Kristy reviewed The Beginning on Dec 25, 2013 02:57 AM [Report This]

Wait, so they're married in real life? Nawwww, how sweet! You just filled in the lines, didn't you? And it was a adorable story, too! I really enjoyed it :) Thank you so much for writing it, I now know that Jin is still a jerk, but a lovable jerk... XD And that Meisa is one of the coolest people out there! You go, girl!
Author's Response: yessss indeed they are :D this whole story was inspired by their real life romance any facts I know about Jin, Meisa and their romance and their lives :) so quite a bit of the story is based on those things with about 25% base fiction I'd say? All the dialogues/scenes are all my imagination but almost all of it was based upon something I've read online (whose authenticity is questionable hey but for a fanfiction it's a source at the very least). They have a very adorable baby together :D and Jin's wanted to be a daddy forever :) so I was super happy (even though Meisa was literally on the top of her game at that time when she announced the pregnancy and it threw her schedule into havoc). Thank you so much for reading it and enjoying it and all your feedback too! I really appreciate it Kristy now I know where I need to go back and fix some things and you really helped me think of things that I really hadn't thought of before! Jin XD keke what can be said :D nothing really <3 you know now he's not perfect and he'll probably never be. Meisa XD keke well in my opinion she's one of the coolest women out there but then again she's my number one J female bias so I'm a little bit biased...I can't say that but if you think she's one of the coolest people ever I'll agree with you. Thank you so much again *hugs* you're seriously a trooper for reading and reviewing all 11~

Kristy reviewed Making It Past The Mistakes on Dec 25, 2013 02:55 AM [Report This]

Hm... At least Meisa knows that he wasn't meant for her, but does Ryo knows that she isn't meant for him? And I can't believe they actually did it! I'm going to blame alcohol for this situation. See, kids, this is what happens when you become drunk! Nothing but regrets (and sex with Ryo- whoops, let's keep this PG-13!)

Well, I guess it's bittersweet now. Ryo knows that they weren't meant to end up together, and she's successful. But Meisa's not HAPPY, you see. She wants someone to love, and for someone to love her... Hm..... JIN!
Author's Response: Okay this part there was a lot of mess in my head. So the one reason I thought they should sleep together was almost based on revenge. Meisa was focused on a) her desperation b)making Jin angry c) Ryo and Meisa were actually rumored to be together right before Meisa and Jin started making the news. She was spotted out with Ryo and Pi both actually (seperate times). So it was a toss up between Ryo and Pi, I picked Ryo bc it made more sense. I personally already knew that it was going to turn out platonic because I know that Ryo hangs out with the Akanishi couple a lot now. So those were the reasons I made them do it, knowing I was going to make this a T-story made me tone it down as much as I could but I thought if she was going to use Ryo as Jin's best friend to make him jealous, in her fit of drunken stupidity she would go all the way. What better way to piss of a guy who left you when you just started to trust him? He obviously had no problems with the DD right? So while yes alcohol played a factor, there were a few more factors in there. Also since there were no explicit actual scenes and really most of it was implied and the vulgar language was kept to a minimum I thought the T rating vs. the M would be fine :) Though I do apologize if it made you uncomfortable! Sorry this ended up being so longwinded T.T i just wanted to explain it a bit more? I'm finding all the flaws in the story now that I should have explained a bit more what was going on in my head. But yes it's bittersweet bc while Ryo is a great guy, that does not always for chemistry make. She is kind of happy, because she's finally gotten everythind she wanted but yeah she does need someone to share it with :)

Kristy reviewed Double D Nightmares on Dec 25, 2013 02:47 AM [Report This]

Uh... I was a bit confused about this chapter. But let me re-read it....

Nishkido Ryo likes her? And she thinks Jin moved on? And there's this girl (Goodness, I had to censor myself) named Lizzy getting in between them? And Ryo and Meisa are kissing? And she thinks that it should continue, but not in public? Uh-oh, this is drama season, right here! At least I've got front-row seats.
Author's Response: Ahh I tried to make it less confusing by adding the flashbacks in between in italicsss >< did that not help? maybe I should go back and edit but if you look carefully at the previous chapters there's been hints of Ryo and the way Jin's feelings for Meisa were basically a product of Ryo's own fascination with her as her fan? But Ryo doesn't like her. At least not seriously. He kind of just liked her as a fan so more so her public image. Lizzy ahhh I was debating whether to include her or not in the story, so yes again because this is based in reality, Jin did get rumored with a girl named Lizzy who was a part of his dance troupe (the same Lizzy who dated Victor Kim if you know anyone from Quest Crew?) but yes so it's not like Lizzy's getting in between them it's more like Meisa and Jin stopped dating after that day and Lizzy and Jin met in America and then he came back to Japan with her. Ryo and Meisa kissing is just Meisa acting desperate and stupid and drunk :( happens more often than it should, kissing the wrong people.

Kristy reviewed 2010 - The Future on Dec 25, 2013 02:45 AM [Report This]

Hm... Meisa, in a way, just confessed to Jin. I wonder if he actually "got" it, but I doubt he did, only 'cuz he's so self-centered. He wouldn't even think about looking at another person, let alone consider their emotions... *aish!* This boy...

AND HE IS MOVING? TO AMERICA? (Yippieee he'll be with me!) But oh my goodness, what will happen to Meisa and Jin, then? Will their love last again, another year? But is this love yet? I don't know if it is...
Author's Response: yes she did :) but you're right, while he does understand the way she feels about him now, that she's opened up and so vulnerable and she's willing to let herself be with him (despite her reservations that she's sure he'll fuck it up) he's going to do whatever he wants which is exactly what she was so afraid of anyways. It's not that he doesn't care for her, he does but in the end he's going to pursue whatever he wants first and at the moment that's not Meisa. YESSS :D So in reality Jin did go away to America :) he went twice actually. once right after he debuted with KATTUN and again to prep for his english solo debut. And's not really love yet...but I know where you're coming from :)

Kristy reviewed 2010 - A Mess on Dec 25, 2013 02:39 AM [Report This]

I find it funny that she calls him Hentai! Maybe because we ALL know what that really means, but I think the double-meaning makes it funnier XD

And look at this girl falling for him! No, don't! It's a trap. Why do I have this awful feeling that it's going to end badly? Like, he's going to break her heart or something. I dunno. Just some negative premonition coming forth :(

Though I really did enjoy the bickering between the boys at the end! It was really cute, in my opinion. Gives them a bit of a personality, you know? Rather than flat characters, they get a bit of shape to them!
Author's Response: LOLOL well for America I guess it means something quite different nehh XD I was using it in the pervert context XD (both songs are real songs :D test drive and sex :D sung respectively by akanishi jin and kuroki meisa). i'm glad the underlying connotation brought some humor to it :D Awww Kristy I love how you're advocating for her like COME ON DON'T DO IT YOU KNOW WHAT HE'S LIKE. Okay fine he's cute but like come on it's JIN! XD he would break her heart. That's just what Jin does, but you go into it knowing that...but in Meisa's case that works against her because Jin knows exactly with sort of prediction she's coming into the relationship. yess there's a reason Pi and especially Ryo can't be flat :) plus I hate having totally flat characters so I try to define them as best I can but I'm totally addicted to writing intensely with just two characters so its hard for me to flesh out extraneous characters sometimes perfectly, especially under deadlines and stuff T.T

Kristy reviewed Ridiculously Infectious on Dec 25, 2013 02:37 AM [Report This]

Oooh, sexy-times underwater? Hm, he better not try, because I'm watching!

He's SO flirting with her. I can tell. He's not even being subtle about this! I wonder why Meisa even puts up with him -_- Geez, I like him and I don't like him, so I'm just so confused!

And of COURSE Matsumoto is absolutely handsome! :)
Author's Response: omggg right<3 isn't this the cutest thing evar damn it I hate coming up with flirting techniques that have never been used on me...bc if they ever do I'd start getting totally excited by it and ruin the flirting itself but somehow Meisa put up with it and started lowering her guard :D Matsumoto is totally handsome *drooooool*

Kristy reviewed You're Arrogant and I'm Vulnerable on Dec 25, 2013 02:24 AM [Report This]

"Like what you see?" That is the most dangerous question ever asked, second only to "Do you think I am fat?" Don't answer it, Jin, don't do it, oh-

He answered it.

With a "I'm not sure yet."

:P And look at their childish bickering, gosh they seem like a couple already!
Author's Response: LOL Nehhhh it really is and omg the do you think I'm fat question you're so right about that! Well he could have chosen to answer it with another question but that would have been a cop out nehh XD Ahhhhh and a couple they would becomeee such a sweet couple too :D

Kristy reviewed Flutters and Flops on Dec 25, 2013 02:15 AM [Report This]

Gah, all this nude-photo talk... I'm sure it's a scandal, waiting to happen!

And Maki's going to do a shoot with Leslie?! Uh-oh. This sounds pretty good and bad at the same time... Though I like how you threw some more Jin-being-possessive into it, I find it to be quite adorable.

But I still don't like him. :P
Author's Response: Leslie Kee has actually shot Maki a bunch of times :) she's one of his favourite models and one of his most famous collections is his SUPER collection where he features a bunch of celebrities in the nude so I wouldn't be surprised if he does have nude photos of her but so far there are no nude photos of Maki that have been made public. He's also one of the most popular fashion photographers in Japan :D! (He has done specials on Jin and Meisa too :) with Meisa being featured I think twice) He is very cutely possessive neh :)? I like this cute possessive Jin XD but I understand where you're coming from :D

Kristy reviewed Surprisingly Naive on Dec 25, 2013 02:02 AM [Report This]

Ugh, and this is another example that furthers my dislike for Jin! Seriously, hooking up with Jun's girlfriend, Yukkie? That's totally out-of-line. (Though I can't believe that she would let him -_-)

But wait! Is this a subtle allusion to a HYD moment? Mao and Jun..... Ah! OTP forever!~ I'm glad of this really tiny reference, it's so adorable!

Hm... I think that Jin's being jealous. There's no reason he would ask Meisa if she kissed Toma, if there weren't some hidden motive behind it- anyways, the slamming and locking of the doors furthers my belief. Ad then the "Don't go kissing any more of my friends okay?" Yeah, that's a little possessive. Hm.... I dunno, maybe I don't hate him any more. I think I'm agree with Meisa on this one!!!
Author's Response: Ahh yes okay I should help defend Jin, this particular part of the story isn't true...but Jun and Yukie breaking up is and since the timelines kind of matched up I made that part up. So technically real-life Jin didn't do this but fictional Jin did :D (ah the lines between reality and fiction are being blurred far too much in this story). In real life, she probably wouldn't let him. For the sake of really showcasing Jin as a don't care who I hurt type personality I did decide to put that in (and this part of his personality shows up again and again later) LOLOL yes it is but they're not the main focus of the story so I had to try and stay away from it. DAMN IT. THAT PART OF THE STORY IS TRUE :D YAY. So Toma and Meisa did kiss as a part of the Azumi stage play and Jin was apparently very jealous (this is before Meisa and Jin were even rumored to be a couple). but I'm glad you don't hate him anymore :D! He's not a hard character to understand just because he's so simple but at the same time he brings out a very conflicted set of emotions I think so I'm glad you felt this way throughout the story :)

Kristy reviewed Conflicts of Interest on Dec 25, 2013 01:30 AM [Report This]

Well, it's been a year, maybe Jin's changed- whoops, nope. He's kissing Kame in the middle of the meal. Public display of affection-overload, much? Hm... maybe that's just his fake personality, and he's really hurt underneath all of these lies. But maybe that's just my psychology-speak for "Jin's sad and he wants Meisa to love him".

OH MY GOD JIN SAID WHAT? That ending was a little... unexpected! Good job, author-nim! Definitely perked my attention, alright! I can't believe Jin just said that out loud, with everyone listening! How rude! Hm... I dunno if I'm going to really like him by the end of this story, because he's turning out to be a bit of an ass! :(

(Just kidding, I'm sure I'll fall for him in the end XD Plus, it's JINNNN)
Author's Response: LOL omg no. Jin never changes. Jin is always himself, unapologetically himself. In a way it's admirable how much he doesn't give a shit :D makes me say yeahhh you go Jin for just doing whatever the hell you want (but sometimes the stuff he does is questionable XD). I think by now you know that yes XD he doesn't have this super bruised ego inside. With Akanishi Jin, the reason I like him as an idol is what you see is what you get. Okay so as a fan he'll probably make you have a heart attack at least twice a year for some scandal but at the very least you knew what you were getting into. (Akame is a pretty big fandom still :) so yeah that's why I had to put some Kame in <3 but they're no longer close :( ). LOL well yeah...he did right XD? In the last chapter? That's the other thing he doesn't censor himself. It's got him in a lot of trouble but's Jin XD plus it's not necessarily a bad thing and only Kame was listening.. XD so it was okay? (But yes Jin is a bit of an ass that is the part you see and what you get)
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