yukino78 reviewed 3. Somewhere in Between on Dec 05, 2013 03:59 AM [Report This]

LOL! Cut my Christmas Bells?! LOL!!!! Love it!
Author's Response: xD That was the first line that I thought of, the story was written pretty much around it hahahahah Thank you for your comments!! Sorry it took so long to answer them all

yukino78 reviewed 2. Earth on Dec 05, 2013 03:58 AM [Report This]

LOL...i do love Ryo...i laughed at the part when someone said to Ryo to stop molesting the new comers. LOL
Author's Response: LOL Ryo is always a fun character to write and I totally see him molesting or bullying new comers :P Thank you for commenting!!! <3

yukino78 reviewed 1. Heaven & Hell on Dec 05, 2013 02:14 AM [Report This]

oh nice. very interesting.
Author's Response: Thank youu!

dove reviewed 3. Somewhere in Between on Dec 05, 2013 12:06 AM [Report This]

i thought it would be an intense story but the ending was just so cute!
Author's Response: I kept it light due to the holidays :P Thank you for reading and reviewing!!

Uniquemikoto reviewed 2. Earth on Dec 04, 2013 12:12 PM [Report This]

Ohh gosh it's so cuute xD
Massu is adorable as always =w=
and Cisarath is a cute demon..? xD she was so cute xD
Thank you for this story~
Author's Response: xD Cisarath was cute in a demonic way :P hahahahha Thank you for reading and commenting Miko!!

Blossy reviewed 3. Somewhere in Between on Dec 03, 2013 08:09 PM [Report This]

Awwww I loved the ending. Sweet and cheeesy lool
After a veeeery long chapter this one is so short!
So we never found out the "other tenants" name and also Cisarath's human name.
Author's Response: I thought a little fluff wouldn't hurt :P
This was more like an epilogue than a chapter I guess xD
Nope... I can tell you if you want... it was Tegoshi, but I thought that if I mentioned him it would be a give away, so I removed his name at the last minute heheh
Thank you for reading and reviewing!!!

Blossy reviewed 2. Earth on Dec 03, 2013 08:06 PM [Report This]

OMG I kinda guessed that Ryo and the "other tenant" (lol you're not naming him) were in one the demon's and angel's plans but I didn't think they were halflings as well!
I loved Massu and Cisarath were together. They had chemistry. (Oh you never mentioned her human name as well lol )
Author's Response: xD yep I left the other tenant anonymous (I'll tell you the truth, it was Tegoshi, but by the end I realized I never mentioned his name so I decided to be mysterious hahahah) And Cisarath was her human name, she mentions it when she meets Massu, but I decided not to go into that so I wouldn't get too sidetracked, if I ever make a sequel I'll explain it better xD I'm really happy you liked the story. Thank so much for reading and commenting!

Blossy reviewed 1. Heaven & Hell on Dec 03, 2013 07:46 PM [Report This]

This is interesting. The girl is a half demon and half human while the guy is a half angel and half human!
It's sad that they had suffered a lot while they were in the human world. I don't know about Massu but Cisarath was burnt alive which is really cruel!
Oooh I wonder what the head demon and angel have planned for the two...
Author's Response: Yes! they were meant to find each other! hahaha
Massu's story is just as bad, he was stoned to death... didn't I say that in the story *facepalm* Sorrryyyy
Thank you for commenting xD

Lil Daisy reviewed 3. Somewhere in Between on Dec 03, 2013 06:37 AM [Report This]

i like the idea of this demon and angel thing. great stuff
Author's Response: Thank you!!

Lil Daisy reviewed 2. Earth on Dec 03, 2013 06:36 AM [Report This]

lol the cat
Author's Response: cute, isn't it xD
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