mmizuki951101 reviewed How I Got Ron and Hermione Together on May 23, 2011 02:05 PM [Report This]

HAHA!! i just love stories featuring TWINS(:
Author's Response: LOL I know right! I loved writing this one =D Twins are EPIC! I can't wait to see Ouran Host Club's new drama that they're coming out with! The twins better be epic! Thank you for reading mizuki =D

biniBningPunkista reviewed How I Got Ron and Hermione Together on Sep 19, 2010 05:54 AM [Report This]

that was hilarious!!!! pi and you kissing in front of your supposedly toma-ron-love-partner.

me likey! and the kids! the conversation and the whole "papa is such a dork theme"

who would even give a bedside story this sappy to their kids? nonetheless the mom kissing another guy beside their papa. yes... toma is one hell of a nut job in this fic. BUT STILL!!! I LOVE TOMA! hahaha...
Author's Response: I'M SO GLAD YOU LIKED IT XD! Pi and I <3 I couldn't resist it. Though there was no chemistry there! He's truly meant for Chri =D lololol Toma in my head as Nakatsu really reminded me of Ron in Harry Potter so this inspiration struck and I hadddd to use it! The kids are kind of mean neh XD kind of like their mom I bet. But yeah Toma is such a dork <3 LOLOL Only Toma man. Only Toma would do that sort of thing. I'm so glad you loved it and you took the time to read my stupid little fantasy. *bows and hugs* thank you Shan!

Christine reviewed How I Got Ron and Hermione Together on Sep 03, 2010 04:25 PM [Report This]

Ahaha lillith even on my second reading I loved it!
It kind of shows how much power you have on your man so go girl! ;)
The Hermione and Ron forever bitches was epic!
He is such a dork but gahhh your first kiss was like that?! lol so silly...but I guess he got too overprotective and jealous! XD
The twins are loveeeee~
I just love it how they pick on their dad and Toma...HE IS ADORABLE!
Just like I would picture him being!
I loved it lol and you are right I wouldn't hand out hot men XD
Oh oh oh and omfg you kissed Yama too?!
Just how many of my friends did my husband kiss?! *investigating time*
Author's Response: YAYYYYY <3 I'm glad you read it twice. =D Thank you so much for giving this story your time. XD I do have a lot of power over him but no more than you guys have over your guys. We all have the secret weapon we use =D Welll it's not soo secret. =D just a little imaginative thinking and you'd be able to know our secret weapon. I still love Harry Potter a lot in my heart so =) I reallyyy really want twins. So I'm hoping Hikaru and Hikari are actually my future children (lol maybe they won't be named that though that was spur of the moment). I'm glad you think my husband is adorable <3 LOLOL um. about the kiss. it was accidental hehehe. <3 your husband hated it too promise. no chemistry there XD. I will I will <3 Thanks so much for reading Chri <3 i loveee youu

Blossy reviewed How I Got Ron and Hermione Together on Sep 02, 2010 11:46 PM [Report This]

Kids says the darnest things! looool Poor Toma being picked on by his kids. And "Ron and Harmione Forever"? SOOO DORKY hhahahaha cute though. It's your own silly roleplay :D
And Ryo is cooler than Toma? Nyahahahahaha that made me laugh.
Great story btw.
If only you could start on your BC Story now *whistling lowly* :P
Author's Response: Don't theyyy? I love kids though. I want to be a mommy like now which is probably not good. My mom thinks the moment I get my first boyfriend I'm going to get preggers with his kid O.O I have standards! T.T but she doesn't believe that. Toma's a little lame in my story =D <3 Just the way I like him. In my head he would be perfect as Ron and I'd be perfect as Hermione even though I hate Hermione. That might be the reason I hate her. Ryo is practically cooler than everyone cause he's not stupid or dorky =D in my head he's snarky and sleuthy. Perfect bad boy type =D Thank you <3 your review means a lot obviously =D. <3

Ooper reviewed How I Got Ron and Hermione Together on Sep 02, 2010 10:04 PM [Report This]

SO CUTE. I loved this! kekekekekekekkekekeke. Write another like this?! I love how I got to be Luna. ;D
Author's Response: You're just as loony =D <3 that's why beloved. I'm totally going to once I get another sinspiration. But my next challenge hassssssssssss to be the BC challenge XD. I've made B wait too long XD.
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