Clockwork by Aero

Ever since she was a little kid, Minam had always wanted to go to South Korea. And now that she's there, she could never be happier. But things take an unexpected turn when she starts to live with one of South Korea's most popular boybands and even begins to fall for one of the members - someone her overprotective dad doesn't approve of.
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1. Chapter 1: Prologue by Aero

2. Chapter 2: Little Ducky by Aero

3. Chapter 3: I'm Sorry by Aero

4. Chapter 4: Dark Alleyways by Aero

Chapter 1: Prologue by Aero
Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap, Minam thought as she glanced at the map in her hand quizzically and began walking out of the subway station dragging her colossal suitcase right behind her. She had only been in South Korea for a few hours and she was already hopelessly lost. She figured that next time she’d look for the English map rather than attempt to read a map of circles and lines. Mom, Dad, Minam thought as she attempted to determine which direction her map even went, Next time I leave for Korea, how about teaching me how to actually read Korean so I’m not as lost as I am right now? Then again, it wasn’t really her parent’s fault that she couldn’t read Korean. In fact, Minam was the one who decided to go to Korea in the first place. Sure she can speak and understand the language, but she probably should have learned how to read before she left her home in California. Actually, there are a lot of things she probably should have done before she left.

“Okay, so I’m at c-upside down t-circle c-h-square-t-l and I want to get to carrot-l-line c-sideways t-circle,” Minam said aloud to herself, letting her suitcase go. She flipped her map upside down again and pressed a finger to her lower lip. “Maybe I should go this way,” she finally said after a while, pointing her index finger in a direction that she believed may lead her to her destination. “Or, wait “ maybe it’s this way,” she added, jerking herself around so she was facing the opposite direction, suddenly feeling herself crash into another human being. “Oh gosh! I’m so sorry!” Minam said, noticing that she had just spilled a bottle of orange juice on the person.

She bowed a few times then bent down to help clean up the mess she had made and looked at the person. It was a boy about her age, maybe a little older with piercing brown eyes and a soft face. His eyes reminded her of her grandfather “ kind and protective, but not harsh. Wiping the orange juice off of his shirt with his hands, they both stood up. “It’s okay,” the boy said to her, “don’t worry about it.”

“Are you okay though?” another voice said. She hadn’t noticed before but along with the boy she ran into, here were two others with him. The one who had spoken to her was very tall and had a very deep voice that made her think of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. It was rich and soft.

Minam nodded and glanced over at the third boy who didn’t say anything but instead just stood there patiently. His face was small but strong and he had eyes that I was afraid would pierce my heart. They were absolutely beautiful. “W-W-W-Will you help me?” Minam stuttered, not wanting to face any of them at the moment. “I’m trying to go here but I’m lost,” she said, pointing to her destination.

The boy with the chocolate chip voice looked at the map while the other two peered over his shoulder. “Yeah, I think if you take this bus right here,” he pointed to the bus stop at the end of the block, “the last stop should be where you want to go.”

Minam grinned, folding up her map and bowing to the three boys. “Thank you so much. I thought I would have to spend the night out in the streets,” she laughed.

“I hope not,” the first guy said, “the streets can be pretty dangerous at night so you should be careful.”

“I’ll keep that in mind. Thank you,” she said, bowing one final time. Grabbing her suitcase, she began walking towards the bus stop the boys had instructed her to go to. As she walked around the boys, the first one stared at her as if trying to remember what she looked like but the other two boys brought his attention back to where they were headed and he ceased to look any longer.
Chapter 2: Little Ducky by Aero
She had a dream about the boy with the piercing brown eyes that night. She couldn’t remember the dream exactly, but she knew that she’d dreamt of him because all she could think of the next morning when she woke up were those eyes. Yawning, she stretched out her arms and tried to roll over to the other side of her bed but wound up with her face meeting the cold, smelly floor. Her eyes burst open at the sudden feeling of pain and she finally took in her surroundings. She was still on the bus. She remembered it being nighttime while she was riding it but now it was morning and the bus was still in motion. Sitting back up on the seat, she pulled out her phone from her back pocket to check the time. It was 10:30 and she had four missed calls. Minam glanced out of the window and was greeted with unfamiliar territory. She was lost…again.

At the next stop, Minam got off and checked the amount of money in her pocket. She didn’t have a whole lot so she hoped that she wasn’t far away from where she wanted to go. She waited around for a taxi to show up and checked her missed calls. They were all from her cousin asking her where she was. She decided that since she would be there soon (hopefully) she wouldn’t call back but instead think of an amazing story that would explain her not being there last night rather than ‘I-got-lost-and-fell-asleep-on-the-bus’.

It was noon by the time the taxi driver pulled into the driveway of her cousin’s house. She paid her fare and got out, grabbing her suitcase out of the trunk, and then walked up to the front door. A few seconds after she rang the doorbell a female voice made its way to her eardrums, screaming. “Minam!” he cousin, Jinyong, screeched once she opened the door, “We were worried sick about you! Where in the world have you been? You were supposed to be here last night!”

“I kind of got lost,” Minam admitted, abandoning her idea of using a silly story and just going with the truth instead. “After that, I fell asleep on the bus and woke up just a few hours ago.”

Jinyong frowned with an understanding nod of her head. Minam was glad that Jinyong and she were the same age so she would have someone who understood her and not some crazy overprotective aunt to look after her. “Well come on in and I’ll show you around!” Jinyong cheered, gripping Minam’s bag and escorting her inside. After taking off her shoes, Minam followed Jinyong down the hallway until they reached the intersection of various rooms. “This is the kitchen,” Jinyong said, pointing. Minam’s eyes instantly became brighter when she looked in the direction of the kitchen. A broad smile crawled onto her face and Jinyong laughed, “I guess you like the kitchen. Do you like to cook?” Minam didn’t answer. Her mouth was too busy gaping in awe so she nodded instead. “Well you’re free to use it whenever you want.” Minam nodded excitedly causing Jinyong to laugh again.

“This is the living room,” Jinyong said, “Again, feel free to use it when you want.” They turned down another hallway and Jinyong stopped at the second door on the left. “And this,” she said, “is your room.” She opened the door and allowed Minam to enter the room first.

Minam smiled as she walked into her bedroom. “It’s beautiful,” she whispered, even though it was just an ordinary room with a bed, desk, chair, dresser, closet, and a few other odds and ends here and there. She brought her suitcase next to her dresser and placed her backpack down on the bed and sat next to it. “I don’t know how I can ever thank you, Jinyong,” Minam said after a while.

“You like to cook, right?” Jinyong asked. Minam nodded happily. “How about if you cook us some dinner tonight? Nothing fancy, it’s just the two of us living here after all. In fact, I’m kind of in the mood for some Mac and Cheese. Think you can whip some up for us?” Minam laughed and grabbed the rest of her money out of her pocket. It wasn’t enough to buy the ingredients. Jinyong sighed and pulled some cash out of the wallet in her back pocket. “Here’s the money. You can keep whatever you don’t use.”

Minam grinned. “Macaroni and Cheese it is, then.” After getting detailed direction to the store from Jinyong, Minam smiled and headed out the front door, formulating a shopping list of needed ingredients in her head. She breathed in a breath of happiness, thankful to no longer be lost. The air was nice and crisp that day for fall was almost at its end. Any day now she’d expect to see her first snowfall of the season and then she’d be happy. She loved winter. There was just something about the festivities going on that made her heart warm up.

When she walked into the grocery store a couple of minutes later, Minam realized that she had no idea what Jinyong already had in her kitchen as far as food. She shrugged it off, not wanting to call her cousin for something as trivial as that, grabbed a basket, and headed down the first isle, unsure of where anything was in the store. She immediately saw fruits and vegetables on display and walked over to them, knowing that she knew exactly what everything was. She picked out some items that she needed for the macaroni and cheese and put them in the basket.

Next was the tricky part: trying to read Hangul. She walked down a random isle and looked at the foods. “Now what is the chance that this is cheddar cheese,” she said aloud to herself, taking a whiff of the cheese package in her hand.

“Are you lost again, little ducky?” a voice from behind her suddenly whispered into her ear, causing her to nearly jump out of her skin.

She bolted around with a small scream and was suddenly face-to-face with one of the boys she’d met the other day. “Chocolate Chip!” Minam said happily with a sigh, thankful that it was someone that she recognized and not a creepy stalker.

“What?” the boy laughed.

“Sorry,” Minam answered, “It’s just that your voice reminds me of chocolate chip cookies so I’ve been calling you Chocolate Chip in my head.”

He smiled. “Chocolate Chip isn’t bad but I prefer to be called by my name “ Dongwoon. Son Dongwoon to be exact.” He bowed with a smile.

“I’m Sang Minam. It’s nice to meet you,” Minam said, returning the bow, “And, yeah, I actually am kind of lost again. I can’t read Hangul so I have no idea what any of this stuff is saying.”

Dongwoon smiled and grabbed the cheese out of Minam’s hand. “Well, for starters,” he said, “this is cheddar cheese and judging by what you have in your basket, my guess is that you’re making macaroni and cheese.”

Minam nodded and blushed. She didn’t know why she was blushing “ she’d just met the guy! Must less, just learned his name. He guided her down the various isles, helping her pick out what she needed for dinner and Minam would stick other things in the basket here and there. She really did enjoy being with Dongwoon. He was nice, smart, fun, and he seemed to be a genuine person. She liked that in a guy.

“So I guess I’ll see you around,” Dongwoon said once they had exited the store and they both had gotten what they came for. Minam nodded. “It was nice meeting you again, little ducky.”

“Yeah, you too, Chocolate Chip,” Minam laughed. Dongwoon bowed and began walking away when Minam suddenly remembered something.

“Wait!” she called after him. He turned around. She reached into her grocery bag and pulled out a bottle of orange juice. “Can you give this to your friend for me?” she asked, handing him the bottle, “I feel bad about what happened earlier and this is the only way I can think of repaying him for it.” Dongwoon chuckled, gently tasseling Minam’s hair and putting the bottle of orange juice in his bag. “You got it little ducky,” he said and then walked off.


“Minam, I love you,” Jinyong sighed, clanking her fork down on her plate and rubbing her stomach, “I don’t think I’ve had such an amazing meal since I lived with my parents! You’ll have to teach me how to cook like that sometime!”

“Certainly,” Minam laughed, bringing her empty plate to the kitchen sink and washing it off.

Jinyong followed her with the rest of the leftover dishes. “Oh! That reminds me,” she said, “I’m taking you to a B2ST concert tomorrow night!”

Minam glanced at Jinyong. “B2ST?”

“You don’t know B2ST?” Jinyong asked, recognizing the confused look in Minam’s eyes. Minam shook her head. “Really?” she asked in disbelief, “Your dad is the president of KBS America and you don’t know who B2ST is?” Again, Minam shook her head. “They’re only the biggest boy band in South Korea! They’re, like, my idols! I plan to marry Gikwang one day!”

Minam smiled, assuming that Gikwang was one of the members but she could never be sure. After all, she once thought that The Blue House was a restaurant. “Sounds great,” Minam said, trying to hide her discomfort in the fact that she was going to a concert. Jinyong giggled and went back to the table to grab the rest of the dishes. Minam sighed. She knew that tomorrow was going to be a bad day.

Chapter 3: I'm Sorry by Aero
Minam smiled when she woke up the next morning but not because she thought it was going to be a good day but simply because she woke up having lived through an entire day in South Korea without being set on fire by a passing giraffe. She called that a success. Rolling over on her bed she glanced at the clock on the nightstand. It was 10:30. She sat up and sighed, running a hand through her hair. She knew that today was going to be long considering that Jinyong wanted to leave for the show by 12:30 at the latest. Minam had no idea what the big deal was about getting there later. It wasn’t like anyone was going to steal their seats or anything.

On the way to the show, Jinyong played some B2ST CD’s to get into the mood. Minam had to admit, they weren’t bad at all. In fact, she found herself dancing along to a few of their songs. Her dad never let her listen to Kpop artists when she lived in America because he didn’t want her to get caught up in his work so listening to some songs with Jinyong was a real treat for her. She finally understood why her dad’s business always did so well “ the artists were very talented.

She was happy when she arrived at the venue later because it wasn’t a big crowd at all. She did, however, have to wait outside for hours before she could even enter the building. Minam made sure to pack snacks and water before they left so she and Jinyong sat down in the line and chatted about South Korea. When the time finally came for them to enter the arena, Minam’s heart began to beat faster than usual. Jinyong had purchased tickets as close to the stage as possible so that means that they were standing in the center of a large crowd of people and as the time for the show to begin drew nearer and nearer, the crowd became denser, the noise became louder, and Minam’s palms grew sweater.

The lights suddenly turned off and the crowd went wild. A video began playing on the stage and the fans pushed and shoved to get closer to the stage. Minam’s heart began to be fast and she started to feel dizzy. She searched around for Jinyong but when she looked around, she couldn’t tell which one was Jinyong. She reached her hand out in front of her and grabbed the shirt of the girl in front of her. “Jinyong!” Minam called out above the crowd, her breathing more intense. The girl turned around and looked at her and pushed Minam’s hand off of her.

Music started playing and Minam was trampled over by other B2ST fans. “Jinyong!” Minam hollered, unable to keep her mind focused on the concert. She wanted to escape. She felt trapped in an endless sea of people and couldn’t escape without Jinyong’s help. “Jinyong!” she cried again, “Help me!”

She felt a hand on her back and she looked up to see Jinyong looking at her with worry. “Minam, what’s wrong?” Jinyong asked, bending down to help up her shivering cousin.

“Please get me out of here,” Minam begged, looking around at the endless amounts of fans surrounding her. She tightly gripped onto Jinyong’s shoulders as Jinyong peered back at the stage where B2ST was performing.

Jinyong tried to hide the disdain for her cousin in a forged frown. “Okay,” she said, “let’s get you out of here.” She carefully led Minam out of the arena and back to the car. Jinyong sighed. “Man!” she said angrily, “I really wanted to go to this show! Gikwang was supposed to take his shirt off again!”

“I’m sorry,” Minam muttered, “I have claustrophobia. I should have told you before.” Jinyong scoffed and began driving. The ride home was silent. Jinyong was enraged about having to miss the concert. Minam on the other hand was glad to be out of that place. When they pulled up to the house Minam suddenly said, “I’ll pay you back for my ticket.”

Jinyong got out of the car and stormed into the house with Minam following close behind her. “Do you know how much money that cost me?” Jinyong fumed, “There’s no way you can pay be that much back! Besides, you can’t pay back an experience!”

Minam wondered why Jinyong was acting that way. Based on all the times they’d talked “ even before Minam went to South Korea “ she’d always seemed so nice, and now this. It was as if everything she’d known about her cousin had been a lie but Minam couldn’t leave. Jinyong was all she had. “I’m sorry,” she said again.

“It’s okay,” Jinyong responded, trying hard not to choke her cousin, “Just…go to bed. I guess I’ll see you in the morning.”

They both parted ways and Minam went back to her room and checked her phone messages. She had thirty missed calls from her parents. She sighed and threw her phone to the other side of the bed. She didn’t want to talk to her parents. That’s why she left America to begin with “ to get away from them. Eventually, Minam began to calm down and found a comfortable spot under her covers and soon drifted off to sleep.

She woke up that morning pretty early. It was hard for her to sleep that night with so much on her mind. Stretching, she yawned and got out of bed and headed for the kitchen where she saw Jinyong typing away on her laptop. “You’re lucky Gikwang didn’t take off his shirt during the concert last,” she said, not peering up from her computer, “he did however do thirty seven pelvic thrusts.”

Minam’s eyes widened. “You counted how many pelvic thrusts he did?” she asked, completely shocked at her obsessed cousin.

“Not me,” Jinyong replied, “I wasn’t there, remember? So I had my friend count for me.”

Minam walked over to the computer and looked over her cousin’s shoulder and glanced at the screen. They were looking at the pictures Jinyong’s friend took of the concert. Jinyong scrolled through the photos, only stopping occasionally when Minam noticed something. “Wait,” she said, “Go back please.” Jinyong went back a photo and stopped at the picture Minam requested. “I think I know him,” she admitted, studying the picture of the boy.

“How do you know Hyunseung?” Jinyong asked. She scrolled to a picture of the group and pointed to Hyunseung. “You were talking about him, right?”

Minam nodded then she noticed something else. “Who’s that?” she asked, pointing to the boy she recognized as the one she spilled orange juice on her first day in South Korea.

Jinyong smiled and sighed, “That’s Gikwang: my love. Why? Don’t tell me you know him too!”

“Yeah,” Minam said, “I accidentally spilled orange juice on him. Hyunseung and a boy named Dongwoon were with him.”

“You know Dongwoon too?” Jinyong yelled out, slamming her laptop shut and fiercely walking towards her cousin.

Minam backed up. She didn’t know her cousin would be this upset over her knowing B2ST. But in Minam’s defense, she didn’t know who they were when she met them. “I know you’re upset about me meeting your idols without telling you,” Minam guessed, “But how about if I make it up to you? How about if I make you dinner tonight?”

Jinyong stopped in her tracks. “Okay,” she said, “If you make me a good dinner tonight, I’ll forgive you. But if I don’t, then we’ll see what happens then. Okay?”

Nodding, Minam was sort of relieved to find out that her cousin would forgive her for something pointless like this by just making her a good meal. She was confident that her cousin would like her meal. After all, cooking was Minam’s specialty.

End Notes:
Okay, this chapter was a pain to write - mainly because I find it to be incredibly boring and also because I have never been to a concert before so I don't know what they're like. Also, I've never had a panic attack due to claustrophobia so that may not be accurate. Anyway, the next chapter is going to be where everything starts to get good. Trust me!
Chapter 4: Dark Alleyways by Aero
It was late by the time Minam finally got a chance to go to the store to prepare for dinner. Jinyong hadn’t said a word to her since that morning but since then, she’d been unpacking and daydreaming. She made sure this time that she knew what everything looked like before she went out and bought it because she doubted that she would see Dongwoon again. She knew that Jinyong loved American food and she herself loved Asian food so she decided to make a combination of the two.

She walked into the grocery store and tried to remember where Dongwoon had told her that the various items were located in the store. The ramen was exceedingly easy to find and so were the fruits and vegetables but the sunflower seeds and the peanut butter. She decided to double check with random people she encountered in the store and they either laughed at her or helped her out and she was very thankful to be able to speak Korean.

It was getting close to dinner by the time Minam had returned and Jinyong was locked in her room. She hurried over to the kitchen and prepared her meal. Placing the ramen in the water, she let it boil as she mixed together the rest of the ingredients. She waited until it was done baking and then put it in the refrigerator and went off to her room to check her phone. There were seven more messages from her parents. She didn’t even bother checking them and threw herself onto her bed and, before she knew it, she was fast asleep.

“Minam,” a voice said after a while. “Minam?” She glanced up and saw Jinyong hovered over her. “Is dinner ready?” Jinyong asked impatiently, “I’m starving.”

Minam nodded with a smile and groggily got out of bed. She walked over to the kitchen with Jinyong and got the spaghetti out of the refrigerator. Jinyong smiled when she smelled it and Minam scooped Jinyong a big portion on a plate. They both sat down at the table and began to eat silently. “Oh wow,” Jinyong mumbled, her mouth full with spaghetti, “this is amazing! You are forgiven!”

She smiled as she watched her cousin dig into the food that she had prepared for her. Her mother always did say that the stomach rules the mind and Jinyong was exhibit A. As Minam watched her cousin stuff her face with spaghetti, she noticed something very strange. “Uh…Jinyong,” Minam said, “What’s wrong with your face?”

Jinyong placed a hand on her slowly swelling cheeks and jumped when she felt small bumps on her skin. She got up and ran over to a nearby mirror and screamed when she saw her reflection. “Minam! What did you do to me?” she asked, horrified.

“Nothing! I didn’t do anything!” Minam retorted.

Jinyong continued to rub her face as if rubbing it would make the lumps go away. “Did you put peanuts in that?” she asked, now fuming. Minam had to think. She didn’t remember buying peanuts. She bought sunflower seeds, noodles, garlic, and…peanut butter. Jinyong read Minam’s face and could instantly tell that Minam had put peanuts in it. “You idiot!” she yelled, “I’m allergic to peanuts!”

Minam’s eyes widened. “I’m so sorry!” she said, “I didn’t know. I swear!”

Jinyong glared at her. “Get out of my house,” she said coldly.

She began inching closer and closer to Minam and Minam backed up as quickly as she could. “Do you need me to get you anything?” Minam offered, running into a chair behind her. Jinyong said nothing and Minam took that opportunity to rush to her room and grabbed her suitcase and swiftly stuffed everything she unpacked back into her bag and rushed out of the house, not even bothering to check to see if Jinyong was okay.

Minam glanced at her phone and saw that it was late into the night. A cold brush of air swept past her, foreshadowing the impending winter, and Minam grabbed a jacket out of her suitcase and wrapped herself up tightly in it. She began walking, unsure of where she was going “ but aiming for a place with heat.

As she continued walking down the street, Minam began to feel a sense of uneasiness. Even when she was living in America, she never walked the streets at night by herself. She knew it wasn’t safe for a 20-year-old girl to be by herself but she didn’t really have a choice at the current moment.

A sudden chill went down her spine when she walked past an alleyway and three men came out behind her. She didn’t look at them and instead kept walking straight. They guys began talking about her and walked up behind her. “Hey Kitten,” one of the men said in her ear, “are you lost?”

“Yeah,” another one whispered, attempting to be seductive but failing miserably, “Why don’t you come with us. We’ll help you out.” She felt a hand placed on her bottom and she yelped, swatting the man’s hand away instinctively. “We got ourselves a feisty one,” the same man laughed to his two friends. He grabbed a hold of Minam’s wrist and turned her around.

The man chuckled and pulled Minam up to him and grabbed her waist. “Where are you going, princess?” he asked darkly, “Let’s have some fun.”

“Get away from me,” Minam said, attempting to squirm out of the strange man’s grasp but his grip on her was too strong. She couldn’t get away from him. Suddenly, she was pushed into the nearby alleyway the three men began to surround her. Her head began spinning. She didn’t know what to do. The men pushed her against the wall and one brought his hands up her shirt. “Get off of me!” Minam yelled, pushing the man away from her, resulting in a punch to her face.

“Shut up!” one of them said. Minam tried to run away but the three men held her back against the wall and she began flailing in their grasp. “Hold still!” the man ordered but Minam didn’t listen. She began screaming for help to anyone who was in earshot and the men tried to silence her by covering her mouth. “Hey, I said shut up!” the man yelled again.

Minam continued to struggle against the men’s hold when she saw one of them reach into their pocket. He pulled out a napkin and then grinned as he brought it up to her face. The second she breathed in, her world became dizzy.

“Hey! What do you guys think you’re doing?” Minam heard a voice say. It was too dark for her to see who the voice belonged to and even if she wanted to see who it was, she couldn’t. Her body began to feel weak and she toppled to the ground. “Get her back to the dorm!” the voice ordered to what she thought to be a second person in the alleyway with them.

A pair of strong arms wrapped themselves around her and Minam felt herself being lifted up into the air. Everything was growing darker with each passing second and she tried to stay awake as long as she could but the world around her was quickly shutting down. When they finally emerged onto the semi-lit street, Minam finally got a chance to see who her savior was. She had just enough time to utter his name quietly before she collapsed in his arms. “Dongwoon.”

End Notes:
FINALLY! I'M DONE WITH THIS CHAPTER! Honestly, I didn't expect this chapter to be as difficult to write as it actually was. This chapter wore me out! But B2ST should appear in every chapter after this because this was the chapter were everything actually begins. So yay!
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