Blossy reviewed For Blossy~ on Dec 25, 2013 03:02 PM [Report This]

I TOTALLY LOVE THE TITLE KEKE!!! Love the pun behind it!

Jess, I was so glad you chose this request! It was my favourite! kekeke

Haha I loved how he was chasing after her, and she not in her rational mind, hijacked a car!!! AWESOME!!!

Haha the misunderstanding was great!

And I loved the ending! Thank you for a happy one!

They spending the Christmas Eve in jail but already planning to spend Christmas together.

Awesome story!

cahaya reviewed For Blossy~ on Dec 25, 2013 09:49 AM [Report This]

interesting storyline and love this pairing... ;)
funny and enjoyable to read...
really love the ending least she gives him a chance ... so sweet ^_^
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