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ihateunfinishedlovestories reviewed The Enraged Best Friend (w/ Uchi) on Jan 19, 2013 08:18 AM [Report This]

Hahahahaha! Sorry, I really have to start this review with that. Oh, Uchi... you are so damn funny, making fun of Ryo that way...well, that's what best friends are! And the rumors..just what does Uchi do to get information from a lot of people..he's so chismoso! In short, I love this chapter. thanks for sharing. :)

ihateunfinishedlovestories reviewed An Annoying Older Brother (w/ NinoxMasami) on Jan 19, 2013 04:03 AM [Report This]

Waah...I love this...Thanks lovesmatch!!! I've been dying to read a fanfic for Toda Erika and Ryo-chan! I totally loved them in Ryusei, and Im so dissapointed that thoey don't have love-themed story there. Oh well, their siblings, so what am I expecting.. :P Anyways, Im so glad I read this. I love how your characters interact. I can almost see Ryo's blushing face and Nino's smirk. Haha! They're so adorable. And Masami is here too. I really wanted to have Nino and her together somewhere, even if they're not together anymore. It felt so real, I wanted to! I rated you 9 because writing Erika-Ryo fanfic actually deserves a 10. But since you haven't finished this story yet I deducted 1 point. Please finish this. I'm so looking forward to it. :)

1380MC reviewed The 'X' Story (w/ Hina and Kanjani8) on Aug 31, 2011 12:17 PM [Report This]

i just found out to review here. kekeke.
i like this couple. and i like this story. please continue...update.
thank you.
Author's Response: and here i thought Daisy is the only one liking this story... :)
i will do my best!
thank you!!!

Lil Daisy reviewed The 'X' Story (w/ Hina and Kanjani8) on Mar 29, 2011 12:46 PM [Report This]

lol, and i'm here again. ^^
good ole Hina. The ramen showdown got me laughing. can't wait to see ryo finally step up to the plate :))
Author's Response: and here i am thanking you over and over again for supporting this story... :)
yeah... it's good old Hina... :)
the ramen thing was a bit something out of blue but i enjoyed writing that part of it... especially because it seems to me that it isn't a very far off thing to happen in real life... LOL
and yeah, Ryo's bound to step up sooner or later...
thanks for the review as always Daisy...
and for continuing to support this story... :)

Lil Daisy reviewed Hours Before... (w/ Yamapi and Uchi and slight Hina) on Jan 12, 2011 05:42 AM [Report This]

seriously?? am i the only one commenting?? terrible people. lol
but I love the ryorika pairing. would be happy to make you a poster :D wait for it :D
Author's Response: yeah... unfortunately, you're the only one... :(
but i've already told myself that as long as their's at least one person reading and leaving reviews to any of my stories, i'd continued with it...
though i'd love if the others, if there are others, would review too...
and so i'll continue with this...
so, thanks as always daisy... :)
and will be looking forward to that... :)

Lil Daisy reviewed The Enraged Best Friend (w/ Uchi) on Dec 01, 2010 03:51 PM [Report This]

Uchi was funny! haha
loved it :D
Author's Response: thanks... glad you liked it... :) i find Uchi quite an amusing character to write... :)

Lil Daisy reviewed An Annoying Older Brother (w/ NinoxMasami) on Nov 24, 2010 11:10 AM [Report This]

cute. i like this pairing. am always happy to see more erika/ryo love going around
Author's Response: thanks... :) i like the pairing too...
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