Kristy reviewed 2. Earth on Dec 24, 2013 10:40 PM [Report This]

Okay, I'm going to assume Takahisa is the protagonist in this story, so I'm rooting for him! I know he will be able to complete his mission and keep that girl alive! Because he's TAKAHISA! (Sorry, I had Princess Mononoke flashbacks where I screamed "ASHITAKA!" at my computer screen.)

I'm a little conflicted on how I'm supposed to feel about Cisarath, but I guess he's good? *shrugs* At least, he found a place for them to stay. Having a warm place is better than sleeping out on the streets, ya know? But maybe it's a trap; better keep reading....

WAIT JUST ONE MINUTE. Did Nishikido Ryo, THE Nishikido Ryo, just jump off a roof? Nooooo! :( Oh wait, he's half demon so he's still alive. *whew* Okay, I just had a moment of crisis, and before I faint right here, it's time to go to the next chapter!
Author's Response: He had to save a guy, actually. Ryo. LOL But go right ahead and scream anything you want at your computer (and by the way, now I want to watch Princess Mononoke, thank you :P ) Yes, Nishikido is half demon, I didn't want to kill anybody on Christmas xD

cahaya reviewed 2. Earth on Dec 08, 2013 07:49 AM [Report This]

evening ...
adorable cat turn into half human half angel@demon...
super cute for both them especially the ending ...
Author's Response: Yup, shapeshifting half demon/angels are cute :P hha Thank you, again for reading and commenting <3

yukino78 reviewed 2. Earth on Dec 05, 2013 03:58 AM [Report This]

LOL...i do love Ryo...i laughed at the part when someone said to Ryo to stop molesting the new comers. LOL
Author's Response: LOL Ryo is always a fun character to write and I totally see him molesting or bullying new comers :P Thank you for commenting!!! <3

Uniquemikoto reviewed 2. Earth on Dec 04, 2013 12:12 PM [Report This]

Ohh gosh it's so cuute xD
Massu is adorable as always =w=
and Cisarath is a cute demon..? xD she was so cute xD
Thank you for this story~
Author's Response: xD Cisarath was cute in a demonic way :P hahahahha Thank you for reading and commenting Miko!!

Blossy reviewed 2. Earth on Dec 03, 2013 08:06 PM [Report This]

OMG I kinda guessed that Ryo and the "other tenant" (lol you're not naming him) were in one the demon's and angel's plans but I didn't think they were halflings as well!
I loved Massu and Cisarath were together. They had chemistry. (Oh you never mentioned her human name as well lol )
Author's Response: xD yep I left the other tenant anonymous (I'll tell you the truth, it was Tegoshi, but by the end I realized I never mentioned his name so I decided to be mysterious hahahah) And Cisarath was her human name, she mentions it when she meets Massu, but I decided not to go into that so I wouldn't get too sidetracked, if I ever make a sequel I'll explain it better xD I'm really happy you liked the story. Thank so much for reading and commenting!

Lil Daisy reviewed 2. Earth on Dec 03, 2013 06:36 AM [Report This]

lol the cat
Author's Response: cute, isn't it xD
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