chan and his friends go for. They call her and her friends outcast.

For these two, love is truly a long shot. But when they’re force to work together as punishment for a prank-gone-wrong, they find that falling in love might not be so impossible after all. Will opposites attract? Or will they repel?


Credits to Vrenille for the poster and BG.
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Chapter 1 by cutterpillow

Chapter 1: Otaku
POV: Kato Rosa

As I look through the clear glass window, I saw the sun setting. I immediately close the book that I am reading. I stood up, and pull my bag on the table. I didn’t bother to put it inside my bag. I put the strap on my shoulder. I went outside my favorite place, the library.

I went downstairs, going to the lockers. When I saw, Uchi and his minions-Noda and Shin on their way outside the locker room. I immediately skip on my locker, to change my shoes. Uchi, ever the asshole, yelled out. “Rosa! Wanna have some fun tonight?” They all laughed. I just ignored them like I always do. They all think their hot, but I think their just bunch of jerks.

Sometimes, I feel like, others think I am a freak. Err, was it really just a ‘feeling’ where I know to myself that they really think and tag me as a freak? Hmm. Is it because, I tend to act like an otaku at this age of mine? Not like the other girls, who wears short skirts and thick make up, which composes of them 99.9% of the girly population. Or is it because I never step a foot at beauty bar? I listen to foreign music (like Beatles, Guns and Roses, Metallica and etc.) Instead of J-music. What? Is it a crime, not to listen to your county’s music?

As you can see, the school’s population is divided into two. One is the popular cool people and the other half is unpopular nerd people. You don’t have to ask where I belong. Because you already got the answer.

Like I care-if they think me and my friends are weirdo. This is our life, and that’s their life.

As the wannabe hot stuff group walk away. I also started walking outside the building. I look up the color of the sky is pretty today. It falls in different layers of pink and orange. As dusk fell, I stepped off the middle of the way.

And that’s when it happened. One minute I was starring at the sky, another I was on my back. For a split second, I thought Uchi went too far. When I was ready to, kick his ass. I groaned, and felt my head for bumps, keeping my eyes closed.

“Are you okay?! I’m really sorry. I didn’t see you ‘cause it’s partly dark already. Are you okay? ” this panicky voice, kept on talking. It makes my head more spoil.

“My ipod,” I replied, my eyes still closed. I opened it slowly and then I saw him. He was wearing a Smashing Pumpkins t-shirt. He looks like a guy who would endorse CM’s. It feels like I was in the movie, I’m the princess. And he’s my prince charming. I never saw such beauty.
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Chapter 2 by cutterpillow

Chapter 2: Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki
POV: Miura Haruma

“My ipod.” The girl kept mumbling. Uh-oh. My first time in this school, with me and the scooter, I can’t believe I already made a fuss. God, I hope she’s okay. I went to check her out; she has sands on her uniform.

“My ipod.” She said again. Then she look at me, her light brown eyes were shimmering.

“Look for it.” She commands.

I look around until eye pops out of its own socket. Finally, I saw what I was looking for. I saw a green iPod, on grassy portion of the school ground. Crap, it was so hard to find. Her iPod is camouflaging the grass.

“Uhm, are these yours?” I asked, handing the iPod. By this time she was sitting up, glaring at me. She hastily grab it on my hands. I’m sure she was a half; Because of her features- her big brown eyes. I can say she’s half Japanese and half European or something like that. Interesting. I hope she wasn’t blind or something. Anyone could’ve had seen me on my bike. Besides, why is she standing there?

“Didn’t you see me standing there?!” She exclaims. “Are you blind?”

“I’m sorry! But people usually hear roaring sounds of a scooter. Besides, you were just standing there. Not moving like a statue.” I said, defending myself.

“Whatever.” She said. She tried to hoist herself up, but failed. I stood up and held out my hand. She held on my hand and stood up. Then she shook it.

“I’m Rosa. Kato Rosa. Don’t be mistaken for an effigy.”

“I’m Miura Haruma.”

She dust of her uniform and turn to me. “No harm done. At least my skull is still in one piece. So are you a new student here? Or just visiting around? Do you like smashing pumpkins? Cool bike anyway.”

I laugh. What a strange girl. She’s the most intriguing person I ever met since we move here. How come my cousin Uchi never told me about her? All he did was to talk about cute girls. Though, Rosa is cute too.

“Yes. I do like them. I got this shirt from a friend of mine who’s been living now at the US. We just move in, from Ibaraki. My parent said, I can drive this and try to visit my upcoming school.”

“From where are you?”


“I’m from there too!”

“Really? Then maybe I can give you a ride?” I asked. We started to walk until we reach the gate outside. “I can even carry your iPod, while you’re listening.”

She looks terrified. “Ugh. You drive. I’ll just walk.”

Their school-I mean our school, was just a 30 minutes’ walk from ours. It’s very near and convenient. I follow on the bike, slowly this time. I notice she’s walking way too fast. “Hey is that a hand-made bracelet?” I ask. “I’ve always wanted to have one of that.”

“My friend, Hiro makes them. Sometimes he would sell it on bazaar every week end. Which is tomorrow: Saturday, if you want to go?”

“Sure. You can help me pick out too.” I said. “I’m quite excited, cause in our old school, if you wear one they would bully you to death. Like what’s with a soccer player wearing that kind of stuff.”

“Geez. What a weird school, luckily you transferred. In our school, rules aren’t that strict. But sometimes, people would really find it weird.” She said, sticking out her toungue.

We turned a corner and reach a street that dead-ended at a deserted lot. Rosa stopped three houses before the lot, and said, “This is where I live”

“oh. are you sure you’re okay?”

She nods. “Bye.” She said and ran into their house.

Before she went in, I yelled out, “hey! How will we meet tomorrow? Can I get your number?”

She looks back at me, and then said, “Oh right.” We both get our phones from our pocket and beam each others number.

“I’ll call you.” I said.

“or email me.” She answers back. And run off to their house again and shut the door. I stared at the door for a while. I forgot to ask where she got her name. I’ll just ask her tomorrow. I though, smiling.
Chapter 3 by cutterpillow
Author's Notes:
Chapter 3
Chapter 3: Promises are REALLY meant to be broken
POV: Miura Haruma

The reason why I have to change school and to move here is because: my mom is so eager to live near her sister. We ended up living one block away from them. They’re really close. They even had the same age for their kids”like me and Uchi, were both 18. (We’re more of like a brother than cousins actually.) Followed by his sister, Riiko 10 years old, as for me, I’m an only child.

When I got home, my mom immediately told me that Uchi was looking for me. So I immediately changed my clothes and ran to the mini basket ball court.

Uchi, was like the star player of their school. He’s both popular at school and even here, at our place. (Perhaps, almost half of the population of the students who studied there are living here.) When I got there, they were in the middle of playing. Shin, spotted me and they stop playing, they walked towards me with the ball bouncing on the ground and back to Noda’s hand, back and forth.

“What took you so long, Haru-chan?” Asked by Uchi as he placed his arms around my shoulders.

“I went to your”our school and I ran over someone with the scooter.” I said calmly. And steal the ball in his hands; I threw the ball in the air and it went in smoothly.

“Is he dead?” Asked by Noda.

“It’s a ‘she’ and she’s still alive. I walked her home and she’s kind of cute.” I replied.

“Dang! Haru-chan got a girl already!” Shin exclaimed, we all laugh.

“So what’s her name?” Uchi asked. It was very conspicuous that he’s eager to know her name. He grabbed the ball in my hand and head towards the middle of the court.

“Rosa. Kato Rosa.”

I was looking forward to hear them talking about her ex-boyfriends, instead I heard them laughing their heads off.

“Haru-chan, you think Kato Rosa is cute?” Said by Uchi, rolling on the ground holding his stomach.

“She’s a freak! You wouldn’t want to be with her Haru-chan.” Shin snort. “It’s like a social suicide to been together with Rosa.”

“Miki, her seatmate says Rosa has her own world. Cause she heard her, talking to herself once.”

“And! And!” Noda hooted. “Her friends! One is gay and other one is inexplicable! No one talks to them.”

“Their group is a bunch of weirdoes…” said by Uchi consciously. “Don’t worry, Haru-chan I can solve your eye sight. I’m going to introduce to cute girls in school. Right, guys?”

“Yeah.” Said by Shin and Noda in unison.

“Since, on Monday it’s going to be our last day of class, and your first day. Tuesday, spring break will come, I’m sure you’re going to have fun with your new girls.”

I pounce for the ball and dribble it slowly. My face was burning, and I’m really embarrassed. I ran across the court and make a three point shoot”I missed.

POV: Kato Rosa

Friday, 9 pm.
God! I can’t stop thinking about Haru-kun since he walked”biked me home. I know I’m way over-reacting, but he’s so good to be true. He seems kind, down to earth not like Uchi and the jerks and he even smell good, he’s tall and cute”uh, how many times did I say that he’s cute?

I just end our call”me and my best friend Hiro. He’s a gay actually, but I don’t mind. I love Hiro”as a friend okay. I told him everything. He’s a very kind person, yet he always gives a sarcastic comment every time there’s new news. I know, I should have told Yuki, my girl best friend first, but she’s not here. She’s at Seoul for her early spring break, lucky her.

Saturday 12 am.
He said he’s call me. Yet, I answer “or email me” what the fuck was that Rosa?! I mean, a hot guy going to call you, yet you reject him? Arg! I totally mess everything!

2 am
Maybe he’s not the type of guy who wouldn’t call a girl after 9pm. Well-behaved guy”good parents raised him with good manners”love it!

Forget it Rosa! You’ll have dark circles under your eyes. Maybe he just got busy with something. Perhaps tomorrow, he would call”maybe.


Saturday 9am
I woke up extra early, just to check on my phone”still no sign of Haru-kun.

My heart jumped when I heard my phone beep. But it was just Hiro, asking me what time I would go to the bazaar. I told him, Haru-kun hasn’t replied yet, so I’m not sure on the time.

Instead of wasting my time in waiting, I finally gathered my courage and emailed him.

“Hey, are we going to the bazaar today?”

And didn’t receive any reply. I guess, he forgot or we just misunderstood each other that were going to meet at the bazaar, instead. I decided to hang out with Hiro and accompany him at his booth. I hope, Haru-kun would go there, by his self.

Five hours of waiting in vain. No Miura Haruma had shown in front of my face, neither to Hiro’s. All this hours of waiting, every time I would see a floppy haired guy, my heart would beat so fast. Yearning for Haru-kun to come”but we didn’t see him. Hiro stood up, and fix the boxes in front of us”packing time. He held one, and passed it to me as I stood up. We stood up and started to walk.

“I feel stupid, I kept on wishing and waiting that he would come. But he didn’t even show.” I blurted out.

“Aww...” Hiro leaned closer to me, like he was giving me a hug. “…Maybe something urgent came, like he died in an accident…” Then I glared at him and we’re both laughed.

“…I hope not.’ He continues. We reach their house and dump his things. We’re heading towards the small café, for which he’s going to buy me a latte.

“It’s a thank you gift for accompanying and helping me…” Hiro explained, though I protested he didn’t have to. “…Even if you’re motives is, wasn’t really helping.” He said. I suddenly felt embarrass. His house was parallel across the basketball court, quite far away from ours.

And then I saw him. Haru-kun was walking across the street towards my direction. “That’s him!” I hissed at Hiro. Hiro look at me, back to Haru-kun and to me. He chuckles lightly”what? Don’t I deserve him? He was dress in plain white shirt and gym shorts dribbling the ball on the ground and back to his hands.

“Hey! It’s the geek troop---“Said by Uchi, then the rest I didn’t heard what the hell he is saying. It feels like the world suddenly stopped when I saw Haru-kun. I wanted to say hi, get his attention”anything! As long as he would notice me. Wait”how come he’s with the hottie wannabes’?

Anyway, I don’t care.

I took a deep breath, and then called his name.

“Haru-kun.” It was soft at first. “Haru-kun!” I yelled this time. But he kept on walking like he didn’t saw me.
Chapter 4 by cutterpillow
Author's Notes:
Chapter 4
Chapter 4: Revenge of the Fallen
POV: Kato Rosa

Last day of school, I’m dragging myself on walking down this road going to school. Since Saturday, I cannot help myself but to think why Haru-kun did that. Did I do something that makes him mad, and the payment is to get embarrassed and making me feel like a ghost?


Yuki called that day and knew the whole story and couldn’t stop saying,

“what a jerk!” and “are you sure he did saw you?” alternately.

“Yes! I’m sure he saw me, Yuki. I’m sure he did.”

Haru-kun met my eye. We stare at each other for like 2 seconds? Then he looked and started to walk away. I was so embarrass that I want to hide inside Hiro’s clothes and drag him home. But I just stood there, watching his back like an idiot, with the back ground music of a bouncing ball.

Hiro rested his cheeks on my head, and I said, “There’s Haru-kun” and started walking away. I cancelled the latte date, Hiro just walked me home.

When I got home, I immediately went to my room and stared at the ceiling counting sheep’s. I don’t have much experience with guys. So this is like”unforgettable! He’s my leading man in the first scene, yet he already turned me down!

In the middle of sheep 112 and 113, I decided to take revenge. Since I was embarrassed big time, I want something that will make him plead endlessly as a return.

Hiro propose to kidnap him”As if I can do that! He’s way too tall for me!

* Sunday *

I ask Hiro to come over to my house and unveiled my evil plan 001. We called, Yuki (thought it was international call, I don’t mind. I’m so mad right now. We set it in loud speaker, so that we could talk”the three of us.)

He’s wearing a short polo sleeves, with black neck tie, with suspender across his shorts. He has a thick black eye liner on his eyes, and black nail polish. While me, I’m wearing plaid blouses and long bohemian skirt with thick, blue eye liner and green chipping off nail polish”I realized Haru-kun wasn’t like us. Err, maybe yes, or no. I don’t know, I haven’t met him personally we only just talk for about 30 minutes to one hour? That’s the reason why people are laughing at us, or the reason why they find us weird. We don’t mind, I mean come on, do you really have to go with the flow and follow everybody with the latest fashion trend? When you can make a fashion out of yourself and just being a plain YOU?

“The plan is, I’m going to spray paint his beloved scooter with pink..." I let out a wicked laugh. "well guys, what do you think?”

“Ro-chan, that is kind of extreme, don’t you think?” Said by Hiro.

“Extreme? Extreme!” I shrieked. “Do you think kidnapping isn’t extreme?”

“I was just kidding on that part.” Hiro answered softly.

“Yeah whatever.” I answered sarcastically.

“… He doesn’t have to know? Does he?” Asked by Yuki on the other line, I gave thousands of thought. Since, he humiliated me face to face, why not scare him face to face too?

“Look, I know I shouldn’t waste my time on thinking on this crap revenge thingy, I’m really sorry but deep inside of me, I know I should do this. And yeah, I want him to know.” I said with confidence.





“… Who wants to join Rosa??” I said happily as I raised my hands. Hiro just look at me, oddly. Then we didn’t hear anything from Yuki.

“Go girl… I know you can do it, ALONE” Said by Yuki with less energy.

“We’ll support you.”

“Wow. Guys, gee… thanks!”

“I don’t want to receive million karma points.” Said by Hiro in acerbic way.
I roll my eyes and say, “tomorrow is the big day, you’ll going to see a hottie crying.”

“Yey. Banzai.” Said by Hiro and Yuki in synchronize.


Later, his green scooter will be pink.


The class had just ended, students started to go home, too excited for spring break. Wonder what happened to Haru-kun’s first day? I didn’t saw him today. I’m happy we didn’t see each other. Or else my plan would be obliterated. I slowly creep in the parking lot and saw a green scooter. That must be Haru-kun’s. I laughed. I skip closer. I look on my left then to my right, nobody is here. PERFECT. I pull my bag from my back, and rummage around it. Aha! I finally found you! I lift the spray paint in front of my face. I remove the lid.

I breathe heavily. ‘Rosa, are you sure, you’ll do this?’ said by the good Ro-chan. ‘yeah. She’s VERY SURE. REVENGE! REVENGE! Do it! Before someone could see you!’ this time the bad Ro-chan says it.

I did, I move stealthily towards the green scooter and started to spray paint on its body, seat “EVERYWHERE! I heard the distinct sound of a motorcycle and saw Haru-kun riding his green scooter coming towards me. I wanted to hi”WHAT?! HARU-KUN IS RIDING HIS SCOOTER”THEN WHO’S SCOOTER IS THIS?!

“Oi! Rosa! Get out of the way!!!” He yelled. He turned sharply and missed me but wobbled on my arms and we both fell on the ground.

“WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO MY SCOOTER?!!!” We both looked on entrance of the building and saw Mr. Odagiri running as fast as he can coming closer to his scooter.

“I didn’t do anything!” Haru-chan exclaimed. “I just ran over her!”

I look at Haru-kun and back to Mr. O and say, “He did it! It was his idea!”

“Aren’t you the new student?!” Then Mr. O heaves Haru-kun by his uniform inside the building. “Follow me, young lady.” He commanded, and I followed them inside.

Inside his office, we’re waiting for his Haru-kun’s mom. Thank God, my parents aren’t here. After 1 hour of waiting, finally she came. Her mom was so attractive, it feels like I’ve seen Haru-kun as a girl. She immediately, scold his son in front of us. Me and Mr. O we’re both terrified on how scary she can be.

“You’re sooooo grounded, young man! How come youre cousin, Uchi never gets into this kind of trouble?”

What?! They’re cousin?! Tsk, tsk.

“But mom---“

“No, buts! No basketball this spring break!”

After minutes of strain”it was finally decided that we’re going to work at Mr. O’s so called mini art museum. Where, we’re going to clean, his collection and products”for the rest of spring break. Ugh.

Mr. O places his hands on his table. He breathes heavily first and say, “I think it’s time for you guys to home.”
Chapter 5 by cutterpillow
Author's Notes:
Chapter 5
Chapter 5: Spring break horror
POV: Miura Haruma

I can’t believe how crazy that girl is! Ugh! I’m going to spend my whole spring break in that old art stupid museum, just because she lied! Ugh! I hate it! I fucking don’t want to go, stay and most of it I don’t want to WORK THERE.

Yeah, I admit it. I feel guilty too, when I saw her and called my name, and then I didn’t give any response. But what the hell was that?! Is it a crime if you ditch someone you just met?! It’s just a bracelet! It’s not that were getting married! And lastly I don’t deserve this punishment!

It’s awful: I can’t play station 3, I have inadequate time to watch TV, I can only go out with my family, I can’t play basketball, lastly which pisses me off, I can’t drive the scooter! I beg them to reconsider playing basketball, and they kind of agree. Maybe they forgot, they’re son is a varsity here.

You know what’s twisted? Deep inside I feel like I deserve it. Because I cavern in, no one likes to admit this things but everybody knows this: there are different status between kids or teenager. (Cool, geeks, athletes, and the outcast.)

Cool kids are mixed of rich, good looking people. Geeks are that kind of people who wear thick glasses and book worms, athletes are popular across the school and most of all to the opposite sex. Outcasts”are those who are ugly, who dress differently and unpopular. It’s like oil and water, you can guess which is which. And if you’re going to stick around with Rosa and her friends, it’s like the suicide to your desire social life.

Which I think I kind of deserve this, really. The social status thing bothered me the most, especially the fact that I like Rosa at first before Uchi told me about her. Rosa should just understand, I don’t want Uchi and others to give me hard time, about my bad taste on girls or what so ever. I just moved here, I have a name to build. I didn’t mean to impair her feelings”I really don’t.


Next day, we went to Mr. O’s house. He led us to his house and into our working spot”which is their attic. When we got on the attic, Rosa kept on sneezing and sneezing, I glared at her.

“Sorry.” She sneezed.

“Yeah. Whatever” I muttered back.

“Here’s your working place.” It was a very large room actually, a dusty place, full of newspaper and lots small ceramics.

“I want you guys to start working here by tomorrow. You’ll be start working at exactly eight in the morning, by lunch time you can go home now…” He said strictly. “…and don’t you dare to do something fishy, here. Understood? I’ll be here to check you every hour.”

When he leaves, we started to seep off the dust and wipe the window. Of course, who would like to work in a place like this? VERY DIRTY.


The next two days, Rosa and I work in silence. Which I prefer, I could bring myself looking at her, because I’m still mad. Whenever she would asked something, I would give her a abrupt reply. And when I need something, I would just wait for Mr. O to come, instead of asking the liar girl.


Third day, Rosa got in the attic first. There was a sandwich and burn CD of Beatles.

“Peace?” She said timidly.

I took the sandwich and ate it, and kept the CD. I ignored her for the rest of the day. Does she think, bribing me with food and CD would make my heart softer?


By Friday, there was no food neither a gift, instead I saw a Rosa braiding her long hair and sitting on the table.

“Look, I know I may have got you into this---“She said, I got pissed off and blew up.

“MAY HAVE? MAY HAVE? You lied to my mom and Mr. O. You make my spring break miserable.” I shriek.

“Look. I’m really truly sorry…” She stretched her hand, and hand me the bracelet. “…Peace offering.” She explained like a 7 year old kid, cute.

“I’ll take it… in one condition.”


“You have to tell my mom and Mr. O that I didn’t do anything.”

“I can’t do that!”


“My mom would kill me! I’ll be a dead meat for the rest of my life! I can’t do things that I want to do! Oh please! I’ll do anything, except for that! Let’s just be friends please.”

I took the bracelet and say, “Let me think first.”


By week end, Uchi and his friends did that begging. Thank God my parents, agreed to. But I had a curfew; I must be back by 6pm.

When were on our way to the court, Uchi kept on teasing me and Rosa. Thought, I didn’t much focus on his blabbering. Then all of a sudden the entire talking stop when a pretty girl pass by, with a long strap connected to a Chihuahua, attached on her hands.

“Hey Uchi, Noda, Shin!” She yelled.

“Hey Aya!” Uchi answered. Then ‘Aya’ stop in front of us, and asked:

“Who’s your friend?” looking at me.

“Aya this is Miura Haruma or Haru-chan, my cousin. Haru-chan”Aya.” I offer my hand, and then she reaches and shook it.

“So---“Before I could say anything, her stupid dog starts to run away which drag her of the street again.

“Who was that?”

“Aoki Aya”the only hottest girl in the campus so do here, at our place.”

I just nod as we all look at her running away. Yeah, she’s hot.


Unfortunately, Monday strikes again. I’m going to that house again, I’m going to see her and count the ants passing by. By the time I opened the door in the attic, I saw Rosa sitting around the corner and shaking.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Then something small runs around the room.


“You’re such a girl!”

“I don’t care! Just kill it please!!”

“I don’t want to, besides bloods will scattered around.” I protested.

I look around and started to drive the rat outside. Since the room is lock, he cannot go outside, he kept on running and running around. And the worst is he kept on following Rosa wherever she goes.

“Can you just stay on my back and so that we can open the door??” Then she stayed behind me, tugging my clothes, like a kid. I reached the door, stamp on the floor. The mice went outside.

“Thank you. Thank you.” Rosa kept on saying as she hugs me. Our face is very close.

“WHAT IS THIS MESS?!” Mr. O suddenly pop outs of nowhere, we were both terrified as we heard his voice. We pulled apart and felt awkward.

“There’s w-was a rat. Haru-kun, sort of scare him.”

“Go and clean this! Faster!” As I gather the broom, I saw Mr. O hiding a smile.

After that Rat”Mice incident, I couldn’t give Rosa a cold shoulder anymore. I know she got me to this spring break horror, we’re both even. We cannot both hang out with our friends and do whatever we want to do. She even told me, that her parents are way stricter that mine.

“They may act nice in front of others but to me”they’re not.” Rosa sighed as she remember her parents.

“They want me to do, things like a normal girl would do. Like playing piano, squealing over a guy, having lots of cosmetic products on my bag. And blah blah” She explained.

By the middle of second week, we were able to get our work fast. We were already half of the hundred jars. I started to think, that Rosa wasn’t a freak like what Uchi have describe about her. In fact, even though we’re always here, cleaning those vases, ceramics, we still find means of entertainment.

Sometimes, we would play chess and would just lie around the dusty floor. Sometimes, I would bring my speakers and we would listen to Beach Boys, Beatles, and etc on her iPod.

I really find it strange, that I can’t believe that I could tell anything what’s inside my heart without being scared that she would laugh at me. I even share her, my poem which I doodle, at the back of my notes which I write at school. I even told her that I was scared of applying at college, because of my dad”he wants me to take law but I prefer literature.

Then I realized something “ I don’t mind staying here for the rest of my spring break with Rosa.

Chapter 6 by cutterpillow
Author's Notes:
Chapter 6
Chapter 6: Friends, right?
POV: Kato Rosa

Everything seemed perfect, every time were here at the attic. It feels like we have our own world, were we don’t care on what others says. We just finished cleaning those jars; we leaned against the wall and resting side by side.

Haru-kun, huffed and cover his hands. He rests his head on my shoulders and I just laughed at his action while we were listening on the ‘The Cure’ song”just like heaven.

“Ro-chan, I’m sorry too.” He muffled underneath his hands. I know what he means, but I pretend not to hear it.

“What?" I chuckled. "remove your hands please.” Then he looked at me, his eyelashes were so long that it matches his beautiful eyes. Sometime, it hurts to see him.

“I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, I- I just can’t go with you at the bazaar.” That hurts, hearing it from him. He finally said it. His words were proof that I wasn’t good enough for him.

“W-was it because of Uchi? Are you afraid of being that they would make fun of you?” My voice sounded croak. I can’t help; I really need to burst this out.

“Not just them...It was mostly me… I don’t want to be different…Not when I’m so new here.”

I guess I’m doomed to like someone, who doesn’t like me back. It’s so confusing. Haru-kun makes me feel… special, like he would say things that he can’t say to others. Which is good right? I hate the way he makes me feel. I get sleepless nights; I can’t sleep thinking that I would got to see him tomorrow and other day. I hate it, when I got to see him around our place, and pretending that I was a ghost.

What hurt most is, he’s like my parents. I can’t compete with them. They all want to have a good and perfect daughter or girlfriend”which I can’t be. Why can’t they just accept me, for who am I?

I stood up, not looking at him. Tears were flowing silently, I immediately wipe them unnoticeably, “I-its o-okay. I k-know what you mean.” I said stuttering. I looked back at him, cheerfully.

“I guess we have to go home.” Haru-kun said. He stretched his hand on my way; smiling, wanting me to help him stand up. I reached his hands, pulling him; he’s so heavy that we both land our butts on the floor.

He touched my forehead and held my face with his bare hands. Haru-kun’s face was coming closer and closer towards mine. I close my eyes, and we started to kissed each other. After few seconds”he spoiled it. He was laughing, I wonder what’s wrong. His hands were still on my face, I was so daze by that moment, and it feels so good at the same time not” then his last question, made the sense out of me.

“We’re friends, right?”


I immediately told Hiro and Yuki about the kiss. When I got home, they were already at my room, equipped with tissues, chocolates and sodas. They walked towards me, and we have a group hug. Tears started to flow. We sat on the bed, still my best friends cheering me up.

“Why does Haru-kun have to do that?! Is he sick or what?! Kissing Ro-chan like that and saying ‘were friends blah blah blah.’!” Yuki exclaimed. Maybe this is the million karma points he was talking about. After all, they did warn me. But I’m SO STUPID, for not listening to them. I hate myself; I can’t believe I gave my first kiss to the wrong guy! I hate Haru-kun the most!

“I told you so!!” Hiro yelled, we both glared at him.

“I know, it’s my fault. But can you." I sobbed. "please stop saying, ’I told you so.’ Cause its making me, gloomy.”

“Aww. I’m sorry Ro-chan. But---“

“Shut up, Hiro!” Yuki hissed and hug me tighter.

“How many days do you still have to work there?” She asked.

“One week?”

I nodded. “You know what? I’m beginning to hate weekends and this upcoming school again. I’m scared that he would ignore me, snub me like what he did the first time we meet. I’m scared that, he wouldn’t admit that I mean something to him. I’m scared to get hurt by him again. It’s an ugly feeling and it makes me weak. I’d rather stay on my room all day.”

“I don’t think Haru-kun is good for you…” the thing about having a best friend is, they can say everything even it will hurt you.

“Yeah, I know he’s not good for me. I know…”

Yeah. I really know that he’s not good for me… So I’m gonna settle everything and will try to forget him and this stupid spring break fling. How could I like someone, who can’t even be his self? He’s weak and hateful. Weak and Hateful.


Even though, I kept on saying that I hate him. Flashbacks of our little memories started to replay in my mind like an original CD movie. Like, when we use to sing Thank you by Dido”‘I want to thank you for giving me the best day of my life. Oh just to be with you is having the best day of my life’. When we always got to hit each other’s head and so on.

Haru-kun, was it really the best day of your life?

Me? It was…

Chapter 7 by cutterpillow
Author's Notes:
Chapter 7
Chapter 7: It girl
POV: Miura Haruma

Mom called me very early in the morning, to apologized.

“Haru-chan, I’m sorry for not believing you when you said your innocent. I’m really sorry.” She said, she held my hand and slip something on it. “You can do anything for the rest of your spring break.”

“Thanks kaa-chan(mom). But I already have one week left, before school would start again.”

“I know. I’m sorry, again.” She said I hug my mom and say it is Okay. Then I left her room, I look at my hands and saw 5000 yen. I also got a call from Mr. O apologizing at me, apologizing at me and even offer to pay what I have worked there.

“So, I guess we’ll be only seeing each other at the campus.” He said. “I can’t believe that girl, she even had an angelic face yet, she’s a liar.” He continued, I wanted to yell at him and order to take back his words. Instead I just said thank you. Then asked to talk to my parents. It was hilarious; three weeks ago I kept on wishing and wishing that this spring break would be over. But now that it is over, I don’t feel the excitement of the freedom, anymore.

I can’t stop thinking about Rosa. I know, I was an asshole for saying those words. I mean, you don’t kiss and asked, “we’re friends right?” to your REAL friend right? Fuck! I totally messed up! I know, deep inside her, she was in pained”and it was my entire fault! I hate myself! I’m so confuse”why did I kiss her?

I called her”it just kept on ringing and ringing. I decided to email her and say, “Hey, thanks. Does this mean, we wouldn’t see each other at the attic?” “still no response, by lunch time I decided to email her again, “Hey friend, are you mad? I’m sorry” “ I read the message again after I send, I don’t know why I did say sorry. I have to restrain myself from going to the attic and hang out with her”when I already have the habit of going there every day.


I finally gathered my courage and decided to ride my scooter and go to Mr. O. Right when I was parking my bike, I saw Ro-chan’s friends. They were fixing some box in front of Mr. O’s house. The guy glared at me, and say “Hey” in a subtle way.

“You must be Miura Haruma.” He said, sticking out his hands. “I’m Chihara Hiro and this is Hamada Yuki” Pointing on the girl. I shook his hand and the girl’s hand. Then she walked away.

“So, how was Rosa?” I ask. “Is she there? Can I see her?”

Then Hiro looked at me straight in the eyes and blurted out, “look, I don’t know if you knew this but Ro-Chan really really likes you. She doesn’t need you if you’re going to give her hard time. You’re going to hurt her by being with her. Do you think, Uchi Kouta would allow his dear cousin to go out with our Rosa? I don’t think so. So I suggest you scamper around and look for a girl, having the same level with you.” All of his words made sense to me.

“I know all of this.” I mutter. “I just wanted to talk to her.”

“I may sound harsh, but don’t”It’s much easier for all of us, if we would stay out on each others business. So go now.” He said, I start my bike and left.


After that incident, I haven’t seen Rosa. Even at school, I always see her two friends but no sign of Rosa. I guess she really doesn’t want to see me after all.

School seems good so far, I join the varsity team, where Uchi and rest belong. And we’re having an off-campus training this weekend.


Uchi, Noda, Shin and I were at the balcony, enjoying the view, the sun just rise. The house we’re going to stay at was kind of modern. It was clean and peaceful. Though, if you’re going to ask me, if I would take the risk and would live here”I’d say no. I still prefer living at the noisy street Kawasaki. Speaking of Kawasaki, I suddenly remember Rosa and I missed her so much. I couldn’t tell anyone, and it’s killing me.

“Uchi-kun!” A voice of a girl suddenly screeches, and it gave me chills all over my body. We all look on our behind and saw”Aoki Aya-san.

“Hey!” Uchi greeted her back. “I thought you’re not allowed to join this kind of training.”

“Yeah. I wasn’t expecting my dad would allow me too.” Then she shifted her stare at me, and smile. I smile back too.

“Minna-san! Kochi Kochi! (Everybody, come here)” Yamada-sensei, our coach yelled. Aya went off first. Then when she’s gone, Noda shrieked and says, “OMG! My prayers got answered!” and we all just laugh at his actions.

When we got there”on the circle they were forming. Yamada-sensei announces the groupings on our training. By heaven’s fate, I was grouped with her. As we walked towards the ground, Noda punched me on arms lightly and says, “Stay away from her.”

I can’t. Aya is way too attractive. I couldn’t help but stare at her during practices. There were five of us in the group, but in my world, it’s just me and Aya. I made her laugh, she would always says, “You’re very funny, Haru-chan.” At the end of the day, we exchange numbers and Noda didn’t talk to me.


After that, Aya-chan and I started to see each other. But we don’t have an official relationship. It seems like she an easy to get type of girl, which sometimes a hot girls would be. I’d tell Uchi, I would be ditching basketball just to go out with her. Noda, got over to the “stealing my girl” agenda, instead he was giving me nonstop bugging on the numbers of her friends. Her dad even like me, and lets me hang out on their house. Which, Shin said that ‘it was miracle sent from above’ cause her dad is very stern.

After days of spending with her, I feel bored on the things we USUALLY do like”going to the mall and would hunt on cosmetic products, watching chick flicks movie.

Even our first kiss was easy. We were watching in her room, her parents and sibling wasn’t around. Then we kissed. Actually, that very moment when my eyes were close I was thinking about Rosa and how much I missed her and wanting to see her again.


When I was in their classroom one day, she was all alone inside and scribbling on the board. To fetch her, I notice something that was stick on the other side of the board. “School Festival: 3-B’ day of altruism: you could help a single person by sharing your things”

“Aya-chan, what’s this?”

“Oh, a charity fund by section 3-B. I think, one of the girl there, is the one who ‘cause you trouble last spring break.”

“I see…” I said in a low tone.

I knew it, Ro-chan and her friend are the one who arrange this. I hadn’t seen Ro-chan after the kiss, and I wanted to go. But I would go there, everyone might made fun out of me.

“So what would your class do?”

“I think, concert?” I answer unsurely. “How about yours?” I continue.

“Takoyaki stand.” She said with a sound of loathing.
Chapter 8 by cutterpillow
Author's Notes:
Chapter 8
Chapter 8: Moving On
POV: Kato Rosa

Here are the lists I made after that stupid kiss:

1. Do not call or email Haru-kun.
2. Do not pass the basketball court.
3. Do not pass their classroom.

Isn’t it very easy? Yeah it was, writing this list. But, moving on? I’m trying to. Especially, when I saw Haru-kun with a girl”her hands were locked on his. They were acting NORMAL with his friends and having fun”it hurts, big time. How I wished, I was the one, he’s holding hand with. I guess this is all what he wanted, and I think he’s cousin approve of her.

“Her name is Aoki Aya.” Hiro choke out, one time we saw them from distance. “She was 3-A’s princess.” I can see that. Prince and Princess being together not like me who is just a pauper.

In the attic, everything was perfect. REALLY. I don’t how many times, I’d say this, but really it’s perfect. Again, the sarcastic Hiro came back. “It was a synthetic relationship set up in a synthetic world. The attic wasn’t the real world. If you would get stuck with Kazunari Ninomiya-san of Arashi there, of course you would fall for him and vice versa. But it would never last, really. I’m so sorry Ro-chan.”

The same week when I confessed to Mr. O that I lied, he didn’t require me to work there anymore. Good thing too, cause sneezing in their house without Haru-kun is a torture. When a mouse would attack me, I wish he was there and chase it out.


Tonight we’ll go to Hiro’s house to plan, for the school festival. So, I lie here on my bed and listening to my iPod; killing time. I was miserable because I never got to tell him how much he hurted my feelings, but he was right: he was always hurting my feelings. And I don’t think he even cared.

The next song was, loving the Loving the Alien by velvet Revolver, and it hurted my ears just listening to them; though I absolutely adore this song.

Sometimes I think I'm scared
Sometimes I know
I feel like making love
Sometimes I don't
I feel like letting go
Maybe not
I feel like giving up
Is all we got

Sometimes is all the time
And never means maybe
Sometimes is all the time

And I'm moving on
And I'm moving on
(Sometimes I feel alone)
And I'm moving on
And I'm moving on


When I got there, Yuki and Hiro were sitting in his bed, with beers and chips on his table. It kind of made me shock. I’m not a big drinker, but I feel like getting drunk now.

“For planning and….” He stopped as he gets one can and passed it to me. “For moving on?”

“Yeah!” we both guzzled down the can of a beer like a pro. My head is kind of spinning now. I looked on the label it says, ‘25% alcohol’.

“The thing is, we’re not here to drink but to plan what we’ll do for the school festival.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” Hiro answered acerbically and we both laugh. Yuki just roll her eyes and ate chips.

“Any suggestion for the upcoming festival?” Yuki asked.

“How about selling our old things? Since it’s a charitable work.” I said. Then Hiro pass another can of beer to me.

“Not a bad idea. But, do you think someone will buy our old stuffs?”

“I think, that is a better idea. Anyway, our classmates would just give other suggestion.”

Then my thought flew again, until it reaches my memories with Haru-kun. Actually, there was no time of the day that I don’t think of him. Even though I like him, he has already a girlfriend. I don’t want him to forget me”our memories together. We have similar dreams yet we can’t even talk to each other in public.

“I’m going home. I feel tired already” I said wobbling around as I stood up. Hiro and Yuki just looked at me oddly. I ran out of their house, with Hiro following me.

“Ro-chan! Matte kudasai! (wait)” He called out.

“Where’s Yuki?”

“she have to stay in our house, in case my parent would come back.”

“Oh. is your head spinning?” I asked.

“A little.” He said blushing we both laugh. If Hiro wasn’t a gay my best friend, I could have like him. I look up the sky, the stars were shining brightly. I wonder what does Haru-kun, do right now. Ugh. Enough, I must stop thinking about him. I sat on the street, I buried my head on my hands, Hiro is resting on the tree.



“Do you think I’m ugly that’s why Haru-kun doesn’t like me?”

“WHAAAT?! Of course not! Oh my God Rosa, have you look on yourself in the mirror? You’re one of the cutest students in our campus. Maybe Haru-kun is the gay between the two of us, cause he cant even admit his feelings for you!”

We both laugh; I stood up and went to hug him. “Come on, I’ll take you home.” He said, he reached for my hand and I took it. I lean on his shoulders, while walking. Then I stop, he stopped too. I look at his eyes, grab both his hands and lean closer to his face. I started to reach for his lips---

“Oi! Kato Rosa!!! This is Hiro! Your best friend! Geez.” He said, I look down, I wanted to cry. I sat down on the street again.

“Oi, Hiro pick up on someone your own size!” A familiar voice suddenly surrounds the road”it was Haru-kun. “Why are you molesting Ro-chan? Aren’t you a gay?” He started pushing Hiro, but he didn’t back down.

“What do you care about Rosa? Where’s your girlfriend?!”

“Rosa is my friend too! I don’t like it when people harassing or maltreat her!”

“Maltreat her?!” Hiro yelled. I never hear him yell like this before, and it almost gave me a heart attack. “If here is one person who maltreats her”it’s you!! You’re the one who broke her heart, You’re the one who causes her sleepless nights!”

Haru-kun didn’t answer, he rushed over my side and pull my wrist. “Rosa, come one. I’ll take you home.” He sniffed the some air and asks, “Did you drink?” then he look at Hiro and smirk, “Did he try to get you drunk and take advantage?”

Hiro and I burst to laugh. I tried to stand up, but I was stumbling my way. Luckily, Hiro was fast to catch me.

“You don’t have to worry about me. Go and look for your girlfriend! Hiro and I will go now. Besides, you don’t want to be seen with me in public right?!” I said. Hiro held my hands. “I can’t believe, I fell in love with a guy like you. I just waste my time thinking on our stupid memories which you don’t even treasure!”

“If you were just braver, you could have just told her that you love her, dimwit!” Hiro yells and we walk away.


“Hiro, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to do that to you.” I said apologetically.

“It’s okay. Ro-chan?”


“I’m so proud of you.” He said and hugs me.


“You finally stood him up. He was so speechless when you said to him.”

“Really? But I think I went overboard.”

“No, it’s okay.”

“Anyway, thank for defending me back there.”

“No problem. We’re best friend right?” I nod and smile happily.



“I have a confession to make.”

“What is it?”

“It wasn’t really what I wanted to say to him. “ I pause, and then he looks at me strangely. “I want to say, ‘thanks for the memories, I’ll treasure it.’ Blah blah.”
Chapter 9 by cutterpillow
Author's Notes:
Chapter 9
Chapter 9: Secret Friends
POV: Miura Haruma

I know comparing is a bad habit, but I can’t help it. And I just realize that girls are different from each other. So I made a list:

Rosa Vs. Aya

Rosa: likes to buy in bargain. Cause she’s a practical type of person.
Aya: Almost all of her clothes were branded.


Rosa: Cross breed of an Italian and Japanese, very cute.
Aya: She’s like Aragaki Yui-san, not in ‘Koizora’ but in ‘Dragon Zakura’ (Isn’t the lead guy in Koizora, hot? Oh crap! Don’t tell me, I’m turning into a gay too?! Noooo!)


Rosa: She can sing and play violin too.
Aya: She’s creativity when it comes to cosmetic palettes.

How I wish I could tell someone about this. Cause I can’t stop thinking about Rosa. I have Aya, who is pretty and almost perfect. But I feel like there’s still a barrier between our worlds. Sometimes, I feel like we have no connection on our thoughts.

Rosa and I are really connected. We could tell stories almost anything. We could laugh at each others joke. I never felt embarrass to tell her anything. I kept on thinking the moment when I hurt her the most”I’d give anything just to undo it. Return our friendship”but she hates me now. Which drives me crazy. I need someone to talk to, so I ended up opening it with Uchi.

“Would you do something that will make you happy even though everyone would disapprove of it?”

“Of course! Life is a choice! I would do everything that would make me happy, because I might regret it someday, if I hadn’t done this or that”

“Even though you would look stupid?”

“Hai. Hai (Yes)”

So much for that. It’s not like I Ro-chan can be my secret girlfriend. Or… can she?


POV: Kato Rosa

Three days from now, it’s the much awaited school festival. I was busy with Photoshop, for the fact that I was assigned to make the flyers for our class. My phone suddenly beep, it was an email from Haru-kun, my eyes went wide and my heart starts to beat faster, when I saw him message.

“Let’s talk.”

My heart was pounding like a crazy. I don’t know what to do; I don’t know what to say. What does he want from me?

I immediately call Hiro, and told him about that.

“What the hell does he want from you now?”

“I don’t know, he only just said, ‘let’s talk’”


“I think I should go… just to say how much he hurt me.”

“Ro-chan, I think it’s not a good idea. What if you get hurt again?”

“I don’t know Hiro. But I’m sorry, I really have to go. Don’t worry; I wouldn’t let Haru-kun stepped on me again.”

Then I replied to his email and say, “Okay. See in an hour at the court.”


When I got there, I saw Haru-kun sitting on the bench.

“Hey.” I said, and then he looked up and stands. I saw his smile again, and it makes my heart start to beat faster again.

“Hey.” He said. “I’m sorry for---“

I cut his sentence before he could say anything. “I heard you already have a girlfriend. So what does she like?”

“Well my friends think, she’s hot and pretty. But she doesn’t know who GnR are.” We both laugh. Then he took my hand and held on his face and say, “I miss you.” He said sadly.

“I miss you too.” There, I finally said it.

“Do you think---“He pause. “Do you think, we could still see each other without anyone else ever knowing?”


Chapter 10 by cutterpillow
Author's Notes:
Chapter 10: I’ll be there for you
POV: Miura Haruma

I know, it was a pretty assholic thing to asked someone, to be your secret friend or girlfriend. I just wanted to get her back. But it turns out to be the worst, I hurt her again, it was a major foul this time. That night, all I did was to stare at her back walking away, with her hands swaying upwards like she’s wiping her tears.


Aya dragged me to the horror house which the other class prepared, Aya is screaming with all her might though nothing is scary. I suddenly thought about Ro-chan. If she’s the girl, I’m with, I know she would give sarcastic comments like, ‘OMG! That was pretty boring; I didn’t even feel any goosebumps.’

I smiled to myself. NOW, Aya was pulling to the other booth where they sell fancy things. She was amaze to see a plastic-made set of jewelry.

“Do you like stuffs like that?” I ask, as she was trying to fit some ring on her fingers.

“Of course! Aren’t they cute?”

“Yeah, they are cute. But I didn’t know, you were the type of girl who would wear those kinds.”

“you know what Haru-chan? I really find it strange about you.”


“You really care much about what others might think about your decision…… I mean, do you think it’s a sin to buy some cheap stuff instead of branded ones? Well for me, I don’t care how much it cost as long as I like it, as long as I’m happy with it. You on the other hand, I don’t know. It’s like you want everybody’s approval first before you’ll do this or that. You won’t be happy if you continue to act like this.”

I realize Aya’s words. She’s right. I need to be happy and be true to myself and to Rosa. I dashed outside the classroom, and went to search for her. But when I saw Ro-chan, I saw her with a guy and their laughing freely.

Was I too late?


Broken hearted, I went downstairs to our booth, in the school grounds. I was seating at the chair beside the stage when I saw a glimpse of Rosa. I know what to do. I stood up and get the electric guitar on its stand. And walk in middle of the stage.

“And the next student who will perform is---“I immediately cut my classmate who is the MC.

“Excuse me, everybody. Thank you. Thank you. I just want to sing this song for the girl I really love. And it’s titled; I’ll be there for you by Bon Jovi. I don’t know, if she would like this song, still I dedicate this song for you.”

‘I'll be there for you, these five words I swear to you
When you breathe I wanna be the air for you
I'll be there for you’

I hear the crowds cheering, I saw Aya’s friend pushing her in the middle”she was blushing. Then I shifted my stare back to Rosa, who was busy walking around with her friends and with a new stupid guy. She was smiling like she didn’t see and hear me.

“And that song is for…” I paused. “KATO ROSA, who was standing at the middle of this ground wearing a violet knitted cap.”

Everybody look at her, awed. She stopped smiling and looked at me oddly, as she heard her name from this loud microphone.

I jump out from the stage, the audience gave way. I was eager to hold her hands, so I was like walking real fast when someone take a grip on my arms”it was Aya.

“WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!” she screamed.

“I’m sorry but---“I said, then she lets go of my arms. I run to Ro-chan as fast as I can. She looked at me unearthly.

“Look, Rosa, I know I’m an asshole and I admit that. I know I have hurt you many times, that I can’t even count it on my own fingers. I’m really really sorry. And I’m sorry for not being brave enough to tell you how I feel so…”

I held the microphone near my lips and say,“…Kato Rosa, I love you. I really do. Would you be my girlfriend?”

Her eyes were sparkling again, almost teary eyed. “I’m sorry. I can’t.” Ouch, that hurts. I wanted to cry. “Your friends are here. You’re embarrassed to go out with me right? I can’t give my heart away for some stupid jock, who is embarrassed to be seen with me in public.”

“I don’t care what others might think of me.” I said bravely and held the microphone again. “Minna-san! (everybody) I love KATO ROSA of 3-B, and I want her to be my girlfriend.” I remove the microphone from my mouth and say, “Ro-chan, would you be my girlfriend?”

“Yes!!” She exclaimed and hugged me. I kissed her forehead and say, “I promise you, I won’t hurt you again.”

She sighed and says, “Or at the very least, you could just try.”

---THE END ---
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