Unfinished Business by Christine

Kumiko was your regular police intern. She aspired to become the best detective in Japan... little did she know that she was going to encounter one of the strangest murders in the world...and it had everything to do with the victim...
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1. How It All Started by Christine

2. Reality Bites by Christine

How It All Started by Christine
Author's Notes:
Kumiko is a fictional character, in the poster she is represented by Kitagawa Keiko

He watched her walking down the street holding onto her belongings. He noticed the tears in her eyes and he also noticed the fact that she was walking aimlessly down the street towards her apartment. He only knew one thing about her but he knew she was the only one who was able to help him. Jun walked haggardly towards her, not exactly sure what her reaction was going to be when she met him.

Kumiko walked out of the police station, biting her lower lip in frustration. She had just started working at the police department in Tokyo after being transferred from her department. She had been nervous about her first day at work there but thankfully her best friend worked there so she wasn’t going to be alone. She was nervous, tomorrow was going to be her first official day at work and she hoped that she would be able to carry out her job properly. She fixed her ponytail and tugged her dark brown handbag closer towards her body.

She was walking down the usual path towards her apartment when suddenly a figure stopped in front of her. She couldn’t see his features clearly but she could tell he had an athletic build and was a man.

“Excuse me?” she uttered. Her voice was shaking slightly. It was as if she felt that something was wrong.

“Shiraishi Kumiko?” the mysterious man asked.

Kumiko could literally feel her heart stop in shock. Who was this man? How come he knew her name? She hadn’t recognized his voice and could feel a sudden cold aura around her. She took a quick breath and said, “Who are you? Don’t try anything frisky I have pepper spray!”

She had just noticed that they were alone in an alley and she immediately started going through a safety procedure in her mind. They had thought her self defense when she had still been at the police academy and she was always pretty lame at it.

“I need your help,” he said, stepping closer to her.

It was at that moment that Kumiko noticed his features for the first time. Stepping underneath the street light lit up his shadowed face, making Kumiko widen her eyes slightly. His full lips were tainted with crimson blood, he dark red contrasting with his pale skin. Her eyes travelled up from his full lips, through his high cheekbones and finally landing on his dark black eyes. He was beautiful, those dark eyes staring back at her, it was as if they were looking straight through her soul.

“Who are you?” she asked after noticing the tattered clothes he was wearing.

“My name is Matsumoto Jun and I need your help.” Jun said, his dark voice making the brunette shiver slightly.

“What? How do you know who I am?” Kumiko asked, turning her body slightly away from the stranger with a name.

Jun thought she was going to run away from him and so stepped even closer to her. “You are the only one who can help me solve this murder.” He said, begging her to listen to him. She was the only one who could help him, he didn’t know why but she was the chosen one and he had to make sure that she gave him a chance.

Kumiko gasped, how did he know that she had just started working as an intern at the police station to someday become a detective? Was he a stalker? She was determined to solve every murder she came across and when he said the word murder her curiosity was on him. She looked at him once again, noticed his features, his full lips which were set into a frown and his dark eyes looking at her, begging her to listen to him. She didn’t know why she hadn’t just shoved him away and threaten to call the police. Instead she asked the following question, “how do you think I can help you?” She shifted on her feet, her light brown eyes narrowing in suspicion and fascination at the man in front of her. She was assessing him all the time, forming an escape plan in her mind in case things took a turn for the worse.

She was hoping that things wouldn’t turn badly because this man in front of her made her want to ask him questions and to get to know him better. It could be the detective inside of her talking but she hoped that he wouldn’t be giving her false hope. “And how do I know that you aren’t the murdered yourself?” she added, raising her eyes from his muscular body and back to his face.

He smiled, catching her off guard, the bitterness of his smile evident in his eyes. “That’s easy,” he said, touching the corner of his blooded mouth lightly. “You will be the one who discovers my body.”

“Huh? Excuse me but you aren’t making any sense.” Kumiko uttered, frowning deeply and starting to think that this was a bad mistake. Great, another psycho, that’s all she needed.

Jun moved closer to her, stopping a few inches from her face, his dark eyes boring into hers, making her breath hitch slightly. She found herself unable to look away from his eyes, almost feeling as though she was trapped. She hissed, unable to handle his boldness, her slender fingers tightening their grip around the pepper spray bottle inside her purse.

Jun smiled, making her whole body tense up. “Simple, I’m your next victim.” He uttered, making her gasp loudly. He was so close that she swore he could hear her heart beating. Her gasp wasn’t one of embarrassment but pure shock. Shock at the fact that when he spoke she didn’t feel his breath landing on his face, instead there was nothing at all.

“You…” she began to utter, finding her whole body shaking.

Jun stepped back, giving her a sad smile. “That’s right Shiraishi, I’m dead.”
End Notes:
Ok main character we have Matsumoto Jun!!!!
Just so we are clear, he is DEAD! I'm sorry people I killed Jun but this story has made me love him so much more.
Jun plays is ghost in this story and basically Kumiko is going to try and solve his case by having him help her.
Everything will be explained in due time I just need feedback for this.
Should I continue or not?
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Reality Bites by Christine

Kumiko shivered slightly when she saw them taking out his body from the river. She couldn’t help the tears which formed in her eyes when she saw his young body being carried out by the police officers.

“Don’t cry too much,” he whispered in her ear, making her head whip up to look at him. She rubbed her small nose with her shaking hand and immediately looked away. She couldn’t believe she was talking to a ghost - a ghost, whose body had just been uncovered from the river. What was more unbelievable was that she had actually let a ghost help her in her investigation.

After she had met him last night she had found herself immediately drawn to him. At first she hadn’t believed him. Who would believe the ghost of a murdered person was talking to you about helping him solve his own murder? Surely not if you were sane, and Kumiko thought that she was a pretty sane person. It was when he apparently described his murder that she realized her might b telling the truth. She then had believed him when other people couldn’t see him and only she could. She had asked him how come she had been able to see him and not others. He had shrugged and replied that he didn’t know that himself and that it was probably God’s last act of kindness towards him.

Her self reflection was broken when one of the police officers stepped towards her.

“Shiraishi,” Oguri Shun said, looking directly at her with the usual unimpressed look on his chiseled face.

“Oguri,” Kumiko said, with a slight hint of mockery in her tone of voice. Who wouldn’t mock the head of the investigations unit? You certainly wouldn’t if you weren’t his childhood friend who knew his innermost embarrassing secrets.

“I can’t believe you knew where the body was.” Shun uttered, scratching his hair and pouting slightly.

“It was just a hunch Shun-chan. I guess I know more about this case then most of your police officers do.” She said, crossing her hands over her chest and looking at Shun with a smile on her lips.

“Yeah…if you call the victim telling you where his body was thrown a hunch….go ahead.” Jun mumbled, putting his hand on Kumiko’s shoulders, staring directly at Shun.

Kumiko bit down on the inside of her bottom lip, trying desperately hard not to punch the ghost as hard as she could. Of course she would just end up looking like a fool. What she couldn’t understand, amongst other things, was the answer behind the fact that she could feel when Jun touched her. He had first touched her last night, when he had covered her mouth in order to make her stop screaming.

Of course she had freaked out when she had realized that this man was in fact dead. A million questions filled her mind ever since that moment and she hoped she would get answers soon.

Shun sighed, again breaking her from her thoughts. “I really hope we will continue with the investigations.” He said, flipping through his notebook.

Kumiko looked up at Shun with a shocked expression on her young features. “But you have to continue Shun! This could be linked to the other murders that have been happening recently!” she cried, feeling her heart beat faster inside her chest.

Of course when the shock that Jun was dead had diminished, she had immediately asked him who had killed him. He had frowned and simply told her he didn’t remember. She had yelled at him, telling him off for not remembering something so vital. He had ignored her comment and instead told her to do her fucking job, making her even angrier at him.

“I know Kumi, but you should also know that I’m doing the best I can.” Shun said, sighing loudly. His best friend had always been so bossy, ever since childhood. It was something he had gotten used to but also something that worried him since she had transferred to his unit.

Kumiko frowned, she was grateful for the fact that Shun had talked to her about the cases and shared information which he wasn’t really allowed to share with her since she had been pretty new to the station. She knew that without him she wouldn’t have been able to find out the things she did, but sometimes she hoped he would take things into his own hands and follow his instincts.

“I know Shun and I’m really grateful.” She replied, giving him a soft smile.

Shun sighed and ruffled her hair softly. “I’ll fax you the details later, you can hang around for as long as you like. Just tell them you are with me, ok?” he said, giving her a smile before turning around to continue with his job.

“Thanks Shun!” Kumiko yelled while waving. It was when shun left that she had noticed Jun’s absence. “Huh?” she uttered when she didn’t see him anywhere near her. “Where did he go?” she asked herself, looking around her with a slight frown on her pink lips. She had finally spotted him a little up from where she stood, immediately walking up towards him. She made a mental note to herself to ask him whether he could teleport himself to anywhere he wanted, just like those vampires she read about.

When she had finally reached him, she noticed what he was looking at - or who. She immediately found herself freezing, her eyes landing on Jun’s dead body.

Jun looked down at his own dead body with a sad expression on his face. He looked at his blue lips, his chalk white skin, his still wet hair hanging limply on his forehead, his wounds, which were still visible on his once colored skin. Jun tightened his lips, finding himself wanting to cry, but no tears came. Could ghosts cry? To the previous - alive - Jun it would have been a definite no, followed by; ‘ghosts don’t exist’, but now everything had changed.

He would have never thought that he would have ended up like this, ended up getting murdered, standing as he watched over his dead, beaten body. He knew his life wasn’t going the way he had originally planned, or wanted it to be. He knew that nothing good would come out of his lifestyle.

“Are you ok?” Kumiko whispered, looking briefly around her hoping no one heard her, her eyes landing back on Jun’s body. She caught a glimpse of his face before one of the men there zipped him up.

“No I’m not ok,” Jun replied, his voice cracking slightly. He turned to look at her, the pain in his eyes making her gulp. “Would you be ok if you were staring down at your own corpse?” he asked, his voice getting slightly louder.

“Uh…I…” she uttered, not really knowing what to say. Of course she wouldn’t be ok and she realized that she had asked him something stupid but she didn’t know what else to say.

Jun turned to look away from her, tightening his jaw and narrowing his eyes. “I guess I’m just not used to being dead yet,” he uttered, a bitter smile forming on his lips.
End Notes:
Yes these chapters will be short but I'm going to try and make them often XD
So who loves angsty sarcastic Jun?
I know I do...sexy sexy man hahaha ok uhh focus...
So sorry if this chapter was lame...but I wanted to introduce Shun! Kumiko's childhood friend and also I wanted to write the scene where Jun sees his own dead body...
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