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biniBningPunkista reviewed 32: The Return Home on Mar 27, 2016 09:02 AM [Report This]

Daisy... this last chapter made me cry. I've been holding myself off from finishing your story because I knew I'll be letting go of yet another great story. T_T

This gave me so much freaking feels my dear! I can't believe you killed off the old races little by little. But that plot line was a very great idea and it was lonely at the same time. How did you feel when you thought of killing them off??? I would have cried if it was me. *sigh*

This story was awesome. I could totally see this made into a drama. I hope you get a call and have this turned into a real drama or a movie. haha!

Thank you so much for such an awesome read and that shoutout. It is definitely loved! *hugs*
Author's Response: It just felt like the right ending and seriously it was the only story that was willing to be written. I have not written anything in months since I finished this and don't think I will for a while either. Well mostly cause of my thesis but I am just on a writing break for now I think. as always, thank you for being so supportive throughout! xoxo

biniBningPunkista reviewed 31: We Are What We Are on Mar 27, 2016 08:48 AM [Report This]

I don't know what to feel after reading this... the others died??? That was really unexpected. I'm sad for what happened to Woobin and Jong Suk too :(

burningzoul reviewed 32: The Return Home on Jan 29, 2016 06:04 AM [Report This]

OHMIGOD it's over! I can't believe i missed it for a whole month! This is the first story I ever read on AFF, and it got me hooked right away. It inspired me to join you guys and share my stories (I think I've told you this, but whatever LOL). I really want to write a fan fiction for this fiction. Maybe something about Jongsuk (still can't move on from JongNa, kkk). Can I?
Author's Response: I always look forward to your reviews ^^ It keeps me going with the writing. Lie has been too busy for me to write regularly now but I hope you keep at it. And as always, thank you for the love.

burningzoul reviewed 30: Endings are but Beginnings on Nov 17, 2015 12:00 PM [Report This]

*sobs* why do I always fall for the second lead? Poor Jongsuk... Are you going to let him have a broken heart? *sobs again*

biniBningPunkista reviewed 30: Endings are but Beginnings on Nov 11, 2015 03:41 PM [Report This]


I knew I was going to cry!!! I'm so glad you didn't kill him off but I'm so heartbroken by their situation too. Thank you for this great chapter.. How many chapters more until the end?? I really thought this was the last one because of the title. Lol

biniBningPunkista reviewed 29: Coming Full Circle on Nov 11, 2015 03:29 PM [Report This]

This has been an emotional read. I swear I almost teared up... are you going to kill Jongsuk after everything? Huhuhu.. I'll know by the next chapter right? I'm kinda scared to press the next button. Whaaaaa!!!

biniBningPunkista reviewed 28: Stilling Your Soul on Nov 11, 2015 03:15 PM [Report This]

That was exhilarating!!! I knew Mina was going to pull through with this somehow. I just wonder how she's going to deal with the two men when they get back to the other world.

biniBningPunkista reviewed 27: How Do We Count Blood on Nov 11, 2015 02:42 PM [Report This]

Oh my freaking world!!! I love how you described the out of body experience Mina had during this chapter and the fact there is no bridge and who exactly the high breeds are. This is such an awesome chapter but the ending... oh gaaaaaad! Jongsuk!!!! T_T
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