biniBningPunkista reviewed 26: When We Cross The Realms on Oct 09, 2015 01:27 PM [Report This]

The suspense!!! OMG!!!

I wonder whatever happened to Angela. Is she a human or a faery? Still... the suspense is killing me! I'm so glad I reserved several chapters before reading on! haha.. ^_^v

biniBningPunkista reviewed 25: The Choices We Make on Oct 09, 2015 12:52 PM [Report This]

“We can’t go on like this Woobin,” she told him, “We can’t. It will destroy us both.”

This was was dramatic. I love the way how Mina said it and also that line at the last part in which she decided to be honest on how she feels for Woobin and Joongsuk. That takes a lot of courage.

On a side note: Is it true that Mina and Woobin are dating for reaL????
Author's Response: YESSS it's trueeeee. They hooked up after the Giordana ad campaign hahahah,

biniBningPunkista reviewed 24: Opening The Highway to Hell on Oct 04, 2015 04:36 PM [Report This]

Oh crap.. that soon???
They're going to deal with this demon thingie tonight? Why are heroes always lack time when saving the world?

Okay... that's just me. Now off to the next chapter!

*insert thought* Btw, I'm starting to really like River, every chapter his role gets better and better. Teehee!

burningzoul reviewed 26: When We Cross The Realms on Sep 12, 2015 05:03 AM [Report This]

aaaagh....!!! another cliffhanger!! *sigh* But I'll be waiting anyway. I know you put a lot of effort into this story, so thank you for giving us something this cool to read!
Author's Response: and thank you for reading! aff so quiet these days sometimes you lose a little motivation. that said, here is another chapter written as well as new poster! I'm procrastinating from the real world as you can guess haha.

biniBningPunkista reviewed 23: Starting at the Beginning on Jul 31, 2015 01:47 PM [Report This]

Oh crap... that's creepy. So the demon was just bidding his time and it's really the unconscious efforts of Faeries that's why they are in this current situation. *sigh* too much hidden history is not helping them much,
Author's Response: *hugs* your comments keep me going!

biniBningPunkista reviewed 21: Crossing Bridges of Blood on Jul 31, 2015 12:45 PM [Report This]

So finally, here is the foundation in which Mina came from and it clarifies the significance of the bridge... though it still did not state on how exactly it works, at least this explains some of it. Now off to the next chapter! :)

biniBningPunkista reviewed 22: Enter the Prima on Jun 21, 2015 05:24 AM [Report This]

I'm had goosebumps when he mentioned he is Belial. There's just something about that name that strikes me as badass... but then again, there's that history behind his name right? Off to next chapter. ^_^v

biniBningPunkista reviewed 20: All The Family Secrets on Jun 20, 2015 03:40 AM [Report This]

I'm back! I'm BACK!!! And I'm making time to read this all over again.

Have you ever felt that thing in your chest when you want one of your favorite fan-fics to actually become live action for real. This is seriously one of those days dear... I hope some Korean producer picks this story up one of these days and deals with it for real! LOL. *wishful thinking* but we never know right???

I freaking missed this fic Lil Daisy!!! And this chapter is still steaming hot. Teehee!

burningzoul reviewed 19: No Turning Back Now on Oct 04, 2014 10:16 AM [Report This]

Oh dear... so Woobin is officially Mina's soulmate now.. can I have Jongsuk then? *wink wink*
Author's Response: lol as I don't own him you may have him if it's possible

biniBningPunkista reviewed 19: No Turning Back Now on Sep 28, 2014 12:24 PM [Report This]

OH MY... why did I ever wait so long to read this. I was trying to put it off until you upload another chapter but this... was... HOT! Don't sensor it out! *smut please* hahaha!!!

I can't believe that they had to do that because of the bonding thing and this was another crazy twist in the story. Anyway, I want to comment on Jongsuk being a piece of special something to Mina because he was someone very closely related to Woobin and that's why they were able to bond. Now that it's Woobin who actually bonded with her, I believe the connection is much stronger because they are an actual soul mate. I just had to summarize that because I am seriously internalizing their horrible situation.

Still... it is an awesome plot and I can't wait to know what would happen next. Please don't let an update take too long. PRETTY PLEASE??? I promise to update my story if you would yours...? LOL. That sounded sooooo freaking childish! Aja fighting Lil Daisy, you can finish this. I trust you. *hugs*
Author's Response: hahahah this is not an M rated fic Shan! I can send the smut to you separately so just mail me, you know where I am hahahaha. And I am holding you to that! Update for an update!
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