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Category: Taiwanese Entertainment – Characters: Baron Chen, Bianca Bai, Ethan Ruan, Joe Chen/Chen Qiao En – Stories: 1

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All of Me by Lil Daisy – Rating: K – Chapters: 1 – Reviews: 11

Written for the AFF Advent Calendar 2013 - Day 1

Dai Dylan has had his heart broken before and he knew he needed a fresh start. A mysterious painter named Mia took him from Taiwan to Seoul where he meets beautiful, vivacious Yoon Eunhye and he learns that sometimes, you can't love like you've never been hurt.
Category: Korean Entertainment, Taiwanese Entertainment – Drama/Series: AFF Advent Calendar 2013, Fated to Love You – Challenges: None
Characters: Baron Chen, Yoon Eun Hye
Story Type: One-Shot – Genres: Romance – Warnings: Possible Drama Spoilers
Published: Nov 10, 2013 – Updated: Dec 01, 2013 – Word Count: 4555 words – Read Count: 674 – Completed: Yes

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