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nitelotus reviewed Making It Official on May 04, 2013 12:05 PM [Report This]

When I started reading this, this morning, I was trying to grasp the elusive memories of the first chapter, like smoke I wanted to rekindle.

And then, I just burst into flames!

I dislike the Jannie character. She appears so nonchalant, so flippant to me. Just...yeah.

But Talia and Lillith are awesome! Real awesome!

Short, too short! Next please!
Author's Response: you burst into flames :O? No bb no! No flames! I need you alive. It gets better from here! But I'm glad you enjoyed it! This one is a bit longer :D and noooo don't say that! I actually love the Jannie character. Okay so yes I'll agree I've made her seem a bit flippant so far but trust me she's a wonderful character and one of the pillars Lillith relies on (a.k.a all awesomeness is shared between the three). It's just Jannie's very very confident and basically gets what she wants normally XD she's that type of awesome girl. Thank you for your review! I love you and I hope you're doing well!! We should chat soon if you're free :)

JumpIntoMyCore reviewed A Strange Sort Of Start on Apr 15, 2013 01:00 PM [Report This]

This chapter was just.... amazing! I can't even put into words.. Ah! I love it. The details, of his friends, the confrontation.. Anyway, I will patiently wait for an update.
Author's Response: Aww don't worry about that lol you just did put it into words ^ :D I'm glad you liked the details of their first meeting. Because it was their first meeting I felt like it needed to be really detailed but a lot of the next part of the story is actually quite the opposite so we'll start to see a lot of generalizations making their way in (hopefully making the story easier to read) thank you Ceil again for reading and reviewing! *mwah*

JumpIntoMyCore reviewed Prologue on Apr 15, 2013 12:33 PM [Report This]

Ohhwahh! Such an amazing start, you describe their emotions so well, that you can almost feel them! I love your writing Lillith, so amazing.
Author's Response: Thank you Ceil! :D That's a great compliment I really appreciate it! I always get scared that I get to long-winded so I try to find a decent balance between descriptions vs. action in the chapter but T.T never know if I hit the right balance. Thank you for your review and for reading!!!

Christine reviewed A Strange Sort Of Start on Mar 31, 2013 07:36 PM [Report This]

ahhh finally I review!
This was beautiful
and intense...
I loved the start
I love how you portray college life girl, it always fascinates me how you write it...well I'm fascinated by how you write in general but yeah...freaking good job.
Lol Toma seems like such an ass doesn't he?
I'm sure he was surprised when he didn't recognize Lillith
I love how you gave her a psychotic trait hehehe I think everyone has's just more prominent in some ;)

Dude I could just imagine him looking at her butt while she talked...he's such a perv...but I like it XD

Also I have to take a few seconds to mention how incredibly adorable I think drunk Yamapi back

Man it must hurt so bad to see that the person who is ahead doesn't deserve his talent. You work hard to get where you are and then you see some asshole who has just everything you work so hard for with little or no effort. I would be mad at him too if I were in Lillith's shoes.

I can perfectly understand where she is coming from.

Wow the sexual tension was really thick too...but not in the hot the awkward almost sickeningly I was half hoping he would kiss her and half hoping he wouldn't!

You gave me such a dilemma girl XD

Update soon. I want to know how their relationship progresses from this to the prologue...

I love you *hearts*
Author's Response: Wellll <3 thank god I portray it well I'm still in college so that might be a part of it, the vividness of the experiences and the recency effect sure helps a lot. Thank you though :D! He is an ass!! Yayy I like asshole-y Toma though XD gives him room to grow. Everyone does definitely have a psychotic trait! I believe that too! That butt thing T.T that one is another vivid experience. Yamapi as a character overall is quite adorable in this story :) I wanted to give him a baby mature character like Akira but SPOILER 10x smarter and more manipulative. I'm happy it was easy for you to relate to Lillith's dilemma!! When we hear about it from Lillith's perspective just the way she says it she views herself as second best but we get a different glance at that this chapter? Like a glance into how decisions for anything is made? And how the decision to make her second could have come about. Well Toma thinks about it. Damnnn girlll yeahhh you know meee <33 Love you toooo <333 *hugs* hope we get to talk soon properly T.T

Christine reviewed Prologue on Mar 30, 2013 07:28 AM [Report This]

Uwaaaaa Annie Validated this!!!
I'm very intrigued by both characters.
What could have possibly happened to give them such strong feelings?
Imma click next XD
Author's Response: Ty Chri! Yes she didd! Took a while but totally worth it I hope! I'm going to try and get all these chapters out~ :D I hope the things that happen don't betray your expectations!

nitelotus reviewed A Strange Sort Of Start on Mar 30, 2013 12:43 AM [Report This]

Love the confrontation scene! I can almost see Lillith froth in the mouth when she declared war on him. Or feel the heat in the kitchen! Awesomely written sweetie! Can't wait for more! And yay! There's a cameo of someone I know! -wink-
Author's Response: Hehehe lol damn it was it too obvious XD?! There's a lot of cameos as they come up :) all the characters are arranged kind of nicely in a nice interwoven web that normally happens with those you've known forever neh? That's the kind of web I'm trying to weave with all the characters here T.T But as more characters start interacting with each other it'll become more apparent T.T I know the first chapter was only TomaLilli mostly. Hope you enjoy the next chapter Jannie! Thank you for reading and reviewing! Mwah girlfriend!

nitelotus reviewed Prologue on Mar 30, 2013 12:34 AM [Report This]

Another story to love and follow.

I am getting hints on what the title is all about. Its enticing!

Angst and rivalry with love in the mix! Yes please!

Now I am curious about that special someone who inspired you....
Author's Response: You flatter me too much <3!!! But thank you Jannie :D!! Yes! Yes there's a lot of double meaning associated with the title that we get to unravel through the story! And that special someone heh that person was very cool :) he was a writer too? though really my story has nothing to do with him but it's kinda like the idea came from there neh XD? thank you for reading Jannie :) I hope you enjoy the ride that is L&L <3
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