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nitelotus reviewed Hide and Seek Part I on Aug 11, 2013 01:59 AM [Report This] Now I am confused with all the couples doing the switcheroo!

But awesome fashion as always! I don't think I would look good in a peplum though! I am learning something new!

On to the next!
Author's Response: *brapbrapbrap* LOLOL there are a lot of couples just hanging out and cheeling and doing whateverrr. University is all about that life neh XD? but yes thank you for all the compliments about fashion description! I think you would look good in a peplum :O! Do you not like the style?

Christine reviewed Hide and Seek Part II on Aug 10, 2013 05:58 PM [Report This]

I love this chapter! I think it's my most favourite so far!
Thank you for updating bb!

Talia and freaking cute!
I felt bad for Talia but Toma is in a bit of a pinch isn't he?
He is starting to fall for Lillith because she is different from all the other girls he has come into contact with. I hope in the future as he gets to know her more he will fall further in love with her for her and not because she is so different...I don't know if I'm explaining myself better but I hope Toma falls for Lilly because she is awesome and not because she hates him *hearts*

Koyamaaaaaaaa he's adorable in this chapter I swear! I just want him and Talia to jump on each other and make sweet sweet love and babies...lots of babies with pasta like hair :P

Shigeee!! I like Shige too...I like that he kept Lillith admiring Toma a secret...for now

Update more!!!!
Author's Response: I AGREEEEE. Everything about this chapter is so playful and cute! It's very different from the normal LandL vibe (what happens when you get drunk lolololol) I love Tali Koyama but we'll see that things don't really turn out as Koyama anticipated with Talia. >< Toma're right. (I feel bad for him neh...loving a girl who hates you is really shitty XD). You do make sense don't worry but his love is fickle exactly like you mentioned. (It's not so much love as it is like in a very sexual way). You are explaining yourself dw! *hearts* hahahahahahah XD OMG okay I'll remember that for the future of this story. ANGEL HAIR PASTA BABIES FOR THE WINNN. (Dude...Shige is surprisingly important to this story. You'll see how ^.- Shige my favourite can't be not included in anything now XD he's in all my stories because I love him too much ><) *hugs* Updates are serveddd

Lil Daisy reviewed Hide and Seek Part I on Aug 03, 2013 02:58 PM [Report This]

i always love the friendships between your characters. seriously.
Author's Response: Daisy this is such a compliment T.T because these friendships are based on some of my own so it makes me super happy. (not all of them are perfect but all of them are based off something real). Thank you so much! Your feedback always makes me smile really hard because you always find the perfect thing to say. I hope the story continues to entertain you! (also we should catch up on LINE some day...I might bug you soon ^.^)

Lil Daisy reviewed Prologue on Aug 03, 2013 02:44 PM [Report This]

I miss your storiessss and this one looks awesome. Off to next chapter!
Author's Response: *giggles ridiculously happy* thank you Daisy :D!!

Christine reviewed Hide and Seek Part I on Aug 02, 2013 04:26 PM [Report This]

first of all thanks so much for the update and you are welcome for the poster kkekekeke
Second Koyama as a chef is so freaking cute I loved it!
Lol that lasagna nom nom, you made me hungry!

Toma is so freaking confused about the whole ShigexLillith thing...

I bet he has already started to regret giving his friend permission to ask Lillith out even though he is trying to bury it by flirting with Talia.

I love how Talia is getting to know Koyama better...ekekekeke my second favourite ship *hearts*

Jannie and Jun are so cute and omfg I can't believe you said that to Pipi about his pipi!!! hahaha those jokes were mean but funny :P

I want to read moreeeee

What is going to happen at the party?

Will Shige and Lilly make out?

Will Koyama burn his lasagna?

Will Tali and Toma hit it off?

Will Pi's Pipi be insulted one more time?

Update soon!!!

Love you :D
Author's Response: You're a boss for helping me so I still thank you *goes into intense 45 degree bow* and thank you! I love Chef Koyama too! I think he's adorable :) Men who cook > everyone else. ( Nom that lasagna is actually based off my friend's recipe, except without chili powder...she makes what she calls 'Lasagna -> Brown style') Toma wants to tell him to be careful, but then he's not sure why and then yeah. RIght now he still has this very romantic notion of her because he's all like 'oh man she hates me, and she's so pretty...oh man why, I should bug her so I can find out more about her' and at the same time Lillith is like 'the more this bitch bugs me the more I want to cut his d*** off' Lillith is kind of mean... (She'll get better this violent girl I promise). As for Talia hmmm I love her character so you'll see the various reasons why Toma and she work so well, and reasons why they don't. Koyama is actually adorably perfect. I can say no more. JxJ are cute nehh :D I like them too, their relationship is going to slowly mature too. I'm so mean to PiPi T.T I promise it's not for no reason. He's actually going to become really boss in like two chapters okay. (If I don't end up writing any new random scenes) He's an amazing character in the future...just you know. In university he's a bit of a joker XD. (I'm so sorry I do this to your bf T.T) You're going to find outttt :D so I'm not going to ruin any of that but I will say one thing definitely doesn't's up to you to determine which one XD (actually a lot of them don't happen XD) LOVE YOU TOO :D! Mwah thank you so much ChriChri! I love your reviews so much. And you ask the perfect questions! *hugs*

JumpIntoMyCore reviewed Hide and Seek Part I on Aug 01, 2013 10:55 AM [Report This]

I love how straight forward Talia is with Lillith, although she should probably try to think about her friends emotions too, but still everyone needs that type of friend,

Awe, I feel bad for the way Lillith thinks of Jun and his friends, although, Toma probably has something to do with that.... XD

Lillith and Toma are so perceptive about everything. Their surroundings, the way people act, how things work. I guess that's what make them good writers, huh?

“No one in particular, everyone in general.” I LOVE that answer. XD Gosh, Lillith really thinks so deeply, but blurts out everything she's thinking, huh? I can understand though, the problems of a socially awkward person. *Nods*

Awee, I love the way Jannie acts with her friends. And, how she treats them with more respect than her boyfriend, "bros before hoes", right? XD But now I can see why Jun is so careful, Jannie is a very hard to figure out person, and you probably don't want to tick her off.

AHHH! Shige and Koyama! Sorry, fangirl moment, but seriously, Shige's entrance was awesome, and Koyama playing a video game with Jannie is so cute! I kind of have a feeling we'll be seeing a little more of them, am I right? ^^

Awee, Lillith making fun of Pi with Shige. I have a feeling Pi gets made fun of a lot though by everyone, huh? .... Knew it. XD And, I'm sorry, but I'm cracking up at the way Koyama talks.

Talia really becomes comfortable with people easily. And the dialogue between all the boys is just so comfortable and adorable!

I just love how Toma pushes his limits with Lillith. And how she fights back without any effort at all.

There was loads of sexual tension in this chapter! I loved it!

Sorry my reviews get too long winded, theres just so much in these chapters that can't go unmentioned! I love this so much, such a great update, and I can't wait for part two. Thank you Lillith, and keep up the amazing work!
Author's Response: Hehehe all Talia is thinking is 'Why is she being such a wet towel!' and Lilli is like 'Screw these people I hate them!' It's that awkward moment when Lillith just has to ignore that she doesn't like the men her friends are into *shakes head*. It's something we can all relate to neh? (Lolll Toma has a lot to do with it!) Exactly. I think the more I write the more I start getting distracted from every day life because I'm constantly thinking of things around me. Hehe might not be true for all writers though T.T maybe I'm just a slacker. *Nods* from one socially awkward person to another, I'm glad you get it! Feel free to use that answer if someone asks you if you're seeing anyone. CAUSE TECHNICALLY. YOU'RE SEEING EVERYONE RIGHT NOW (get it with your eyes? XD lolol i crack myself up with bad jokes). Ah! The female version of bros before hoes is chicks before dicks xD but yes Jannie takes her friend's opinions quite seriously which is why Jun's careful. You're right *nods sagely* ticking Jannie off would be a bad idea. AHH it's okay fangirl! As they get older year you'll see a lot more of Shige and Koyama so yes you're right :) I'm glad you liked Shige's entranceee I did too. What a boss poking his head out of the kitchen like some children's book character. Graduation is coming up sooon :D Aw I think I'm being mean to Pi man T.T butt he's my comedy :D (for now at least). And YAYY! LOL honestly, i talk like that sometimes... SO I can make you lol whenever you need one :D Talia is a social butterfly :) and the boys are basically okay with anyone who has confidence and is open and friendly :) (plus they're all friends so it's easy for them to hop between conversations :)) you spot things so well Ceil! *gives cookie!* Oh if you like the way they're fighting now secretly...wait till it becomes open warfare XD oh I can't wait to see your reaction :D thank you for loving the chapter and don't worry I love all reviews and all the things you spotted! I'm a bit lame. I get excited when I see someone see the things I want them to see? So sorry if I sounded too excited >< but thank you for your kind words! I hope you enjoy the new chapter.

JumpIntoMyCore reviewed Making It Official on May 31, 2013 06:09 PM [Report This]

Ok, so right from the start I love the comedic tone from Pi. XD So adorable.
And, I love how with the three friends you combine both worlds, one who grew up with a real family, and two from an unfortunate house of nannies, and barely seen parents.

Ohh, poor Toma about his parents.. His feelings are so strong, probably not that he'd ever admit it though.

He's such a contradiction of a friend though, he watches after them, but loves to tick them off? XD

Ohh! I love how he tests his limits, and pushes Lillith, but is so self conscious in the back of his mind. And he's so perceptive too.

The interaction between the girls is so cute. ^^ And, I love Lillith personality. XD

This chapter was just awesome, the interactions, and the way you showed how much Tomas personality actually contradicts his emotions and thoughts. I love it. Any way, I will just sit here, and wait for another update. *Hearts*
Author's Response: Ceil has anyone ever told you, you write very detailed reviews? Well you do :) and I seriously love reading them so forgive me if I'm a bit zealous when replying and end up writing too much. Pi is my little ray of sunshine in this story :) for now his role is merely keeping it light (but it'll develop in time) thank you for catching the contrast in the manner in which they were raised as well! It'll definitely be something that defines their friendship as they grow older in the story. Your right about that. Toma cares for his family more than he's willing to admit. wah I'm so proud of you as a write! Keep thinking the way you are you're on the right track! (lol I cant tell you to where though T.T so yeah you're just on a train :) but on the right train!) All writers are like that neh :) constantly observing their surroundings looking for ways to make things ridiculously awesome :D *Hearts back* I hope you enjoy this next chapter. We get a little more insight into Lillith and Toma but the way they behave with others mostly :) that's one good thing they have in common. They're both good friends :) (just not with each other XD) Thank you so much for your review! I hope we get to chat soon!

Lil Daisy reviewed Making It Official on May 16, 2013 04:29 AM [Report This]

as always i bow to your awesomeness. love reading your stories even if i dont comment quite enough.
Author's Response: Thank you so much Daisy! Seriously your words mean the world to me :) and comment when you can! I understand how busy life can get! I hope you're doing well! Maybe meeting cute Toma look-alikes that we can gab about later XD jkjk but seriously hope you're doing well and we talk soon :)! Thank you for your review! <3

Lil Daisy reviewed A Strange Sort Of Start on May 16, 2013 04:20 AM [Report This]

This chapter was amazingly written. hats off to you my dear. i wait with bated breath for your updates
Author's Response: Lady friend! when you say things like that I actually feel faint (I seriously admire your skills <3) thank you so much for your compliment and I hope you enjoy the next chapter! It gets less eloquent sadly but I hope the feeling of awesome remains

Christine reviewed Making It Official on May 07, 2013 07:09 PM [Report This]

Omg I loved this update!!
First of all the poster is utterly gorgeous!
I'm super happy about Jun and Jannie tehehehe they are adorable together.
It's kind of sweet how the two of them made it such a big deal that they are going out with each other and wanted to introduce one another to their friends.
I think it's sweet all this drama :P
Yamapi is super adorable I love him hahahaha
I think it was quit believable how Toma knew that Jannie was the mystery girl...
Omg and when he saw Lillith I was kya-ing a little :P
Jannie and Jun are so cute and
Will Lillith start feeling jealous?
Author's Response: I love you man! You saved this upcoming update thank you so much for your poster!! It is perfect. They are neh?? I really like them together too :D she's a cute character Jannie, she comes off a little bossy but she has a really good heart underneath and I hope I'll be able to show that properly as the time comes. (I THINK IT'S SWEET TOO ALL THIS DRAMA :D lets do all this drama with each other too neh :D) Yamapi is a ray of sunshine :) but he definitely has more depth to him than I'm putting out now...I just want him to be sunny till it's time for him to be stormy. dundundun. lol lame dramatic sound. i'm too dramatic T.T I'm glad I was actually really worried it wouldn't be believable T.T it was actually pretty necessary for Jannie and Jun to get together because otherwise the rest of them wouldnt have a reason to be good friends (at least at the start they're very seperate groups of people) Hmmm Lillith might not feel jealous but someone will definitely have issues with the liking you got that part right :D PARTY TIME IS AWESOME TIME. XD I'm glad you love the sexual tension! There's not much more of it in this chapter but it's definitely still a fun chapter. Thank you so much bb for your review! I love you and I hope you enjoy the new chappie!
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