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Awesome story! Please continue

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2nd time reading.Just as great as the first time!haha. Just that it feels a bit weird reading this while listening to johnnyplo's officially missing you. ==
Perhaps you could suggest a few songs as accompaniment while reading??haha~ That'll be great XD

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awww sorry for the late review. >,<
amazing chapter as usual. when will you update this? kke :D

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Yay new chapter!!! Hmmmm very interesting.

noiha reviewed Chapter 7- Disruptive Assistance on Jan 25, 2011 05:58 PM [Report This]

*squeal and hugs minho right away*
i find his personality's really cute, especially when he said “The mic is the smallest that I can find, I swear” innocently.

like i've said in my previous ramblings, this story makes me really excited, thrilled, and engaged. i'm new to this site but i found that mostly there're romance fics here, so i found this story's really rare, unique, and of course, well-written.

please keep updating!!! it's been a month already! haha ^^
Author's Response: I know....It's been so long, but this writer's block of mine ain't going away, like, my brain is dry....I'll try to update sooner. Thank you for reading and reviewing, keep reviewing :) XOXO

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before i started rambling to the story -- which i can't ramble much yet because there's only an introduction here -- i'm going to comment the poster. oh. man. nuri's so handsome! haha. and his character is still my favorite here! snipper has to be sexy! haha. i love the way you give the characters the positions, it fits them well. taec's definitely a leader material and minho's bright and innocent personality is really matched with his position that doesn't require him to go to the battlefield. as for jjong, he can be a rival for nuri. and nickhun, he'll be in charge of bromance. hehe.

ah. i'm sorry that i'm rambling too much. hehe. kay, one chapter to go~
Author's Response: Nichkhun for bromance? Haha, spot on, he's more sensitive, and he's overall a kind person, unlike Nuri, hehe.. As for Minho, I certainly do not want to keep him behind a computer screen as the rest go out and risk their lives, so most of the time he'll be alongside them, showing off his tech skills even in action mode, hehe

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yes! yoona died! *glared by yoona's fans* i swear i'm not her anti, i just don't really like how she always get overrated in korea tv shows. um, yeah, the story is engaging as usual, but i can't really focus because you put taec's abs as the poster lol. still, this chapter's great. i mean, it's not about yoona's death, but it's your plot that really makes me write this nonsensical rambling again. haha.

okay, off to the next chapter~
Author's Response: LOL....Should I ask Taec yeon to wear his shirt back and not show off his abs so often? He's distracting my readers haha Keep on 'rambling', I love them!

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awww minho's poster up there melts me inside~ minho-ya~
should i tell you again that i love your character description? i guess i have to. hehe. i love minho's character here. he still has that bright personality even when he grew up without his parrent. i felt sad when i read the last part, when minho searched for noh's whereabout. maybe i'm imagining to much, but i think that mr. kang and his echelon have done something to him... kekeke. i guess i have to read the following chapters first.

overall, this is an awesome story! xD
Author's Response: You weren't imagining things, that's exactly what I wanted readers to do, feel, and think, when reading this fic, hehe

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noooo why do you kill siwon!!!! i mean, with this athena drama and snsd hoot mv, i can clearly imagine how handsome and sexy is choi siwon as an echelon~ man i did sound like a perve lol
the previous chapter still remain as my favorite chapter but i'm glad to read sweet brotherhood chapter like this.

okay, i'm better off to the next chapter.
Author's Response: This is not the end for siwon....hehehe *evil laugh* but no spoilers.....hehehehe...

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*i'm not really good at expressing myself so i guess that single word describe how excited i am reading this, haha*

i feel this chapter's deeper and more emotional than the previous one. again, i'm hooked with your character's background and description. i can imagine the whole story just like when i'm watching a movie. great story so far.

hope you won't mind with these nonsense ramblings, you'll get more of it. hehe. xD
Author's Response: I definitely won't mind your ramblings, as long as you continue rambling on each chapter LOL Thank you for reading and reviewing :)
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