Kristy reviewed 3. Somewhere in Between on Dec 24, 2013 10:42 PM [Report This]

Aw, Takahisa has scars on his back from where his wings were taken off :( That's really sad, ya know.

But this ending was really sweet! One failed at being an angel, the other failed at being a demon, and they both were fated to end up together! IN LUUUURVE. Good job! It was super cute, and I enjoyed it :)
Author's Response: Sorry for taking so long to answer this! Yeah, he lost his wings, but he is still happy xD They were meant to be!!! hahahah Thank you for the comment!!! And I'm happy you enjoyed the story

Kristy reviewed 2. Earth on Dec 24, 2013 10:40 PM [Report This]

Okay, I'm going to assume Takahisa is the protagonist in this story, so I'm rooting for him! I know he will be able to complete his mission and keep that girl alive! Because he's TAKAHISA! (Sorry, I had Princess Mononoke flashbacks where I screamed "ASHITAKA!" at my computer screen.)

I'm a little conflicted on how I'm supposed to feel about Cisarath, but I guess he's good? *shrugs* At least, he found a place for them to stay. Having a warm place is better than sleeping out on the streets, ya know? But maybe it's a trap; better keep reading....

WAIT JUST ONE MINUTE. Did Nishikido Ryo, THE Nishikido Ryo, just jump off a roof? Nooooo! :( Oh wait, he's half demon so he's still alive. *whew* Okay, I just had a moment of crisis, and before I faint right here, it's time to go to the next chapter!
Author's Response: He had to save a guy, actually. Ryo. LOL But go right ahead and scream anything you want at your computer (and by the way, now I want to watch Princess Mononoke, thank you :P ) Yes, Nishikido is half demon, I didn't want to kill anybody on Christmas xD

Kristy reviewed 1. Heaven & Hell on Dec 24, 2013 10:34 PM [Report This]

Fantasy and demons and fantasy again! I love this genre so much, you don't even understand (and especially when it's well-written, too!) Seriously, dude, this first-chapter is pretty impressive.

Though I do feel bad for Cisarath, you know? Not being able to back to earth (where she'd be burned at the stake), but not being good enough to stay there. It's this awful limbo where you're stuck in the worst-of-both-worlds. (Yeah, just laugh at my awful pun.)

AND THAT DESCRIPTION OF ANGEL WINGS. You have just won over my heart, man. No seriously, your descriptive skills are really great! And I hope he doesn't lose his wings. I dunno exactly what will happen, but losing a part of you is definitely an awful experience that might kill him! :O I didn't think of that last bit until just now, and made this face O_o.
Author's Response: Thank you!! I LOVE fantasy too!!
hahaha, nice pun :P but yes, they are not in the best situation...
I love wings, so I put more attention to that throughout the story xD. Yes losing a part of yourself is awful, but somethings may be worth it ;)
Thank you for your comments!

Dreamy Luna reviewed 3. Somewhere in Between on Dec 23, 2013 05:30 AM [Report This]

OMG I totally loved your story. It was very original, funny and so cute. I loved the whole concept of half-angels, half-demons, etc. I know it's not new but it's refreshing to read something like this!

I laughed out loud:
- when Cisarath set Takahisa on fire. XD Now I can see why she's a half-demon.
- everytime Cisarath said she would cut Takahisa's Christmas bells lmao XD
- everytime Takahisa touched Cisarath's horns XD (kinky!)

This part was the best part:

"Is there?" Nishikido mused. "What is your reason for staying on Earth? What does it have that is so great?"

Neither one could say anything because neither wanted to stay on Earth. That was the whole point of doing all this, so they could stay in their respective homes.

"So? Do you think it is worth staying in this world?"

I also like the fact that the girl is a half-demon and the boy a half-angel. It would be a cliché if you chose to do otherwise (bad boy and good girl cliché). I also like the details you added in the descriptions, for example:
- Takahisa slept with his wings out because it's more comfortable.
- Takahisa bruised one of his wings because he fell on his butt.
- Cisarath wore a hat to hide her horns.
- Takahisa and Cisarath made sure their wings and horns were hidden before they opened the door to the nameless tenant.
- The double feeling of Cisarath's skin Takahisa had when they were making out lol
- Etc. etc. etc.

Seriously, all these little details are very important and they can make a big difference between a good well-written story and a great well-written story. Thumbs up! You did a great job! ^_^ By the way, is Gackt the nameless tenant? (I just saw his name in the characters.)

I love your writing style and your grammar, verb tenses and punctuation were very good. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story with us!

If you don't mind, I'd like to point out a few errors I noticed. I'm going to correct them for you since you can't edit your story until the reveal day (Dec 26th). =)

1. The angel countered as they access the bathroom area. = The angel countered as they accessed the bathroom area.

2. I have a soft spot for couples, such as you, in distressed. = I have a soft spot for couples, such as you, in distress.

3. She was surrounded by the angel's arms and wings, which had a dull white glow, perceptible but so soft that it didn't disturbed her eyes. = She was surrounded by the angel's arms and wings, which had a dull white glow, perceptible but so soft that it didn't disturb her eyes.

4. "Fuck everything!" she snapped and presser her lips against his [...] = "Fuck everything!" she snapped and pressed her lips against his [...]

5. He was interrupted by a rapid nock on the door. = He was interrupted by a rapid knock on the door.

6. They rummage the bag looking for clothes. = They rummaged the bag looking for clothes.
Author's Response: Sorry it took so long to answer this!!! Even if I did sort of answer xD Actually, that bit about cutting his Christmas bells was the first thing that came to mind and then the rest of the story developed after that hahaha And the bit about the horns, I thought it gave a nice touch to make de half angel a little kinky hehe Thank you so much!! I'm so happy you noticed all those little details xD Thank you for the comments, I'm happy you enjoyed the story so much and thank you for the corrections! :)

Dreamy Luna reviewed 1. Heaven & Hell on Dec 23, 2013 04:26 AM [Report This]

Wow, that was a very interesting beginning! I'm hooked! So, a half-demon and a half-angel who don't follow their duty, hmm? They should switch places: the half-demon goes to heaven and the half-angel goes to hell lol I can't wait to read the next chapters!
Author's Response: Thank you! Mmhh, them switching, I didn't think of that possibility... lol
Thank you for the comment xD

Anna Clair reviewed 3. Somewhere in Between on Dec 19, 2013 09:54 PM [Report This]


I was so looking forward to finding out the nameless tenants name! Also why doesn't he know which side he is on :O?

That being said I have no idea who you are author-nim but I really enjoyed this.

Not going to lie I started suspecting Nishikido wasn't a normal assignment right off the bat because of the way Camui and Hyde were talking about it. Also omggg everything I read Camui I kept thinking of like X/1999. Though obviously neither has anything to do with the other and I don't know if you've ever read it but I imagined Camui like the lead character there.

That being said this was a pretty flawless story. Seriously Cisarath is adorable as a character and she tries so hard to be a demon but you can see that she's just not cut out for it because she's not completely evil so her human side always pulls her back! Also when she's just hanging out with Takahisa I love her snarky remarks she's actually hilarious!

And their kiss was hilarious XD but actually so amazing too :O

Takahisa was adorable! I can tell why you chose him for this character man, his face is that of an angels really.

(Also omg Nishikido would be half-demon with that smirk I would not be surprised).

I really enjoyed reading this! Thank you so much for writing this :D
Author's Response: First of all sorry taking so long to answer! LOL, well the nameless tenant was Tegoshi hahaha I didn't mention him cause I thought it might have been too obvious who I was :P And there is a whole back story about him but I would have never finished on time if I had gone into that lol No, I haven't read X/1999, but Camui was actually Gackt xD And it started out being another person but as I wrote I fugured the character HAD to be Massu! And of course the half demon HAD to be Ryo ahah I'm so happy you liked it. Thank you for your comment!

cahaya reviewed 3. Somewhere in Between on Dec 08, 2013 09:44 AM [Report This]

finally able to read all the chapters ...kekeke
love their moments together
kindda cute when she warns him about cutting his Christmas bells...kekeke
love the ending ...sweet and nice ...wish for longer chapter ...thank you authornim .... ^_^ ;)
Author's Response: Sorry it took me so long to answer, Cahaya!! When I got the phrase "Christmass bells" that was the first line I thought of and the whole story came after LOL. This was really short, it was meant more as a sort of epilogue xD Thank you for your comments!!

cahaya reviewed 2. Earth on Dec 08, 2013 07:49 AM [Report This]

evening ...
adorable cat turn into half human half angel@demon...
super cute for both them especially the ending ...
Author's Response: Yup, shapeshifting half demon/angels are cute :P hha Thank you, again for reading and commenting <3

biniBningPunkista reviewed 3. Somewhere in Between on Dec 07, 2013 05:55 PM [Report This]

This is soooooo freaking cute! Me likey likey. This reminds me of the book I'm reading - about fallen angels falling in love with humans.

I could imagine the wings. Seriously, I was feeling wistful while you described the angel's wings.

Thank you so much for sharing!
Author's Response: I'm sorry that it took me this long to respond! Thank you so much! I took my time (or tried to) describing the angel wings, I love them so I'm happy that you could imagine them xD Thank you so much for your comment!

cahaya reviewed 1. Heaven & Hell on Dec 06, 2013 05:34 PM [Report This]

morning ...
quite interesting characters and storyline....
Author's Response: Thank you!!
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