Dreamy Luna reviewed Four Times on Aug 01, 2010 04:06 AM [Report This]

LOLOL yes city boys aren't very creative! XD Hmh... I wonder who the four boys are. =D

harmony2244 reviewed Four Times on Jun 17, 2010 03:27 AM [Report This]

LOL 3 GUYS! i can't wait 'til i find out which guy is who..
ohh i also love how i can see you in Nicole, with the whole swimming...and erm..hitting the head thing. xDD HAHA. nice!
~ps. - what happened to her dad? you might've mentioned it but i'm too lazy to go back and read x)
Author's Response: hehee!! nope, didn't mention her dad....yet.....getting there...soon :D

sweetjellostraw reviewed Four Times on Jun 14, 2010 09:52 PM [Report This]

Ah, the story is really good. I've been trying to find some time to read some fanfics. ^^ I really like how you use a lot of description in your writing and that you use many emotions in Nicole. I also like the way you talk about her mother's death. Can' t wait to read more! Hwaiting~!
Good luck with writing.
Author's Response: thanks much!! i really appreciate you reading and commenting :D i also appreciate you liking how i write!
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