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Lil Daisy reviewed Not Supposed To Be Our Future on Oct 23, 2013 02:32 PM [Report This]

And that poster is a beauty!
Toma so cold now boo!
Author's Response: I know neh T.T way too cold that baka. BUT YAYYYY POSTER LOVE FROM YOU IS ALWAYS A GOOD THING (dude your poster is gawgeous...I want to screen cap all the fb comments and send them to you but people are still commenting so I'll wait :D)

Blossy reviewed A Strange Sort Of Start on Oct 18, 2013 05:24 PM [Report This]

Wow that chapter blew me away!

Toma's character I cannot hate. Yes he's a rich party boy but can you really hate them? Nuuu. Lol

Lillith came quiet then became a strong character. You described her so well. He didn't find her like beautiful but even as she looked plain without any makeup he still found himself interested in her. Then he found her beautiful when she laughed which I liked.

Okay I admit I was a little worried at first about the reason Lillith hating Toma. I thought she couldn't just hate him because he was better than her? Surely you wouldn't do that. But then I understood her anger and hate when she said what happened back in freshman. It was good enough reason to me.

So this time setting is before the prologue right?

Oh man Toma and Lillith will be having a lot of problems! Love this story!
Author's Response: Thank you B :D I was always kind of happy with the way the first chapter turned out compared to the rest. There's something very intimate about it because no one else knows they met this way other than the two of them. NOOOOO You can't neh? We all love rich party boys :D but he won't stay that way forever <3 (they never do :)) Nehhh I wanted to make her appear all innocent and them BAM :D she's a bitch :D ! but thank you :) I think most people start off looking rather ordinary in my mind, but the more you get to know them the more pretty they become? At least in my head that's how it people I'm friends with I naturally find attractive? i'm like how can people not find this person attractive they must be mad XD so that was the feeling I was going for. TBH the first chapter originally wasn't this. It was this whole other scene of their first orientation day with their parents where the event Lillith describes actually happens...but then I spoke to Chri and we both agreed it'd be better to start with this chapter instead because the other one was a bit dry T.T So I totally see where you're coming from and I still don't know if it's all that believable without that scene first T.T but it was a casualty in editing >< yes :) we'll work our way to the prologue that comes up in the middle of the story. They will :) some problems will be with each other, most will be about their lives in general :) but I hope you enjoy it :D *hugs*

Blossy reviewed Prologue on Oct 18, 2013 12:22 PM [Report This]

Lillith you devil!


I'm dying of curiosity! !!

My thoughts are running wild. Is she a stripper???? LOL that's one thought that is sticking to my head! I bet I'm waaaaay off!

Btw I've been meaning to read this since you first posted but never got around to it!
The prologue is keeping me on my toes. Imagine what it would be like the rest of the story!
Author's Response: LOL that you only get to find out- lol it hasn't even been stated yet XD so sadly I can't tell you yet where you'll find out in the story but I think somewhere in Chapter 14? In my head it's chapter fourteen at least. Let your imagination run wild B <3 let it run wild <3 LOLLLL omg no she's not a stripper but that's a very interesting idea for another story dundundun *notes it down* it's okay :D i like hearing ideas :D so even though yes you're off it's still very interesting! Thank you for enjoying Locks and Latches :D I'm sorry I'm so lame with replies T.T i never do reply quickly enough T.T <3 but I do hope it keeps you on your toes in the good way that you enjoy it :D

JumpIntoMyCore reviewed Not Supposed To Be Our Future on Oct 18, 2013 03:35 AM [Report This]

Ohh! Christine and Lillith's meeting was like perfect! XD
I can't wait to see how that friendship develops.

Dang.... you follow Lillith's happy meeting, with Toma's bad news? I guess when things are falling into place for one, things fall apart for another. Needless to say, I cried. (I get attached to characters really easy because I'm lame. XD) This is an awful blow for Toma in many ways. Giving up his dream, then losing his father. Mahnn. I can see this playing as a main factor in whether he'll start writing again or not.

Jun is the calm rational one, huh? Kind of like the glue that holds them all together.

Yay! A Gossip Girl mention. XD I'm a bit of a fan of that show. XD

I'm glad Toma knows how his friends feel about him. He needs them more than anything right now.

And I can see why he doesn't want to meet Lillith again, but I have a feeling the next time they do meet it'll be completely different than how it was when they were in school.

Gosh I love this story, and I'm finally up to date on it! Yay! Anyhoodles update when you can.^^ I'll just sit here, patiently waiting. XD
Author's Response: It was rightttt :D i wanted to make it natural, like a total accident because I've always wanted to become friends with a perfect stranger :D unsafe as it would be (though technically all my online friendships fulfill this fantasy :D) T.T yeah I know it was cruel. It was really cruel to put those two scenes beside each other. But you got the idea perfectly, right now they're both on this weird sort of scale where they're both working to get to where the other is (eventually it'll lead to equilibrium but not quite yet) YOU CRIED :O? Ceil :( *hugs* I didn't mean to make you cry I'm so sorry but I'm also really touched that you were able to feel that close to Toma. I got emotional writing it but I thought that was mostly because I was writing it I'm happy I'm not the only one *hugs*. Hehe...I can't say much about him writing again now..after this current update because there's definitely one girl who makes him start writing again :D Jun is like the one who does everything in the background, and he never really expects anything but he's also very very stubborn. But yeah you're right he is a lot like the glue, and I think since he started dating Jannie she's becoming like glue for the three of them together too as the other two boys get closer to her. DUDEEEE HOW HAVE WE NOT TALKED ABOUT GOSSIP GIRL BEFORE? HOW? We need to do this. We need to go on a massive rampage about it. I promised myself once I got a job I'd buy the gossip girl total series set and the harry potter total series set (still waiting on that super serious job though T.T) YESSS :D IT WILL BE SO DIFFERENT :D and I'm so excited for that scene you have no idea (I'm totally scared I won't do it justice though T.T) Thank you for loving this story, it loves you back <3 *hugs*

JumpIntoMyCore reviewed The End of An Era on Oct 17, 2013 03:44 AM [Report This]

Toma is sweet in a hidden way, like he puts on a front to save face, to not allow anyone in further than he wants. Lillith is going to break that barrier, I just know it.^^

The back and forth between the two in the library was super funny. Although Lillith I see you denying that small attraction you have to him. *nudges story lillith with elbow* You cant deny it for very long, it only makes things worse.

That sucks, always having everything handed to you because of your name. Knowing that even though you are talented, it didn't matter. And the people all around judging, hating, and using you because of it....

It's nice how Toma feels about Pi. And that Pi feels the same. Everyone needs a friend that understands without needing words. But, is it weird that I feel like Pi is hiding something? Like the way they emphasized on his doubled promiscuity is a little suspicious.

Is it sad to say that the end made me tear up? XD

I loved this chapter, and I wonder how their paths will cross now that school is over and that she's avoiding him at parties?

Ohh this is exciting. XD
Author's Response: Ceill :D when you describe Toma it sounds positively heavenly did you know that? (Also I should probably tell you this here because I haven't mentioned it yet but you totally caught me off guard with your RyoMassu shot in the advent calendar:O SERIOUSLY. SO OFF GUARD I WAS LIKE :O THAT WAS CEIL? you need to write more of that <3 I know you're debating it but yes...just my thoughts :D) but awww :D yes she might...but first she'll have to get over herself and actually look past it which she hates the idea of doing since you've already read the chapters after now you know that she realizes how unnecessarily mean she was to him :( I'm glad you liked the library interaction :D it was actually one of my favourite scenes in this story :D i thought it turned out pretty natural so yayyy :D yeah Toma has a bit of a weird life, he's accepted it but yeah it's kind of like he doesn't know what it's like to work for something anymore (at least in that point of his life he'll know soon where he is now) KYAAA I love Tomapi bromance is it too obvious? I think it's too obvious. Lil'Daisy said they should get married XD maybe they should. Screw Lillith and Chri! YAOI IT IS (jk though<3 but that would be a very different locks and latches XD). I know what you mean though, I hope I have one like that I mean I have my sister o.o she's pretty much the closest thing to that description of the ideal friend. Pi is hiding a lot of things from Toma...but they get more pronounced when they get older. So you're right to feel that way :O but wow you caught it! I thought I didn't really make it too intense. Ahh I want to tell you but then I don't want to tell you. DAMN IT. because it was mentioned in End of Era slightly! And then in this chapter you just reviewed Toma and Pi switched roles in that conflict - GAH Okay I'll tell you bc idk if anyone else will catch it. Pi is like Lillith but in a far less intense sense. He's competing with Toma too, but he also loves Toma and it's the same for Toma. They're in a far more symbiotic relationship though and they understand their competition is to kind of better each other (like Pi felt like he needed to prove that he was better at Toma than getting girls, Toma felt jealous of Pi's mother and that's why he dotes on her so much, Pi both likes that and doesn't like that, Toma felt a twinge of loss when he saw Pi in his natural new habitat post-grad). It's not really a bad thing, they are still friends and really soul mates but like- there is an underlying current of tension there already in existence. (omg this is way too long for a review reply T.T i'm so sorry) nooooo omg man and then right after in the next chapter I made you cry too T.T i make you cry too much Ceil T.T gomen but thank you for enjoying the end of the era so wholesomely! (LOL their paths still haven't crossed because now he's avoiding her at parties XD) thank you for your lovely review. Honestly I'm so proud of you for catching that Pi Toma thing! I wasn't sure if anyone was going to! :O *hugs*

Christine reviewed Not Supposed To Be Our Future on Oct 11, 2013 08:32 PM [Report This]

Thank you so much bb *hrts*

First off the poster is just nailed it from the pictures you choose to the are so so talented and like the best photo editor ever!

(I'm listening to Come to My while writhing this hahaha)

Ok on to the chapter...omg I loved Lillith and Chri meeting!!! Christine looks so cute and I think she is just what Lillith needs (Im important huhuhu)

She looks and sounds different and I'm glad they met yay!!!

Shit shit...Toma just lost his dad...shit...and he spent his year working for his dad and now he's dead and shit this is sad for him...he must feel so lost at the moment...but also kind of free?
Like I got what you meant...maybe...that he is extremely devastated that his dad is dead but he is also relieved now because he can write and be the artist he always wanted to be...and maybe this sense of relief is making him feel extremely guilty and it might be the reason he fainted and had a concussion...

I love his friends seriously they are the best and dammit why you make Yamapi so cuteeeeeeee lol and blunt and just I love to read about him hahaha gomen gomen *suppresses fangirl feels*

Christine and Lillithhhhh hahaha these two are going to become awesome friends and an adventure to read about! Also omfg boyfriend kyaaaaaaaaaa I can't wait to read about the party!!! Lillith will be brought out of her shell kekekekeke

Also Toma's deceleration of not wanting to see Lillith was kind of sad but understandable...I mean he isn't really in a right state of mind to be thinking about his past heartbreak...

Author's Response: :DDD yayyy I'm glad you're happy I'm happy tooo :D even though this reply is so late so so late >< Thank you for the poster compliments :D <3 (I am not the best photo editor ever but you compliment me so I take it :D muahaha) AND YAYYYYY COME TO MY <333 Lilli and Chri meet well neh :DD it was quite accidental but it totally sets Lilli down a completely different path than she was on. You are important indeeeeddd :D ofc it just takes time to get to your character but your character is what changes a lot :D so it's important! Yeah :( initially this whole arc of the story was completely glazed over when I wrote this like two years ago but T.T i think it's important now to go over it so I'm going to flesh it out and T.T writing Toma's dad's death was actually really sad. It is all about his freedom though because he would never take it any other way. Toma's from a highly interdependent family which means that he puts their collective family goals above his if he can so he'll feel a lot of guilt for trying to pursue something more on an independent basis. (Japanese families are actually highest ranked culturally on the scale of interdependent families :D but I can understand the logic because a lot of Indians are interdependent too :D so I'm hoping I represented it normally) Yamapi is very cute in this story :D he's going to get cuter don't you worry child don't you worry child! Heaven's got a plan fo himmmm :D They areee and they'll always have lots of adventures :D they're going to be a lot of fun to read about I promise. Not even just that Toma doesn't want to see her for a lot of reasons: she's holding everything he wants right now but without the guilt of taking it, etc. so it isn't even that she rejected him but more that he can't stand the idea of being belittled by her when he's the one at a disadvantage (in his mind :) at least) Thank you bb :DDDD and I love your analysis and everything it always makes me so happy to read it :D

JumpIntoMyCore reviewed Hide and Seek Part II on Oct 03, 2013 10:15 PM [Report This]

Sorry it took so long for me to review this chapter! I was in a reading and reviewing slump for a while. So sorry again!

Any way, I really liked this chapter, especially the end.

I like Shige's character, like a lot. How much he values his friendship with Koyama, even though he shows it by being a jerk. XD And how he knows Lillith wouldn't want anyone to know that she admires Toma.

Koyama and Talia are a really cute couple, they suit each other really well.

Toma really likes her, huh? Probably because she challenges him so much. everyone likes a challenge. XD

I really liked this chapter. It was really fun to read. (Sorry this review sucks, still coming out of my reviewing slump so bear with me.) Anyhoodles, I'll move on to the next chapter!
Author's Response: Dude Ceil no worries man! I get it! Life gets busy and then there's inspiration and you need to be in the right frame of mind to read :) and an even better frame to review. So dwdw! You're never obliged to review so the fact you do it just makes me happy :D thank you! I LOVE SHIGE'S CHARACTER TOOOOOO. Kyah. I like giving him cool characters. Shige needs all the love in the world and Lilli (author) is ready to give it to him. KoyaShige must always be a thing :) even in fictional world <3 (He's very perceptive this Shige neh :D) Thank you for thinking they're cute XD I'm scared the angel hair pasta thing might be a bit cheesy but eh I like a little cheese now again, especially if it's gourmet chef quality cheese XD You're right. He's very fickle this Toma and he admits it. He likes Lillith because she's strange, and she's a quest. She's an interesting little adventure and she's everything he's not :) it's always fun to pursue those sorts of people. Your review doesn't suck! So don't say that! (And thank you for liking it! <3 I hope you enjoy everything else that's in store :D)

Christine reviewed The End of An Era on Sep 26, 2013 05:57 PM [Report This]

I can't believe they graduated...
Lol poor Toma still trying to hard for's kind of a little bit sad for him...he must really like (of course) to still try so hard and yet to subtly to get her to open up to him.

Lol Pi being the new bachelor must reflect Toma's emotional state a lot at this point...
I'm surprised Lillith hasn't liked anyone or gone out with anyone during college...but then again she is so focused on her writing that she wouldn't have wanted any distractions...

Kyaaaa the real worldddddd
I wonder how they will meet again *hearts*

update soon!!!!
Author's Response: Ahh yes they graduated. The deed is done. They are adults :D it felt kinda nice taking them from where they were and growing them up in this new chapter. I got emotional about my babies. He tries really hard neh XD but Lilliths' just a bitch who doesn't see anything XD she's just like blahblahblahI'MSOAWESOMEblahblahblah XD but he likes her so he lets her act like a total bitch in the hopes she'll not walk totally over him and realize he's a somewhat good guy XD (poor Toma his methods are so ineffective) Yess basically Pi is discovering himself and he's very playful and fun and tbh in the story if this was a movie -> Pi would be growing up to be more attractive than Toma and Jun combined which makes for a very powerful potent combination for manwhorism but also the most lovable character ever. Toma's starting to just forget about these sorts of things because - well you'll see this chapter somewhat what's really important to him. Lillith hmmm she's not really about being focused but she hasn't found a person worth her taking her focus away from defeating Toma XD?? (I don't remember if I mentioned it or if it's just in my notes but she has dated before in college...she had a three week long relationship with an exchange student from France XD) THE REAL WORLD BRO THE REAL WORLD WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN WHO KNOWSSS :OO (LOL it's actually really depressing this chapter gomen gomen T.T) Mwah Happy birthday my lovely! Love you BFFL <3

Lil Daisy reviewed The End of An Era on Sep 24, 2013 09:05 AM [Report This]

hahha pi and toma needs to get married
Author's Response: LOL They are very very skinship oriented. I agree they would make the perfect married couple *sigh* now if only they could publicly promote together too. Thanks for reviewing Daisy :D hope you're doing well!

nitelotus reviewed Hide and Seek Part II on Aug 11, 2013 02:05 AM [Report This]

And I just got into drinking during Saturdays...but yes. No binge drinking!

Lol. Jannie is all shy bout sending time with Jun.

Write more bb! This is awesome!
Author's Response: LOLOLOL XD I love that you're taking a relaxing break during saturdays but yes as you've seen in this chapter Binge Drinking can bring about some undesirable effects! So drink responsibly :D! (Dude she's adorable. Trust me, as awesomely confident and strong as Jannie is she's equally girly and cute and shy :D i love her character <3) Thank you for commenting Jannie and I hope you enjoy what's coming up next!
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